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for our Euro Ps3pios getting a title before us, the playstation nation is about brotherhood and sharing the love.

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a child being executed point blank??

oh thats right you're a pedophile so its familiar territory for you.

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and im just waiting for 1TB 2.5" drives to come out then its hehehehehhe.

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delays can buy you time to polish a product but it can also raise expectations for BIG improvements. Now you have set an even higher bar to hurdle.

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that MS has LEGIONS of viral marketers out there 24/7/365 beating down any praise for the PS3 and its games.

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would have to come with warnings and barricades reading "you're about to enter the RROD zone"....lmao

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homos come from brooklyn, thats his point.

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mike turdface from CNET, a MS owned site is touting vista as a success??

who woulda thunk it?? lol

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aaaaah the last refuge of an xbot, well we win cause you play it on

what a load of utter horsedung, THE POINT OF THIS kiddies is for MS to outsell Sony IN CONSOLE sales!!!!!!!! get it?? comprende??

buying this game on PC IS NOT WHAT MS wants, they NEED to stop Sony and Nintendo from taking over the living room and the PC is not going to do that. Hell then again their crapbox wont stop it either but that is the reason it exists.

So keep soundi...

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if MS couldn't make a dent against Sony last year with their biggest titles ever for one of their consoles, WHAT ON EARTH are they going to do this year with a weaker lineup?? lol

Remedy already shot this rumor to hell and back, there IS NO september release date for this game and on top of that the only "screenshots" in existence are clearly from a PC build of the game. Like those hi-res textures?? volumetric lighting and shadowing?? well kiss that eye candy bye bye ...

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super mondo retarded xbots caught lying out of their culos yet again.

think about this PS3 fans, the asshurt on xbots just three months into the year is sooo bad that they are just outright making up fake release dates in hopes of not looking so utterly pathetic.

I almost feel sorry for them at this point.

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would buy a cheeet sandwich from MS if they told em its the new delicacy. As for me I can wait for better frame-rates,textures,resolutio n s and generally they way the game was meant to be played rather than putting it on the 480p box errr I mean 360.

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did this idiot just call textures shaders??? bwahahahahhahahahahahaha

retarded xbot go crawl back in your hole and stop showing the world how utterly dumb you are. Then again it only shows that you are the prototypical xbot, you are absolute know nothings when it comes to what makes games tick yet try to act like you do. No wonder you worship an underpowered console like its the second coming. dumbasses.

oh dear, jason dumbass is at it again touting GTA's dlc as 08 co...

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saying "about time" there is some good 360 news tells us everything we need to know about who's been getting PWNED lately huh??


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oh dear, yeah thats why I just told my IT department to take the laptop they gave me back and give me a desktop with two 24" monitors.....pfffft

the PC will never die, they can achieve performance on desktop architectures that make laptops look silly, someone at IBM was talking out of where the sun don't shine.

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how lame, the giant crab?? wtf was that about?? lame bots are worse than 13 yr old girls

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so having two hot titles (one only available on your console and WAY bigger than the other in terms of popularity) won't sell PS3's??

where did you go to school?? did they teach you that 2+2=5??

I made the post above yesterday or this morning(dont remember) and now we have an article stating that Gran Turismo is ALREADY SOLD OUT of preorders to prove my point OH SO

I been into gaming for over 25 years dude, I've seen trends come and g...

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stop thinking 360 dude, they are ones stuck with having to clean house in their HDD everytime they want to download a mappack for a game.

It took me 3 mins to install a 250GB HDD in my 60gb PS3, problem solved, not to mention that I have another 160gb external HDD on one of its USB ports. All the storage I need for the WAYYYY less than the price of microsucks 120gb ripoff.

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