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Koji Kondo said no to orchestrate the music for the 3D Remake. Since Koji isn't the main composer for Wind Waker, we might see something for the new Wind Waker remake.

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Um, what? Quality wise, I'm going to say it's a tie between Sony and Nintendo. They both have their pros and cons. Micro$oft came last place, and always will. FPS games aren't quality games, my friend.

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It's not a rumor. Don't know where you've read that.

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It was towards your third comment, the site wouldn't let me reply directly to that comment so I replied to this one. My bad not mentioned the comment number.

Also, the PSN Hack/game giveaway totally blew right past my mind. I didn't get a PS3 until shortly after. :S

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I'm sorry, but I had to make a account to say this: Unlike a certain Japanese company; Nintendo actually gave away 20 free titles via the Nintendo eShop. Sure, they are NES and GBA games; but I haven't seen another company do that for a price drop. Some of those NES titles and all of the GBA titles are exclusive to early backers, so I feel like my purchase back in March 2011 was worth every penny. (Even if they were made available to the public, which I wish they were; I'd still f...

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