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Genius! It's little touches like this that make the difference between a good game and a great game.

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I hope so, it means the developers will concentrate their efforts and create the best game they can.

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smh @ reviewing out of 5. These no-name sites will do anything for hits.

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Killzone MP > Crysis 2 SP. peroid.comma.exclamation mark.

edit: multi account lol tag teamed by ati pc fanboys! Cherry picked pc vs ps3 screenshots prove what now?

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This game would suck on a console without Move support.

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Just to get a bigger picture, here's vgchatz worldwide guesses for the same week:

DS 246,764 (+15%) 146,282,305
PS3 196,258 (-4%) 48,657,192
Wii 168,304 (-7%) 85,811,989
X360 165,414 (-10%) 52,473,979
PSP 117,727 (-29%) 66,748,465
3DS 95,517 (-54%) 678,160
PS2 55,958 (-11%) 142,586,525

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Wow, guess the haters were wrong on this one, looks like PS3 version looks better!

See the greater draw distance, less 'fog', better reflection on the water, generally sharper image quality, etc.

edit:@Starhawk You're right, it's pretty hard judge exactly what each version does best by looking at screenshots but these clearly show a PS3 win. You're also right that Killzone still holds the crown, cryisis 2 is good enough for the xbox site...

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Awesome! This looks great and I noticed they are using the PS3 version to show it off ;)

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1. buy a PS3

2. play online for free

3. awesome exclusives!

4. watch HD bluray movies... in 3D.

5. winning

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Funny it looks like more of the same to me, just my opinion of course. Nothing wrong with that anyway, if it's not broke, don't fix it... well except for the multi-player, fix that.

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You're actually right, there hasn't been any true graphical leaps on the xbox since gears 2. Gears 3 might surprise us but from the screens I've seen it looks better but not a massive difference tbh.

Nope I'm still thinking of a game on 360 that has improved graphics but I can't think of any, someone help me out here. There must be something, gears 2 was like 3 year ago!

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360 sites are quick to dismiss 3D just because the xbox is incapable of doing it at the same standard as PS3.

Just watch, when the nextbox-720-pew-pew-awesumzcoo l comes out 3D will suddenly be acceptable.

edit: I haven't got to see how well the 3DS handles 3D yet but I can't imagine it being all that great if reports are to be believed.

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Do you not realize that MS has played you for fools? Think about it, the only reason MS delayed gears was for 'marketing' reasons. They pushed it back so easily manipulated people like yourselves would be strung along and come into forums to say things like "just wait for gears" or "all I need is gears". If you were really into this hobby of gaming you WOULD care that you have nothing but multi-plats to play.

I don't get the reasoning behind ...

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LMAO, where is that article asking where all the xbox exclusives are now?

Well here they are! In your face Playstation Gamers!!

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does that include replacement xboxs? proprietary HDDs? Controller battery packs? xbox live? Kinect?

How do the people that only spend £64 afford new games?

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WP7 is an awful phone os. Can't even get their updates right...

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lol @ the desperation.

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@loner the first step on the path of recovery is admitting you have a problem.

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The worst thing a company can do in my eyes is boast about sales.

It's like saying "look how much money I have!"

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