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Bargain bin
Wher the console belongs #18
Good get that bonus and stick it up your jacksie. #12.1
Gears 1.1 looks crap. Crappy textures and the game looks so washed out.
Gears 1 looks better. After seeing Resistance 2 how can u even look at this. #15
Yeah MS deserves your money for giving u RROD
Enjoy your inferior port on a compressed little dvd.
All the 360 JRPGs are flops anyway so whats the point? #14
Never mind bots
Forget this flop at least u have Failble 2 LOL #12
Gears 1.1
CONFIRMED. Crap graphics same repetative gameplay. Another flop to add to your long list of flops. #5
Your damn right about that GEOW2 will definately tank. #1
Gears 1.1
LOL #5
Enjoy Gears 1.1
F@ckin Xturds #52
Enjoy Gears 1.1
Exturds #15.1
"your bullets seem to have no physical effect in terms of impact"
They should take a leaf out of Killzone 2. Each bullet has a physical impact on the enemy. Power of TEH CELLL. EAT THAT EXTURDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #32
U will be TERMINATED #11
Not much difference between the two. Did notice framerate problems in Fable 2 though. With Gears2 looking worser than gears1 and now this pile of horse dung it is really time for the crap box to be TERMINATED. #14
I bet your sh!tting your pants #21.1
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Ignored by 135 users now I know why. #15
Im sorry but ingame footage of FF13 has been shown. Have u been hiding under a rock or something. #24.1
Huge improvement
Beats Geow2 easilly. Definately now my most wanted game this fall. #38
£129 the 360 is one cheap pile of sh!t. 32% isnt really that much considering how cheap it is compaired to the PS3(£299). #5
All those rpgs u have mentioned flopped. U do know that dont u? #13
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