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You work for Microsoft don't you? Hmmmm....

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Thats really uncalled for. I know Ps3 fans took allot a heat on N4g for years. But lets try and show some class. I don't wanna get on their level. I wanna be above it.

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unbelievable this atsroturfing is. How much do you make with a gig like that?

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...we know...

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He has no answer. He's just trolling...

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For who?

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Do you work for MS? I smell a shill...
This is a legit concern for who ever it is who wants to commit to purchasing an Xbox one. Stop trying to make them sound stupid for something that could very well be a huge concern down the road.

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That damage control...

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You work for MS by any chance? You seem to be defending anything bad that's said about the nextbox every time I read a comment from you... Its kinda creepy. o_O

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I see what u did there. lol!

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To much competition also saturates the market. This endless back an forth junk seems to be burning gaming out to me... This gen just wasn't that exciting to me as past gens were. But then again...with MS and their dirty tactics, pushed Sony to invest in first party titles rather than relying on the 3rd party titles that MS kept buying out, basically making Sony that much better.

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I don't post much. I mostly lurk about...but...has anyone noticed an increase of xbots appearing lately?

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Hmmm...I wounder if this is our punishment for letting DmC flop...

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He might be playing Tales of Graces. Good game by the way. Hubbert is a boss...after the time jump anyway. lol.

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hmmm....(glares at username...)uhnnn...(sees Donte pic...)Sir. Your comment isn't edgy enough.

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Preach my brotha! Preach on! Amen...

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Dude...that made my day. lol! Guy is obviously trolling.

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I think I understand why many Final Fantasy fans are so angry over the 13 games. I see too why they are so vocal about it. And I'm now one of them! We want Square Enix to stop ignoring us (Final Fantasy fans)and get back to what brought them to the dance. Stop trying to do what everyone else is doin and focus on what got you the status you once held. If we keep quiet they'll never get it together! They can't ignore us forever! Keep expressing your selves Final Fantasy fans! ...

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