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Glasgow in Scotland.

Insults sound so much more insulting when said in a Scottish accent. Like Chibs from SOA.

And I want a GTA that has us driving on the left.

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A'holes are going to be A'holes.

Ignoring them or muting them is the best policy.
Complaining about them or arguing with them just gives them the attention they desire.

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No pestering needed when you're talking about Morrigan.

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Tune in tomorrow for an even better Xbox One offer.

Same bat time same bat channel.

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The XB1 because I got my PS4 last year.

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Calm down, it was only a timed exclusive.

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Xbox One Halo 5 Edition next year for £229.99 is when I'll jump in.

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The game is fantastic and a must buy if you have kids.

Je suis Batman!

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Dragon Ages beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

(did you see what I did there)

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Assassins Greed

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LOL @ the update.

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Mario says "Hi, it'sa me!"

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Buttery Biscuit Base?

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I wish they'd go full middle earth fantasy.

Instead of assault rifle we could have rapid fire crossbows.
Fireballs instead of grenades.
Dragons instead of kill streak bombers.
Magic infused spears instead of sniper rifles

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They have servers? /s

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That's funny. For me Day Zero had lag but now its been fine.

The biggest problem with AW on PS4 for me is the lack of people with mics.

Often I'll be the only one with a mic. Compared to the 360 where most would have one.
I wish the matchmaking put people with mics together because as it is the PS4 version feels like its missing something.

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Or Atlantis.

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This is interesting.

I had some sporadic lag while playing on the PS4 yesterday. I just put it down to the PSN seeing that every other COD game I've played was on the 360.

But it was only minor. My biggest gripe is the controller. COD just doesn't feel right with a DS4.

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It looks just like my nostalgic mind remembers it looking.

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