I hate lame video game character run animations. Yes, I'm looking at you Mass Effect 2.

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Gears seriously achievements are so dumb. Or maybe I am for getting them...

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Agreed, those online multiplayer achievements are the devil. Any online achievement in an EA game is also hard to get. Why? Because the online only lasts for 1 year. -_-

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Best blog? Wow, that was unexpected. :)

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Well I don't have a desire to play Arkham City anymore. Rocksteady has told us everything but the ending. Nice job Rocksteady.

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Love Double Fine and tower defense games. I'll have to try this out when it drops in price. What do you mean by "It's not in Europe for some reason"?

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Not too surprised. Blizzard just cannot be rushed.

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God of War?? You seriously just offended me. ";..;"

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The newest Gears of War book came out today. It's called Coalition's End. As the name implies there is some serious stuff that's going to happen. And it is going to take us exactly to where Gears 3 starts so it's a must-read for fans.

Despite being a Gears fan I had to chuckle at this quote: "Epic wanted Gears to be more than just a shooter – they wanted a nuanced, challenging, adult drama underpinning the gameplay..."

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None of the above, actually. :) I strongly believe children shouldn't play video games until around age 13+. I know many a person who grew up as a "gamer" and are overweight, have no athleticism or coordination whatsoever and all of the negative effects of being "nerdy." Anyways this conversation has gone in an odd direction.

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Ainsz is right. Whenever older people (read: news reporters and people who watch the news) hear the term video game, they automatically think of a children's toy. They didn't grow up with video games and are totally clueless as to what is going on with them. So when they see the graphic content of Mortal Kombat or the "sex" scenes from Mass Effect they think it is the kids who are playing them. While there are a lot of kids who manage to get their hands on these games, t...

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Nice analogy stole from Assassin's Creed. :p

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No way...Baird should be # 1.

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One of the best cartoons ever.

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Come, we shall defect together.

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I agree. Especially Fallout. The build up was amazing...and led up to walking out into the the wasteland. One of the best video game moments ever.

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Hey, watch out man I got sucked into an RTS game called Impossible Creatures a few years ago and it took every extra minute of my life for the next 2 years. =/

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There is so much thinking, planning and studying in an RTS game. That's why I hope they never disappear.

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Looks like you are speaking from experience *cough* *looks at the Battlefield 3 Alpha user quote*.

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Fortunately I know how to read and am actually currently reading through the Mass Effect books. They are really good so far and they are written by the writer of the game script so you know they are always completely canon and not meaningless side stories.

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I just want to know why they are doing this? The only thing I can think of is they want to stand out in a crowded September-November market and they think that by releasing all kinds of information about their game they will create more interest. It's a shame though, really.

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