I hate lame video game character run animations. Yes, I'm looking at you Mass Effect 2.

The Matrix

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Um...where's the gore/blood edited version?

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Yeah, leave it to microsoft to something this stupid. I grew up playing Age of Mythology and the Titans expansion as well as the Age of Empires. Heck, I've been waiting for AoM 2 and AoE 4. I had so many memories of Ensembles games....thanks a lot microsoft.

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This guy is just stupid. Why is this even on a news website. It's not news but some pu*** who got angry because he got stuck on a level.

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Hey guys, this is one time we don't have to argue. 360 users get your version and us PS3 people will get our version. The graphics won't be noticeably different. Which version of the game you get will only depend on what controller you prefer and which friends from Xbox Live/PSN you like better.

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BS. Far Cry 2 is a PS3 title and not a port in any way. And I can't wait for it to come out. Far Cry 2 > Fallout 3.

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I'm a nicely tan Caucasian fella who plays many sports including starting wide receiver for the football team. I have many friends and one of my biggest hobbies is watching and following every sport in existence.

My biggest hobby is video games...I play them, read magazine about them and go to websites about them every spare second I have. Stereotype this.

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Spore movie? HOw do you make a spore movie? That would be so lame.

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2.3 GB not bad considering that some PS3 games take 4+ GB just for the install (oblivion, haze, MGS4, devil may cry to name a few).

Hope to find a PSN card before this game comes out.

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Wasn't going to get it. Now I definitely won't...not even in the future. I've got bigger fish like Mercs 2, Resistance 2, Bioshock, Farcrt2, Fallout 3, lilbigplanet and Spiderman Web of Shadows. All coming out within 2 months of each other.

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I have two things to say.

1. This shows that the Wii is a kiddie console and it has no place competing with real consoles like PS3 and 360.


Simply said: If parents don't care about their children, they won't check for mature ratings. If parents do, they will check.

HERES THE POINT: Only people 17 and older will buy this game. WHY ARE PEOPLE AN...

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While I agree that Gamestop may repackage used games as new and do an untold number of other things, in regards to this story I feel no remorse.

I'm one of those people who isn't a billionaire so I keep good track of my money. IN OTHER WORDS, THOSE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER THAT THEY RESERVED A GAME DESERVE TO LOSE THEIR MONEY.

For every game I reserve I keep the receipt on my dresser drawer and EAGERLY await the day it comes out. I also never pay in full for ...

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No online = More time spent on development of the single player. Single player is what matters.

No online = good.

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I'd rather have Gears of War2 lol. And I think the 360 box art looks better. The little sister really makes it look weird/crappy.

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That's just a bogus listing. I've seen xbox 360s end for 10,000. That's right ten thousand dollars. The buyer isn't going to pay for it of course. What usually happens is the winning bidder bids some ridiculous amount knowing it will end for much less. The seller schillbids however and then puts his own bid for just under it.

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Elexis Sinclaire

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Downloaded it but what does it do? I can't see anything that it's fixed/added.

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