I hate lame video game character run animations. Yes, I'm looking at you Mass Effect 2.

The Matrix

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Isn't this what a beta is for?

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One big problem with downloadable games: It's taking me 5 hours to download a 2gb demo. >_>

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I was going to buy all of these games (the collector's edition of each). But now I'm not going to buy any. Too much overkill.

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I really hope no one buys them because of this.

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I was expecting a more affordable option (oh, say, like they did with Fallout 3 and New Vegas) so I still have some cool collector's stuff, just not with a hole in my pocket.

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After Braid, I'm a fan for life.

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Ok we get it. You're a huge homosexual supporter. I'm just glad that story was accepted so you don't call us idiots.

BTW I have a feeling this blog is going to languish in pending with one or two votes until it gets deleted.

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Now Dramscus won't call us idiots.

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Yes, absolutely. Skyrim was by far my most anticipated game for this year. I was basically just waiting for the announcement of the limited edition in order to buy it. But $150 is too much for me, especially with all the other games coming out this fall.

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That's because you're missing a chunk of your ozone layer, bub. Fix that and then we'll talk.

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Why is she replacing the Harley Quinn from Batman Arkham Asylum? I guess they thought that voice was a little over the top?

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Kinect should already come with something like that...

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What do you mean by "most"? And does that mean that the current Bungie has only a few people from the original Halo?

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Unfortunately, you see developers abandon their the trademark characteristics of their game in order to make it more mainstream and therefore achieve more sales. Just take a look at Dead Space 2 which stripped any sense of horror for a run and gun 3rd person shooter. Hey, I ended up liking it more than the first one but I imagine the hardcore fans were furious. Another potential series is Hitman, which IO Interactive (from what I can see right now) seems to be giving up on the hardcore fan...

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Better late than never, right?

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And by Bioware creating stock characters (even if it is only to put on the case and in trailers) they are taking the creativity away from people. This should never be allowed in an RPG with character customization.

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"I don’t know how to program anything so I don’t know about everything else, but how hard is it to write “You win” or “You are the winner”? How you could possibly #$*&( this up, I cannot understand."

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This game got more publicity for being bad than a lot of games that were half decent.

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How much does it matter if only 18 percent of gamers are going to use female Shepard? :p

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