I hate lame video game character run animations. Yes, I'm looking at you Mass Effect 2.

The Matrix

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I almost just purchased Deus Ex at that outstanding price. But I'm not that interested in the game. Great marketing from Amazon.

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Even Seriously? :o

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I had a lot of fun with The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

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Oh come on, give Rocksteady a break. This is probably the last boss battle that they forgot to spoil when they were spoiling the rest of the entire game.

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Kerrigan is freaking hot.

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My mouth is still on of ground after reading that second sentence. I did not know this. That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard considering ODST was a steaming pile of should-be DLC crap.

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Lol! Absolutely.

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@Whitelightning - Oh you mean the Halo Reach CEs that were selling for 70% off within weeks of the release at almost every major retailer? I think my local gamestop still has a few boxes collecting dust.

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"Argh! This is Captain Slag: Scourge of the galaxy and runner-up in the Suzzy Sweet Butterscotch Competition."

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Never happened before. Only very early games of this generation are hard to find. Limited editions are not limited at all.

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Not planning for Skyrim?

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Yeah that's massive. I'll have to wait a month or two and pick it up on Amazon for half price. Zing..

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I thought it said that MW3 had 6 HOURS of gameplay for a second. I was beginning to think, "improvement."

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You mean the Arkham City pre-release campaign which spoiled for me practically every boss in the game, half the story and most of the gameplay features? Yeah, AC went from my most anticipated games to further down the list because of Rocksteady's nonsense.

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As if I need MORE incentive to come this this site. :o

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Absolutely! So blatant and worthless.

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As long as it isn't a trophy/achievement.

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Interesting. I found MGS3 to be my second favorite of the series next to the original and a long distance away from MGS2.

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I'll take this as a sign that IO is really going for the mainstream approach at the expense of the style of their previous Hitman games. Being a huge hitman fan I would not buy this game if it came out right now.

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Sly is such a great series. A lot of people pass it off because it seems childish but it is great for older people as well. Hopefully Sly 4 (without Sucker Punch) will be as good as the previous titles.

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