I hate lame video game character run animations. Yes, I'm looking at you Mass Effect 2.

The Matrix

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I have NO sympathy for people who buy the game used. If you buy it used or rent it, you know exactly what you are doing to Rocksteady (i.e. not supporting them or pissing on them). Besides, I am nearly through Arkham City and Catwoman has been in 4% of the entire game.

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Anyone ever see the Hobbit cartoon that the picture is from? Excellent film.

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It seems to me that Dark Souls is like a relationship with an abusive spouse. It is totally obvious that you are getting injured, abused and cheated and the only reason you stay is for that one rare moment where they DON'T abuse you.

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You mean it's free after paying $60. The same price as Uncharted 3, Batman Arkham City, Skyrim and Battlefield 3 I might add. So "Is It Really Still Worth The Play?"

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Have you ever played the PS2 version of Double Agent? Totally different from the PS3/360 version and in my opinion the best of the series.

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For me, it is much easier to come up with 8 dollars here and there than to put down $40 or so at one time to buy a "pass."

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Both of those statements are true. I'll add that I have closely followed the Gears franchise (read all the books, played the games a ton etc) but Gears of War 3 was just more of the same. Not that more of Gears is a bad thing but I like to see some attempt at innovation for a GOTY contender.

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Yeah you have some good points. While I roll my eyes when games like L.A. Noire and Rage come out with 3 discs, it also isn't THAT much of a hassle to switch out the discs. I think you nailed it when you wrote "multiple discs just give off this air of inferiority." Also, when I see games like Fallout 3 have the most massive game world with tens of thousands of lines of dialog fit onto one disc I just think it is laziness on the part of these developers to be satisfied with 3...

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Awe man I thought for sure I had the best review. :( Congratulations to the selected winners though.

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With controls like it has, no way it can be a 10.

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True and maybe it's time for Star Wars to take a break. They've been pumping out games for as long as video games existed.

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I nominate Gears for some of the worst. Sincerely, a huge Gears fan.

Thanks for this gem. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

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You know a game is going to be amazing when there are pre-release critiques.

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Got my 5670 ready to beast this game.

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I agree. It was supposed to be serious but I was rofl.

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Preorder gears 3 for the beta. Play the beta. Cancel preorder 1 day before game releases getting my $5 back. Glad I could help, Gamestop.

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"Oooh that's gotta hurt, look at ya legs, they hangin' off."

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It seems that it would only be a problem for kids. And that's why the ESRB exists.

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If they didn't change it after the beta they sure aren't going to change it now. I've personally learned how to avoid people who use it.

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They want me to input my gamertag and password...that sounds risky.

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