I hate lame video game character run animations. Yes, I'm looking at you Mass Effect 2.

The Matrix

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I hate when they say that these crappy Hitman movies are based on the game. The game series does not have horrible romances and action sequences. These "movies" are an embarrassment to the film crew who decided, for whatever stupid reason, to try to make a Hitman movie without any of the key tenants of Hitman.

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@ xHeavYx - I logged in just to give bubbles.

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Actually, my friend. There are 12 hours left. By the time you wake up the sales will be gone and will not return for maybe 6 months. You better buy now.

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Steam Sales will make you buy things like mad. "What?! Only $5!? What a deal. I'll play this some day."

2 years later...you have 40 games in your library and have only played half of them.

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I'm almost finished watching a playthrough of B: AO. The story is such a mess. And the gameplay so uninspired.

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Life is one of the hardest working people on the planet. Completely dedicating to his craft, he spends, like most Korean SC players, 10-12 hours of practicing and reviewing and honing his skill. Much more time than athletes and most entrepreneurs. $10 000 isn't that much for a grand prize considering traveling expenses, etc.

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That photo is clearly of Kara, not f(x).

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Also stop arguing, playing sports, and forcing constipation: all acts of aggression that are preparing you for something more sinister.

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I think you misspelled, "Bioshock Infinite"

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The reason I always hear for no GTA collection is that it would take a massive effort to remaster a large open-world game. . . not to mention 3.

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Just like when you steal a candy bar from Wal-mart and lose a bunch of karma points for doing it? Keep your morality inside yourself.

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Nice, now I'll finally be able to play Battlefield 3 on max settings with my 5570 without the frame rate dropping.

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Isn't the point of Skyrim to avoid relationships?

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Yes, yes. I think you nailed 4 out of 5. Especially Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One. I've been waiting for a legit R and C experience since Tools of Destruction (Crack in Time really let me down) and All 4 One is simply a child's co-op experiment. Where I will disagree is with Assassin's Brotherhood. These are both our opinions, but mine is that it was massively more interesting than AC II and that the Desmond story is more interesting than Ezio's explorations. If Ubisoft ...

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Exactly. Did Steve Jobs revolutionize anything besides how to be a ruthless businessman and make a lot of money? Think about it. Still, RIP Jobs.

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That is a sale: it's 3 cents off you twit. Retail is $49.99-59.99.

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What? No 41? :(

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You're right StanLee but I would have loved to look at Catwoman for more than 2% of the game (I've played 11 hours so far and have played as her for 19 minutes or so)...although it is really hard to hold the controller with one hand.

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Alright I see the other side now. But very immature TinTin. I think people like you are the reason that people like me aren't that bad in the grand scheme of things.

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But if they do it they better make sure they include the code. :o

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