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check ur PM. #9.1.2
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If it costs 10 GBP per month, then the game will fail i think. If they it $2 or so per month, maybe we will swallow it.

if they wanna make it a cash cow, then they should make it $10-20, and to offer nice items for $1 or less.

too much greed back fires sometimes. #1.1.1
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for the underdeveloped countries, the average salary of a person wont exceeds 200 USD. if that man has to feed him self, and family and bills, do you think they can pay more than 3 USD for a game? i doubt so.

and the underdeveloped countries consist of majority of the world. so if sony and MS wants to tap into that market, they need to make game very cheap and make the profits from the hardware sales.

i still think PS2 is a cool system. if u wanna have fun, u... #2
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when a country is spending more on war and security, then know its downfall is near.

no empire or big powers ever lasted when they started to spend more on security and wars than on their citizens. and if i am wrong, someone corrects me.

so we can start the countdown of america's fall. maybe my statement could sound harsh against americans, but thats what u get when u wage war on God and His followers. #4.1.2
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When an american tells u arabs live in tents, tell them if they were living in an isolated cave since the day they were born.

or u can tell them in what animal breeding farm they were born in?

i believe some cavemen could know much more than your average american Joe. #12.2
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so if we muslims dont love our occupiers and invaders and oppressors then we are extremist?

with this kind of logic, who do you try to please other than israel and its supporters? are you by any chance trying to get the american green card? or are you trying to get recruited by the CIA?

i guess u r in dire need of money if you reached that level, plus mind disease.

If you escape in this world, u wont in the hereafter... #1.5
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i support ps4, but that comment was so childish.

i think after some years he will grow up, so give him time. #4.1.1
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i personally dont mind a game being multiplatform, but i think at least time exclusive for a console. so the team can put all their energies into that game, then they can worry about porting it.

but each console should have their own defining exclusives. otherwise, there is no point in having different consoles. #1.1.10
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it was great game indeed. i dont know which one is better, FF7/FF8/FF9? all were very unique and an amazing experience.

Square Enix just killed the franchise with their stupid policies. #1.2
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by your logic, it means when new pc games releases that require higher specs than what ur pc can provide, u simply wont play them because u will not be able to play them how they suppose to be!

well, it means from now on, u will play only current pc games and past ones! not new ones since pc advancements continue every few months or 6 months.

the good thing about console gaming is, that the games u play usually will try to utiliz... #1.1.12
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wrong post #1.25
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Islam teach us that race is not to be proud of. what we naturally inherent we shouldnt be proud of.

it is always about what YOU did and do, and how you end your life. #5.1.1
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here we go again "ps2 era" again!

i am excited for this gaming gen.

to be honest, last gen ps3/360 was lacking a lot. there werent many defining games like in ps2 and ps1 times.

i really hope sony starts to make some genre define games for ps4. and they need to secure some exclusive third party games too!

get MGS, resident, and Final fantasy games back! #1.1.6
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its like am watching a zombie movie when the zombies rush to the humans!!

lol, thats insane!! i've never seen something like that!

Sony better keep up the steady solid games if they wanna see this continue (to a certain degree).

now developing for ps4 is cheaper and faster, so i expect great line up of games in the coming 1-2 years. #1.1.6
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i think u all forgetting resident evil 2 and 3 on ps1. that was simply amazing zombie game. #1.1.2
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hmmm #2.2
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the king of this generation has been confirmed?

i think yes.

will it be like ps2?

i think yes. maybe a bit less or a bit more. the HDD and online gaming could give ps4 much longer life cycle than ps2 did.

i have one question though, will i be able to play ps4 games online for free or PS+ is required to play online multiplayer? #1.1.1
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i doubt ps4 will have shorter life cycle than ps3. Reasons? because ps4 most probably will have higher success rate than ps3 and will bring much more income to sony than ps3 did. why would they sacrifice something of a cash-cow after big losses from ps3?

plus, from what i see, it will be easier for developers to develop for ps4 than ps3 or even ps2, so i expect great number of titles and IPs from both the west and japan studios.

it is possible release ps5 aft... #1.1.11
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Woman in Islam can drive and work!! dont get ur info about Islam from CNN and the like. its only saudi arabia banning women from driving which only them among all Muslims banned it. the women since the birth of Islam could ride horse/camels/donkeys etc.

and i blamed both couple in this sad issue!! read what i wrote again! #1.1.8
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