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Although think about the amount of calories you would burn on a major halo marathon... It could turn the largest amount of geeks into super troopers.

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Just think guys the larger the consumer base, the more cash MS will have to fund in-house development. More cash = the potential for more hardcore games.

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A truly excellent article. Well worth reading.

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I thought that video was pretty crap to be honest. Not saying I don't like GoW just saying the video wasn't all that.

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Lol so I take it you didn't read the bit about not disclosing info to people outside the beta...

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Shame that they're not patching in drop in/drop out online co-op :(

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Hi guys, I'm in the beta too for and whilst you are not meant to really talk about it outside of the beta forums you can't actually private or party chat with anyone not in the beta. Likewise you can't send voice messages to anyone not in the beta.

As far as I'm aware in game chat works fine with most titles though.



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Seriously what a pile of crap. Pew pew pew.

I love how when all the Wii accessories came out everyone was like ahh man that's just for kids, what a cash in, what a load of rubbish.

Now they're going to be released for a "hardcore" console such as the PS3 everyone's like "ahh yeah thats l33t!!!"

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Really? I was just playing like not even 10 min ago and it was fine

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Hey guys, just to answer a few points - we're not in anyway affiliated to Square Enix. Also our reviews are based less on technical points unless they are seriously game breakers. We more go on how fun a game is to play. To give you an indication this is what a 5/5 would be described as by us.

5/5: Absolutely Chuffing Brilliant. A top banana covered in great idea sauce and with excellently executed cherries on top. Everything sits brilliantly together; this is a joy to p...

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does it really matter?

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Can I just throw this out there: Are articles like this possibly why the gaming industry has a hard time getting respect from outsiders?

Where else would you find a story like this? Autotrader? "Oooo I'd love to stick my D**k in that Subaru's manifold.." I don't think so.

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These two should be tried for crimes against humanity. Every time I see their horrible little smarmy faces I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

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The game is so laggy it actually infected his life. He wrote that letter in 2008, his packet loss just caught up now.

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Lol fair enough, well hopefully we will get Half Life 3 soon.

And to all the people saying he's such a bad parent for letting him play a mature game. Shut the F up. It's not for you to say how he should raise his child. If he thinks his kid is mature enough to deal with it well that's his prerogative.

Why don't you all go join the band of people shouting for games to be banned or something.

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Looks incredibly scripted but I love the art direction. I just don't think that's indicative of real gameplay. I might be proved wrong though.

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Thank god this is fake

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Got milk?

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Seriously misguided reboot.

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I'm not too sure by this personally. Sure there's new maps but the weapons and vehicles just look like they've been reskinned.

I know this is common practice and I'm normally a bit more open to it. However in this case I'm just not too impressed.

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