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Even if this is true. Does it really matter. Resident Evil stopped being relevant a long time ago.

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I'm sorry but how can anyone take a review from a retailer seriously? There can't be any impartiality.

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Well that, and they didn't do a very good job of promoting it.

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I thought that was very well done. Not there 100% but an excellent attempt.

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Seriously who cares? It's a demo not the box release and why would they put development time into fixing the demo when they can spend it on fixing the bugs in the final product?

demo definition

/de'moh/ 1. A demonstration of a product, often of an early version or prototype. A demo is a far more effective way of inducing bugs to manifest themselves than any number of test runs, especially when important people are watching.

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Unacceptable? Get real, no one is infallible. People make mistakes.

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Can I just say as a games journo I find this in very bad taste. There's enough issues in the industry without articles like this.

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I don't think so, in such a busy market who would be mad enough to release a product now without a sustained marketing push before launch?

If this was coming before the 3DS we would have heard about it now.

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I'm not saying it's not true but lets say the PSP2 will rival the 360 in terms of power. How quickly is that going to drain the battery?

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Well aside from those comments not actually coming from Molyneux I still felt compelled to reply.

As a Games Journalist it's my job evaluate on a basic level whether a game is technically competent, but more importantly whether it is actually fun. Very often those two points come hand in hand.

Yes I get games to review for free but I still always ask myself whether I would have been happy to put down £50 (or whatever) if I was to buy it myself. Jus...

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Anyone out there who does want the freedom to be able to do stuff like this needs to get themselves to and protect your constitutional right to play video games as you like.

Seriously. This one is important.

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So the person who disagreed with my post is planning to download the mod very shortly.

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If I want to see girls I'll go outside.

Not really sure why someone would want all the women in the game world to walk around naked. Surely it kind of takes the immersion out of it a bit?

If you want to see porn then google is only a few clicks away...

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Totally agree with you :)

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I think it could have done with a few more months development time. Even perhaps a Q1 release next year.

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It really doesn't. Time and time again research shows that there is no conclusive link. My dissertation was focussed on the relationship between violent content in video games and trace levels of aggression measured after finishing playing. There was no correlation.

It even says it in the article "potentially promotes aggressive attitudes" potentially meaning it may or may not happen.

The key is that all humans have a moral compass and can to s...

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I don't really know too much about the multiplayer so could someone enlighten me on this. Are there only 3 classes available? and can you unlock new weapons and attachments a bit like MW2?


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Actually just thinking about it I do still click on it. It's like an advance warning rick roll but definitely not as funny or informative as rick.

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Is it just me or does he say every game he sees is "incredible" seriously, everything...

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You know what I seem to be one of those rare people who actually loved CoD3, I thought the multiplayer was ace, me and my mates had great times.

I think they get quite an unfair rap most of the time so I don't see why Black Ops won't be good. Activision is going to have put so much resource behind this in terms of money and development experience that yeah I think it might be good. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if some of the remaining Infinity Ward guys were dr...

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