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Hey man,

Look, I know this is going to sound harsh but irrespective of the extra content on that page there's virtually nothing to give credence to what you're suggesting. They are a company, of course they're going to say they hope to have a great 2015. If you wrote the piece you *know* it's a fluff piece with a click bait headline and little substance. If you don't see that then a word to the wise you'll simply give your site a bad name and people wo...

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What a ridiculous article! All Guerrilla tweeted was: "Happy new year everyone! We're back to business again and can't wait to make this year succesful!"

The next line of the article says: "Possibly an E3 announcement? We’ll have to wait and see."

Talk about jumping the gun.

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Definitely, Uncharted 4 is sure the fantastic and I'd also be well up for TLoU 2 if they can find a compelling reason to make the game. On the other hand sometimes things are best left alone...

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Hey man, I wrote the review and I agree (obviously).

For me this game was a pivotal point in storytelling within videogames - that opening sequence with Joel's daughter choked me up and that was one of many times TLoU got me by the throat. All credit to Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker.

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I love playing older titles. I'm nearly 28 and caught the end of the Genesis/SNES era but most of my favourite gaming memories growing up came from PS/PS2.

PlayStation Now is going to be great for me as I live in a "compact" London flat - not having to have retro consoles hooked up is going to be a big help.

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Haha sorry you didn't like it dude - each to their own I guess :)

Edit: Oh and thanks for taking the time to read the article.

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I know what you mean, man. Personally speaking I find the first 15 minutes or so playing retro games a little jarring but it's not long before you forget about it and the magic floods back.

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Thanks for taking the time to comment.

You're 100% right! Perhaps I didn't get my point across clearly enough.

Whilst The Sly Collection is out on PS3, that console is now safely packed away (for me anyway) I was hoping that it would also make it onto PlayStation Now for ease of use.

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Hey man, first of all thanks for taking the time to write a comment and something that was well thought out too.

My interpretation of Eurogamer’s source was that Sony's targeting after emulation but with native HD resolutions – the idea being that we’d end up with something similar to the unofficial PC emulators where original assets are rendered at higher resolutions without any actually remastering needed.

To be honest even if they weren't in HD I&...

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Really impressed with the production values of this review!

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Seriously?! What the hell, I'm pleased I didn't buy that issue. Unless there's more in the actual magazine that doesn't really give ANY info about MGS 5.

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Either way you look at it, this is either garnering for hits or a real lazy way of doing reviews.

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Ah ok so not the final list. Cool.

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I'm not sure if that's the full weapons list but if it is I think I was hoping for more unlocks. If I remember rightly Battlefield 2 had quite a few more.

Still looks awesome though :)

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Quite possibly the stupidest most poorly written article I've read in a while. Why even have the picture of Black Ops where it is? At least do it chronologically?

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Totally misleading title and it completely mis-quotes Pachter - he doesn't say anything of the sort.

As if a market analyst would be against competition in any market.

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So so, you could have at least combined the video and audio - asking people to press play on two separate videos which aren't exactly in time is a bit sloppy.

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Wow, you guys are really getting bent out of shape by my article.

I'm not questioning what it has done for the industry or whether it sells well.

Not everything is about sales figures, if you want to look at it critically and objectively all of the narratives in the GTA series are pretty much all the same.

Rockstar did a great job with Read Dead Redemption, in fact I personally think it's their crowning achievement.


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Well from reading the article there's only one point which sounds infeasible and that's Texas breaking away from the US into a splinter state.

I doubt it the main storyline would ever occur as events would need to happen in a very particular way but the article just seemed to be penis waving to me.

Plus when the crux of your argument is based upon wikipedia articles I'd say you don't have much validity for your own stance.


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Definitely - Even though we had mixed results it wasn't until we actually saw the 3D effect in front of us and we were actually using the 3DS that we could form an informed opinion on the hardware.

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