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Rip the guy was a passant dude! Far to young #243
I see the gears one but not seeing halo wars .. Can someone point it out .. Need this game!! #6
Should be 1st person. Side on just doesn't seem right! #1
Shut it an read #15
RIGHT! off topic but will everyone shut the *** up about the xbox revel saying it was sh.t,!,!!! Stop goddam complaining !! It wasn't for us the gamers it was for the mass market witch if fine it's a business they said before the event it wasn't about the games that's for e3. Not being funny but I loved the idea of snapping between tv, apps, and GAMES! and if it didn't have all that I would be disappointed. I LOVE games but I also love entertainment! Grow up! And... #8
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I don't get it! So 3d without 3d tv? I hope so #12
Lovely jubly #2
Na poobar! Forgive me I seem to be exstreamly indecisive today.. I do want more and unfortunately this is no it at the moment #7
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Sorry but that is far from breathtaking.. In fact I find it positively disappointing. I want a lot more from next gen.. Hair looks really naff generic and rather boring!! Plus that troll looks strange maybe lack of shadow.. Maybe I'm being to harsh but?... Who's with me? #4
Lovely jubly #4
Lovely jubly #10
Tasty poobar !! #14
Poobar! #4
Why only 30fps an not 60fps then?? #66
I'm sorry but this is just compleat ball!! The game is awsome!! I'm maybe half way an i would give it a 9 easy.. Any one els got it ? And what's ur thorts? #7
Lovely jubly! #1
Funny stuff! Everyone's like f*^* that s*^* because there all neard and hate the idea of not being accepted all over again!! An I for one shore don't want my girlfriend to have a good argument for me not having one lol ...... Yes i must b a nerd to I wouldn't be on n4g if I wasn't #16
Yeaaaa boy!! Starbreez r back missed there games!! First game I played by em was enclaved on orig Xbox witch I thort was awesome.. Man that main menu was sweet! Riddicks was cool two, but it seems they have gon for a simple menu for syndicate shame.. But coop is very sweet looking forward to playing single player! . #1
I got one for Christmas, Iv played child of Eden Rise of nightmares kinect sports2 an dance centrel. From my point of view it should me packed with every kinect. I couldn't play most of my kinect games before as my back would be against the wall. Now I can play as close or as far as I want and it works perfectly,... For me 10/10 I can kill zombies with a lack of my own blood now!!!!! #1
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