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Check out A Hat in Time. It's another kickstarter platformer that was inspired by all the old Rare platformers. I am really looking forward to its release this year. #1.3
As others have said watches are much more discreet. Also with the growing size of cellphones, they are much easier to look at quickly.

Besides, I feel naked without my watch. #3.2.6
Wow! Played the online demo and was sold. They got my money. #1
Sounds like Shadow of the Colossus reborn in 2D. I will definitely buy this sometime in the near future. #3

SteamOS is just a customized version of Debian, so yes you can use it for daily things/work as long as you are fine with Linux. Despite trying to look like a console, it still is a fully capable PC. #1.3.4
You should really check out A Hat in Time. It's made by an indie studio, but it has been designed to feel like the old Rare platformers. It even has Grant Kirkhope making some of the music! #1.1.3
Rogue Legacy is so addicting. I spent many hours playing through it on my PC. Alexander the IV is near impossible to beat in his remix form without lots of training. #3.4.2
I would argue that the time limit lifts Majora's Mask past Ocarina of Time. #7.2
Majora's Mask has always been the best Zelda in my book. As mentioned by a couple others above it is a little shorter than others in the series (such as Ocarina of Time); however, the atmosphere and the characters more than make up for that shortfall. I adore it for having the courage to depart from standard formula a bit and implement the controversial but brilliant time mechanic. My appreciation of this games partly stems from how fleshed out they made the game with each mask. Some... #1.3
Probably mixed bane up with boon.

Boon is beneficial. Bane is detrimental. #1.1.1
13284 continuous hours
1 year,188 days,12 hours,15 minutes

I win.

Steam sales are rough. #1.2

Not every game needs multiplayer. In my opinion most developers should forego adding a meaningless multiplayer mode and devote their resources instead to polishing their games. #1.5.3

You said gender too many times for me to not to speak up. I think the word you desire is genre-- not gender. That has to be the most unusual word swap I have ever seen. #1.1.5
While that would have been best, Microsoft couldn't afford to delay the one game that would be most likely to pull in users to its platform during the holidays. #3.2.1
Well... hmmm.... I guess I should wait to finish this game now. #1
My dad's old Intellivision was my first entry to console gaming until my parents got me a N64. Had a lot fun with BugerTime and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain as a kid. Such nostalgia... #1.3.2
Completely random, but this is a move that I support wholeheartedly. I normally don't preorder games, but anytime I see Japanese games appear on the PC I throw money at them in hopes that these anomalies become expected for all Japanese releases. #1.1
Xperia phones have piqued my interest before, but they are never on my carrier (AT&T) when I am up for an upgrade. =\ #1.2.2
Yeah, Konami came in and did wonders with the playstation version. I don't believe they fixed the 360 version though. Check the link out. It's like they are almost different games in terms of performance. #2.1.1
tsk tsk. You should have ordered the morning the announced the DK2. I had their GDC keynote marked in my calendar in case they announced anything.

July and August didn't have much content and driver/software issues were a constant pain, so you didn't miss out on much during that time. When you get the rift and have acclimated yourself to moving in it I highly recommend you to check Windlands (which currently has an IndieGoGo campaign). It's ridiculously fun sw... #1.1
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