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Probably mixed bane up with boon.

Boon is beneficial. Bane is detrimental. #1.1.1
13284 continuous hours
1 year,188 days,12 hours,15 minutes

I win.

Steam sales are rough. #1.2

Not every game needs multiplayer. In my opinion most developers should forego adding a meaningless multiplayer mode and devote their resources instead to polishing their games. #1.5.3

You said gender too many times for me to not to speak up. I think the word you desire is genre-- not gender. That has to be the most unusual word swap I have ever seen. #1.1.5
While that would have been best, Microsoft couldn't afford to delay the one game that would be most likely to pull in users to its platform during the holidays. #3.2.1
Well... hmmm.... I guess I should wait to finish this game now. #1
My dad's old Intellivision was my first entry to console gaming until my parents got me a N64. Had a lot fun with BugerTime and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain as a kid. Such nostalgia... #1.3.2
Completely random, but this is a move that I support wholeheartedly. I normally don't preorder games, but anytime I see Japanese games appear on the PC I throw money at them in hopes that these anomalies become expected for all Japanese releases. #1.1
Xperia phones have piqued my interest before, but they are never on my carrier (AT&T) when I am up for an upgrade. =\ #1.2.2
Yeah, Konami came in and did wonders with the playstation version. I don't believe they fixed the 360 version though. Check the link out. It's like they are almost different games in terms of performance. #2.1.1
tsk tsk. You should have ordered the morning the announced the DK2. I had their GDC keynote marked in my calendar in case they announced anything.

July and August didn't have much content and driver/software issues were a constant pain, so you didn't miss out on much during that time. When you get the rift and have acclimated yourself to moving in it I highly recommend you to check Windlands (which currently has an IndieGoGo campaign). It's ridiculously fun sw... #1.1
The headphones on this prototype are there for testing more than likely. Oculus is working on implementing 3 dimensional sound, so for demonstration the prototype has a pair of built-in headphones. I bet the consumer one will likely NOT have built in headphones; rather, I expect them to have an audio out built into the headset. This would help tame the kraken that the oculus currently is with its many cords dangling everywhere while allowing the consumer to choose their audio solution and... #2.3
Only makes me wonder why this isn't on the Vita even more. Come on Square Enix let me buy on a platform that makes more sense. #7
I need this now! #9
Two standouts for me were the manuals for Metroid II and Pokemon Red & Blue. The Metroid II manual detailed every monster in the game and Pokemon was like a mini game guide for the beginning of the game. #3.1
I would think a simple easter egg such as an NPC named Robin would be a cool addition that isn't jarring to the game. There are plenty of NPC names to choose from, might as well name one of them Robin. #1.3

I don't know if graphene will be as promising as the media likes to make it out to be. While the mobility of electrons is ridiculous high in ideal cases, it unfortunately suffers from the lack of a band game unlike conventional semi-conductors. It essentially makes circuits that can never be turned off.

I know of several research groups that are beginning to focus elsewhere at my university as progress in graphene hasn't been great in the p... #1.3.7

Ah, I see. Unfortunately quantum computers will likely not be a revolution for general purpose computing. The types of problems they can solve well are different in nature to what conventional computers are capable of performing. In some instances conventional computers have the upper hand. Regardless of the problems, I look forward to seeing whatever the next paradigm shift in computing will be. #1.3.5
Don't know what you are talking about sprinterboy. Quantum physics is very much an issue with current processor design. Leakage currents occur due tunneling of electrons through the small feature sizes of circuits. The more we try to shrink the features of our ICs the more the electrons just tunnel through everything. #1.3.2

That had to be the pinnacle of cereal toys that have sadly seemed to have faded out of existence nowadays. The hulk slimes and their sounds absolutely terrified me as a kid. I know what I am going to try and install this weekend now...

Rented Beetle racing many times back at my local grocery store along with Mischief Makers. So much nostalgia was wrapped in this article. I wasn't prepared for this! #3
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