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I am surprised I spent as much as I did within Steam. Most of my purchases in the past several years have been external to steam at all those bundle sites.

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Backed around 100 Kickstarters, so far the only real let downs I have had are the bigger traditional games coming from Japan. Mighty No. 9 and Project Phoenix have been two big black marks. These bigger projects balloon in features and expectations and cease to be realistic in their goals. Still waiting to see how Bloodstained turns out.

Everything else however has been a delight regardless of whether it was a game, book, film, animation, or tech.

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PS3 is understandable for those who know about the architecture, but they could still offer PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility. My ancient 10 year old computer can emulate those two systems...

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That's also why I am looking forward to Odyssey. All of the Wii and Wii U era Marios were just so linear albeit pretty. I remember getting the N64 as a kid and was amazed by the openness of the game.

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You'd be surprised. My friend bought a PS3 and ostensibly only used it for Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. I don't get people sometimes.

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Maybe I am in the minority, but the lack of a trophy/achievements is a positive in my book. They tend to be distracting and for those with OCD tendencies a major killjoy. Before tackling something in my backlog, I often catch myself weighing games not for their quality but for their feasibility of achievement completion. Achievements end up being an onerous burden rather than enjoyable extra.

There much bigger issues regarding the Switch that I would like to see resolved...

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I assume you tried the Vive if it was at a Microsoft store. The Vive spreads its pixels out a bit more than the Rift and lacks a sort of blur filter that the Rift uses to mitigate the screen door. You might try going to a Best Buy and looking at Oculus' offering.

Currently, I don't see any screen door in my Oculus, but that is due to me not wearing my glasses. (biological blur filter =P) I looking forward to seeing what the screen loo...

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@ Errorist76

The PSVR is using a single 1080p screen in the RGB arrangement (960x1080 pixels per eye), whereas the Vive and Rift both use 2 1920x1200 screens in the pentile arrangement. Factoring in the subpixels the Rift and Vive have 9,216,000 subpixels whereas PS VR has only 6,220,800 subpixels. There is a reason why Oculus's and HTC's offerings cost more.

Having an RGB arrangement isn't a silver bullet that fixes pixel fill. It will jus...

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Two things I noticed.

(i) I immediately switched to the dark theme, but the text in this post is very dim on the dark theme. Increasing the brightness of the font a little bit will vastly increase the legibility on the dark theme.

(ii) The switch to the circular profile pictures greatly limits what you can display. Everything from the previous site doesn't work well with new amount of space. Shrinking the image down in accommodation makes things lo...

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Same here, I just missed the first batch also. I keep holding out on buying a graphics card as long as possible in hopes of hearing news about Pascal or Polaris. My 670 just won't cut it for VR anymore.

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That's like saying well written horror book creates atmosphere without the need of moving pictures to supplement the prose.

VR the next evolution of media formats. There is nothing wrong the things that precede it, but there are things that only VR will be able to do.

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Motion gaming never really made sense without VR. VR actually legitimizes it now. 3D while an interesting novelty, pales in comparison to VR. Most skepticism of VR comes from those who have yet to actually try it out. I encourage everyone to find a friend with DK2 or go to one of the HTC Vive or Oculus demos to give modern VR a whirl.

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If you actually helped the Kickstarter you would be receiving a complementary consumer version at no cost. I wouldn't be complaining if I were you. I regret not backing it when I discovered the campaign on its last day.

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There is a big difference between looking at a small 2 dimensional picture (TV) versus being inside another fully 3 dimensional world. Even with the limited motion constraints due to cables, VR in its current form is more than compelling.

I long for the day once VR/AR equipment is miniaturized to the level of glasses. There would be no need to even own multiple monitors or TVs. We would just need a single pair of glasses that can perform all t...

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Definitely. VR is in its learning phase. The only reason though that it has become viable is because we finally have overcome most of sickness issues. Now that has been resolved it's up to developers to figure out what makes a good VR game/experience.

I worry that the resolution might not be enough, but I am the kind of person who would replace his office with a virtual one. I look forward to the day were the resolution of screen can allow you to read text on a virtua...

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Just addressed this above. Nausea comes a few things such as running 50 mph doing 360 no scope. Most people will get sick doing things like that. Shoot some people get sick just watching those kind of things on a screen. Another is doing stuff that doesn't match with what your body is doing. If you are upside down in the game but right side up in reality your brain will raise an objection. Most developers are aware of this and designing everything to avoid these situations. Finall...

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You are bringing up a complaint that has two primary origins both of which deal with brain recognizing a disconnect of what you experience compared to all the sensory imputs available to your brain.

Early in VR, much of the motion sickness was due to the inadequacy of the hardware. Your brain does not like to see the world frozen in place while you move your head. Reducing the persistence of the screen and drastically increasing refresh rate has eliminated that issue. This ...

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You probably risk your eyesight more on TVs and computer screens. VR has your eyes focused at their natural state of infinity whereas traditional screens tax your eyes due to the relative closeness of the focal point of your eyes.

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Former, not latter.

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I know. Pangs of nostalgia are hitting me hard every time I look at this game.

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