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Sony has really brought gaming forward along side Nintendo.. i love the idea of a front and back touch screen i have a feeling we will see it on the next ds4 and
a game that will take full advantage of the touch screens are LBP and puzzle games.. i would like to see a exclusive resident evil and metal gear solid

Also a lot of Ar games like the alien autopsy one we saw.

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Dont get me started with girls and games if my gf gets a hold of lbp vita i wont see her again

Then again that maybe a good thing
**Runs and pre orders a vita and lbp**

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people picking at the vita again, I dont have a problem with it and yes its new to get used to,

Gaming media really needs to stop picking at sony.

I think its fine i would use it allot.

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Will get this as soon as the vita comes.

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Was he just bragging about sales?? Wow Uncharted 2 only sold what 5 million in its lifetime and gets 300 awards now that is epic, sorry but gears of war developers do not live up to the name they have chosen I will tell you that for now. Sales mean nothing, Uncharted 2 has one of the highest award and rate in the world. And uncharted 3 may beat that.

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erm ps3 dose not run direct x and xbox only brings the console version down, i can bet the next battlefield will run cross platform. i am suprized that sony never pushed it for this one.

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wow can not hear a word he saID

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hm play tv can count when attached to ps3 so yes u can have a tv on it. lol

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this is sad man, i mean what is the point.. i am not a big gears of war fan, i just think it harsh.

I will play the game when it comes out, as i have finished the first 2, may as well see how the story turns out.

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Both games look great, i will agree uncharted 3 has the edge.

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your site needs to be read friendly man
Update it with some background.

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because it would be rushed out on 360?

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and how will that help ?

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played it, all the moves are pre set, nothing really to look towards.
Give me something on kinect that i can lay the crap out of someone
i do aikido for sports not pre set moves man

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they have lost some of there best developers ( bungie) 720 will not really kick off as good as the 360 in my opinion

They are taking a big risk with kinect ( i feel it will be a case of hddvd again)

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Im talking about exclusives man.

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