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All ps vr users try its it works well

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Dreams I want

They are giving us the tools developers have in the game to create anything

It won't be long before someone creates half life game or even halo yes it's possible with the craft skills
The company I work for in the UK has seen this game and state vr created content are amazing

I hope u see the demo they saw because they was talking about dreams all week after the meeting

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Why would ps players be worried we can get better and most games it's not a massive upgrade
Ps5 is out in a better time frame xbox have shot them self in the foot not going full next gen lttp

Also boasting about sales I've been working in game for years most people struggle buying cheaper consoles these days most Xbox consoles was traded in for upgrade not full sales

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Most people traded for console

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Sales we did 258 trading and 32 sells( game)

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Differents is not worth the extra money tbh, when more cars are added and better ai as well gfx then speak to Me

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It's just a game trending at mo that will die like Halo cod and all the rest Minecraft. Ms will buy em and ruin it

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Yet people will pay a grand for iPhone and not worry

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Pff Ms should of thought about this before rushing

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Next year games will cover us for a good while with ps4 just in time for a real next gen console not a upgrade

Xbox is doomed give ya console to Amazon

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Xbox x games will never see better than this in 2 years then ps 5 baby

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Pr bull

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I work in game in UK most people are trading in and we still have plenty of pre orders in Bradford West Yorkshire

Pr bull as always

Ps4 n switch are on track to been Xmas no one console

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I can confirm that here at game we have had similar news I no the new controller is new too infact they are having 2 new controller in work one is a elite type and if the kid controller goes well we will see a 3rd controller
Also ps5 will play ps4 games

Ps5 is looking to go 8k

When my work Game asked if they are worried about Xbox x Sony said No they are not. Game also tell me the Xbox x has more people ready to trade old consoles rather than b...

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Perfect game for aim vr ps4

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Got a chance to try this game out it's amazing

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Good for Sony making the right decision eh

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Game amazing and spec in vr all I need is a good steering wheel set

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Playstation conference will sort xbox out

Price drop and more games

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