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What if it could play ps3 game on Max too

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Sony don't need to counter

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Sony press will show psvr support

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They will do the way Ps4 was announced

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Working with game we hear about Ps4 neo and Sony has shown us a several console version. Each one more powerful than the next now one comes in about 599 quid and is 4 times more powerful then Ps4 it self also supports 4 k games movies and more features like 4k upload. Also a new pad was shown to us what I can't discuss all I can hint what I can gather Sony is not gamma let ms how a powerful console over em nothing final till announced or official release date

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The first Xbox was had more power then ps2 and never did owt the only shift Sony did is add networks

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I'm going to make pt type game best on my own nightmares icu syndrome

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What no way why

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This will be a long shot but I have a feeling ms or Sony will be called onto one ms or Sony stage and announce a cross deal

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People have too much hope on this next console and it's not good. I work in game and they have been no meeting or anything. We. Had meetings about Xbox one and Ps4 before been announced to public

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Hope they find the people who made these silly threats and stick there console in a fire and ban em from games for life.

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Zombies ain't ment to be pretty

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They sort of hinted the first last of us in uncharted 3 with fungus news paper

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the human eye is 576 megapixels—but really only about 7 megapixels matter.

Uncharted is awesome been playing it at work guys take a day off to finish the game a out 10 times before u go back

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Photomode ha not added yet. In next patch. These shots look amazing

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Wow not phone friendly at all don't like it

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Sony had headsets out before maybe not vr but media headsets.

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It's out on ps store eu right now

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Them who moan about cam, look back and listen to my comments hahhaha,anyways not as if u don't have 6 to 9 month to get all these

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Main reason I quit alien marines

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