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Been playing madden 12 for a few weeks and haven't had any trouble getting interceptions, in fact user picks are much better this year. I'll give you pass interference isn't all that prevalent but that could be adjusted through tuning if you like.

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Yes, as I said in the review both buttons and analog punching is in the default control setup. The story was just great and I see it getting better from here. It's worth buying.

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I think I'll just book my flight to Dallas now, 5K for whupping up on some cats on Madden. I'm down.

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Agreed it went downhill. CN got popular bringing back the classics and pushing the limits with their new stuff like Dexter's Labratory and stuff like that. Now they hardly ever play any of the old stuff that I used to love so much, I mean what happened to the Thundercats, Captain Planet, DBZ, the original Transformers even?

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That's what I'm thinking. I just don't think that SOE is making a compelling enough case right now for the price they want to charge. Maybe they can come up with some kind of guarantee, but otherwise I don't think this will end well. I must note that I am in the beta and enjoy it a lot though. But free and $15 a month is very different and in this economic environment no less.

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That's a real shame. Like I said I would love for them to get the shipping time for the envelopes once you sell the item down to a few days, but there is no denying the actual value that you get is much more than through any other option that I know of today. And man no Amazon, so sorry bruh.

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At this point, I believe both services are U.S. only but I believe both have plans to expand.

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You might be ok since you haven't played it yet and the way the game plays with the patch would be normal for you so you might not be as affected. Personally, I don't think they needed to mess with it.

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Besides the change I mentioned to how you make pregame adjustments which is very different, everything else has me really excited. Now that I can talk about it, the forums are blowing up with questions. Hopefully I'll have the full game soon.

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EA sent me out an early demo code. Hopefully I will have the full game sometime next week.

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Sony never listens to us PS3 owners, guess there is a first for everything.

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It will be out according to both the US and EU PS blogs.

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Sho ya right.

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Nope, if you pay for the year then they will give you 3 months free, so you end up getting 15 months for $50 instead of only 12.

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Lots of people don't think Sony should have done this, they feel like PS Plus should still be free. Of course, I don't agree but lots of people feel like it will change the dynamic of PSN for the worse. As I stated in the article, I think it was a normal progression, but some folks aren't happy. The truth is that its too early to tell, but for better or worse things will change on PSN. Some people won't be able to afford the $50 for a year, heck some won't even be able to ...

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There is nothing fishy about it. The game has its issues which I mentioned but as I said in the review it isn't Uncharted or Metal Gear. The graphics leave something to be desired, the crazy difficulty increase near the end of the game, and inconsistent A.I. are all downsides. But the guys at Obsidian put together one heck of story that has a plot that is thicker than a lot of films I have watched recently. The characters are all well developed, more if you actually read the intel you col...

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It just means they are working on a First Person Shooter, FPS. That's because there had been speculation that their was going to be a spin-off the MW franchise into perhaps an action adventure type game and the website pretty much put that to rest.

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Atlus reached out to several gaming sites to spread the word and while it seemed odd to us as well, but they seemed to think it was an issue so we did what they asked.

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Apparently they anticipate lots of people getting the game early and they didn't want them to be alarmed once they got this error. They didn't have an effective way of communicating it to a large user base so they reached out to gaming sites to get the word out, pretty smart way to spread the word and nip any confusion in the bud.

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I feel you about these release dates being too close together, its like you really have to pick and choose and it would be better for gamers and companies if they spaced these out because then we could play everything easier, now we just end up with a backlog. The release date for JC2 hasn't been released yet, but hopefully its not around the date of anything else good, the trailer really makes you stand up and pay attention though doesn't it?

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