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Oh yeah? You party with the chair members? Go to their company BBq's? Attend birthday parties? Sit in on the meetings? Stfu your full of shit.

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Just checked. 604 currently online. I stand by my joke made earlier, that "someone" tried to hide. You know who you are. The game is dead. Still no Co-op which I payed for with a Season Pass and its May. Time to move on. And I want my twenty bucks back.

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Can't help myself. Chinese riddle. How can a bug get noticed if no one is playing it?

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All good and all. But when you have maintenance twice a month with no FW upgrades, for a service I pay for, and expect to be always accessible, Sony needs to hustle. Sony = hardware, MS = software obvious already. Hope we don't wait until 2015 for features I thought would be implemented by launch or at least shortly after, like we did with PS3 and 2.0.

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I speak for everyone when I say. "these deals suck dick."

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S ranked all five in three hours. Most of my time was spent dicking around.... Trying to extract every soldier... Laying as much c4 as possible..... She's right. On all points, and I LOVE Metal gear. I felt like I "had" to do mentioned shit to justify the purchase. Its a rip off, plain and simple. Unless your hunting trophies, your better off just waiting for TPP.

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Don't want it. So no.

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Yup. Still waiting four my code...

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And spoilers. If that pic didn't ruin it. You just did. Fuck you.

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Upgrade you bums, then "this" would cease to be a problem. Four hundred dollars is really not an issue. That's what fifty bucks a month? Bums.

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New exclusive "HULK" game. Its been kept tight. But I assure you you will flip when you see it.

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So one looks like a dog turd. And the other like a cat turd. So confused? No sarcasm.

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If I shoot I'll play a Shooter. If I loot I'll play a looter. Never will I want watered down versions of the genres blended in to a turd stained blob Borderlands is.

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Borderlands is poop. Statement.

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That "demo" was just that. Not one time during the whole presentation did they mention this is what Xbone games will do. Do your fucking homework troll.

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EA?!? Booooo..... Fuck your disagrees.

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I played DCUO with the goal of getting as far as I could for free. Turns out its pretty fucking far. Got hooked, hit max level and wanted to partake in the end game content so subscribed for a month. If this is a sign of things to come I'm excited.

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Fuck your backlog. If you have a PS4 and you haven't played this, your doing it wrong.

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