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"English dude living in America. Nuff said."


Mafia was/is a great series with amazing potential that I don't think has yet been realized. #13
Because when you're scrolling down the homepage of this shitty hosted website and see the words "Arkham Knight's First Ending Is Great, Its Second Is Bad, And Its Third Is Insane"'s a bit hard to avoid. You don't need to open the article to be made aware of it's apparent 3 endings.

On a slightly more bitter note: N4G, get your !@%#^ site sorted. Jesus Christ. I can't believe how unstable this site has become in the last few weeks. #1.3.1
Cool. A let's play. #1
I anticipate many people now sending their bottle caps to Bethesda in the vain hope of a similar result. #4
The tone of the game appears to be far darker than the original game, which while containing scenes featuring mature themes and often provocative scenarios, it was also rather light hearted - and at times, batshit insane.

Some things weren't meant to see in true 3D, I believe FFVII is one of them. #2
Of course it does. Why break the habit of a lifetime? #11
Realism in a Final Fantasy game.... #4
I've been waiting a long time for a Stranglehold sequel! #13
Umm.... haven't we all known this for months now? #1
Not a fan of 8, 10, 12, or the 13 'series'. #2
This tells us absolutely nothing new and infact just refers to Gamespots preview. Not approving this. It's old news. #1
Still don't understand why it's taking so long, but yeah - looks good I guess. #3
Oh for crying out loud. Shut up. #2
Jesus Christ, that trailer is 10 years old already?!! Shit! #1
What a terrible article. Ubisoft are absolutely shit developers whereas CDPR went above and beyond to create an absolutely living breathing world brimming with things to do. It's rich story and RPG mechanics blow away most other games within the genre and by far and large, is an absolute joy to play - REGARDLESS of platform. The attention to detail and pure love that went into this game shows in the games quality, bugs and all. Every game of theirs is truly a passion project, which again,... #1
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What is taking so long to where it'll be out next year? #4
Next year?! what the hell is taking so long? #42
They're trademarking the game about me. Nice! #3
If you don't like the story at this point, then why are you even bothering to play the games? #1.1.1
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