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"English dude living in America. Nuff said."


What a shit article. Why would I be sick of spending the 1-2 minutes every other month or so (maybe) to make my system more stable and perform better? Seriously. #41
Snatcher, ZoE, PT.

That's about it. #6
Why must everything be so grounded in reality and shoot for 'realism'. Good graphics may look nice, technically speaking, but there's a very noticeable lack of imagination that comes with not-so good visuals that I miss. #5
Good signal/reception. AKA - you liked it. #4
Really, who gives a shit? #6
Witcher 1 was terrible though. Worst combat going. #7
It's well received because they don't make a big deal about it. As no one should. It was received well for the same reason Bill's character in TLOU was. They didn't make a big thing about him being gay. It wasn't preachy or in your face. It just stated the fact and moved on, or in Ellie's case, implied.

You want to stop alienation of sexual preference? Stop talking about it. You want to stop racism? Stop talking about it. #7
Three reasons warrants an article? Nah.

Open World

Saved you a click. #7
September 1st for consoles
September 15th for PC

My birthday is on the 3rd. Getting collectors edition the moment it's available for preorder. #2
People still play this tripe? #2
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It's been old for a few years now. GTA4 (can) look good! We get it. #2.1
Because it's a boring, repetitive, albeit well made, piece of garbage. #23
Now if only Capcom would take this as a huge message as to what the people want! #10
Open worlds aren't a sure guarantee of game length, or quality. #2.1
If they have an issue with patches bricking systems, it's not a public beta they need - it's new staff. #5.1.1
RIP Joystiq staffer Andrew Yoon who apparently has died in a tragic accident #3
Good. #1
Wow. Stop with this Let's Play trash on N4G.

And this is coming from someone who used to DO Let's Plays (back in 2008-2009) YouTube is over saturated with this shite. It's hard to just look up gameplay for something without hundreds of results of people trying to get their piece of the action. I come to N4G for news. Hence the name 'News For Gamers' not this.

Continue-Play should feel ashamed that they have to plug their videos on a news w... #2
Tomb Raider and System Shock. Fact. #3
Am I the only one who's incredibly tired of RE4? It was a great game, and still functions well enough. But games have come and gone that have done what RE4 did, and did it better. Dead Space for example (I'm talking about the original). The environments were boring, the story was terrible, the near constant nature of it being an escort mission, the characters were dull, one dimensional, and boring. Everyone raves about Leon like he's some amazing character. To me, he come off as s... #11
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