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"English dude living in America. Nuff said."


If sharing my own view based upon my personal experiences is "trying WAY too hard" then we've stooped to a level far lower than what I already feared. If ones opinion differs from the band waggon populist view, you're labelled a troll, a hater, or just called juvenile names. How sad and pathetic that we can't just accept others may feel differently to us without feeling the need to get personal about it. A lot of you seem to be under the deluded belief that other peoples... #3.5.2
Fully agree. But no, I wasn't referring to NPC's, I was referring to the often blind enemy AI. To each their own! :) #3.4.1
It got all those awards on the strength of its story, it's characters, and writing. And rightly so. It never won any awards for it's amazing AI, which whether you wish to keep your rose tinted glasses on or not, is pretty bad.

The AI is probably the only negative thing about this game, which is otherwise a near masterpiece. It's also something people have bought up since the day it was released. I completely understand why they made Ellie 'invisible' to th... #3.2.2
inb4 the game is dull, and boring walking simulator, devoid of character and identity with nothing but good visuals to sell it on. #1
Fail to see why I'm getting so many disagrees with my comment. It's a fact. The AI in TLoU was SIGNIFICANTLY decreased from what we originally saw in a GAMEPLAY demo. Once again, we were told by the developers it would be better just before release, too. That's lying.

This video details it very well:

The game is still Godlike, but... #3.2
I'd be more concerned about the lying E3 demo which showed off far better AI and intelligence than the final game would prove to have. Even after being told by the AI programmer weeks before release that the final version was in fact superior to what was seen in the E3 demo. #3
Hype isn't the issue here. It's simply an unfinished mess with absolutely piss poor mission structure with a mostly absent story devoid of humor or personality. #2
A "bit"? #2
I wonder what was omitted from the final game. #7
Rather rude. I just meant I hope they kill his character off. They could write it very well. After all, Lara died in TR4. It'd be a bold move. #17.1.1
Hope he dies. #17
The controversy surrounding the missing content post-release is the true phantom pain in all this. It's incredibly meta in a way Kojima never likely intended. #3
"This is how the franchise ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper." #4
A lot of people seem to like the idea of a sequel with different characters. But I must ask: if you're going to spend so much energy on making new characters, a new story, and not making the fatal mistake of hitting the same plot points of the original game, just call it something other than The Last of Us 2.

Red Dead Redemption didn't get a sequel either. Why not? It sold over 13 million units across all platforms (as of 2012), and did exceptionally well critically.... #7.1
No, it absolutely does NOT need a sequel. I'd go as far as to say that a sequel would potentially ruin how poignant the ending of the original was.

Hear me out before you hate.

The original game established two very well written characters and showed their plight and survival. It ended on a very somber note, but one that was intended by the writer. I can't help but feel a sequel to this would somehow cheapen the importance and significance of how mean... #3
Anymore? As if anyone was excited to begin with. This game is going to suck worse than a $2 whore with no teeth and a gum disease. #3
What about PT? #7
Completed it on a 2 night Redbox rental. Not bad at all! #9
...You DO know this game is on multiple platforms right? Not just the 'Sony'.

To put some perspective on it, this is the final game in a 28 year old saga with a continuous story and the final game by the man who created it. It's quite a significant game for many people.

I fully appreciate your view as an outsider to the series, and that's fine - but some of your reasoning seems very naive. Maybe, just maybe, it's getting a warm reception b... #1.2.1
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