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"English dude living in America. Nuff said."


Great game. Great intro. Goosebumps! #1
I thought you were going to mention seeing the first enemy you fight tear into a guys throat, his head rolling off, followed by that monster slowly turning to face you - much like the first zombie in the original RE. #2
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Wow, I never knew the fulton recovery system or phantom cigar were features to MGS V?! I've only seen them in just about EVERY video promoting the game.

Seriously, this list is horrible. "Close quarters combat" really?! Who'd have guessed.

I hate how this site lists their items page by page, doubling on hits. #1
So looking forward to this! #3
It's the best worst game I've played in a long time. I can't recall a game that I put so many hours into that really wasn't deserving of my time. #2
They'll probably say it will in order to generate hype. Much like how RE6 was 'a return to it's roots' and RE5 before that, I believe.

REmake is about the best you're going to get. #5
App not available anymore. The link in the article does not work. #5
Where the absolute funk is Alien Trilogy?! #1
The Crew looks shockingly bad. #17
Diamond Dogs. A great album (and song) by a brilliant musician. #3
Max Payne 3 had a terrific PC port. Hopefully this is the same. #8
P.T #4
Xbox Done. #36
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-Seems like the game will have plenty of variety, as the magazine reports there will be lots of different kinds of enemies, environments and traps.

-The Evil Within is a difficult game, but checkpoints are well done

-The reviewer mentions the game is very different from what he expected, but he really liked it. It feels like a mixture of survival-horror and psychological thriller. It is a blend of Japanese and western horror, with some sections inspired by Ju... #2
Does this really effect the casual hockey fan? Being one myself, I'm not sure I particularly care about the missing features. While I agree it's asinine that they are absent from this release, if the gameplay is as good as ever - then these features are irrelevant. All I want to do is play some good hockey. #6
Looking forward to this game. It has a lot of promise in it's concept. I just hope it executes it as well! #1
This will get shut down so quick. #9
I can't recall a game that's been dropped so quick after such a promising marketing campaign.

It's too late Ubisoft - no one cares. #5
She isn't the first, and certainly won't be the last.

Bitches be bitches. Move on. #4
The word "boring" used 8 times in that article. Something tells me this guy has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. #1
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