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"English dude living in America. Nuff said."


This will get shut down so quick. #9
I can't recall a game that's been dropped so quick after such a promising marketing campaign.

It's too late Ubisoft - no one cares. #5
She isn't the first, and certainly won't be the last.

Bitches be bitches. Move on. #4
The word "boring" used 8 times in that article. Something tells me this guy has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. #1
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The last game was an absolute abortion - but I DID appreciate it trying something new with the inventory management, the analog combat, and use of physics. It's just that the execution was shocking. #8
Nathan Drake doesn't look particularly unique or interesting anyway. He's just your typical average looking guy. He looks like plenty of people. #23
And to think, Kojima announced they intentionally lowered the quality of the FOX Engine in attempt to throw people off and give it more of an 'indie' look.

Genius. #1
Can't believe the ignorance in this thread. Any sequel to TLOU would undermine the originals brilliance, regardless of what story it followed (if any).

Even if it was a whole new story with new characters, it would constantly be compared to the original. There was an additional ending scene on TLOU that was cut at the last minute because they wanted the impact of that final scene to remain in peoples minds to form their own conclusions and actually THINK about what they j... #7
The master showing people how it's done. What's new? #4
Without a doubt one of the most creative in recent memory. I've been trying to think of other games that got unique reveals and the only other one that comes to mind is Super Mario Brothers 3 which got it's first showing on that crappy movie 'The Wizard'. #3
Misleading title :P #1
What are you talking about? Silent Hill 2 (containing Pyramid Head) WAS psychological horror, and probably the best example of it. Whereas F.E.A.R, as good as it was, relied primarily on jump scares to startle - not scare - the players.

Psychological horror is far more effective, for me anyway. A creature that perhaps possesses human like qualities but with an inhuman and disturbing twist is far more unsettling than something jumping at the screen accompanied by a loud orches... #5.1
I sincerely doubt the game will be 100% first person. Why would they go to the trouble of hiring/modelling/mocapping Norman Reedus if you weren't going to see him? #1
Good game, but really - what a knobhead.

Stop holding your game hostage to Twitter and make the Goddamn game. #5
My biggest fear is that they'll fall into the trap that previous games in the series has: copy the plot to Silent Hill 2. That's not to say Silent Hill 2 is bad. Quite the contrary, it's probably in my top 3 most favourite games. But it was an individual story. The core of Silent Hill revolves around the cult, it's effects on the town, and it's people. Not facing your inner demons, and especially not Pyramid Head. Silent Hill 2 was a departure from the main storyline, and... #44
I want to know more about Silent Hill(s) to be honest. #3
"Remember when this game series was supposed to be a super dark, heavily Japanese, super spy tale of intrigue?"

Someone has never played Metal Gear before. It's ALWAYS been tongue-in-cheek, quirky, off the wall and completely out there.

Lighten up, jeez. #1
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For Christ sake, is it REALLY that hard to understand peoples hate?

The first, in a hopefully long lasting reboot of a beloved franchise gets released on multiple platforms. It (eventually) does really well. A sequel is announced and after a couple of months allowing people to preorder on all formats, they suddenly announce it'll be exclusive to the console it sold the fewest copies on.

Does that clear it up for you? It's nothing to do with 'fanb... #1.5
Technically, it was 'birthed' on the Sega Saturn. But yeah... #11
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