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"English dude living in America. Nuff said."


RIP Joystiq staffer Andrew Yoon who apparently has died in a tragic accident #3
Good. #1
Wow. Stop with this Let's Play trash on N4G.

And this is coming from someone who used to DO Let's Plays (back in 2008-2009) YouTube is over saturated with this shite. It's hard to just look up gameplay for something without hundreds of results of people trying to get their piece of the action. I come to N4G for news. Hence the name 'News For Gamers' not this.

Continue-Play should feel ashamed that they have to plug their videos on a news w... #2
Tomb Raider and System Shock. Fact. #3
Am I the only one who's incredibly tired of RE4? It was a great game, and still functions well enough. But games have come and gone that have done what RE4 did, and did it better. Dead Space for example (I'm talking about the original). The environments were boring, the story was terrible, the near constant nature of it being an escort mission, the characters were dull, one dimensional, and boring. Everyone raves about Leon like he's some amazing character. To me, he come off as s... #11
You don't need a whole article. Anyone who played it will know why. #3
Far Cry 4 may see a PS+ DISCOUNT, but it certainly won't be free. #2
One of the best parts of the game as far as I'm concerned. #4
Chrome gives me a malware warning when I attempt to go to this site. Cheeky.

EDIT: Nevermind. It's doing it on all sites I link to from this site now. Weird. #1
So why bother commenting? #2.1
Simple. Because Capcom are clearly in bed with Sony. Disagree all you want. Look at Street Fighter V. #4.1
Of course it is. #7
Rockstar wouldn't add a '2' to a GTA game. It doesn't look right. Besides, the 'press announcement' is so obviously fake that is borders being funny. #19
This site obsesses over GTA IV mods. Who cares anymore? Yes - it looks good. We get it. #1
If you think Square are unaware of how many people want this game remade - then you're simply being naive. #3
Never seen the appeal of multi-display gaming. The bezels surrounding the monitors take away all immersion these setups are supposed to enrichen and improve, in my opinion. #4
I'll save you the jump -

The game will be launching in North America digitally on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC (through Steam) on January 20. It will be priced at $19.99. #2
This game is going to get absolutely railed. Guaranteed. #2
Any news on an exact release date? #2
Guess what? I don't like many games others rave about, too. I guess those games also aren't good. Period.

Terrible article. #4
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