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I think you guys are missing the point of the article but if you want to fight about it go right ahead.
Winback was awesome by the way.

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It's a mod not a glitch. Stop being stupid.

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Reminds me of Never Ending Story for some reason.

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Which one is the only FPS? Which title's first game was released this decade, besides one of the 9 R&C games? You clearly didn't even read the article. How old is that article in your link? I think "factual accuracy being disputed" isn't the best page to link to, own who?

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I was the first person among my friends to buy a Xbox and Halo. After I had it and my friends saw it, literally 6 people bought an Xbox. The we used to have badass lan party's at my house. Man we used to get into it... nothing like CTF on original Halo. So I have to agree with the article, without the Xbox and Halo means no PS3, Killzone and so on.

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Because it's been in development for 12 years?

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Well I check their profile on Live just for the heck of it. They have a gamer score of 670 and the only game they seem to play is Halo 3, so when they say all the money they put into Xbox it seems they aren't exactly being truthful. Trolling may be?
The real problem with something like this is the gray area. Saying you are gay or are a lesbian shouldn't be banned but making fun of them should be? Who can truly judge intent? If you allow things like this to be placed where all can see t...

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If you pay attention there are no sales numbers for Forza 3 in America so shush. I think the sales differ because of bad timing for Boarderlands on PS3. I don't understand this PS3 has so many more exclusives talk either seems to me they're right around the same. ODST, Forza 3, UC2, Demon Souls.

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If the ps3 version was better I'm sure all the fanboys would raving about how much better the ps3 is then the 360. Sense it's the other way around it's Sega's fault... wtf?

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Butt da ps3 is sup3r farst mordun tech 360 do 15 fps haha ps3 super next gen! how come ps3 have no split screen?

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Seems like it undersold to me. I was expecting more. Oh and keep the vgchartz and only 2 days in Europe excuses to yourselves I already know these things. Everything considered it didn't sell as well as I thought it would.

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You guy's are all crazy. I read all of your nutty comments for giggles, I really can't believe how sad you are. I mean seriously why do you care about sales, especially when ODST outsells everything and you guys cry "sales don't count doesn't make it a good game" blah blah blah. You're a bunch of fools who only use what's happening at the moment to show that "your system" is some how winning something. Oh and one more thing how come everyone that makes a comment defending ...

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How can you call Turn 10 "Turd 10"? The game they made just got an average score of around 9, how is that turd?

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Uncharted 2 is looking to be a great game but have any of you played the full game? I'm going to guess no, so get of it's you know what.
Any ways on topic, dev teams all take good ideas from eachother without it there wouldn't be advancement of the medium. I'm sure they don't sit at their comps. trolling website forums bashing people that enjoy games on a system they don't even have. Who does do that anyways?

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It seems most of you didn't read the whole article. He does raise an interesting point in the purchase of any thing really. If the CEO of Sony was racist towards black people how would you feel about their products?

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Who in their right mind cares about this? I'm not making any money on the PS3, are you?

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Are all of you kids really going to make your parents buy you another PS3 just because it's slim? I really doubt that all of you will run out and buy one since you already have one right? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Seriously though let's all wait till it comes out and see how it sells threw the holiday season. Also known as calm the hell down!

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The console would probably be the controller. It will come out at 1000. dollars and two weeks later be dropped to 500. I can't wait to camp out in front of the Apple Store. Woohooo!

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Seems like they're trying to find anything to brag about. Also known as grasping at straws, sense everyone seems to brag about their exclusives it seems like a self defeating argument.

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