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"Love the weather this time of the year!"


Real life zombie apocalypse would be so awesome! Of course, with my luck i'd end up just being one of the first infected and just end up as a freakin zombie -.- #1.1
Yeah i was expecting something entirely different when i clicked the link.Very interesting read and so very true too.Review scores seem to be so pointless nowadays.

It's as if 10/10 should be norm for any AAA game, 9/10 for an amazing game, 8/10 equals average and anything under 8 gets labeled as a trash game.Whats the point of 1,2,3,4,5,6? Nobody uses those scores.

I wish there was no numerical score to reviews.Would make them all so much better. #1.1
Can resurrect chickens and harvest their eggs? what the hell? lol
Ughhh come onnnn novemmberrrr!! #1
Microsoft king? for what? Nintendo is whooping their ass, and has the wii & the handheld market.Sony has PS3, PS2, psp and soon vita on the market as well.Microsoft has xbox 360, with gears 3 being it's first exclusive all year.

C'mon now, wake the fuck up. #4
@Proudly x

Really? look at your submission history.Being a fanboy ain't your thing? %90 of the stuff from your pathetic site is all about trashing PS3. #2.2.2
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Can't wait for UC3! God damn, the wait for the best third person shooter of the year is soo hard :( #7
what? #6.1
It's because each review isn't always done by the same person.Different reviewers have different opinions.Problem with that is, people don't remember joe blow who scored this game an 8 or that game a 10..

They only remember Eurogamer scoring.But yeah, i agree.Never trust review sites for a game you want, i usually just skim through a bunch of reviews to see if there's a pattern of dislike with a certain aspect of the game. #2.4
" the performances are a far cry from Uncharted's standards "

Hmm, not as good as i hoped it would be then.The characters were always so bland and poorly acted in gears, looks like that hasn't changed much.Ugh! Maybe next time! Still, 8/10? very fair score. #2
lol that pic.Good score tho, i suppose. #1
Yeah, i'll pass. #35
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Ugh! Anyone else thought it would be showing off uncharted 3 sand effects? lol #1
... #8.2
GOW 3? Kinda late for that no? Kratos came out last year ^_^ #3
It certainly sucks tho.Considering how easy it is to ruin a dvd with a scratch or smudge.Ruining one disc will pretty much ruin the game.I dropped my fable 2 disc on the floor one day and it had a tiny little chip on the edge, boom, game is dead.

That's the thing i like the most about blu-ray, i used the assassins creed disc as a drink coaster for 4 months, got bored, popped it in and it still worked lol

That's my gripe with DVD's.Has nothing to... #1
Sony made third party devs what they are today.Nintendo has always been about it's first party titles first and foremost. #1
Ha ha! It's funny you mention LBP.Every girl i know with a PS3 pretty much only plays LBP.What is it about that game? Is Sackboy really that freakin cute? #4.1.1
Oh wow, my fav book series, passed on by my fav rpg devs? ugh..
*Daydreams what could of been* #3

I've had the same problem with my friend.I couldn't join his game or him join mine because i had already downloaded the patch.To fix this, just go to your game date utility and delete your dead island save.You will still have your character saves etc.Once you start up the game it'll be as if you never downloaded the patch. #1.2
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