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Overprivileged game 'journalists' who get games early and play them then spoil them for the gaming public. Not all people have money on day 1 or the time on day 1. This sort of article can be published 6 months after release but not now. At least there could have been a SPOILER warning. I wish N4G would allow you to downvote websites because I'd put Gameranx at the bottom.

Gameranx take this story down NOW.

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@ScorpiusX. Jade Raymond is working on the SAME Star Wars game as Amy Henning. Henning is the lead creative, whereas Raymond is in a project management role.

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The messaging from Microsoft has been very unclear. Firstly they said ALL Scorpio games would work on XBO.
Then they said it would be up to the developers to decide whether to make Scorpio exclusive games.
Then they said only VR games would be exclusive to Scorpio.

Sony didn't reveal the Neo so Microsoft have had the benefit of having the gaming press focus on them. They should have taken the ball and run but to be honest the PR (not the console) has ...

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A limited time promotional drink could work. Insomniac did it with the Overdrive energy drink.

I just hope it will taste better than cheap UK cola drink Daddies Cola.

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For the first game they were unproven and needed the money to fund the game. But now Project Cars has been released they should use the profits from that to fund a sequel sequel.

Kickstarter is great for funding projects that otherwise wouldn't happen. It shouldn't be used as a means for publishers to keep a bigger share of the profits.

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"Titanfall 2 Going to PlayStation 4 Could Ruin the Entire Franchise"

So mutch saltiness!

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Sony and Quantic Dreams repeatedly said, on stage and in interviews, that it was not a game but purely a demo.

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@ic3fir3. Maybe the website broke embargo?

I can't read French. Translation says 'Test' at the top doesn't that mean review? Also, if they've given it a score surely that means it's a review?

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You know - I did wonder (hope) if there is something more to the announcement...

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I normally enjoy reading how Digital Foundry articles. This Digital Foundry article is very confused because it doesn't know whether it wants to be a game review or tech analysis. They should sticm to one.

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Tweeting a hashtag might make individuals feel they are doing something but it achieves nothing.

However what I am seeing on Gaf and other websites is gamers who have cancelled their preorders and POSTING SCREENSHOTS OF THEIR CANCELLED ORDERS. If Ubisoft president Yves Guillemont receives statistics from retailers showing a mass of cancellations I think he will pay attention!

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Is it too soon for a price drop to $299 / £299?

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Really clever title to the news.

It's not: 'Microsoft BUY Mojang' because it makes it sound like MS are the greedy bad guys buying up the indie companies in an involuntary takeover.

It is: "Mojang JOIN Microsoft" which has a much more friendly angle and makes it sound more like Mojang are voluntarily joining a team.

Clever stuff press releases!

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This game deserves to be released on Blu-ray.

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I said: "It will be Christmas (Holiday) 2016. Which would have given Black Tusk almost three years to work on the game"

Castillo said: "how does you're date equal 3 years."

Microsoft acquired Gears at the end of 2013 believed to be a month before announced. So the end of 2016 equates to 3 years. It's only maths! ; )

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It will be Christmas (Holiday) 2016. Which would have given Black Tusk almost three years to work on the game. Given that they were already making a game they will be able to use that technology and research to build Gears.

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I won't make any statement about the validity of the Eurogamer review score because I haven't played it yet.

inFamous First Light is a big DLC pack for inFamous: Second Son. What Sony have done is made it work as a standalone title so that people who didn't buy the full game can still play this (and hopefully lead to more sales for them). Recently Ubisoft also did this with the Freedom Cry DLC for AC IV.

However I think it w...

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Part of the issue the reviewer has with the game is that he is not sure whether to categorise it as a 'pretty generous' DLC or a trimmed down full title.

Whilst it does seem to be a reasonable portion of gaming it would be silly to think this should be compared to full priced PS4 games just because it is standalone DLC. However the reviewer's confusion seems to be a factor in how Eurogamer graded it.

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Geeze some of these screenshots! That banana thong thing... Gotta love the Japanese developer taste in fashion.

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It doesn't have to be either / or.
What I loved about The Last of Us Remastered was that it was in 1080p AND 60fps. Now I understand that it is a last-gen game with up-ressed graphics but that didn't stop it from looking great. The big test will be Uncharted 4 which has been purposefully designed for PS4. It will have a lot more graphical effects in it than TLOU:R but if that is also 1080p 60fps then we know it is possible as long as it is a top-tier studio with resources.

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