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*Correction, I mean to write during the Project Morpheus reveal Sony DID mention the social aspects of VR gaming with friends. #1.1.3
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I love couch multiplayer, although I've always known it as local multiplayer. Games like Mario Kart 64 and GoldenEye 64 stand out as classic examples that I fondly remember gaming with friends IN THE SAME ROOM! Glad to see that Sony recognise the fun that can be had with this. During the Project Morpheus reveal they didn't mention the social aspects of VR gaming with friends taking it in turns to play the same game whilst the others watch on TV. I'm looking forward to what they c... #1.1
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This is all very sad and unexplained for the man is question, he is surprised at this turn of events so I wonder why the directors would choose to remove him? Martin O'Donnell is a phenomenal composer of truly epic soundtracks that would not be be out of place in a big budget hollywood movie. The original Halo soundtrack is so beautiful and deep with meaning it elevated the games into something even greater. Maybe Phil Spencer will want him for Black Tusk, if not I have no doubt that anot... #1.1.6
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@DragonKnight. Many 360 owners are new owners of a PS4, they now have a chance to play this modern masterpiece.

If the game had new DLC that was only available on this edition then it would be unscrupulous because it would be forcing owners of the PS3 edition to double dip - however this is not the case. Purchase of the PS4 edition is optional so it's not a money grab. #1.1.7
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double post #1.5
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Luckey makes some interesting points about how the PC platform constantly advances. However he says of Project Morpheus "I think there’s reason for concern for the long term. That’s because in two to three years almost everyone will have a PC more powerful than the PS4."

In three years time of course PCs will be more powerful than the PS4 but Luckey's mistake is to assume the mass market will be buying PCs for gaming in greater numbers than games consoles. This... #1.1
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I watched Indie Game the Movie and Phil Fish was so passionate about making his game. Yes the twitter spat with Marcus Bore got so out of control that he 'quit' making Fez 2. But you know what? When you have that much love for gaming one incident won't kill it off. I'm hoping he is making Fez 2 and he decided to announce it on 1st April as the ultimate troll! It also means he won't be getting all that media attention. We'll see... #1.1.1
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Great! Really pleased to hear that there won't be moneyhats involved with The Witcher 3. Make a PS4 and Xbone version of the game, and let gamers get the right edition for their console and lets leave it at that. #1.1
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I remember when Home was first announced by Phil Harrison and the reveal video showed trophy cabinets where you could see all your earned trophies in 3D and show them off to anyone who could be bothered to visit you're home. At the time it all seemed so exciting!

But that was a long, long time ago. Since then I... #1.2
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Amy Hennig says she appreciates the support. I wish her well and hope Sony and Yoshida have the good sense to try and find her a place in one of their other studios.

EDIT: Hennig responds to a protected comment by one of her twitter followers "All made up. I would never say any of that." #1
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At this stage there just isn't enough information about the reasons for her departure, but IGN's comments and the fact she has left mid-project allude to an issue.

Amy Hennig is a huge talent and Shuhei Yoshida would be prudent to try and keep her in the Sony World Wide Studios family. #1.2
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Rocksteady: "NextGen Allowed Us To Add The Batmobile."

That's funny. I distinctly remember driving it in Batman: The Movie on my old Amiga. It was an amazing game. :) #1.5
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Looking tasty. I'm really pleased this is next-gen only as it means Rocksteady have been designing the game without the limitations of last-gen. I want to see some gameplay innovations and Gotham look the best it ever has in a game. And you get to drive the Batmobile! #1
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Many great looking multiplatform games on PS4 have 1080p and 30fps plus frame rate, including Assassin's Creed IV, Tomb Raider and Call of Duty.

If Thief has a frame rate in the single digits (I haven't played it yet for myself) then it is a indictment of the quality of the programming job that has been done. As other released games clearly demonstrate you can have 1080p with 30fps. #1.3
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It's a clever move. The Xbone is currently £80 more expensive than a PS4 which has had a substantial impact on UK sales in comparison to the competition. But with this bundle and the included Titanfall download, it effectively becomes the same price as the PlayStation 4 and one game.

There seems to be a lot of interest in Titanfall, but it will also be released on 360 and PC, so I don't think the bundle will have as big an impact like it would if Titanfall was re... #1
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I really want this! Sega should subtitle this game and release it immediately on PSN so that Western gamers can play this without having to wait two years for localised voice acting. It also would negate the risk of printing discs and would give them an idea of the demand for the game.

Also the full page screens on DualShockers look great, you can really see the artwork. #1.6
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Pot calling kettle black.
After Peter Molyneux asked for Kickstarters money to make the game Godus (including mine) he surprised everyone a few months later by revealing it has some deeply ingrained pay-to-win elements and is riddled with microtransations. In the beta, backers were stunned to see that one upgrade of 1300 gems was listed as $49.99! After an outcry on the Steam forums Molyneux said he will rebalance the game. But the problem was he did a bait and switch on backers and n... #1.2
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Remember that Spanish fresco? Have a look at how the PS4 and XB One each display it... #1.4
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This is it. If there is a game I love I don't mind hunting for trophies/ achievements. But life is way to short to play games you don't enjoy. #3.1
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I love Yoshida's line "I was proud like a man from Kansai!"

It sound like it's an old cultural idiom from Japan with a good story behind it. #1.5
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