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I would expect it is the fastest selling title on PSN. It's a top quality game, arguably the best PS4 game available and cheaper than other digital titles. I'm glad to see this doing so well especially as many buyers are new to the PlayStation platform and never got to play it last gen. #1
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It is a big core title and there is a ton of respect for the first game. There was also a big boost in sales when Mario Kart was released so install numbers are growing. With a good marketing budget Platinum can do it! #1.1.1
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Peter Molyneux 'I take the bullying for the sake of making a great game'

Is he mad? He launched a Kickstarter for Godus and said nothing about it being a pay-to-win gem game, in effect deceiving his backers by not revealing the true nature of the game. The PC beta had gems that cost $50!!! Then quite rightly media and websites pulled him up about it. This was not bullying, this was making him accountable to the people who invested in his business. He hypocritically th... #1.1.3
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Hi Alexious and WillGuitarGuy.

Please could you take the time to read my article because the title is just a talking point that discusses the exclusive If you jump to the conclusion you should be able to read that.

Thanks! #1.2
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Ten Million SOLD to gamers.
Not Five million to retail (3.5 million to gamers).

Well deserved because Sony put gamers first when creating the PlayStation 4. #1.1.8
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Dynasty2021 "I love TLOU but there's no way I would pay that amount for the same game, just for an FPS boost."

Forgive me if I state the obvious but don't buy it! No one is holding a gun to your head. Your opinion is entirely valid for you, however there are those that want to make their own purchase decisions and some, many, do want to buy this. For the many PS4 owners who are new to the PlayStation platform this is a great option to have. #11.1
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I think Reggie is talking about Titanfall. Great mechanics but I'd love Titanfall 2 to have a single player campaign. #2.3
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Fantastic article title! #1.1
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Glad to see this actually. The PlayRoom has been a bit of a sleeper hit. I bought my PS4 at launch and have enjoyed looking into the living rooms of people from all around the world talking to camera and giving me a glimpse of their lives. But by God have I got sick of that background music! The text boards will be useful for showing messages. Hopefully this will give it some variety and uniqueness for each live broadcast. In this age of sharing the PlayStation Camera offers cool features to... #1.1
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I was surprised to see PlayStation boss Andrew House mention Xbox 360 on stage. He said that PS3 AND 360 games will be transferable to PS4. This is an in demand feature because quite a few 360 owners are choosing to upgrade to PlayStation 4. #1
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Of course Microsoft want to improve their presence on Windows because if the Xbox/Windows games store on PC becomes the main destination for digital purchases they will make a sweet 30% of every sale.

This is what Valve is so concerned about, that is why they are trying to build the Steam Box platform. So Microsoft is in a difficult position, they have exclusives for Xbox but can't give games like Halo or Gears to Windows for fear of devaluing the value to Xbox gamers. S... #2.2
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Watch Dogs led to a 94 % increase in PS4 hardware sales in the UK. What's so amazing about this figure is that the game is not even an exclusive although their is cooperative promotion between Sony & Ubisoft. It seems like a ton Brits have been waiting to upgrade to a new-gen console and just needed a compelling game.

I imagine the Destiny co-promotion between Sony and Activision will also lead to big PS4 sales. #1.1.1
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As long as it's only in-game cash you have to spend. But after Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare I have a suspicion EA will be sneaking in more pay to win elements but I really hope they don't.

If EA are they will try and keep it on the downlow. Pay attention to any further reveals and push you favourite website to find out the facts. #1.1.2
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Almost a third of UK gamers prefer digital which is surprisingly high. PlayStation Plus has trained me to get used to having full priced games on the hard drive that I can easily boot up just by pressing a button.

But the uptake of digital will go sky high if prices are comparable to disc based games, if games can be pre-loaded, and if games can be playable from midnight from the day they go on sale. #1.1
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I really like Kyle's shows. He talks in a conversational manner without having to resort to gimmicky voices, loud rock music or fast video cutting. It's just him and the camera and what he says makes a lot of sense.

His observations about the good Halo news coming just hours after the terrible NPD news to bury it and the misfired Far Cry 4 reveal is spot on. I will definitely keep watching. #1.1.1
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So Naughty Dog has had some high profile departures. But they've made some of the PS3's best loved games with engrossing storytelling, fun gameplay and amazing graphics. I reckon their first PS4 game will turn out okay! :) #1.1.4
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I wouldn't be surprised if the protagonist is... Cortanna. #1.1.4
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The press release mentions that Halo 5 is a 'journey' and Guardians is the first part of the journey. This could mean that it's a subscription game or new adventures will be available as DLC. Microsoft say they want to take "the opportunity to invite old friends." So it's a good way to win back 360 gamers who have migrated to the PS4. Also 60fps!

Halo 2 Anniversary announcement incoming at E3 then! #2.1
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It's good that Microsoft will be offering the XB one for a cheaper price and improving the value of Live. However since June 2013 they keep telling us 'we've listened' , meaning Microsoft are correcting course after a bad decision. But now they've said it so much it's sounding like a broken record.

They've fixed the major issues we shouldn't have to hear them say it again.
The mistakes came from hubris and ignoring what consumers wer... #1.1.3
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New Kinect is actually a very powerful piece of tech. At the moment it is primarily used for system control via voice but Microsoft designed it to do a whole lot more, they certainly have/had a long term roadmap for it. Perhaps stealth games that detect if your carrying concealed items, know if your lying from the way your heartbeat changes. However if resources are taken away from it will benefit system graphics but some Kinect features might not be possible. #4.1
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