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Ummmm Devil May Cry (2001) was released YEARS before God of War (2005) did.... This article should be called Games like Devil May Cry or what The_Truth_24_7 said Hack and Slash games!

Just saying lol

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Devil May Cry for the WIN!!!! Or Onimusha!

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Because pretty much all of the reviews focused and primarily started with them talking about the hair color change, how the fans always cried and complained for almost 2 years over nothing and all the negatives that the fans have complained about. Every review barely actually reviewed the game based on the gameplay mechanics, crappy platforming, color coded enemies (which is a heavenly sword mechanic ugh) and how color coded enemies actually took away the freedom to do whatever you wanted as...

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Reading this article and seeing that Capcom says that due to "Excessive Outsourcing" is why this game declined in sales. Original Dante has something to say about that....
16 Sec-25 sec

What in the world has the fans been saying since you've announced the game. Oh and DmC is near the bottom of the barrel in the series. DMC3, 4, 1, DmC, DMC2. Outso...

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Agree with everything you said buddy! But come on with the Patriots avatar. Killing me guy! Go Broncos.

But Resident evil 6 was just flat out terrible. I remember back in the day when shooting a zombie in the head with the Magnum or the Shotgun mean't that zombie was dead, period. Now it's dropping almost a clip in his head then it explodes and some long tenticle comes out WTF?! A positive was the being able to move with shooting. Oh and remove the partner/co-op, it t...

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The funny thing is that Devil May Cry 4 with Nero was the "Reboot" that did not include Dante in the game whatsoever, once the fans heard this, they were not happy so they changed the game and put Dante back in. The only problem with Devil May Cry 4 was that it wasn't a full Dante game other than that it was a good beautiful looking game! Nero wasn't bad just lacking with his moveset once you get him back after using Dante.

Good comment Eamon, Bubble up! <...

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@Dno, Okay 4 might be repetitive but when you get Dante, the gameplay mechanics from Devil May Cry 3 are present but perfected.

The one I would somewhat agree on with you is Devil May Cry 2 which actually should be compared to DmC because this is what happened when the company tried to go in a different direction and instead it turned out to be nothing like the original and also the worst in the franchise, well of course until DmC came along.

I will say, the...

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Haha so now it's on the fans that the game didn't sell well. Hmm can anyone say Damage control? Capcom take this as a lesson and listen to the fans and not alienate them like you did with this game... Oh and with Resident Evil 6!

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@Newmonday, Well said sir! Bubble up for you


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@Newmonday, I totally disagree, Ninja Theory couldn't hold a candle to Naughty Dog!

The animation and character designs are extremely ugly and no i'm not talking about Dante's hair!! I mean look at the title picture of Dante, it's freaking ugly and everything is drowned out in red and more red tint.

Like seriously, compared to other games this Generation, games like Uncharted 1-3, Heavy Rain, God of War, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, Metal Gea...

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Ummmm OKAY! Cool man, Demon Dodge and going into hitting an enemy automatically puts you at a high A or S Rank.

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@ :36...

So hard that after he Demon Dodged and Stingered the first guy it went instantly to SS up to a full SSS. Yeah much harder in the fulll game... (Roll Eyes)

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@Kur0, I agree, either or would've sufficed better than NT. Their track record says it all. I believe that Santa Monica could've been up for the challenge and NOT included QTE (Quick Time Events) and kept that specific flavor that DMC has (Old Series) Platinum Games would've blown it out the water and they would've been #1 on my list of who to outsource it too and Santa Monica would've been a close second.

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This is where Capcom should've outsourced to. Santa Monica/God Of War Team over Ninja Theory! The graphics and gameplay match Devil May Cry games of old moreso than the newbie DmC. This game is gonna be boss as well as Metal Gear Revengence! Bring it on!

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Capcom thinks that putting this and the White hair on the game appeases the fans... Nope, this is not the Devil May Cry game fans wanted.

And putting a different skin and white hair wasn't the problem Capcom and NT you dingbats!!! Framerate issues with Unreal Engine (If you have a ps3 you know the problems with frames dropping) Gameplay mechanics, No lock-on, Changing the story from half demon & human into Half Demon and Half Angel? Nephilim are Half Angel and Human ...

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Here is a review by Adam Sessler that says it all about gameplay and story!

I think it's a fair review touching on alot of the things people are talking about. Take a look!

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The Game is only at best 6-7 hrs long guy... Most people played thru the game last night after the midnight review...

Especially being that the first 2 difficulty levels is a CAKE WALK/Easy where Nephilim is where the difficulty level starts picking up in which it's still easy.

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Looks better are you serious??? Ill give you a couple of New Dante Pics to couple of older Dante pic and you honestly tell me which design art is better... I say Old Dante IMO


I will say, Nero's parts always get skipped because his moveset lacks and the retread of levels was lazy on Capcom's part but DMC4 is def a good game with Dante! DMC 1&3 is instant classic, DMC2 well it has it's moments I guess you can say haha. But DMC 1,3 and 4 is where it's at.

DmC is zzzzzzz Snore out Loud to me, plays like Heavenly Sword with the Angel/Demon (L2 & R2 buttons) stances in which in Heavenly Sword you have the Range/Power (L1 & R...

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Crap ending to a crap game! I'll stick to DMC4 and the HD Collection until (Hopefully) DMC5 comes out.

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