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Looking forward to finally trying this game

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After reading the article it doesn't seem like he is pushing gay character but more of a message like - take gaming in new directions, more innovation and less specs. I tend to agree with it, gaming needs a push toward something new and fresh (not necessarily gay leads) but something new.

All us gamers seem to compare and moan about are specs, graphics and the like, when we should be complaining about story, mechanics, message and engagement.

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There have actually been a few articles on trans-gender gamers wanting to play as their "real" selves.

I think the idea is not to push one or the other but to allow people the choice and from there, craft the story and gameplay around that choice, to a degree of course.

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One of the only games I failed to finish was Assasins Creed III, it just got so boring.

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I really enjoy finishing a game, it still bothers me that I never finished Assassins Creed 3, having said that the game became so convoluted that I just completely lost interest, still, not finishing it still haunts me.

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Without having to guess hard, I'm going to say you live in a country where internet is cheap, fast and most likely uncapped.

If you would take a little time to broaden your somewhat narrow view of the world you might realise that there are a good few countries out there where internet connections cost more than you make in a month, they are capped and slow so...

Pausing a download IS useful to those people.

You might want to Re-consider w...

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I play right in front of a 64' Plasma and I've not once had a reflective issue. It does light the wall up somewhat but it doesn't bother me at all, it's actually pretty cool because in KZ when I'm hurt I see it one the screen and feel it all around my TV.

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The light bar in Killzone is great, I love that it changes colour, what a great idea.

If you really don't like it then just stick a piece of tap over it, it'll take you 1 minuet and your gripe will be over.

I understand why Sony doesn't want it off, first of all it looks really nice, secondly, if they give you the option to turn it off you may loose out on the features of a game.

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Having two controllers helps with the battery issue, I'm really looking forward to the standby mode tweak where it freezes the game like the vita.

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Lol, the article pretty much listed the only currently available games for the PS4.

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This app is nothing short of awesome. After reading about it on 8bitbot I was running around my house scanning everything in sight. I actually got a pretty good grenade and handgun out of it.

It's an absolutely brilliant idea by the team at Gearbox.

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Microsoft have never view S.Africa as a viable market for the Xbox, we never even smelled the 180 and anyone who did have it struggled to get their Live accounts up and running.

Sony sold out of the PS4 on launch day and because of Microsofts attitude I will never own an Xbox.

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I'm totally with you on this one. Why would you buy a game for an older console if you fully intend on getting a new one.

Surly the devs considered this?

They really should have delayed the launch and made it a PS4 title.

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The thing with games like this is that they are risky and in much the same way Hollywood refuses to take chances with great, risky movies they opt for the usual run of the mil that they think will sell.

So too do the game publishes, most of the big ones are listed companies and that are almost soly results driven and risky games don't always produce results. The only other game that can be compared to this in terms of risk is EA's Mirrors Edge.

Until ...

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Worst game line up, seriously.

So far it has the best of what the Xbox One has to offer. Then sitting behind the curtains are the next games that are going to come from the likes of Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Santa Monica all of which will be exclusives and if those developers past games are anything to go buy (Uncharted, Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance and God of War) they are sure to be amazing.

Also lets not for get the indi PSN devs like Pixel J...

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My clock time on PC games without a doubt far exceeds the highest number you can count to and so, a feel a small amount of amusement when I read your incredibly insightful comment above.

Did you get a superman cake for your last birthday, hope so because Iron Man is out these days and Superman is in.

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I would love a game like this for PS4. It's a pity that most of the games these days are made to sell and not necessarily to be enjoyed.

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And then... Windows crashes...

Fix it and the my video card become obsolete...

Buy a new one and my PC become obsolete...

See where I'm going?

I used be a PC gamers but all of the above has put me off.

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Sure the PS4 beats a PC, hugely, imo. I can plug it into my TV (60") sit on my couch, turn it on in a flash and play games. I can't do that with my PC.

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Guys who cares about the minute details in the specs, it's so not a reason to get flustered.

The only thing that matters are the games. AI is processed but the processors right but it's the code that makes it intelligent. It's about the games and that what counts at the end of the day.

Comparing heat in different parts of each console is a laugh, lets compare the games, they are the whole reason we are here anyway.

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