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I usually play that card because its true BUT this time its not, the fact that according to their own pool the most wanted version is the Wii U even over the PC version (27.76% vs 24.42%) makes this unacceptable.

Not to count that the pool is 3 months old, if it was from last year they could argue that to the date of launch the gap would be closer or even surpass the Wii U but the freaking pool is from 3 months ago, there's no way that there will be a significant differe... #3.1
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Yeah... No, they're clearly out of ideas, just take a look at the lastest Pokemons:

Lampet (a lamp).
Vanillite (an ice cream).
Herdier (a regular dog?)
Gothita (no comments)
Luvdisc (a flying heart?!)

and the list keeps going. I'm sorry but no they're clearly out of ideas, Pokemon was a big deal until Gold, everything that came after is plain shit. Btw I wonder whats coming after Mega Evolutions, maybe Super Mega Ev... #2.1.1
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You seem confused buddy, a port and a backup are not the same thing.

Sega doesn't have to port anything to the Wii U's virtual console because its using the original code and its being emulated on the Wii U.

Besides I haven't had any problems regarding input latency on the Virtual Console, why would Sega games be any different? #1.1.4
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I love how they're out of ideas already. #2
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I'd love to know who's the source, because even though i'm pro AMD this seems like bs to me, if what this guy says was true, PC's running this game with Nvidia video cards would look like the 2012 trailer and thats not the case.

Gaming "journalism" people, you gotta love it. #6
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And exactly what does that has to do with the Wii U's virtual console?

I mean you realize that the virtual console is an emulator right? #1.1.2
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Salty? #1.1
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I have a PS4 and a Wii U and i'm quite sure i'll have a great time next year, I don't need a Xbone. #1.1.5
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At least you work for Sony or are a Nintendo Fanby (which I suspect you are) I don't see why you should care about sales.

I mean do you buy a console to play its games or because its selling?

And well don't forget that taste is something subjective, I love these niche games and indies, I'd love to see 3rd party too but thats not in the top of my list.

In that sense, earlier this year I had the chance to buy a 3DS XL + Wii U WW LE... #2.4
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So, basically you're bitching about niche games right? #2.3
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Meh. #8
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You missed Mario Rehash 1589^9999. #4.1
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Well, I bought a Wii U WW LE on February and its been dry since then, I'm just not into any of the games that you listed except for Rayman Legends and I got it for PSV.

I don't regret buying it though, not only because I got it for $199 but because i'm dying to play Bayonetta 2 and X. #1.2.4
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Call me crazy but I see PC fanboys calling on 1080p+ 60fps all the time. #1.15
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@Jdoki Yes you're right, Valve was being irresponsible however if the guy really wanted to play the "ethical hacker" card he should have played it well, that means that he should have made a PoC and make it public not exploit the vulnerability by himself, that was plain dumb, actually he should be happy that Valve didn't take legal actions against him.

And just to be clear i'm not defending Valve but the guy really screwed it, that's simply not how y... #1.1.3
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I suspect you have never seen the PSV PSN because the only ads you see are in the dashboard but once you open the app (store) there are no ads... #1.4
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Ok, looks like you missed it.

We're talking here about Youtubers making money out of other people's content without paying royalties, publishers and developers have been paying for advertisement since, lets see, forever?

Youtubers that make gameplay videos are the main interested on the egg, because as I said before if developers or publishers want advertisement they PAY for it.

Youtubers make 2 hours long "Lets Play" videos... #3.2.2
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Not only this "idiot" wants it but Blizzard and Nintendo too, actually they're already on it. I think Phil Fish has a good point here, actually most people in NeoGAF support it too.

People is taking his comment out of context, he said that if a Youtuber is going to get REVENUE using developers/publishers content they SHOULD share it.

You could argue that people watch those videos because of the "personalities" but the thing is that wit... #3.2
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@JohnathanACE I love FPS games, does that mean that one day i'll go on rampage and kill people on the streets?

I'm sorry mate but your argument is absurd, also last time I checked, films like Kill Bill and Taken featured murder and rape and both were promoted and both were a success.

Unlike you I think that this is way for pedophiles to vent their sexual frustrations, its is better that they have something that isnt real and isnt harming anyone than p... #1.1.12
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@JohnathanACE By that logic movies, music, books and video games promote murder, rape and any type of violence and anti-values.

You're using the very same argument that Fox news reporters like to use every single time there's a shooting in a school.

A sane person knows how to difference between reality and fiction, period. #1.1.7
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