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Mine doesn't has expiration date. #6.3.4
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@Thryhring That's not true although that's how people perceive it nowadays. Personal opinions made out of the business do not reflect the employer or the company intentions however people does take it in that way which leads the employer to fire the employee.

One example is GTA V being banned from Kmart and Target in Australia, a minority group of feminist threatened to boycott and whatnot those 2 stores and the managers decided to ban the game. Was this a good move f... #7.1.5
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@StevenSeagul so basically you're saying that people should be pushined for their opinions and way of thinking and that they should think in the same way that you do or they should be pushished? Isn't that facism? Isn't that what every single country through history has been figthing against?

@Thryhring I think you're taking my comment out of context. I'm specifically talking about punishment not calling someone out, i'm talking about those who go as far... #7.1.3
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"Freedom of Speech snd Freedom of Expression doesn't mean you should say and do whatever comes across your mind."

You're wrong, thats exactly what it does, it "warranties" that you don't get punished for expressing your opinions and points of view, the problems is that we now live in the age of political correctness or better called social marxism so essentially nowadays freedom of speech only works if you share a common and politically correct... #7.1
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I don't think this game proved anything other than we already know, anyways this is a waste of talent and time. #9
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More like "Sony will aggressively invest in the PS4"... #8
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@Nio-Nai I already completed those, several times actually... You can get them in less than 35 mins in a PUB and less than 20 with an arranged team.

As for the secrets i'd appreciate you to be more specific because there's no such a dungeon and crafting secrets tricks, not to count that anyone in the game can tell you how to make money out of the market, thing that so far is useless at least you want to buy a property which again is useless.

"An... #4.1.6
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@Kingdomcome247 Perhaps you're right but I think they should offer more suitable subscription plans for those who don't have a lot of time to play.

@Nio-Nai This might sound shocking to you but some people play video games to have fun not to be the best and all that.

And I don't know about what MMO are you talking about but Raids on FFXIV wont take you more than 45 mins at least you got really bad people in one of the 3 teams, if you go with your... #4.1.4
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My problem with the current subscription model is that if you don't have enough time to play then you will lose your money.

I used to play a lot of FFXIV but then I could only spend a couple of hours per week playing and then I realized that it wasn't worth to pay $15 for a 30 days subscription when I could only spend around 20 hours per month playing.

Now its been a while since I don't play FFXIV because the subscription isn't worth it howe... #4.1
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"We plan on getting rid of bubbles in an update"

Oh man, i'm not sure if this will be a good thing. #13
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Double post. #15.1.3
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Right because the Wii U is selling so well that getting new customers isn't Nintendo's priority right? #15.1.2
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Even if 5 AAA games per week were released on Vita that wouldn't make it sell any better because not only most people doesn't know what the hell a PSV is but even less they know what games are out/coming on it.

What the Vita really needs is good marketing, make people acknowledge it and make them want one, hype people, its that simple. Every AAA publisher got that right but Sony, apparently losing up to $1.5 billions per year on their mobile segment isn't a big is... #1.1.1
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But those are facts, how can that be a complaint if they're aren't affecting the result with their subjectivity? As I said before they simply list Sony mistakes, its that simple, talking about truth and facts isn't complaining, at least you're a communist ofc.

And I find it quite amusing and ironic that you talk about how people should spend their time doing more important things yet you're here spending time arguing about video games and damage controllin... #4.3.1
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Well, it didn't look like a whine article to me but more like a list of the Sony's lies. Anyways, fyi, we, customers do have the right to complain, the law protect the customers against false advertisement, something that Sony has done a lot with the Vita, thats the reason why a court made Sony to compensate those who bought the Vita around launch.

Anyways I love my Vita as much as you or perhaps even more, I think its the best console ever and i'm even putting it... #4.2
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FYI Sony was in charge of the development of BL2, mind you they handed the project to a studio that never worked on a big game before, all they did was port a bunch of 2D fighters, so it was quite obvious that nothing good was going to come out of this, a unexperienced team porting a huge AAA...

About Bioshock, Sony asked Ken Levine to announce the game, even though ultimately it was Levine's decision to make the announcement it doesn't take away Sony's responsibi... #1.1.2
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He was talking about Sony, not 3rd party, actually if it wasn't for Japanese studios and 3rd party publishers the Vita would be dead. Its funny and sad at the same time that Sony lost $1.2 billions in the mobile market in 2014 but they can't invest $10m to market the Vita and support it. #2.1.2
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Would you mind to explain your logic to me? Because frankly I don't get it. This game features children in and torture/BDSM, do you realize that there would have been no way that this was approved by ESRB? And even if it was it would have been approved under AO rating.

And even in the hypothetical scenario that they decided to release it digital only there was no way that SCEA and SCEE would have approved the game, do you have any idea what that would have caused on SJW a... #1.1.1
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"However I can see why people with a Vita and no PS4 / Xbox One might not like it."

I have a PS4 and Vita and there's no way i'm buying the PS4 version, not releasing this on Vita is an insult. No Vita no buy. #3.1.2
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And then you would have games being incompatible or devs not taking advantage of the extra resources because one version would look better than the other in the same console...

You're talking about Sony and Microsoft not Nintendo and the New 3DS... #8.1
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