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dont say bad words on n4g dude. people here are too sensitive and will get your post deleted. i called the guy that did this an asshole and some soccer mom flagged my post.

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and if they called of the chase and and this guy didnt get killed but someone else got hurt as a result you would be like " OMG WTF stupid cops didnt go after the guy"


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has someone forgotten all the harm fox news has done to videogame image. the mass effect controversey was enough alone, they heeard there was sex in the game so they went on the air and said without any knowledge whatsoever that the game contained full nudity and sex when that just was a flat out lie

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omg anyone that googles her be warned you may not recover for a while

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looks pretty awsome. and so does the model in the skin suit showing it off. WOOWWWZAAAA

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i hope whatever prison this asshole ends up in there are a lot of convicts that REALLY LOVE THE OCULUS RIFT. like the dev team should make sure they donate some of them to the prison so the inmates can enjoy it and then tell them about the guy and point at the dude that killed him.

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is no one realizing that there are like 25 blockbuster stores left in the world. so to break blockbusters record for preorder it took like what 30 people LOL

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that would be sick, as a pc gamer i hated how they released halo 1 and gear 1 but did it years after original release. kind of misses the point by then

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same here runs great and is A LOT OF FUN!!! i really cant beleive how good this game is for 15 bucks. its almost as if they should remove the CoJ tag and just call this Gunslinger as its way better than all the rest by far!

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I want that blue print map and the bank bag

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were you attempting to reply to someone specific? cause its hard to tell

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relax sheesh, its worded that way to say its offically going to be in the record books. over reactions like yours are why people dont take people like you seriously.

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Is it just me or does Kayla Rose sound like a porn name?

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They say they got rid of it cause gamers didnt like it and they listen to feedback. Thats a load of BS, gamers were against this from the beginning and they did it anyway. it has everything to do with money and nothing to do with feedback. IF any feedback it was the type that comes from sales numbers and not gamers communication.

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I find this to be the most boring racing game EVER MADE. I tried and tried to play and love GT1 and GT2 and GT3 and then i gave up, just so boring and meh. but it looks pretty and stuff...

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Wii U? No thanks I wont.

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im not sure u understood what i said.....the speeder bike i linked is more well made than the falcon in this article.

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it looks cool and is cool that they made it. but i like the speeder bike mod better (link below). its seems to be more well made and more functional, i mean it has working lazers! and this falcon has ...well a lot of clipping from all the parts of random things used to make it and it has some sounds. i mean add lazers since we know it can be done. also a little bit of light in the engine thrusters would do wonders for it

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and ranked servers ..with people actually playing in them

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they have and it got them in trouble. lookup "Bum Fights"

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