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Unfortunately so many on here are proving Sterling's point. They're reading what they want to read from it, seemingly going out of their way to miss the point so it doesn't challenge their fandom. They set the industry back infinitely because there's no incentive for it to evolve.

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This article gives me cancer.

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The only arguments I've seen for suggesting the Vita is failing is that EA, Ubisoft and Activision aren't taking it that seriously. Frankly, if you base your judgement on a console on whether those three care about it then you deserve to be disappointed. They'll always stick with what's safe and profitable. Uncharted Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins, Resistance, Super Monkey Ball, Wipeout, Gravity Rush and many others are where the quality is at, not in a re-skinned Fifa clone. In...

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I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't actually play any of these games until they decided to make an article about obscure games.

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Looks like some of the more apologetic users still wish to cling to the belief that cynicism towards BioWare is nothing more than - for lack of a better phrase - 'butthurt' towards a confusing ending to Mass Effect 3. I'm frankly not interested in reaching out to those who still invest in this simplistic ideology, you've already succumbed to the status quo and you'll enjoy Mass Effect 4 no matter what. Hopefully those of you with a more open mind will actually take the tim...

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There's a good reason for that.

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So did I. If you'd read the article, you would have seen that I made my admiration for the vast majority of Mass Effect 3 very clear. You would also have seen that my complaints are that of customer loyalty and technical practicality. Not sure how that counts as 'baww' but if it keeps you feeling secure then so be it.

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Xbox sells pretty well in the UK, I know a lot more people with a 360 than a PS3. It's a bit of a generalisation to say 360 only sells well in America. I don't care personally since I own and love both anyway.

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Either way, it's well below what was projected by this point on release. PS2 had sold almost twice as many units as this after the same period. In fairness, I would have expected 360 and Wii to have sold a lot more than they have as well.

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I was about to submit this one, I'm glad to see thumbACTIVE is getting some exposure.

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There are loads of multiplats that work far better on PS3 than 360, just as there are loads (mostly shooters) that are superior on 360. To suggest anything else is insular fanboyism and doesn't resonate with reality.

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