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I knew MisterX's twitter profile looked awfully familiar...



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The bounties can give out some solid gear for use. But if you're looking for some decent weapons you just want to straight out buy, Balandor has some from about 6500G to 13,500G a pop depending on the type of weapon. They require a character of level 50+ to equip; for the best ones. The shop over there also has a complete set of Centurion (47+) and Kingdom armor (50+, you can find some parts of it in the secret passage after the water has been drained).

This site has some...

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Here you go:


Dana White went to the WWE headquarters to have a meeting with Vince McMahon a couple months ago, so it's possible they worked out a deal to have him included in the game.

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PAL territories get the US preorder DLC (and more) for free.


* Black Knight Ticket (free)
* Dragon Knight Ticket (free)
* Moon Princess Ticket (free)
* Sun King Ticket (free)
* White Knight Ticket (free)

I was under the impression that NA would get exclusi...

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With the lucha style, you run a greater risk of screwing up compared to the brawler, technical, and power styles of the some of the other guys. However, When you pair him up with another luchador like Averno, he looks pretty damn good in the ring.

My biggest gripes with Cara is that he's not lifting a finger to learn English (according to backstage reports), tends to oversell too often, and does spots too consecutively.

With the WWE reportedly seeking mo...

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Actually that honor would go to Sabu. Hell, you know you're the king when tables will do the botching for you. As far as Sin Cara goes, it was never an issue prior to joining WWE. It's the lack of suitable of opponents in the roster who can adapt to his fleet lucha style.

But to be fair, everyone botches.

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What I meant in terms of popularity, he was the face of his company, pushed merchandise, made appearances in the media, participated in product/campaign promotions, etc. I wasn't referring to his in-ring ability/style, psychology, or extreme dislike by the IWC. To make it perfectly clear, I'm not a fan of John Cena.

Here's a mini fan made documentary (it's not the best) to give you a better idea of who he is:

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He was the John Cena (in terms of popularity) in Mexico before coming to WWE.

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Yeah, that's a poor use of a normal map.

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Those black and white pictures are actually pretty easy to make by doing AO (Ambient Occlusion) passes on the scene or character model through 3D modeling software (like Maya or 3ds Max). Normally they're used to help create realistic looking lighting and shadows for compositions with the help of image editing software like Photoshop.

I've attached some examples for you.

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This was my original comment regarding one of those designs (accidentally posted in the wrong submission). But yeah...


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I knew something was odd concerning one of those concept arts. It's either inspiration or borderline plagiarism. Not to mention it's coming from a Chinese studio...

Edit: Oops, wrong story. My opinion still stands though.

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Based on my past experience with the engine myself, I can tell you (and people I've worked with will tell you the same thing) it's almost impossible get 60FPS on consoles without some major corner cutting and compromises in the visuals even with some of the new features.

But in a sense LightofDarkness is correct, it's easy to get any title to an average of 60FPS (and 1080P if you want) on today's home consoles with virtually any decent engine, just don't e...

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My big question would be, is entry strictly limited to Japan residents?

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True, but unfortunately the trophies from the original one won't roll over to the second title. The first game that's included in II will be part of the same trophy set as the second game which is an entirely different set of trophies from the original release.

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This deal no doubt compliments the other $160 worth of gift cards for the 160GB PS3; which by the way, is the last day for that.

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1st Transaction: Blu-ray movie = Around $16 + tax (returned)

2nd Transaction: $312.24 (w/tax)

Total: Around $328.24 (before returning the movie)

You can return the DVD/blu-ray or electronic item as there's no special note on the receipt. It's often noted that any item from the electronics section should trigger the special coupon, but blu-rays seem to have a greater success rate than any other item.

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Honestly, if I were you, I'd jump at the deal (you hardly ever see any this good). Think of it this way, would you rather pay $199 + tax or pay $299.99 + tax and get $160 worth of gift cards which is almost as good as cash. You're going to eventually spend more than $160 afterwards in your lifetime, you might as well get an extra free 60 bucks worth which won't be included in a official price drop.

You can always sell the system for profit and then use those cards...

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I picked up my system earlier this morning and I can confirm that the method works. The employees were a bit skeptical at first and then admitted that it's one hell of a deal.

I got a copy of Ninja's Assassin (my only item), brought it to the front registers, and then I got my coupon for the free $100 GC for purchasing a PS3 after the transaction.

Afterwards, I went straight into the electronics section and requested a 160GB unit. I pointed out the $...

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