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Memory lane seeing this game. Fourth Game Boy game I ever owned. #2
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I already know what I want tax season... #5
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Now that there's an option for offline I'm actually thinking about playing this until GTA 5 is out.

I know there's stories of no Auction House, however I'm not finding any information if there's plans to include one in the future; can someone confirm this? No it will not adjust my final judgements on the game however I want to know to prepare just incase. #1
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I really hate articles that you have to go between pages instead of grouping content together.

I actually read the list, and I'm surprised Solid Snake isn't on there. #1
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"You may not split our videos (vocal, music, visual, etc.) and distribute components as separate assets;"

"You may not combine or synchronize the Materials with third party content (e.g., a mash-up), but you may include the Materials alongside third party content (e.g., before or after in the same video) as long as you also have permission from the original copyright owner);"

Those 2 alone upset me the most:

Not allowed to... #10
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I hate articles that put each game on a separate page, at least 2+ per page would make it easier to navigate. #1
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Time to boot this up after my homework is completed..... #2
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"Microsoft Shares Surge Over 8% on News That Steve Ballmer Will Retire Within a Year (businessinsider.com)"

That link at the bottom was the entire highlight of the article. #8
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"Alternatively, the Ultra Edition ($39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99) is described by Microsoft as "the best value for Killer Instinct fans". As well as the same eight characters from the Combo Breaker pack, it will include character accessory packs, character costumes and the original "Killer Instinct" arcade game."

Then this...

"Last week Chief Thunder was the latest character to be confirmed for the game."
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If Minecraft didn't give me headaches I'd actually give it a shot; since I can't even watch it above 10 min I have to find something else to play. #10.1
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I'm probably going to get a lot of negative feedback for saying this; I didn't care for AC 3, I was towards the end of the game and couldn't finish it - it didn't have the charm that I felt 2 had. If they did release it here in the US I'd download it to finish the game, however I won't buy it (roommate bought it and I played on his copy). Now AC 2 I liked a lot, and sometimes I'll still play it, but I didn't care for 3. #1.1
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I remember spending hours trying to beat Tyson; I'm surprised he's just now able to play his own game. #2
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I stopped reading after "Better driving"

Since I only played SR 3 (I have 2 however never was able to play it due to back catalog of games even today) I can say with confidence SR is more of the "silly" version while GTA has a more serious storyline. It's down to which do you prefer - silly with minimal seriousness or seriousness with minimal silly. #21
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I can see that being offense, however I did get a good laugh out of that name. #7.1
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I see both sides of this argument: One could say it's a way to "police" players over actually playing to have fun (don't forget the countless false reports, and other nonsense); the other is to actually verify proper online gaming with little drama between players.

My biggest issue with Live outside the kids is how someone can report for "Leaving a match early" when there's moments my Internet wasn't at all reliable, and yet I still get fl... #3.4
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I checked the article, there's no mention of Mecromancer or Psycho, so I'm unsure if they will be available out the gate; I hope so however I'll wait for confirmation before going further. #29.1
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I'm part of that 3+ million crowd. #1.2
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In the 90's I grew up on Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, SNK, then middle/high school Killer Instinct, Tekken, and Clay Fighter. I wish the old Capcom came back to at least bring the fighting genre back to what it used to be. #3.1.3
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I know about the HD remake of Super 2 Turbo; it's the other SF games mentioned if you read it. #3.1.1
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Come to PSN, I have an arcade stick that would die to play these.

However the story seems 90% rumor instead of fact. #3
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