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5 Things about the SF5 beta:

1. Doesn't work/load
2. Error 200002
3. Wait an hour, still doesn't load
4. Error 200001
5. Doesn't load again

Seriously I'm glad at least it's being investigated now while it's still beta before the final release. I've read another beta phase but not sure when.

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After extensive time using both controllers, HORI pad is by far the best I've used in years for fighting pads. At Evo I was able to pick up a second HORI pad for $40 from the HORI booth so now I have 2 (one US and one JP) along with a new Arcade Stick that was cheaper there than from amazon.

The MK pad outside feeling cheap I noticed sometimes the moves didn't register and there was noticeable input lag. I see it more as a novelty item than something a gamer would u...

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I only played SF Ex a limited number of times so I can't really comment on how I felt about the game. I played a lot of Alpha 3 and 3 3rd Strike at the time until Hyper SF2 released on PS2 with SF3.

As far as fireball characters I wonder if they will implement some sort of meter to limit special moves across the board so players will have to coordinate based on what's available.

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Rival Schools from the PS1 is proof Capcom fighters can successfully work in a 3D environment. If I remember Street Fighter EX plus Alpha was another game somewhat of this caliber.

I wonder if the delay involves previous gen.

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Gotta like the click bait articles so the authors can get their 30 minutes of internet fame.


Opinion pieces like this are the reason gaming journalism is a joke. You can talk trash about Duke Nukem, Fallout, FF7 remake, and currently Shenmue. Let Halflife 3 get an official release and all these authors will sing and praise about how it's a positive move in the gaming industry.

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I went back to Warframe and still haven't looked back.


After reading a lot of the forum postings I'm glad I stopped playing the game. Rather than a long rant about why I hate the game I'll say the course was ran, and I discovered greener pastures.

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I get mine tonight :D Can't wait

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I'd almost argue this is a sign the 360 is on the way out while the PS3 still has some life in it.

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If it was "PSN titles" I'd be happy because the majority of what I play is digital as it is. At the same time it is time to move on and experience new games.

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I'd buy the amiibo just for the Mario statue.

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I agree 200%, at the same time it's hard to filter the whiners from trolling.

I'm excited for what's coming out in the future, and a few people on the internet can't kill how excited I am for a lot of what's announced.

Why can't people be happy for what's in the future? It seems there's something for the majority of gamers out there. There's also Gamescon, TGS (Tokyo Game Show), PAX, and forgot the other one for more an...

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Personally I prefer 6 over 7. I will say 7 did set the stage for certain things, however from a personal standpoint 6 is one game which pulled me into RPGs back in the 90s when I lived on fighters and beat em ups.

I will give the remake of 7 a try though, to see what marvels they can do now that back in the late 90s the technology was limited.

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Well there goes my GPA for the semester...

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Don't try to twist my words around. If that's the case I wouldn't pay video games period, and I've been playing since the NES days. Yes it is frustrating to play broken messes however I never wrote off the game entirely. When Fallout 3/NV, Skyrim, GTA 4/5 was "the thing" I felt the same way. The difference is over time it's becoming a trend to release "betas" and fix them over time instead of spending the time and effort t...

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The framerate isn't why I stopped playing, it's the fact the game is still a broken mess at certain areas to where I had to stop out of frustration. It's not as simple as "restart the game and try again, it worked for me/us/them," it goes beyond that. If I have to play in short sessions to hope I don't hit game breaking issues that's a problem and should be addressed. Again, I don't hate the game, for the little bit I did play I e...

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I stopped playing the game almost two weeks ago and honestly haven't looked back. I'll wait until after EVO before I start playing again.

Before people start hitting the disagree button and/or popping bubbles for silly reasons the game does have potential, does have some good merits, however until they fix some other issues with the game I moved on and will return when it's fixed to where I can enjoy the story.

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I actually agree to some extent with MadMax about some of the issues I have with the game as well, however, I have my own reasons for not enjoying the game. Good game, good story, and I can see where the game has good merits however it has flaws like other games.

The combat I did feel could use some work, and there were times I could tell the hit detection is off at certain areas, especially with certain boss fights. Again, I did experience this some of the time however no ...

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After reading the story there's two sides to this story, and then there's what really happened between this employee and Namco. My question to Tony Le is if the situation was that bad why not do something then? I understand HR asked him to be quiet (as he says) however he had plenty of time to act as it was happening to get Namco investigated.

When I was at EVO last year I ran into some Namco employees and they were nice to everyone equally, especially Harada when h...

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This will also force the indie developers to make good games without all the hype and advertising. The companies hating this policy are the cash grabs while the others aren't as concerned since they know their games are good.

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I don't mind well though of opinion pieces which flame wars are kept to a minimum or non existent. Some I've read were well written and actually left me thinking about certain things. Then there's the ones I wonder if they even graduated high school...

Some sort of filter is needed, however to ban all opinion pieces no I don't agree with the idea.

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