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I'm in the mid west and it's down here. I'm online however can't load Warframe or the store.

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Lately I've noticed a trend with the majority not knowing the difference between "revealed too early" and "delayed."

My concern is if a game isn't ready to be announced, then wait to announce it. If a game is revealed early however just says "coming soon" then the internet blows up with conspiracy theories, tin foil hats, and "vaporware." It's one thing to delay a game because of bugs, glitches, exploits, or it's too e...

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This is one of the reasons why I stopped playing. I get tired of the cryptic messages they try to use only to be disappointed later by their lack of communication with the player base.

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I agree. It's so easy to talk about how negative something is with examples, yet it's near impossible to talk about the why in a positive aspect.

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Common sense isn't allowed here, you should know this by now.


"Again, we're talking about cases where an individual spends the overwhelming majority of time with a screen, indulging in fantasy, as opposed to dealing with real people. Anybody who believes this doesn't have a profoundly negative impact needs to wake up." (From the article)

Define "overwhelming majority of the time" because the way the title an...

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That is 99% of why I refuse to talk to women outside "hello." I get sick of women who can't tell the difference between being nice and actually trying to get to know them. At my college there's countless times where women would swear someone was trying to "get down their pants" when all they wanted was someone of the opposite gender to talk to. Yet they're the same ones who complain because "all the good guys are taken/gay." ...

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Can't wait to play this at Evo.

I hope the roster gets updated, I know it's a "rumored" list however there's a few characters I hope make it that I actually use.

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I've always voted Links Awakening on my all time Zelda list.

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This beta is a lot better than the PC version. I know it was roughly a year ago however I do like the direction they went with this version. I'm almost tempted to buy the game now.

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I went back to Warframe in Dec after Dark Below released. I do agree it's a much better, more developed game than Destiny.

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That gave me a laugh, I needed it this morning. :D

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I check the news on Destiny to see if they actually fixed a lot of the issues with the game to hopefully revisit the game someday. The more Bungie opens their mouth, the more disappointed I get with both them and the game itself.

Game has potential, and it could end up being a really good series, however I quit back when Dark Below released. Ever since I found greener pastures with still no intent on coming back unless they really do something to bring back the initial Pv...

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Gamesradar so far has a low tolerance on fanboyism and trolling when it comes to articles on the main page. I've been going there more recently since there's certain articles I enjoy more than on here.


Any game can be played at any length of time regardless of "life outside gaming;" I won't even give the author a click since I already know what the article is about.

Is it practical? Depends ...

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He's asking if it's getting released on the PS4; which if it is I'll buy it.

My PS3 hasn't been used lately and will remain a paperweight until after this semester so I can prepare for EVO.

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The majority want to at least see what other weapons and armor are available before recycling the same stock multiple times. It's understood there's only so many exotic items in the game, however at least try to sell different weapons and armor each visit to show what else is available.

The majority wouldn't be as vocal about Xur visiting if there was some balance between inventory.

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Are you referring to the article (which Gjallarhon is never mentioned) or to the player base in general?

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I don't see why it wouldn't, there's a fan base for the series in other locations.

I wonder if the JP only release is to test the reaction before it's released in other regions.

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So should parents be arrested for letting their kids watch R rated movies? How about books not within their age range?

Grasping at straws much?


The school system should be more concerned about the behavior of children, as well as verifying their home life is within reason. Because they're watching videos of someone playing a game doesn't necessarily mean they play them at home.

Situations like this is why I&...

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This is one remaster I would actually vote for.

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