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Anymore the person with the loudest voice usually speaks the most - and sometimes get "exactly" what they asked for (which goes for that be careful what you wish for statement).

I agree 100% with people complaining about nothing important; the majority of the time I find a lot of it either satire or professional trolling. It's one thing if they posted "you can't change the name of your character" as a heads up kind of story as opposed to "Why... #1.3.1
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If Watch Dogs wasn't so over hyped I would have enjoyed it a lot more. What's worse, my favorite games so far this year are indie titles and previous gen games. #2
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Or a healthier option of Celsius Tea


I like how all these people act like they know how to save a system that's doing good. #3.1
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I can see it now in Mass Effect

$3.99 for Paragon
$2.99 for Renegade

$1.99 for *character* to join your group #1.3.1
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"The thing is, remakes are bad. And you should feel bad. Yet why do I so desperately want to get my hands on a shiny new Xbox One and then purchase and play through Grand Theft Auto V again, when I’ve already done so on Xbox 360? Is it nostalgia? Of course not, I’m just a graphics whore." (From the article)

I stopped reading after that point. I could write a much better opinion piece after reading this; without the negative and name calling. My take on HD remakes... #2
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I wouldn't say Nintendo got lazy, I'd say they went through an identity crisis and forgot who made them famous.

As far as the controller with the d-pad (which is subjective) I'd give that to Sega (although both were comfortable and good in their own right).

I do agree with the majority of what you posted though, Nintendo was "the" console in my early years until I got older. PlayStation is what provided the mature experience I wanted... #1.4.1
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I hope this is satire...


While it's personal opinion, I'd vote Links awakening on Game Boy since it's the first where Zelda isn't even in the game, and the final boss is a mix of older bosses in the series up to that point. #9
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"Nintendo knows that they cannot compete on that level with Sony or Microsoft, going from ‘cinematic-realism’ so they decide to opt out from the race altogether and do their own thing." (from the article)

I don't get this whole race thing; last time I checked the companies each had something they excelled in, and the media/fans who claim there's some magical race with nothing to gain from being in first place.

My respect for Nintendo did g... #1.2
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After reading the article I'm with the author 100%, it really doesn't change my opinion about the game. I remember when Fear Effect 2 on PS1 had lesbian main characters, and no one complained (of course it was geared towards younger men at the time). Mass Effect had optional same gender relationships (and I guarantee a lot of men chose a female main just to see them with another woman) yet post "hate" on forums and various websites. Hell Fallout NV even had some lesbians... #1.1
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Now I can try Dead Space 3 #7
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I've noticed fighters work better with the DS3 controller, and I also have an arcade stick I'd like to work on the PS4 so I can play some fighters easily (when more start getting released). #3.3
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I've played games that both look and played good, those I'm not talking about. I'm talking the people who act like graphics make the game regardless of how bad it is. #12.1.1
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I bought ME2 on PS3 when it first came out in 2011, and it had all the characters there out the gate; the only DLC I remember was the Arrival. It may have been different on 360 however since I didn't own/play it I can only speak on the PS3 version.


The idea of Javik being DLC was the beginning of my issues with the game; the other parts of the game being omitted and later added as DLC was a bigger slap in the face. You mig... #4.4
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I agree with the author, just because a game "looks good" doesn't mean it is a good game. I get so tired of "Graphics" and "Resolution" talk; why can't people argue features, music, game play, etc. instead of digital eye candy?

I saw a comment above me mentioning PS1 graphics; well you know what? PS1 games are one of the reasons why I still game today. Not because they "look good" but they PLAY good, AND had good stories. I... #12
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I miss 8 bit music, and after reading the article I have some ideas I can put to 8 bit sounds. #1
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"@Virtussignum All followers are included in the game. No DLC followers." (From the article)

I'll finish the sentence

for now...

Bioware will have to really convince me they won't do what they did with ME, especially having Javik as DLC for that extra income. I almost wrote Bioware off after ME3 with how poor the game was (I'm sorry for those who swear by ME3 but I found it incomplete as opposed to 1 and 2). #4
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I'll still be on the PS3 even after it's gone, too many memories I can't just give up. Hell I still have my "working" fat PS2 for memory lane. #3
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Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 3/6
Mario RPG
Fallout 3

After reading the article it should be "top RPG's played this gen" #3
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Just goes to show people can't read AND comprehend, also don't know how to check the fine print. The fact Sony had to apologize for something that wasn't even the main focus just proves the majority of people can't read, or a bunch of trolls wanting to start something.

I read it as "if you have PS+ you will be able to play online with others," not "If you have PS+ you can play in the beta along with other people." #3.2
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Outside motion sickness I could care less if it runs 1080p or not; doesn't make a bad game better, just more pretty. All these articles lately about "graphics" and "1080p" makes me wonder sometimes...

I guess the new thing for journalism in 2014 is who can make the biggest joke piece, make it sound half serious, and see how many people argue it. #1.1.28
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