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X-Men arcade! But both were damn good games at the time. I'd buy TMNT Arcade again if they re-release it for PSN.

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The root of the issue is the uneducated will look at a review score as "the word" and everything else doesn't matter. Minus the trolling, and the paid reviews, numbers should only matter if someone played the game from beginning to end, AND paid for it. This way you can read someone who experienced what the game had to offer, not base their experience off less than an hour of game play.

I've mentioned once already, a 10/10 can still be improved, and havi...

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The bigger problem is the customers who would be open to the idea would have to deal with data caps, or slower than average speeds and can't take advantage of the service. Where I live I have unlimited Internet, however some friends next state over have borderline dial-up with a data cap, so for them it would be a problem whereas I wouldn't have a problem. One guy can't even stream Netflix unless it's at night, and his friend is seeking other options which aren't looking...

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As an option, yes; as mandatory, no. Biggest why? Not everyone has reliable, unlimited Internet. Until Internet is available for everyone across the globe, services like this is only a pipe dream.

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I'd vote to get rid of the numbering/lettering system and instead post what the reviewers dis/like and let the reader put their own score down. I'd also vote if a person is a fan of the series, they should be the ones to review the games in question, not a sports fan reviewing a shooter.

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Sounds like almost any other job really. I was expecting something like "mandatory OT or fired" or "QA passed by bugs to force deadline," not something you can almost hear at a Wal-Mart break room.

Still, I can relate to the person posting, since my last job was almost the same way (tech support for a high profile computer company), and working through a third party was a nightmare.

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In short, if movies, graphic novels, and other forms of art/literature use nudity, what makes video games so "different" they can't also use it? The "Video games is for kids" argument is invalid at this point since there's a lot of games not designed for the younger audience.

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Why wait till now (or recently) to fire someone who's racist when they could have a long time ago, and prevented this? I'm sorry but this seems like damage control over the fact the game does look lower grade compared to the previous titles. I've only seen some game play videos, but from what I've seen the game doesn't look impressive at all, and looks like any form of negative press the game is getting Bioware will use any scapegoats possible.

Also in...

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I remember the same thing when hip hop/rap started getting big. "They promote inner city violence."

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"Make Xbox great again"

1. Market it as a gaming console, not everything else THEN games
2. Provide exclusives that even PC aren't getting
3. Have actual gamers market your console, not business wo/men telling us what they "think" we want to hear

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I grew up playing violent video games. Does that mean I have violent behavior? No. I was taught right/wrong at an early age, and I also had a lot of people my age do some highly stupid actions (which some landed them either in jail or dead), so I was able to see first hand what would happen if someone did something they weren't suppose to. Although I am only one person, I can speak from 100% experience violent games did nothing more than to help calm me down from real life, and also h...

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Dragons Crown
XMen arcade
Captain Commando
Guardian Heroes

Surprised those didn't make the list. I still remember to this day the debates between Streets of Rage 2 or Final Fight which was better.

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I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of HD remaster of the other games in the series, at least have all games under one collection for this gen like they did with the PS3.

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After reading the article, I'm highly concerned of the direction our society as a whole is going. Instead of "put the phone away, you're bothering people" he's potentially getting jail time for "hatred?" Hatred of what?

My first question, if he's not into the "organization," why is he there?
Second, logically explain how pokemon go promotes religious hatred.

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I'll try to be as non fanboyish as possible.

My main issue with Xbox, they try to market a multi-media system that plays video games. PlayStation is marketed as a gaming system that has optional multi-media features (if that makes sense). Microsoft tried so hard to push for other features first, then games second; while Sony pushed the PlayStation as a gaming machine with other options outside gaming.

I want a gaming console, that fits my gamer ...

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Through experience, there's moments where given a game automatically gave a couple of points higher than what the score would have been. Not all cases, but sometimes if you're going to rate a game 5/10, and you're given a full copy for free, you're going to give it 6-8 just because you didn't pay for it. I've seen so many reviews saying something along the lines of "glad I didn't pay for it, 8/10 otherwise I'd give it 5/10." Again, not all cases, b...

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What I don't understand, if someone can justify their score with logic, the reviewer should be respected to at least provide useful feedback. A 7/10 is not a bad score at all; however the majority always looks at "well everyone else gives 9s and 10s, why can't you?" and my first response is "everything can be improved, regardless of how 'perfect' something may seem."

It's to the point where if you don't follow the majority, you w...

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So he got DDoS'd for a lower than average score?

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I actually agree with this decision, maybe then the trolling and false reviews will be minimum. I can't stand reading "9/10 good game!" with no reason why, or "0/10 because the wind didn't go exactly 45 degrees at 4 pm."

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With the way 2 is, you would think they would raise the bar to make 3 something unforgettable - in a good way. Instead, it seemed rushed, felt like an expansion more than a full game, and left more questions than answers. I had all the endings (including the "good" ending where he lived), and I also didn't like how the majority of the game was DLC (especially Javik which really upsetted me). None of the characters you met in two were main party members in 3 (notice I said met...

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