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I hope you're being sarcastic and not serious.

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I can see it now...

7/10 - The game is fun, much better story, good dialogue, but at 4:50:32 his face didn't move exactly at 90 degrees when he was talking to NPC. Also the framerate dropped from 60 fps to 59 at this one cut scene that isn't at all important. I demand they fix it because I bought a $600,000 PC and I'll be damned to not get a full 60 fps experience.


At first when I read the article I thought it was another hat...

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I don't want to be "that guy" however I'd rather them actually fix the game before releasing new content. Granted I did read 1.04 is on the way for consoles I still want a working game before going after new content.

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I blame Sony and Capcom for this. For the first time I wanted to give SF4 a chance at EVO with a new PS3/4 Controller I waited patiently for to only be told "sorry, we f-cked up and took your money. But hey! It's SF4 and for the new generation!"

This alone is why I wait to buy games. After this fiasco I'm never EVER buying day 1 again regardless of what someone promises.

I don't blame EVO at all for this, they'r...

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Well the pad is for both the PS3 and 4, and I do plan on playing SF5 when it's released. No money lost however the headache I went through to obtain the pad and start to prepare for this years EVO is a disappointment.

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I'm going to be highly upset because I bought the PS4 version AND a HORI pad to only encounter issues?!

I do like the idea it's $25 for all the characters and content, I do not like the idea of how buggy it is.

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I've played at least 4 of the 10 games mentioned. Just further proof gaming back in the 90's to around 2005ish was still a good era.

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"I can't stand you casuals, obviously you don't want real and varied competition."

I'm an active tournament player through EVO (under my real name which I will not reveal) and your comment is the reason the ones who play online more than offline are knocked out faster, or "might" barely make it past the first pool. The reason players prefer to play offline is more than just "nostalgia" like you want to argue ...

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Also Xband for Genesis and SNES, required dial up. Even before then there was some test hardware for tha Atari systems however at the time the technology was limited so it never took off.

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I agree with master. The biggest reason I stopped playing is what was promised/advertised and what was actually delivered.

I thought about returning when HoW released, however with reports of players completing the expansion in short time frames made me realize Bungie lost a customer.

If people still find fun in the game, keep playing until they get burned out. I'm all for people finding what they like and play until they move on, just I won't be ...

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My two biggest concerns are price and availability. I know a lot of people argue bad games, however I'm the type to research and watch/play something before I make final decisions. Also with share play I can at least test a game out since demos aren't as big as they used to be (I know "beta" is the magic word however again some games don't have one available).

If my acct gets hacked, that's it. I have some games downloaded that aren't availabl...

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Can't wait till this hits the PS4. I need my Socom fix.

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Remember, 99% of the users read the title, first paragraph, then post comments based on those two factors.

I'm not sold on VR until there's ways to cope with motion sickness for those who have it bad, it's not the "new thing" to replace screens/tvs/monitors, and there's a list of games/apps that use it as an option.

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I wouldn't count them out just yet; the new generation is just getting started, and with E3 around the corner following Tokyo Game Show there are a lot of potential and hope of some positive news from the other side of the world.

I do agree though with the rise of mobile gaming, costs, and fanboysism/trolling gaming has been going through a decline. When I officially enter the gaming market I'm going to try my hardest to bring back gaming to its roots from the 80s an...

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I can see the reviews now:

"6/10 because on 23:12:16 the strand of hair on his face is of a different shade and it ruined the movie even though no one actually noticed it for that moment."

"4/10. This is by far the biggest piece of junk I've ever seen! Never mind the good voice acting, the accuracy with the novels, and actual fan service; but on frame 13:15:20 his eyes twitched for a split second and it ruined the entire scene!"

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I agree 100%. These days the majority will complain about "being lied to" and twist/manipulate anything the companies try to explain during game development just to have something to complain about. This crying over the fact that the game looks different during development is grasping at straws since that's what about 90% of news articles are involving this game.

I haven't seen anything involving missing features, questionable voic...

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I smell troll acct.

Glad to see both companies are making efforts to have as minimal downtime as possible. Granted I don't play on Live I still understand how frustrating it can be to wait to play online.

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Are people still holding a d-ck measuring contest with this game? I swear some people will find anything to whine/complain about, nit pick, and justify their complaining. I'm glad I can actually enjoy the series for once since I missed out due to not owning a 360 or "1337 pc."

I'm going to enjoy the game for what it is, and the idea it fits what I'm looking for in an open world game. This "Oh they lied about X and Y" and "My PC that co...

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Mobile to me is the original Game Boy, Game Gear, Vita, 3DS, etc. There's certain experiences a smart phone can't replicate that the hand held systems can.

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