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I read the list, and it seems like they're grasping at straws. If they want to pull this card there's a ton of other games to add than just 9. They should change the article to "Nine games we don't like" or "Nine games we don't like because other people don't like them and want to follow the crowd."

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Back then I would say it's a balance between the two because one needed the other to survive. Now? The ones who think about passion, and getting an audience instead of thinking with their pockets win.

I've seen more influence from the East side of gaming than West side. I've seen more fighting game knock-offs, beat em up clones, and rpgs trying to copy what Final Fantasy did; yet on the Western side outside First/Third Person Shooters I can't think of m...

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The sad part is this has more (and better) options and modes than Street Fighter 5 does. No I don't own a Switch, and even if they did release this on PSN I still wouldn't pick it up because there's nothing this game offers I can't get elsewhere, or that I already own that has almost the same offers.

And before those start debating/arguing "fanboy," or "you don't own 5," yes I do own a digital copy of 5, and I stopped back during the...

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The games I play don't have trophies; they have other incentives like unlockables, replay ability, no patches to fix broken areas, and I can play them anytime I want without the need of connecting online.

I know there's the argument of "Dedication" but what is there to be gained from earning all those plats? I play for fun, not scores.

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I already learned this gen not to pre-order games anymore, and now if there's no demo/beta available I'll wait until a video is online for a game before I buy it to see what it is (or borrow/watch a friend).

With the review embargo one of the first things argued is leaked story content, or spoilers, and the companies will argue this is why they want to wait so everyone is on the same playing field. I do agree with some of the points from the blog since there is s...

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Warframe definitely needs to redo their new Relic system. Granted the new Relic system does show what can drop with a bar to show a "chance," it's still garbage at the end of the day, especially when wasting Radiant relics to get the lowest drop possible.

I'm for a system to show chance percentage, maybe then people will actually see how bad they're getting screwed, and how off the math is on some of these games. Then companies will have to actually ...

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Share Play didn't die, just needs a lot of work. Biggest issue is telling everyone they have either a poor or limited connection when a lot of the users are running 50+ Mbps Internet (I'm running 120 Down/ 30~ Up and it even says I'm on the poor end). I can download a 30 GB game off Steam in about an hour; yet PSN takes 90ish minutes minimum ,and that's with no one else online at the time, or even having a game running at all.

I use Share Play when it wo...

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In short, Video games is another way of telling a story. The fact someone can argue "Video games shouldn't tell stories," can be said the same with movies, books, music, art, and even comics/graphic novels. It's hard to imaging Metal Gear Solid through just reading or watching it without actually playing it at some point. Mario would have a different impact had someone just made a non gaming series out of it. Street Fighter wouldn't feel the same if there was no way...

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Amazon is the only place I'll pre-order games since they offer them at a cheaper price (at least with prime). Then again, I'll only pre-order if the game has at least a demo or beta so I can test the game out before buying. I'm on a budget, I don't have time, money, and patience to waste on trash.

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With Akuma in Tekken 7 proves this is a "prototype" of how they are going to build Tekken vs SF, and release it when the time is right. You don't put a character from another game like this without reason, even if it's just for story content.

There's an older Capcom fighter called Rival Schools, Namco can use it as a template to have an idea how the game should work. Also knowing Namco they probably working on a story idea first to decide who's i...

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If Sony said no then Final Fanatsy 11 would have never been cross play with PC, PS2, AND 360. Final Fantasy 14 is also cross play with PS3, PC, and PS4, and that's just one example of current gen. Portal is/was cross play with PC and PS3, so it is possible. The fact Harada is still trying for it means there's something that needs to be fixed before it's official. Otherwise he wouldn't have put this much time into it if there was 0 way to do it.


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I read a lot of "Wait until E3" comments, yet once again it will end in disappointment. I hate to say it but Phil is starting to remind me of Don Mattrick, minus the 360 quote when Xbox One was about to release.

As far as single player games, there's a lot of games released on previous consoles Xbox could easily revisit, HD remaster, and/or make sequels. If Xbox put more emphasis on diversity in games instead of the same garbage every year, and slapping on m...

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One thing I can say the PS4 exclusives have over Xbox, diversity. Just about every area of gaming covered (again most, not all so don't go twisting it), and actual good games worth checking out whether day of release or when a sale occurs. There's a few PS4 games I would like to play if I had the money to check them out, but due to this annoying thing called 'real life' I have to restrict my gaming funding.

Xbox, I honestly can't think of a game I want...

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Here's my stance on cheating in gaming:

If you're playing offline/single player/by yourself, what you do is your business. If you're playing online with others, yes I agree to restrict your online play or banned. There's a lot of older games (before online) where I beat the game, then I used cheats or cheat codes to see what all I missed. But I at least played legit first to get a feel of the game, and to play it the creators way, then go back and do what...

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I like how back then Night Trap was considered M 17+ or AO whereas now it's T 13+ at most. And yes I remember when this game, Street Fighter 2, and Mortal Kombat was under fire for being too violent at the time. I'd buy it because I only got to play this game once, and it was hard as hell but not too bad. If this does do well I wonder what other Sega CD games will get remastered.

Of all games thought, I'm surprised this one made the list when there's othe...

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Too early to talk about next gen. At most probably a Pro slim, or another slim-based model. Wishful thinking is another PS4 model with the backwards compatibility for previous PS consoles to help those who still want to keep their PS3 collection(s) without the sacrifice of purchasing overpriced consoles.

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I may be reading this wrong, but in the article do you mean New 2DS XL instead of saying New 3DS XL?

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Break the numbers down:

2 million to scalpers
300K to actual people who wanted one.

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I no longer purchase games with season passes and/or DLC before even the game's release. Down vote, debate, argue all you want but I'm voting with my wallet that it's unacceptable to try any way possible to break games up to resell content. And the fact most of these companies will try anything to persuade is just more proof some people jumped on the bandwagon of going against this practice.

And before people start twisting my words around, if a game is rele...

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So the excuse is "holiday only item." I'm not buying the answer, but it's better than just being silent and not say anything. I've already seen Raspberry Pi cases modeled after the Mini selling for an easy $60~ off amazon, which I'll go that route because I can install whatever games I want, and use whatever controller I want without being restricted by Nintendo.

As far as the embargo on Nintendo, for now I'll only purchase when it's abun...

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