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I like that at least this makes a healthier competition between Sony and MS rather than a gaming console over multi media. I have seen some stories of various options and ideas he successfully pushed, however the biggest factor still blocks me from trying the Xbox - games that fit my needs.

On the flipside, if they'd listen to him in the first place the Xbox would be in a much better position than it is now.

And for those who will try to argue "Oh... #1.1
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I can see digital if it's either A) very small game (like 200~ MB in size, as an example) or B) something you know you will keep forever, without restrictions (some type of DRM), otherwise I prefer options for those just in case moments. #1.4
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After reading the article I'm going to assume Sunset Overdrive was funded by MS, and will stay on Xbox. They also mention having a lot of focus/time on this game currently, and they are 100% independent so they can do whatever, whenever.

I'm not going to jump on the hate bandwagon, nor do I care who they develop for since there's other games I can play to occupy my time. I have noticed a trend though; a lot of companies are "trading" between MS and S... #1.12
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Memory lane seeing those games listed, and I had to visit a few myself:

Star Tropics
Mario 3
Final Fantasy 6
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Marvel vs Capcom #3
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I wanted to ask, did you play it on console or PC? I ask because a game like this I wonder if it makes a difference on what platform you play it on.

I never even heard about the game until I went into Game Stop recently looking for 3D Dot Game Heroes (they had it on sale for $5 I couldn't pass it up). #4.2
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I'd say it's the parents job to educate their kids and properly teach them reality/fantasy; I played violent games even before the rating system, yet I didn't do anything illegal/wrong.

I swear common sense died at the end of the 90's (not directing at you, talking about the article). #11.1
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If I remember Liberty City is one area of Chicago (I may be wrong) that was somewhat recreated in GTA 3. Still it's the first game I've been following that has it re-created to the extent this game is.

Again, the GTA3 Liberty City could be of a different place however I remember reading something about that. #12.1
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I'd vote yes, and some games the music/sound effects were the saving grace of the game itself. Some games I even started playing because the music was that good which ended up being very good games in my book (Tekken 3 comes to mind).

I can see though for someone who's disabled/deaf that needs some sort of closed captioning to let them know of certain things going on. #1
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I'd buy one, help monitor health and the environment easier. #3
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I'd argue Vice City however San Andreas did set the standard in my book for GTA games. I still own the original hot coffee version. #5.1
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I'd vote Fallout 3/NV and Skyrim #5.4
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I'm gonna be very "upset" if it's a typo and they meant some type of sale on the PS3/360 versions.

To all you people whining about the game getting a potential re-release:

If you don't like the idea, don't buy it; however don't assume you speak for the majority when you scream "I want new games, not HD/remakes of older games" when most of you would go buy it day one if it was ever released.

For all we... #1.9
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I don't know who's worse, you or Mika when it comes to trolling; I swear every time you post something I get a headache and/or I laugh at how stupid you really are (not in that order).


One thing Patcher fails to realize: not everyone has high speed internet (or even internet in general), so cloud gaming will take years before it actually launches; and even then there's still bandwidth caps and dial up (yes it... #3.11
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I am NOT a part of that 4 million :D


When Xbox One comes out with something that screams "buy me" I'll give it a shot; for now I don't see what games it has that grabs my attention. #8
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Depends on the game really, some games I wish had new gen ports to at least hold us over till newer games come out that will help transition to the new thing. #3
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After reading this, I can say the majority of gamers felt this way about certain franchises at one time or another (or consoles). It screamed satire mixed with truth, something you don't normally see often.

To those that didn't read it; "OMG he's a noob, he needs to get an xbone and play Titanfail and hate on that for no apparent reason!!one111!" #1.2.6
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I remember when games were 100% completed, extras were unlocks instead of "paid," and DLC were expansions with a similar/different experience than the main game.

Now it seems almost mandatory for some major release to either cut content then lie about it being added later; or act like you have to buy the DLC for the "full" experience while complaining about low initial sales since smart customers wait for a complete, cheaper version.

I wa... #1.2
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I may get dinged for this; I don't play enough online to care which is better as far as multiplayer goes (I still play single player or local co-op 90% of the time).

As far as other things (deals, community, etc) I still vote PSN. #1.4
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I remember when Game Boy first came out, I was one of the only kids in my elementary school with it, and my very first console until my parents bought me the NES that next year.

I also remember the arguments between Game Boy and Game Gear, which was better. #2
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When I got older I chose FF3/6 because it had a more mature theme (even for an SNES game) that Chrono Trigger couldn't carry when it involved certain situations. When I was younger, 14-early 20s) I voted CT hands down, now that I'm a lot older (early 30s) I'd have to say FF 3/6. I'll still boot up both though on occasion.

Still though, both proved SquareSoft knew what they were doing, used their resources to the max, and actually made something to cater th... #2.1.1
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