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Want to beat GTA 5 sales? Stop making the same yearly garbage and go that extra mile for both offline AND online (outside obvious GTA online issues). #5
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I usually do invite-only for now until the morons start to drop off and play other games, so very little fear of losing cash on my part. I agree though it will drop then rise again. #4.1
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I'm using my $ on guns when I hit the rank. I have an apt (not too classy but better than nothing) however I wonder if R decides to add shops around to help decorate your apt. #2
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I'll take the cash, however I wish there was an option to start out at a certain rank OR cash, that way people have the option. Again the money is nice and I'm not complaining at all, just wish that other option was there. #4
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Off the dome Metal Gear Solid 4 (excluding the online), and Batman Arkham Asylum. #12.1.1
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I wish the game was longer than what it is, and there was some sort of random dungeon generator post game (excluding the Cow Level). Outside that I play this and GTA 5 online (when it actually works).

Where is the gear pieces located for the rings? I've tried looking online however I found conflicting information. #2
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After reading the article there's going to be some big, major catch to this. I'm glad though you can change out the battery whenever you want and what Sony says; at the same time they will probably "suggest" an authorized dealer/repair to handle it. #8
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I have party chat, and the people I play with we know each other in real life, so it makes it easier to communicate. The few I met just online we use Skype or Team Speak. #1.9.2
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All those who argue Live is better for its xgame chat, I have something to beat it - Cell Phone with unlimited talk time and text. :D No console required.


Some of the die hards on here make me ashamed to be a gamer sometimes. It's + and Live for features and value, not PSN vs Live; and for those who argue yes it is, go reread the article. #1.9
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With my current collection unless they get a re-release on the PS4 I'll keep what I have.

Also with GameStop I'm done with them; from now on it's trading with friends or Ebay. #10
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I agree with the author on the friends thing, I can't stand after accepting free mode then most of the time we split up and have to "hope" we can get on the same server.

I want to add restricting how many stores you can rob in a game day as well. I get sick of the same people having to rob every (or at least the majority of) store(s) which the rest of us have to wait. I'm not talking on a "woe is me" standpoint but I do hate how sometimes I'l... #4
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This would be perfect, if your character data didn't get deleted every other day. #3
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Oh don't EVEN get me started on Borderlands 2 with the drop rates, the "adjusting boss battles," and especially a new character class that shouldn't even exist. I commend Blizzard since they at least see the "duping" argument different ways rather than people whining just to have something to whine about. #2.1
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Flip your argument, and you can say PC is what ruined some console games. I don't look at it as "ruining a game," I look at it as expanding your audience and seeing who really plays the game more so they can plan for the future. If Diablo 3 was PC only I wouldn't have been able to actually enjoy it, however, since it's also on console I can play the series again and enjoy another game to my collection.

As far as the whole duping argument it can go eith... #4.1
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Honestly I'd rate this game higher than current Resident Evil and Silent Hill games; it has the good mix of both genres. One of those games you don't want to play right off but then don't want to put down. #2
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Another person looking for 15 minutes of fame.....

I'm black, live in the US (a semi rural area), and I don't use my race as an excuse for not getting certain things done or accomplished; I blame the uneducated, stupid racists, and to combat their behavior is education. Yes I've been on that "I hate everyone" side and the "Woe is me" phase however I also grew a pair and didn't let it bother me as I got older. You gain much more respect wh... #8
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I'm black and I didn't notice any difference with Franklin and the police; if anything Trevor is a bigger target than Franklin.

I swear sometimes people will do ANYTHING for that 5 minutes of fame against something successful. #5
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I hope Sega doesn't pick them up; last thing we need is cancelled games or "no localization of X game." #7
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Very good game, it's a mix of older Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Just wish it was released before GTA 5. #1
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My $ is going to the PS4 mainly because Sony talked about how the hardware works for gaming; not the other way around like MS did. The games also reminded me of how the PS1/2 was back during their reveals, and Sony is actually trying to go back in the right direction with devs and gamers and not just one side or the other.

For me to purchase the new Xbox MS will have to do some heavy convincing game-wise to really get me to try their console. Dead Rising 3 and Ryse look goo... #2
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