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If I remember during the conference, it showed PC, Android, apple, and consoles (not just Nintendo). I specifically remember the "consoles" part at the end; so maybe there's some sort of deal going on at the moment between Sony and the others? It'd be the second game between Xbox and PS systems I can see being cross play (first being Final Fantasy 11 with the PS2 and 360).

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I like how this piece looks at both sides of the whole debate, rather than just focusing on just the good/bad.

My 100% true opinion, I don't like DLC once the PS3 and 360 came around. Before then, DLC wasn't as bad, and it added new experiences to gaming. Once the previous gen came around, it was a quick cash grab; especially the "Day 1" garbage. I also hate how a lot of fans argued in favor of DLC just because their favorite game(s) added a whole 30 ...

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Here's what video games did for me growing up:

Learned how to read, write, and count
Learned how to read something, and visualize it; rather than just stare at words and not comprehend what's going on
Helped with social anxiety
Helped with battling depression
I met people who actually were just like me through MMO games (Final Fantasy 11 being the biggest)
Helped with my artistic ability
Proved gaming can actuall...

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Activision - "We're releasing Crash Team Racing. Those who pre-order will get the entire game for $60; everyone else will pay $5.99 per track, and $4.99 per character."

Fans - "Anyone who is against this needs to die in a fire! This is the best deal ever!!!1

Call of Duty: Crash Team Edition

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I want the option to choose what I want in BC, not what companies think I want to play. I get so tired of "we ran the numbers, and X, Y, and Z are going to get patches so owners can access them on current generation consoles." Scratch that; provide a service for people to at least access games bought from (a) previous gen(s), and at least see for yourselves what games are really getting played. Instead of CoD, Battlefield, Skyrim (which really puzzles me since there's a remas...

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Save a click, it's a link to a YouTube video on a "theory."

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I'd welcome it as a PS4 owner. Am I going to downplay it? No. Will I downplay those who act like it's the "End all" to gaming? Yes.

The bigger issue isn't so much as the feature itself, it's the fan base and the reaction(s) regarding it.

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There's a few games I could play forever, BC or not; and there's those few I wouldn't touch again if someone paid me a high amount of money. I want BC to be a choice by the gamer, where you're allowed to choose what you want to play, instead of what X and/or Y company THINKS you want to play.

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Ok Sam thanks for clarifying.

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Makes sense. One of those extras people ask for, and barely use it.

By your math, 13~ minutes is either a level, a multiplayer map, or traversing from one place to another in a game; to only stop playing for various reasons. Honestly that doesn't look good considering so many people on N4G are highly vocal about BC, and how it's the greatest thing, to only use it for a few minutes at a time.

If the average user is 14 hours a week, (2 hours a ...

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How about the soundtrack to include Arcade versions of the songs? I'll willingly pay if needed. As far as DLC characters, hopefully over time they get released as FREE content, as Harada said they aren't paid, so hopefully they're free updates. I miss my Armor King :(

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That's my point - if you really want something, you will find a way to get it. All censorship does is force people to be smart about it, and the really smart ones will keep quiet to prevent getting caught.

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I'd welcome BC because it can save space and time. I hate the idea of having to boot up the PS2 when I want to play something, when I can pop in the disc and start from there. Even if they restricted BC to the PS3 digital catalog I'd be happy.

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I have to ask, since you used to work there. Was there a time when the higher ups forced the Xbox to be sold at a higher rate due to overstock? I ask because of a situation back in the early PS3 days that forced me to use another Game Stop in the area, and to go to Game Crazy before they went under.

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I've had nothing but bad experiences with Game Stop in my area. Rather than go through a big paragraph of why I don't like them (based off experience) I'm going to say if they actually hired gamers, and stop thinking with dollar signs first, I'd continue to do business with them. When a game on Amazon is 1/3 of the price NEW AND SEALED guess where I'm going? I don't mind the extra day/two later for a brand new, sealed copy of a game at a lo...

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@ Xenz

I actually went back to retro gaming, and that's saying something about our current state of gaming. Too many people argue/debate graphics, draw distance, etc, and yet half of these people don't actually know what they're talking about; they go off someone elses opinion and bandwagon off it.

There are some experiences I do like at the moment, and yes they are fun. However I've realized gaming back then was actually a lot better ...

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That's my point; they say DLC is covered, but label Morrowind as "expansion," and there's those die hard fans who actually support this decision, and some even argue in favor of it. What really bugs me, Thieves Guild, Wrothgar (if I have the correct area, the one where you get the bear suit at the end), Dark Brotherhood, and one other are "DLC" but Morrowind is something completely different? I'd like for Bethesda (not people on N4G)...

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And I'm part of the 83% (Sony).

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I prefer better stories, experiences, and game play. I've played NES games that were better experiences over this "4K" fad people going on about. Yes 4K may "look nice," but that's all it is - eye candy.

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