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With the recent article regarding no X-Men in the new Marvel vs Capcom, I can see why people would rather go to DBZ. There's enough characters for a good start, there's also room for expansion later down the road, and it's already looking to be considered for esports in the future. This game is bringing to the table what Marvel vs Capcom did in the past - a fun, fast paced fighting game.

I grew up playing 1 and 2 (own both on the PS3, and the DreamCast), and...

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I agree 100%. I hate the idea of basically paying twice to play online, and yet there's people defending this because "it helps maintain servers, etc." I do like that PSN doesn't have all games behind plus, and PS3 online is still an option for certain games that still have active communities.

I'd rather go back to free online, and paying should offer incentives to entice people to want it, not make it mandatory. If I had it my way, I'd provide ...

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To compare to what we get here in the US. I own a JP account, and there's a lot of variety of games they have we will never see in the States. If I was able to read Japanese I'd actually play a couple of them because they are fun and different than what's available here.

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I need to finish MGS 3, I got to the boss fight "The End" and had to stop due to real life (moved), and haven't been able to pick it up until recently. From what I did play it was good.

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A lot of the games released today don't have the "oh s-it" factor like they did back in the 90s and early 2000. Anymore the majority of games you already know what's going to happen, or what to expect within a short amount of time playing. I'm not talking about the ending at the beginning (or the "how we got here" because the journey is just as important) but ones where they have this big, interesting beginning, and about halfway through it's pretty obvio...

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How do you get down voted for something that makes sense?

Granted Fallout 4 was the first time I played a Fallout and it was 80ish hours before my first bug, but still I hate having to keep multiple back-ups for "just in case" when I can play other games with the confidence knowing I'm safe. Other games I usually back-up daily to the cloud, whereas Fallout I'm almost updating 50+ MB a day because of concerns. I still have the Mirelurk Queen quest that ...

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Have you tried the other ports to see if it does the same thing? I wonder just in case the port itself is bad, or a bad cable. If it does it all around it could be the TV needs a new firmware update. If one isn't available try a different TV and see what happens. If it doesn't on the other TV then it's your Visio; if it does it could be something in the PS4 Pro itself whether it's a setting or something else all together.

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Are you 1080p or 4K? And what is your TV?

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I pulled the HDD out, made sure the screws were tight, ran a can of air just in case, and plugged it back in. If you swap the HDD (meaning you put a new/different one in) yes that does wipe data. What I did doesn't.

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All electronics over time store power in their capacitors, and over time they need to be disconnected every so often (and their power drained) otherwise it can cause problems down the road. I learned this both in college and working for HP doing tech support for almost 6 years. As far as re-seating the HDD it doesn't mean it wasn't screwed in correctly, sometimes parts can get loose (not from dropping but normal movement like cleaning an area, or rearranging) and just need to be rec...

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I had a heart attack this morning from this update. I tried turning my system on (Pro version), and an error appeared asking me to reinstall the OS 4.70. So I tried turning the system back on (just in case), and it was all black with the "See user information..." but it wouldn't load. So I unplugged the system from the power, held the power button for 10 seconds (to drain the power stored into the system), re-seated the SSD I have (Samsung Evo 850), and the system restarted w...

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From the pic she looks like Madison from Heavy Rain.

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The problem with BC is the companies "think" we want these games instead of asking the community as a whole, and find other ways to introduce BC; like software emulation.

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I want Sega to come back :( But Atari is welcomed as well.

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I've met people who refuse to buy games if their trophies/achievements aren't something to borderline overnight. I've had more hours into games where unlockables were far more prominent than just some digital checklist. Some of my best gaming memories were something I unlocked, not a "ding."

I've noticed a lot of people wouldn't even purchase games if they didn't have trophies/achievements to begin with. I've mentioned certain older ...

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I'd say it's more of Warframe meets Star Citizen meets No Man's Sky than Destiny.

Bioware has a lot to catch up on for me to be a customer again after the whole thing with Mass Effect Andromeda. And before people start arguing "You didn't play the new ME:A" yes I did on a friends account (before making any final decisions on purchasing) and I wasn't impressed at all. I played 1-3, and tested the new one, and decided not to buy it. Rather tha...

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Remasters I'd take as long as they fixed bugs, added all content (not some, but all of it), and visual updates for todays technology.

There was one game remastered on the PS3 (forgot the name) where it was both the remaster and the original; to show how the game was updated from back then to today (at the time); those I'd welcome as well to show a difference in what was available as opposed to now. In fact I'd prefer both the original and remaster to show the ...

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This article does bring up some valid points, especially towards the end about Xbox backwards compatibility and the release of the PS2 classics on PSN store.

I'd welcome both options actually; BC for discs gamers own, and a remaster for those who didn't get to play the game(s) during initial run, and don't want to pay $100+ because someone had to price gouge on Ebay/Amazon.

As I've said multiple times; there should be some sort of option...

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"The setting, gameplay, enemies, or characters feel like they could have been pulled from any game. Filled with Health and Stamina bars, crafting menus, bullet time, and survival vision, Days Gone doesn’t do anything to distinguish itself from the masses."

One of two theories (or both):

1 - The demo (and/or videos) don't want to give away too much information, and the game gets negative feedback before release date. So Sony provides the vie...

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"In the past a game would release, you play it and finish it, then wait multiple years for anything new from them."

I've played games in the past, and those experiences are BETTER than some of what released recently. Games back then were made to be complete, and what you bought is what you get; now it's "release now and add on later." It's not times changing, it's how stupid some of the customers are to spend b...

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