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Every time I hear of "x play isn't possible" I always think of Final Fantasy 11 and 14 (PC, PS2, and 360), Portal 2 (PS3 and PC), and Street Fighter 5 (PC and PS4). How can Final Fantasy 11, a 2002 game, work on PC, PS2, and 360 up until 2016 with minimal to no problems, and 14 can work between PC, PS3 and PS4? So all these devs who claim "it can't work" are full of it and don't want to take the time to make it work. I'm not talking about "X company...

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I'm surprised Sega Nomad didn't even make honorable mention.

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You want my difference?

Indie titles, as of late, have been much better in story telling and game play.
AAA lately have been nothing but over hyped garbage.

So far for 2017 I've spent more on Indie titles, and gotten way more enjoyment out of them, than the "AAA" titles a lot of fans scream are better. Judge all you want, but I've gone back to previous consoles because I get a sense of enjoyment out of something made by compa...

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I know I'm going to get major flack for this, but FF15 was a big disappointment for me, and outside remasters/remakes I will no longer buy new games from them. Square lost its way back when it changed to Square Enix; when it was Squaresoft I bought their games when I could afford them, and played them until something new drew me away from their games. Now? I see them the same as a lot of other companies - money first, fans second. I thought things would change when Wada stepped down; ...

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If people had a backbone, instead of crying to the courts for "copyright infringement" over satire, why not fight back? I swear its to the point where satire isn't even considered a thing without someone crying about it, and finding ways to legally fight back. Grow a damn pair and fight/bite back; don't go crying about it.

It's one thing if there was something illegal going on, or hate-related material, or taking advantage of someone's ignoranc...

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"I game both on console and on PC btw. "

I own a PC capable of running Steam, and I own a couple of games off Steam that I play on occasion when I need a break from the PS4. I also own a few retro consoles, and outside emulation I don't see those games available on PC at all, hence why I chose console gaming over PC.

"Good games could come from anywhere ,please don't be ignorant about this... "

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I'd actually buy it if it gets a US/NA sleeve as well. It's the first racing game outside Mario Kart I enjoyed growing up before Gran Turismo.

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Clickbait article. What was said is taken out of context for the title.

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I somewhat agree with you. Anymore it seems a lot of games is copy/paste, and hyped as the "end-all" every time. I've revisited some older games, and had more fun than in recent times.

On the flip side, there are a lot of new experiences I have ran across, however they're Indie titles.

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I prefer consoles for 3 reasons:

1. I buy a game, it's made for the hardware without customization and verifying my hardware can play it first
2. I can borrow/rent as I want
3. Exclusives that fit my gamer needs

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"I need attention" - fixed your comment for you.

ME? I hate "stupid" gamers.

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It's 1 per page, don't give this site clicks.

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I'd rather play the game on my own since my style of game playing is different than the normal person. With videos there's the possibility of playing what you're told, or show what you're allowed to, where I can play what I want, my way.

I do see what you're saying though, and I'm glad Steam started with the "show actual game footage" instead of concept art.

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Then companies should amp their game up to stop releasing garbage.

On a serious note, what is garbage to one gamer isn't always garbage to another. There's a lot of "bad" games according to the masses, yet I enjoyed them for its own merits. There's also games that were praised "end all" and I hated them.

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Am I the only one still isn't sold on VR?

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I'd say depending on the game, let the player decide on their own how often they can save. I haven't played Horizon so I can't comment on it, however Fallout 4 and Skyrim has options to save as the player wants. There's a lot of games where you can save anywhere on certain maps/areas however inside certain places it's limited, which I'm assuming a lot of people will debate that being a wrong idea as well for "challenging" reasons.

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The big problem is the majority here swear to 60 FPS and even calls off some games as examples. The first thing out of their mouth is graphics, or something visual-related; not one started off with game play, or something outside visual aspects.

The other problem is motion-sickness, which is a concern for a lot of gamers. Just because the majority can play at 60 FPS doesn't mean everyone can. And there's those few, "buy some motion sickness pills," or...

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I know, but in case someone actually didn't get it.

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Didn't you hear? Sixty fps in any game makes it 1000 times better, no matter how trashy it is at start. Sixty means the game is an automatic 10/10 even if everything else in the game is broken. /s

I agree though, play games not numbers. I get so sick of some of these people claiming to be gamers debate/argue numbers when at the end of the day they probably won't even notice/care as long as the game is good.

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People started voting with their wallets. Trash won't sell, and the whole DLC/Season Pass situation is only going to cause companies to amp their game up and release complete games without advertising extras later.

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