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What's this outside you speak of? Is it cross gen?

Just means I have something to play between study time in college. #1.1.2
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I would rather the card game from 8 as an Android/IOS game; hell the snowboarding mini game would make more sense. #8
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(So far the majority of responses) "Oh no it's not, that's all CGI and cut scene because the internet said so! There's no way the PS4 is THAT capable of making games that good because of all the indie titles they keep over hyping and all the other games that have multiple screen tearing and lack of AA. I will NOT buy another Uncharted because it's a new generation; which means they NEED to work on another IP and move on. Just because the game looks pretty doesn't me... #1.8
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I'm gonna go to the midnight release for this game like I did the PS3 version, however I'm not playing the current gen anymore so I don't get burnout. #1.9
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I doubt it with the comment made about Xbox AND PS3 saves being transferred, if it does great for people who don't own the PS4 for this version. #14.2
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The guy can apologize and kiss up all he wants, fact is poor journalism and ignorance is the key here. Now when (if) the author decides to report more stores readers will now have to decide if he's still credible after this situation. If I had it my way I'd put the author on some type of probation then perma banned if it ever happened again. #1.5
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Right now since it's a "rumor" that's what I'm going to treat it as - a rumor. With that said, if SE does base FF15 on "current gen" they can keep the game and I'll support another company that is willing to risk putting out a game to support the fans over being greedy. #1.1.6
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Everyone gets to play it, I'm getting it on PS4 though. #2.1
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I can't stand articles that have separate pages. #2
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The DS4 controller to me doesn't feel the same as the DS3 does; and I hope this revised DS4 is more fighter-friendly. I do like how the DS4 is much better in the sticks and triggers, however the DS3 I can play fighters and certain racers way better. I also hope there's some sort of universal patch to allow PS3 arcade sticks on the PS4 so when I start preparing for Evo I don't have to worry about spending $ on something I don't need. #3.2
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My concern is all these delays, then in 2015 they get pushed back to "holiday season" for that extra sale. I understand some projects need time/planning however there's a difference between 'delay" and "we don't have enough confidence in our game so we're gonna wait until a dry season to hopefully get fans." #1.3
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I remember Sonic CD, one of the first with an animated opening. Killer Instinct arcade was another that I used to watch (also the first fighter to get me out of the whole SF/MK phase). Tekken 3 was the third. #3
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Why? Fits the mood. Would it have mattered if it was techno, or rock? #1.1
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I want games, not a cheaper console. So far outside the original Killer Instinct there's no games which fits my standards that scream "play me" that I can't find somewhere else. And before people start arguing a list of games, some do spark my interest however I need actual game play, not some trailer(s) and a ton of hype.

The price helps, however not enough. #1.1.5
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It depends on the situation; if it's an actual, legit bug or some sort of game-breaking issue then I can see it. What companies need to do is announce, provide progress updates, then when the came is close to completion then have a release window.

I don't hate delays, but I hate the overreaction of the fan base and conspiracy theories. The only time I hate delays is when you promise an exclusive deal, then "delay" to make it on a competitors console; don... #2
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Could do some sort of time jump like at the beginning when it was Raiden and Shao Khan; or have some story-related event which some of the characters return.

If they do introduce new characters I hope they make it tie into the story and not "just because" or fan service. #4.2
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No shit


Who couldn't tell it was a movie/teaser? #1.5
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My PSP still gets a lot of play even to this day; there's times I play the PSP more than the Vita. #1.1
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Same here, I rarely play online on the PS4 at the moment yet still subscribe for those free games. If they had the option I'd pick games and they can keep the online since I rarely ever use it, and the few games that I do play online don't require ps+. #1.2.2
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I miss the older Sonic from the 90's, the version I grew up with. #1.1
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