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They lost a few of my friends as customers; one of the biggest selling points of Destiny was the ability to carry over your character, but now they're saying no? And for those who will argue "no they didn't" yes I remember specifically them talking about how your character, items, and stats carried over to get the "full experience" - the same lie about Destiny being a 10 year project - which every interview they keep changing their wording to save face.

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As a (potential) customer, what would the Switch version of Skyrim offer me the other versions can't? A lot of people argue "portability" however there's notebooks/tablets that can play it for a cheaper price. So what can it offer that will have me sold?

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I can't wait to see an article like this again if GTA VR existed.

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"IF" it's Borderlands 3 hopefully it goes back to how the first game was. I may be the minority but I liked 1 overall over 2. The story in 2 was better developed, and more engaging, but the fun factor in 1 was way better than 2. I can't speak for Pre-Sequel because I had bad motion sickness playing it on the PS3 and 4, so I hold no opinion about it.

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At max there was at least 15 of my other friends at one time playing, and at times we'd rotate teammates to help those struggling on some missions. I was able to help get an additional 15+ sales on their part, since there's a lot to the game a lot of my friends asked for in an open world shooter.

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I can see myself playing this for a long time.

Your team only on the entire map
Seamless drop in/out with co op
Named weapons off bosses
Anytime customization on character (excluding nationality and gender)
Ability to block someone from entering your instance (and see who's on the banned list)

Controls need re tweaking (ability to customize), especially the vehicles and the dead...

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The sad truth is most electronic companies run their devices in the BIOS, or the most basic area of the device itself, and advertise "X can run Y hours!" however fail to mention with nothing else running.

I used to work for a major computer corp. and they pulled this all the time, and in theory it's not false advertising because it can reach those numbers - with nothing else but the bare minimum running. That's why most sites run benchmark tests to actu...

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I'd strongly suggest changing the title to "all platforms" instead of just Xbox One.

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If you need to PM me go ahead.

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Thanks. At times I do miss the community from Final Fantasy 11, but to leave the game is for the better in the long run.

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I stopped reading at the MMO part. I'm sorry but this article is partially written from someone who plays video games, but not an actual addict.

I used to be hooked on Final Fantasy 11, to the point it was 2 weeks before I even saw daylight. I remember quitting my full time job (Wal Mart) to work part time just to get that extra time in. However, it wasn't always like that - it started when I met people just like me online, and for the first time I actually fel...

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The majority spend more time commenting than playing games, which I find ironic since the majority claim they have a backlog of games to complete. I don't mind an intelligent debate, however when the idiots start trolling, name calling, and/or resort to petty excuses I ignore them and move on. There's tons of pictures where opposite companies are friendly towards each other; yet the majority don't see this - it's the same in politics.

The behavior on thi...

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Ok I'm officially not crazy; the older Zelda commercial was real. I remember watching it during an A-Team episode, and I had to get a Nintendo.

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Street Fighter Alpha 3
Tekken 3
Killer Instinct 2
Sonic 3 (and Knuckles)
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil 2
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 3/6

Those intros brought some damn good memories in gaming.

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Aren't they two different games anyways? Why compare something that has no relation to each other outside being third person?

Horizon I'll try when it's on sale; Zelda I'm waiting until the hype dies off and the actual reviews come in, and the Switch is on sale as well.

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I'd say Nintendo is more for the mobile market, Sony is more of the home console market. MS still hasn't found its identity yet to really be considered much outside PC gaming.

The main question I have for Nintendo, how many early adopters will KEEP their system? Yea, day 1 purchase, play for what, 6 months to a year, and resell it? The Wii and Wii U is proof Nintendo has a hard time convincing the majority to keep their consoles after a few games release, when th...

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WOW! I hope in the future there's some support for Bluetooth, even if it's just for audio and not chat.

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Dabi has some valid points though; Nintendo does produce false demand just to get their products sold. What I see Nintendo doing, is trying to create stock so there's a short shelf life for their products. Stores buy it yes, and that is a sale for Nintendo - I'm not talking about that. I'm referring to Nintendo wanting to keep supply low so they can act like everyone wants one.

There's moments I've gone to local stores and found some of their produc...

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Yes I did read the article, and I don't put all blame on amazon because they are usually told how many of a certain amount they can put for pre-order. Even if it's a system error, Nintendo could have still at least honored those with either a second shipment, or allow a guarantee for those who paid full price rather than charge day one when the system releases.

There's other ways to handle the situation, but to tell people "no" blatantl...

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