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It's 1 per page, don't give this site clicks.

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I'd rather play the game on my own since my style of game playing is different than the normal person. With videos there's the possibility of playing what you're told, or show what you're allowed to, where I can play what I want, my way.

I do see what you're saying though, and I'm glad Steam started with the "show actual game footage" instead of concept art.

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Then companies should amp their game up to stop releasing garbage.

On a serious note, what is garbage to one gamer isn't always garbage to another. There's a lot of "bad" games according to the masses, yet I enjoyed them for its own merits. There's also games that were praised "end all" and I hated them.

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Am I the only one still isn't sold on VR?

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I'd say depending on the game, let the player decide on their own how often they can save. I haven't played Horizon so I can't comment on it, however Fallout 4 and Skyrim has options to save as the player wants. There's a lot of games where you can save anywhere on certain maps/areas however inside certain places it's limited, which I'm assuming a lot of people will debate that being a wrong idea as well for "challenging" reasons.

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The big problem is the majority here swear to 60 FPS and even calls off some games as examples. The first thing out of their mouth is graphics, or something visual-related; not one started off with game play, or something outside visual aspects.

The other problem is motion-sickness, which is a concern for a lot of gamers. Just because the majority can play at 60 FPS doesn't mean everyone can. And there's those few, "buy some motion sickness pills," or...

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I know, but in case someone actually didn't get it.

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Didn't you hear? Sixty fps in any game makes it 1000 times better, no matter how trashy it is at start. Sixty means the game is an automatic 10/10 even if everything else in the game is broken. /s

I agree though, play games not numbers. I get so sick of some of these people claiming to be gamers debate/argue numbers when at the end of the day they probably won't even notice/care as long as the game is good.

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People started voting with their wallets. Trash won't sell, and the whole DLC/Season Pass situation is only going to cause companies to amp their game up and release complete games without advertising extras later.

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I agree with the author, especially the bit about how people claim reviews don't matter yet have something to say when an embargo appears.

I watch videos to decide if something is worth my time or not. Anyone can type what they want, put a score, and move on. The biggest issue I have is review scores are mostly based off of people who aren't fans of said series. A fighting game fan reviewing an RPG won't have the same score as someone who is a fan of RPGs; th...

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Evil Ryu - Capcom vs SNK - Dreamcast and PS1
Violent Ken - SVC Chaos - PS2 Import and MAME
Evil Ryu - Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3 - PS2 and MAME
Evil Ryu (also debated as Akuma) - Marvel vs Capcom - Dreamcast and MAME

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I can see it now:

MS - We added the feature to read Frames Per Second on Scorpio!
Fans - YEA! Suck it Sony and Nintendo!

2 months later
Fans - Where's the games?
MS - We have 5-6 games coming in the next 3 years. Be patient.

4 years later
Fans - You added all these features and yet only 1-2 games to show off the power? What's this?
MS - We added a feature to allow gamers to read mi...

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Last night I discovered the newer BlazBlue isn't bad either. Someone begged me to buy it to help practice for Evo (and they would buy KoF 14 to help me out).

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I don't hate Scorpio, I hate the fanbase behind it.

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Good read. I agree with a lot of what the author is trying to say. I stopped caring about reviews when the magazine Tips and Tricks ended because they had some of the best non-biased review scores. I also read Sega Visions, Gamepro, and Nintendo Power until College when I could read off the net. Now it's nothing more than glorified trolling for a lot of the scores (good/bad), and the stupid defending practices ruining the industry as a whole.

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Which I think is stupid. Developers should keep original content in the games and let the consumer decide what filters to add as needed. There's a lot of games I had to either import, or download the ROM to get the uncensored version(s) to get the full experience and story.

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I had to check re-check Persona 5 (just in case), and the paid DLC I noticed looked like some extras from the previous games (not sure if they are in the main game itself), a bunch of costumes and music, and the free DLC was difficulty and something else. I do see where you're coming from though, they have Personas from the previous games (not sure what that is exactly, I'm assuming something summon-related) and they are charging for it (looks like $3~ here in the States). At the sa...

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I'd say move Numbers 2 and 3 up one, and put Skyrim 3rd. Numbers 2 and 3 set standards for RPGs; all Skyrim did was take up peoples time with the bugs and glitches by forcing people to replay certain areas. I can't speak for Oblivion since I never played it, and Morrowind I played but not long enough to hold an opinion.

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I remember one series called Bases Loaded on NES, which wasn't bad back then. What would be a nice addition would be something like NFL Blitz but in baseball form, or something satire-releated.

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I only played the first one, and I like the idea and story, but the execution seemed to be lacking.

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