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Ok good I'm not the only one then, at least now I have official word and can do my studying for class. I wonder, if this is in preparation for the 2.0 update? #8
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Mine was Bushido Blade 2, just the opening alone built up a lot of hype for me. #6
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I agree with this list, and I'll also add to it:

12. Fix the RNG (Random Number Generator) when passing out rewards
13. Space battling
14. Proximity Chat in the tower
15. More open areas to explore #2
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Lavos (Chrono Trigger)
Kefka (Final Fantasy 3/6) #4
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Street Fighter Alpha 3
Rival Schools
Bushido Blade 2

Surprised those weren't at least on honorable mention #8
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What does RNG mean in Destiny terms?


I got the Ice Breaker last night from completing the Raid for the first time (as well as the trophy). Just means I can save my coins for next week instead of complaining like a lot of other players.

Weapon wise I can say my story is from bounties or completing missions; armor wise outside the hands (got them from the Raid) they're bought since I can't ever get armor engrams to drop post patch... #2.3
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My problem with Iron Banner is only the winning team gets pts, which is a problem/pain for those who aren't as good at PVP and on a team that's not as organized. If they allowed pts for just participating (winning grants more) that would make the event more interesting and people would stick around longer. #2
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"If you aren’t aware, though I’m sure you are, Sony recently announced a price hike to South Africa’s PlayStation Plus subscription costs of approximately 50%."

For those who just read the headlines without reading the story. #2
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I want Square Soft back, Square Enix can eat it. #1.1
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I've actually restarted some of my older games, I'm sick of the way gaming is going today; and don't even get me started on the player base today as opposed to the 90s. #8.2.1
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For once a list that isn't biased, I actually enjoyed reading it. I also agree with the author, those alone would amplify the replay 100%. #2
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I agree 100%; I can't stand the thought of someone going afk (especially with chat being limited) just to waste time/space when someone else who wants to do the strike/raid can contribute. If you're lucky one of your friends can jump in (hopefully).

The dropping out thing I don't like either, however there were times a few of us was dropped due to connection issues. Fortunately the people I play with do cross chat so if it does occur we can wait till they come b... #5.2
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That is something I wondered myself; hunt down a specific target/boss, 25 pts, complete a Strike 25 pts. I'd be open to the idea of 50-150 per Strike depending on level:

Lower level (8-20) 25 pts
Level 20 - 50
Level 24 - 100
Level 28 - 150

Also set a limit on either a max per day or within a certain time so people can't just rank up in one day, balance it so they can at least feel rewarded.

I have seen somethi... #9.1
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From playing through the beta and final game (currently 27 Hunter) here's what I want fixed:

- Acknowledgement on the more serious posts on the forums

- Some sort of number/email to contact regarding connection issues

- More stable online experience

- More diverse bounties

- Gunsmith to actually be more than just a few exotic bounties

- More areas to explore

- Trading... #3
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Skinny girls look good in clothes, curvy girls look good naked.

I always wanted to try TERA however I'm on the fence because it seems like a decent game however looks like another one of those "play for about a month then move on" types. #1.2
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My only actual complaint with PSN on the 4 is waiting minutes for messages to appear and/or requests taking forever to show up. I know the system and my internet are working since we did tests at other locations with various games just in case. I already knew there would be issues with it being the first attempt at a paid service on a new generation, and didn't anticipate such a successful launch so quickly.

If it was deep into the gen, then I'd be concerned, at t... #1.2
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Once you level 2 onward you get items delivered to you which you can get decrypted. Before the patch it was "rumored" the higher your level the higher the chance of a legendary/exotic; however post patch it's hard to say what part it plays outside guaranteed items delivered once you level.

I still did it for the free items since no one is gonna turn down free gear even if it's garbage 99% of the time - it's still materials. #1.1.4
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I'm another one who doesn't do to well in PvP when it involves K/D however I do contribute a lot towards the objectives. What I propose, the top 3 should have a pool between Strange Coins, Shards/Energies, and bonus Exp. The bottom 3 should have a pool between rare/legendary gear, with the more effort you put in (if your stats to get better) you have a higher chance towards exotics. The legendary/rare equipment should also be the type to actually help people get better, not to be u... #4.1.7
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About time this patch came out, and I'm close to level 15 on the Cryptarch. #1.1
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How about patching other issues with the game instead of "fixing" an issue that apparently is keeping your player base to stay in the game? #9
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