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Apparently the new thing is if your site needs some sort of traffic, post some type of flame-bait style story (or title), and grab popcorn for the comment section.

I did read the article, and this one is slightly different. This one lists what each one offers, and explains how one has certain features the other doesn't without using flame style remarks. I'd say it's more informative, and tries to at least steer away from the negative as much as possible. #9.1
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Depends on what someones definition of "gamer" is, and how much they care. Personally I consider myself a gamer, not "black gamer," or "hardcore gamer," or "console gamer," just gamer. I like how the article explains different perspectives on what's classified as a gamer with counter arguments from various circles. People will play what they like, and/or suckered into through peer pressure or marketing, and what they can afford.

... #12
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They could revisit London like they did with the expansion from the first GTA. Another idea is to remake 1, London 1969, and 2 using todays technology. #4.5
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I agree 100% and even added a bubble; it's sickening when we're supposed to be happy for our favorite games to come out only to instead read countless hate messages and fanboy garbage.

I also hate how just because some major studio makes a game by default the community is divided by either "OMG this game is missing X and Y" while the other side is "YAY we have A and B" followed by trolls with the usual "It won't sell because..."... #18.1
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Reminded me of the gaming scene back in the 80s-90s; platformers, fighters, and beat em ups. However, each game at least introduced something different to the table, unlike now where the majority of games are the same thing.

It's to the point I'm half tempted to dust off my older consoles just to relive the experiences and remind myself how different gaming was back then as opposed to now. It's a sad day when I own a current gen console, and spend more time pl... #8.1
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The Agency, an MMO like that I would dump so much time into. #15
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About time, hopefully I get to meet someone there this year. #3
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In my early years it was Nintendo/Sega, High School it shifted to PlayStation. I'd say at least PlayStation and Nintendo should stay in the gaming industry for their respective reasons; other companies (excluding MS) either dropped out entirely or went 3rd party, which isn't good for competition or innovation.

I will say though, if Sega ever decided to come back I would give them a chance, the Saturn/Dreamcast had certain games I would kill to play again. #5
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I'd blame MS before EA on this, not to troll or start a flame war but it is strange how PC and PSN can have free demos on the exact same games yet on Live there's pricing.

It could be a legit mistake, or it could be something like "buy the demo and receive a free X/Y item when game releases;" probably something in the ToS that no one reads. If that's the case they should provide a reason why there's a charge before fans show up with hatred. #1.4
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I feel the same way, I've gamed before trophies/achievements existed, and will continue to game even after they phase out. I use them as a way to prove I've completed a game (or the storyline) however to boost my epeen that's what competitive gaming is for. #2.2
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You sir, just went full retard. Never go full retard.


If only people did read THEN comment rather the other way around... #3.6.5
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Actually until recently I've owned more than double the exclusives on the PS3 and actually played them on a regular basis even post story lines. Now that I'm back in college for a second degree and I'm a professional gamer my time is limited on what I can(t) play. I'm not just talking well known titles either, I'm talking titles that people would argue "that lolX game, you have bad taste in gaming" however forget it's all based on per... #3.3.2
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If you read between the lines in the interview the reason for the delays is to prevent over saturation of games like last gen with a lot of ps3 games both multi and exclusive.

I actually commend them because I can at least spend some time on certain games, and by the time a new game comes out I would already be prepared for something else. I don't know how many times I've seen people complain because they have "too many" games to play (some still factory... #1.34
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After reading the list my question is regarding the limited download of FC4 for co-op: No one mentioned trophies being available/disabled if someone plays the limited version. I ask because I know some trophy hunters who refuse to play certain games because the trophies are either lacking or non existent (which is irritating because my number is way higher and I don't play for trophies I play for experiences).

My second question is if you pass out a ticket is it one tim... #1
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Anymore the person with the loudest voice usually speaks the most - and sometimes get "exactly" what they asked for (which goes for that be careful what you wish for statement).

I agree 100% with people complaining about nothing important; the majority of the time I find a lot of it either satire or professional trolling. It's one thing if they posted "you can't change the name of your character" as a heads up kind of story as opposed to "Why... #1.3.1
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If Watch Dogs wasn't so over hyped I would have enjoyed it a lot more. What's worse, my favorite games so far this year are indie titles and previous gen games. #2
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Or a healthier option of Celsius Tea


I like how all these people act like they know how to save a system that's doing good. #3.1
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I can see it now in Mass Effect

$3.99 for Paragon
$2.99 for Renegade

$1.99 for *character* to join your group #1.3.1
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"The thing is, remakes are bad. And you should feel bad. Yet why do I so desperately want to get my hands on a shiny new Xbox One and then purchase and play through Grand Theft Auto V again, when I’ve already done so on Xbox 360? Is it nostalgia? Of course not, I’m just a graphics whore." (From the article)

I stopped reading after that point. I could write a much better opinion piece after reading this; without the negative and name calling. My take on HD remakes... #2
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I wouldn't say Nintendo got lazy, I'd say they went through an identity crisis and forgot who made them famous.

As far as the controller with the d-pad (which is subjective) I'd give that to Sega (although both were comfortable and good in their own right).

I do agree with the majority of what you posted though, Nintendo was "the" console in my early years until I got older. PlayStation is what provided the mature experience I wanted... #1.4.1
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