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Good. I want reviews from actual customers, not "9/10 good game!" or "0/10 because the facial hair was one pixel off" garbage. Hopefully other services follow the same suit in the future.

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Is this even gaming news?

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What I don't understand, is how the majority can comment on a game they haven't played, and some don't care to play it. I hold no opinion because I haven't played the game at time of writing, nor have seen any actual game play outside the Switch reveal. Why? Because I've been playing other games I need to complete first, and because I don't own a Switch. Do I plan on buying one? Maybe, depends on what releases are on the horizon.

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I still remember playing the original Mortal Kombat on the Genesis. To this day there's certain aspects I like better than what we have today.

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I know with The Division everything worked out the box (I bought it digitally). With Wildlands, I bought the disc because it was cheaper on amazon at the time, so not sure if it makes a difference. I just need to know if the exp is correct or should be higher, because then I can say I'm not getting my bonus.

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After discovering there's a way to stage select the game after beating a level, and multiple new curse words, I beat the story mode. The Challenge Tower is almost a joke unless you have two people to get to Floor 50+.

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I'm on the PS4 and it's hard to say off hand if there's issues going on. What I do find strange, in the store it says to buy the Season Pass, however when I entered my code for the Gold Edition (twice just to be sure) it did show through PSN I successfully claimed everything. So far I've noticed a lot of my kills earn about 5 exp, so I'm not sure if that's standard or if it should be higher.

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The article says connection issues is a big reason followed by the price; the people I've talked to who actively plays this says it's the cheating/unbalancing is why people quit. Either way, I passed because I had other games to play, this one I'll pass unless it's borderline free.

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I still prefer couch co op over online. I understand the majority "need" their online, I still prefer having people physically around to better coordinate. The only time I don't like local multiplayer is PvP based games for the fact of cheating through looking at controllers or the screen.

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I'm not going to buy a console for just one game, regardless of how big of a fan I am of company/series. I need at least 3+ games before I invest in a system, even if it means waiting a few months/years. I'm patient enough to wait it out if needed. For the Switch, Zelda is something I did want to try out, however I need a couple of other games fitting my gamer needs before I decide to buy one; at the moment it seems around Xmas is when I plan on buying one since there will be sales...

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Mine started doing the same thing the other night. It then beeped 3 times and turned itself off. I know on the PS3 when it beeped 3 times it was dumping the RAM (in English, forgetting everything and starting over), with the 4 I have a couple of theories but nothing concrete.

I'm also on the Pro with a 1 tb Samsung SSD, so not sure if that makes any difference. A few things I did also notice the same day:

I was booted out of chat due to a PSN err...

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The part that gets me, there's people who defend this decision. You're told progress carries over (in another article I posted the links from Deej and other members of Bungie/Activision); now they're saying "Destiny 2 is built from the ground up," followed by other forms of unnecessary propaganda. Down vote me all you want, but the lies, the nerf rotations, and lack of content is the reason I quit. When Dark Below released, I already saw where the game was going, and ...

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"We need extra financing so this will help fund our projects."

Satire aside, why complain about fiction? In the beta I remember something about it saying being a work of fiction, so why complain about fiction? What's next? "You must have permission from local and national Governments before hosting a game in said place?" I swear people these days will find anything to complain about, for either the 15 minutes of ...

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This is one article

This one from Deej directly

There's also one someone below posted

This, is their "rewording" of what they ...

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They lost a few of my friends as customers; one of the biggest selling points of Destiny was the ability to carry over your character, but now they're saying no? And for those who will argue "no they didn't" yes I remember specifically them talking about how your character, items, and stats carried over to get the "full experience" - the same lie about Destiny being a 10 year project - which every interview they keep changing their wording to save face.

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As a (potential) customer, what would the Switch version of Skyrim offer me the other versions can't? A lot of people argue "portability" however there's notebooks/tablets that can play it for a cheaper price. So what can it offer that will have me sold?

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I can't wait to see an article like this again if GTA VR existed.

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"IF" it's Borderlands 3 hopefully it goes back to how the first game was. I may be the minority but I liked 1 overall over 2. The story in 2 was better developed, and more engaging, but the fun factor in 1 was way better than 2. I can't speak for Pre-Sequel because I had bad motion sickness playing it on the PS3 and 4, so I hold no opinion about it.

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At max there was at least 15 of my other friends at one time playing, and at times we'd rotate teammates to help those struggling on some missions. I was able to help get an additional 15+ sales on their part, since there's a lot to the game a lot of my friends asked for in an open world shooter.

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I can see myself playing this for a long time.

Your team only on the entire map
Seamless drop in/out with co op
Named weapons off bosses
Anytime customization on character (excluding nationality and gender)
Ability to block someone from entering your instance (and see who's on the banned list)

Controls need re tweaking (ability to customize), especially the vehicles and the dead...

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