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After reading the story there's two sides to this story, and then there's what really happened between this employee and Namco. My question to Tony Le is if the situation was that bad why not do something then? I understand HR asked him to be quiet (as he says) however he had plenty of time to act as it was happening to get Namco investigated.

When I was at EVO last year I ran into some Namco employees and they were nice to everyone equally, especially Harada when h...

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This will also force the indie developers to make good games without all the hype and advertising. The companies hating this policy are the cash grabs while the others aren't as concerned since they know their games are good.

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I don't mind well though of opinion pieces which flame wars are kept to a minimum or non existent. Some I've read were well written and actually left me thinking about certain things. Then there's the ones I wonder if they even graduated high school...

Some sort of filter is needed, however to ban all opinion pieces no I don't agree with the idea.

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Glad the x buy is cleared since it's a concern just in case. I will give this game a chance since I'm a fan of Mega Man and I have respect for Keji.

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Ooooh some hopeful competition for games like Fallout, this should be interesting.

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IF they released this in the US that would be filled within minutes.

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Good thing I bought that ps3/4 HORI pad.

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The reason I wanted to try SF4 this year is because at the time it was announced on a console I actually own. Now that they shifted back to the 360 version I had to change to another game because I do not own a 360 nor plan on buying one. You may not agree/believe my reasoning for being upset and that's your business, but it's a fact.

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We hope for A however B is what will happen. When Destiny first released I was part of the "ooh I have to play it" group, however, in Dec when Dark Below released I lost interest and went back to WarFrame. I know a lot of people started up again when the House of the Wolves released, however even now they're going through the same burn out as before.

The game does have potential, it does have certain things FPS games could take a page from game mechanics wise,...

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@ d_g
I hope you're being sarcastic and not serious.

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I can see it now...

7/10 - The game is fun, much better story, good dialogue, but at 4:50:32 his face didn't move exactly at 90 degrees when he was talking to NPC. Also the framerate dropped from 60 fps to 59 at this one cut scene that isn't at all important. I demand they fix it because I bought a $600,000 PC and I'll be damned to not get a full 60 fps experience.


At first when I read the article I thought it was another hat...

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I don't want to be "that guy" however I'd rather them actually fix the game before releasing new content. Granted I did read 1.04 is on the way for consoles I still want a working game before going after new content.

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I blame Sony and Capcom for this. For the first time I wanted to give SF4 a chance at EVO with a new PS3/4 Controller I waited patiently for to only be told "sorry, we f-cked up and took your money. But hey! It's SF4 and for the new generation!"

This alone is why I wait to buy games. After this fiasco I'm never EVER buying day 1 again regardless of what someone promises.

I don't blame EVO at all for this, they'r...

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Well the pad is for both the PS3 and 4, and I do plan on playing SF5 when it's released. No money lost however the headache I went through to obtain the pad and start to prepare for this years EVO is a disappointment.

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I'm going to be highly upset because I bought the PS4 version AND a HORI pad to only encounter issues?!

I do like the idea it's $25 for all the characters and content, I do not like the idea of how buggy it is.

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I've played at least 4 of the 10 games mentioned. Just further proof gaming back in the 90's to around 2005ish was still a good era.

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"I can't stand you casuals, obviously you don't want real and varied competition."

I'm an active tournament player through EVO (under my real name which I will not reveal) and your comment is the reason the ones who play online more than offline are knocked out faster, or "might" barely make it past the first pool. The reason players prefer to play offline is more than just "nostalgia" like you want to argue ...

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Also Xband for Genesis and SNES, required dial up. Even before then there was some test hardware for tha Atari systems however at the time the technology was limited so it never took off.

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I agree with master. The biggest reason I stopped playing is what was promised/advertised and what was actually delivered.

I thought about returning when HoW released, however with reports of players completing the expansion in short time frames made me realize Bungie lost a customer.

If people still find fun in the game, keep playing until they get burned out. I'm all for people finding what they like and play until they move on, just I won't be ...

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My two biggest concerns are price and availability. I know a lot of people argue bad games, however I'm the type to research and watch/play something before I make final decisions. Also with share play I can at least test a game out since demos aren't as big as they used to be (I know "beta" is the magic word however again some games don't have one available).

If my acct gets hacked, that's it. I have some games downloaded that aren't availabl...

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