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Just like 11; I'm sorry but with a game this easy (from what I'm told) buying in game currency means you're either lazy, or just suck at making money. #2
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I do agree with the author; spend more on a mission than the reward, or barely break even. What I hate the most is the missions are randomly generated, so your not guaranteed to get the same one over and over, yet half the pay? Some NPCs I refuse to do missions for because the payout is almost laughable, and sometimes borderline disturbing.

I still play online but to socialize with friends in a closed server, until they add more missions and up the pay on the harder ones. #5
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That's not enough, they would need verification. #8.1
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Rival Schools 3 without the DLC milking, I'd buy it at midnight. #12
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"This petition holds no power over the actions of Rockstar Games."

That sentence from the article alone is all everyone should read.

"We need to boycott/ban games that has animal cruelty; and while we're at it, books, movies, and even music!" It's a video game, last time I checked there was this thing called "Freedom of choice" which you choose to play GTA 5, you don't "have to" but you "want to.&quo... #1.1
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A type of social game? I'll pass. #1
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Before jumping on the "hate" bandwagon, I wonder if they really meant to put something else and was mistakenly put there?

After the countless "JPOnry" statuses from 11 I'd hope in 14 they don't go the same route with console and PC, since they already segregate servers. #3
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I can see another "delay" in the $500K bonus coming soon...

I read the article, and although R has yet to provide official word it's hard to actually say if this is legit or someone trolling. Sometimes Reddit can make a story sound so real then find out it's garbage or "fake." #5
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With Duke Nukem there was issues that required time and legal battles, so I understood the situation, and it was something that wasn't brought up over and over again. I personally liked Duke Nukem for the 90s references; however the other 98% of the internet hated the game for whatever reason (to each their own I say).

With 15 I'm sick of the hype they keep putting out just to find out later it's pushed back even further, no ETA, and the only saving grace current... #1.3.2
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"If" and I mean a big "if" this is true, there will be other games by then I'll enjoy and play, skipping over this entirely. My hype for this died the moment it changed to 15, and still no ETA on release. Ten years (roughly) for a game to come out is way too long for development, and almost not worth even mentioning.

Unless a reasonable ETA is mentioned I don't even want to hear about this game anymore. #1.3
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I vote up the stimulus to $1 million instead of $500K, and give everyone at least 10-15 extra rank for those who kept losing rank.

I also hope some jobs have higher payout again because spending $15-20K for a $3000 job isn't worth the time, effort, or headache. #1.3
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They also need to fix the random rank reset, I've been reset back to 52 multiple times even when the game works fine for others. Since Thurs I've been at 57, then some random "time out" puts me back at 51; then I grind back to 55 only to go back to 52 on Friday; then Sat i grind to 54 only to be back at 52 again, and now I'm currently grinding to 53, which AGAIN put me back at 52. Yet others are able to level up no problem, however there money vanishes.
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Yes it does, we had at least 12 missions we did between Gerald, Martin, and Simeon and my payout (since I'm 52 and the other player was at the time was 8) was at least double what they had. We tried low and high level jobs just to verify that was the case, and it was. The Martin ones we've noticed was the ones we noticed the most, with Gerald second, and Simeon third. Yes there was a hit in pay (mainly the one involving killing the lawyer) however on the flip side Gerald has higher... #2.1.1
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Found out rank also plays a part in payout; higher rank means more $ per mission. #2
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Want to beat GTA 5 sales? Stop making the same yearly garbage and go that extra mile for both offline AND online (outside obvious GTA online issues). #5
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I usually do invite-only for now until the morons start to drop off and play other games, so very little fear of losing cash on my part. I agree though it will drop then rise again. #4.1
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I'm using my $ on guns when I hit the rank. I have an apt (not too classy but better than nothing) however I wonder if R decides to add shops around to help decorate your apt. #2
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I'll take the cash, however I wish there was an option to start out at a certain rank OR cash, that way people have the option. Again the money is nice and I'm not complaining at all, just wish that other option was there. #4
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Off the dome Metal Gear Solid 4 (excluding the online), and Batman Arkham Asylum. #12.1.1
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I wish the game was longer than what it is, and there was some sort of random dungeon generator post game (excluding the Cow Level). Outside that I play this and GTA 5 online (when it actually works).

Where is the gear pieces located for the rings? I've tried looking online however I found conflicting information. #2
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