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I'm having issues loading the page, tried both Firefox and Google Chrome. #1
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One of the rare collections I actually want, Game Stop and Amazon are sold out entirely. I'll have to wait. #2
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Captain N, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario Bros show; now I feel 10 again :/. #5
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I could use some people to do Raids/Strikes, mines Nitrojin. #3.2
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Here's mine:

1. Kefka (FF3/6)
2. Liquid Snake (MGS 1)
3. Bison (Street Fighter series)
4. Amakusa (Samurai Showdown)
5. Shao Khan (Mortal Kombat 2-Trilogy)
6. Onslaught (Marvel vs Capcom)
7. Gargos (Killer Instinct Gold/2)
8. Nightmares (Zelda Links Awakening)
9. King Koopa (Mario series)
10. William Birkin (Resident Evil 2) #4
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Another article with separate pages, don't bother. #2
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I've played other MMOs (especially Final Fantasy 11), and sometimes you have to take the good with the bad when dealing with Pick Up Groups (PUG). To go on a rant about someone lower level joining your group, we all first hit that mission with low experience and multiple deaths regardless of being a lower level or maxed. Fortunately I played the majority of the game with people I already knew outside the game, or through someone else, and we completed missions together. Outside Iron Ba... #3
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No Goldeneye? #3
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PS1 opening, so many memories and hours lost. To this day if there ever is an option I'd use it as my boot up for all the PS consoles I own. #4
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Having 30 fps in games means I can play with little to no motion sickness, some games at 60 I wouldn't be able to enjoy either at all or on very limited play schedules.

Also this should be more of an opinion piece not an article. #6
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I haven't tried talking in-game so I can't comment on the issues with it; what I can say is we talk through x game chat. My biggest concern is actually meeting someone worth communicating with in game however you would have to filter through the trolls and people that "slept with your mom."

Combat related gestures I do agree with, especially since I know some people who are very limited on communication through headset, and having that option will make thin... #3
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We usually talk through xmb chat, in the final game I'm hoping you can form bigger teams so we all can talk at once rather than having to switch. #1.2
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I agree with the author (although I'm not a father) it does get old over time with violent games. At a younger age a lot of people think "oooh, look I can shoot things!" and as you get older it's like "wow, another shooter." The problem I see though is a lot of companies believe no death/violence = kiddy game.

I could use a break from the violence/killing games and play something different for a change, that's actually good. So far I found a... #2.2
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The pvp in this game so far is actually not that bad; I hope in the full game they allow options to disable vehicles though.

As far as the story I actually paid attention and wanted to know what was next. #3.1.1
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Just the little bit I've played it's definitely a time sink (in a good way) and very addictive. #3
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Star tropics #8
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Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 3/6
Killer Instinct
Mario RPG
Gradius 3
Secret of Mana
Clay Fighter 2
Donkey Kong Country 2
Final Fight 2
Super Punch Out #2
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Why should we care about what he does? I actually forgot he existed until this story reminded me of who he is. #1.3
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I wonder if it's one of those over fabricated news stories to build hype for the game. Another theory is the tunes could have some hidden message for people within a certain age to "hypnotize" someone into doing odd things; the pitches and sounds can code someones brain to do something proportional to the music (in this case sad music so they must commit suicide).

I watched a second video involving the Blue Pokemon cartridge and towards the end the brother call... #3.1.1
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Not that I'm calling the author out for nitpicking (because what's important to one person isn't to another) however some of the items on the list I'm glad isn't available right now; it means the PS4 is a gaming console first, and over time allow features the fans ask for.

I do agree though about the custom folder, less clutter. #2.2
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