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I'd say it's more of Warframe meets Star Citizen meets No Man's Sky than Destiny.

Bioware has a lot to catch up on for me to be a customer again after the whole thing with Mass Effect Andromeda. And before people start arguing "You didn't play the new ME:A" yes I did on a friends account (before making any final decisions on purchasing) and I wasn't impressed at all. I played 1-3, and tested the new one, and decided not to buy it. Rather tha...

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Remasters I'd take as long as they fixed bugs, added all content (not some, but all of it), and visual updates for todays technology.

There was one game remastered on the PS3 (forgot the name) where it was both the remaster and the original; to show how the game was updated from back then to today (at the time); those I'd welcome as well to show a difference in what was available as opposed to now. In fact I'd prefer both the original and remaster to show the ...

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This article does bring up some valid points, especially towards the end about Xbox backwards compatibility and the release of the PS2 classics on PSN store.

I'd welcome both options actually; BC for discs gamers own, and a remaster for those who didn't get to play the game(s) during initial run, and don't want to pay $100+ because someone had to price gouge on Ebay/Amazon.

As I've said multiple times; there should be some sort of option...

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"The setting, gameplay, enemies, or characters feel like they could have been pulled from any game. Filled with Health and Stamina bars, crafting menus, bullet time, and survival vision, Days Gone doesn’t do anything to distinguish itself from the masses."

One of two theories (or both):

1 - The demo (and/or videos) don't want to give away too much information, and the game gets negative feedback before release date. So Sony provides the vie...

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"In the past a game would release, you play it and finish it, then wait multiple years for anything new from them."

I've played games in the past, and those experiences are BETTER than some of what released recently. Games back then were made to be complete, and what you bought is what you get; now it's "release now and add on later." It's not times changing, it's how stupid some of the customers are to spend b...

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So, based off this article, "on paper" the Xbox X will be better, but won't really know 100% until both the console and games are released. I still need to see actual, exclusives in full effect before deciding if I want to give it a shot or not. Multiplats I can buy for either the PS4 or PC; I want to see some games only on Xbox that scream "play me, you won't regret it."

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I identify myself as a toaster - check your privilege.

Seriously what's next, suing a questionnaire because they ask YOU to ID your gender, and someone gets upset because the list doesn't have what they want to be referred as?

With Xbox, I can only see this being another target for SJW and trolls.

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For Mass Effect, I'd say Ashley and Kaiden from 1, not Mordin in 3.


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Without Sony I would have either found a new hobby, or stayed with Sega for their arcade perfect fighting games. Even if Sony ended it with the PS2/3 I'd still play those games since they had something a lot of games today are missing - charm.

Arcades brought me into the gaming world; Nintendo brought me into the "home" gaming world; Sega showed me there's a more, mature side to gaming; Sony kept me in the gaming scene.

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"Microsoft went on stage, announced the DRM requirements, the bundling of the Kinect with every console, and a $499.99 price tag. All of this happened while Sony was frantically changing their E3 presentation at the last second. Sony backed out of the DRM plans, cut the mandatory bundling of the PlayStation Eye, and dropped the price by $100. Sony had planned to do everything Microsoft had done, but backed out because it was so poorly received, instead using the chance to kick their like...

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Amazing how so many people argue the whole X play fiasco, yet overlook the one factor in this. Why work on something if it's never going to happen? Why put the time into making consoles play together if you know 100% the answer is no. Apparently something is preventing it, and once that something is fixed, it will happen.

I swear so many people don't know how to read between the lines. Instead, complain, bandwagon off each other, and look stupid instead of see...

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And this is why the younger generation today is the laughing stock of the world, and the fall of mankind. People who aren't even a part of the culture throwing a fit?! What is there to really get offended over if it has 0 to do with you? I'm black, and I get offended when "others" have to speak for me on what's considered appropriate for "my people." I can speak for myself, and the Spanish can also speak for themselves if the situation called for it.

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Apparently you weren't here back in 2005-2009 when it was the other way around with 360 and PS3. Now the tables have turned, and people are calling foul? Give it a rest. This is NOTHING compared to back then; and at least for today there's multiple outlets who are commenting after a couple of years into the generation. I can remember a magazine (Game Informer, but I could be wrong) displaying the PS3 with tomatoes being thrown at it, and the headline had "Battlestation" ...

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"crossplay between consoles, THATS a brand new thing! "

Really? What's Final Fantasy 11 then? That was Xbox 360, PS2, AND PC.

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@ Canadaturtle

Rewind the clock to 2005-2009, then re-read your comment.

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"The fact of the matter is though, I’d rather Sony come out and admit that it won’t happen for technical reasons, rather than saying it’s something that consumers don’t want when they clearly do."

I stopped reading the article after this line. Sony has said multiple times there were certain hurdles they had a hard time jumping, and even one E3 Yoshida himself made the comment "I wonder how they did that?" or something along those lines.

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"except that every multiplatform game"

There's the key word, multi plat. What about Exclusives? I don't care about multi plat games, I want exclusives running at 100% to see if the hardware is worth investment. Assassins Creed looks good, but Crackdown looks like trash in comparison. I'm not spending $500~ on something I can get BETTER on the PS4 Pro, or my PC.

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$4.99 I'd buy one then.

Seriously all the tech and nothing to show for it; I'll wait. If this is Microsofts way of promoting their "upgrade" by talking about all this "new tech" and "none of this has been done before," I'll wait until there's something that screams "oh s-it! I gotta buy one!"

Also, the one question I didn't see answered, can you swap the HDD? If there's a link can someon...

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They probably noticed Warframe does this with the Tennogen merchandise, and decided to try a similar situation with user created mods with a tight QA dept. I already sold both Fallout 4 and Skyrim Remastered, so it doesn't matter to me, but it's good for those who want to try something new.

I do have to ask though; was the price hike of the Season Pass for Fallout 4 really worth it? Couldn't they have made some sort of incentive like "Season Pass owners...

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Isn't story the main reason why a game is made to begin with? Even racing games have some sort of story behind them, outside just racing around a track a certain number of times to go to the next location.

Maybe an alternative story to prevent spoilers from the main story, but yes I agree ALL games should have a story, even if it's multiplayer.

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