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My hype for the game died off, at this point if/when it does get released, I'll think about playing it. #2.1
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I went back to Warframe; maybe not a full 6 party end game, however 4 is consistent with actual rewards that feel you put in time and effort into the game and not singling people out. The fact that Warframe is also free to play (with the option of buying Platinum) just adds more insult to Bungie since all the game needs is open world exploration.

As far as the PvP aspect not everyone plays PvP, in fact a lot of games would be better without it. The idea you added that jus... #11.2
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I slowed down playing when the DLC released, and moved on. While the game did have its moments what cracked the ice for me was the BS response from DeeJ about how the level 4 dominated Iron Banner.

I may go back someday "if" they actually fix what's wrong with the game; I don't mean the occasional patch, but actual issues/glitches.

I also miss the older days where you bought full games where you played to unlock content, not pay for it. #7.1
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Wii U

Seriously I already have a PS4, and Xbox doesn't have any games that fit my gamer needs at the moment. The Wii U has a couple of games I want and a few coming that I want to try out. #3
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I only go digital on games I know 100% I'm going to keep and never think of trading/replacing. I'd rather play it safe than sorry. #10
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You should read the forums where some of the die hards actually defend the price, and justify paying for the little bit offered, and some go as far as to say they gave away too much for the price (yes, there is some people actually saying this).

Since I bought the season pass (bought the digital edition which came with the game and both expansions) I tried the added content; wasn't impressed at all. Rather than to sound like a broken record with the issues (as well as th... #5.1
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I voted Sega Genesis higher than SNES, however both had games to this day that I still load up; they were just that fun. #8
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360 is more for 1/3rd person shooter tournaments

PS3 is more for Fighting Games

Not that they can't ever cross sides, however you won't see too many tournaments (Evo comes to mind) which will use Xbox yearly for 90% of the games; maybe once or twice every few years however not on a consistent basis.

Since I'm an active Evo player I can confirm this last year the majority were NOT happy with the Xbox swit... #1.2
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Please tell me this is satire, I refuse to believe someone is THAT stupid... #7
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The only time I shop at Game Stop anymore is if a certain person works there since he's unbiased with his gaming opinions, and even then if they don't have what I'm looking for factory sealed I look elsewhere.

As far as selling to them, I trade with friends, no more will I trade a game I paid full price for to "maybe" get $45+ back. #3
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I have the download however haven't launched the game; can other people on here confirm if there's issues before I try to play it? #1.4
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I noticed they extended Dr Ray Deangelo Harris talk radio, that alone sold me. #7
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Reminds me of the older 16 bit games Out of this World and Flashback. #1
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Ok good I'm not the only one then, at least now I have official word and can do my studying for class. I wonder, if this is in preparation for the 2.0 update? #8
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Mine was Bushido Blade 2, just the opening alone built up a lot of hype for me. #6
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I agree with this list, and I'll also add to it:

12. Fix the RNG (Random Number Generator) when passing out rewards
13. Space battling
14. Proximity Chat in the tower
15. More open areas to explore #2
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Lavos (Chrono Trigger)
Kefka (Final Fantasy 3/6) #4
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Street Fighter Alpha 3
Rival Schools
Bushido Blade 2

Surprised those weren't at least on honorable mention #8
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What does RNG mean in Destiny terms?


I got the Ice Breaker last night from completing the Raid for the first time (as well as the trophy). Just means I can save my coins for next week instead of complaining like a lot of other players.

Weapon wise I can say my story is from bounties or completing missions; armor wise outside the hands (got them from the Raid) they're bought since I can't ever get armor engrams to drop post patch... #2.3
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My problem with Iron Banner is only the winning team gets pts, which is a problem/pain for those who aren't as good at PVP and on a team that's not as organized. If they allowed pts for just participating (winning grants more) that would make the event more interesting and people would stick around longer. #2
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