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That's my point; they say DLC is covered, but label Morrowind as "expansion," and there's those die hard fans who actually support this decision, and some even argue in favor of it. What really bugs me, Thieves Guild, Wrothgar (if I have the correct area, the one where you get the bear suit at the end), Dark Brotherhood, and one other are "DLC" but Morrowind is something completely different? I'd like for Bethesda (not people on N4G)...

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And I'm part of the 83% (Sony).

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I prefer better stories, experiences, and game play. I've played NES games that were better experiences over this "4K" fad people going on about. Yes 4K may "look nice," but that's all it is - eye candy.

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Censorship in any form is bad, and unhealthy in the long run. All it does is make those interested smarter, and find ways around bans/restrictions. All it takes is proper education, good upbringing, and let the public decide what is good/bad for themselves and their families, not the government.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "Too much government is a bad thing."

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I haven't been to GameStop in over a year, and saved more money than shopping there.

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You're the kind of customer they want, someone who's always willing to open their wallet without question.

It's the idea of them giving other expansions under +, yet Morrowind isn't covered. It's not "gamer expectations getting out of control," it's they know certain gamers will pay for anything without question just because it's from Bethesda and they like their games.

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I gave up on ESO, and haven't looked back since. The final straw for me was the announcement of the ESO+ not covering Morrowind, and the BS reason from Bethesda just added salt to the wound. I know there's people hyped for it, and I hope it does work out for them; as for me, I'm enjoying new experiences that hasn't nickel and dime me to death.

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If video gaming isn't a sport, what is it considered?

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Anyone have spare costume codes from the pre-order bonus they can PM me? I really wouldn't mind the rabbit/cat looking suit. Or if there's official word of them releasing them down the pipe provide a link?

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First June, then Sept, now Aug? Make up your damn mind for the release!

I hope though, before college starts. I have hard classes this semester I can't afford to do average in.

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Sorry but those type of women are imaginary.

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I know they said 30 fps, I'm not disputing it. I'm saying they (Activision) will wait, and then claim they found some way to push 60 fps. I won't be buying Destiny 2 because of other games I found more deserving of my money.

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According to Activision and Bungie, yes.
To the (smart) fans, no.

Already they're showing some new marketing techniques to bait people into buying it. I'm calling it now - close to release, some big announcement involving 60 FPS on PS4.

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I don't like the idea of paying for a "chance" in a game at all. I know some will debate/argue why it's ok, however I don't see how you can defend this type of practice.

And there's a big factor a lot of people overlook - the ones with deep pockets win.

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Sega answered some of the SNES titles in a different way (and way later than expected). I do give Sega credit for the following:

Console upgrades
Color handhelds
CD medium
Analog controller

As far as controller, the debates are SNES is better, and even the PS controller is modeled after it; however I prefer Genesis because it felt more responsive, and all the buttons were right there instead of 2 separate locat...

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I owned both, and both together fit my gamer needs 100%. This was also the first time I had to look at other areas of gaming outside graphics, and even today I still boot these up on occasion since all I have to do is put in cartridge, turn on, and start playing - not wait for patches/updates.

Same with N64 and PS1; owning both filled the gaps in what is considered good experiences.

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I don't go off metacritic because my taste in games are different than other gamers. I've enjoyed games the public deemed "bad" or "average" while I hated high profile 9/10 games because it's the same thing under a different name basically.

I went back to classic/retro gaming because there's a lot of factors today I don't like that didn't exist back then. I can't stand wanting to play something, to wait for some patch/update...

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"Aren't you all f*cking tired of having the same discussion over and over again?"

I am. The root of the problem is the approval of these types of articles. You can tell the ones who approve garbage like this by the responses, and how they "think" they know how business, tech, and the gaming industry works.

I "was" interested in Scorpio, however unless there's some game(s) showing what it can do, and is actually leg...

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As it has been said multiple times,
All the horsepower in the world doesn't mean a thing if there's no games to back it up. I'd rather have experiences than just eye candy.

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I've started waiting on sales, and it's amazing how much I saved as opposed to being "the first wave" of customers. On the flip side, the early adopters do help in catching bugs/glitches. Tekken 7 and the new Sonic Mania are the last games I'm buying day one at full price.

Amazon at times sell new releases at $48~ as it is, so in theory I haven't paid $60 for a new release in a long time.

However, as of late I have had way mor...

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