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Open world games are welcomed - just put a reason why we need to visit said place. Exploring is nice, when there's a reason to visit a new place. Visiting just to visit works in real life, however in gaming you have to provide a reason why we're going somewhere else.

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They could always have characters leave your group, and just be an NPC. If they won't allow for characters to die, they must serve some purpose in the story itself.

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You didn't use the F- bomb enough, so you're statement isn't as sound.


I agree though, it should be an option since it is M rated. What gets me about our society, it's acceptable to curse, murder, steal, but show men/women parts? Uprising! We need to stop this! My children! And other stupid remarks. Grow up people.

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I'm surprised MS didn't come up with this idea sooner.

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Here's an easy solution - don't buy games day 1. Wait it out, and when Bethesda starts to lose money they will have to either listen to the fans, or go under. I read the article, and it's another person expressing their hatred regarding the new policy from Bethesda.

I'm on the fence about it because we as a community have yet to hear WHY they're going this route. There's theories, suggestions, and thoughts, however until we hear from them directly...

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99% of the time I'm either bored of the game within an hour, or motion sickness.

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Makes sense in theory. I had to order some new micro USB cables since some of the ones I use are on their last leg, so having a lot of cables is one thing I can see. I do question the whole thing with the 3DS not having one, seeing how I wouldn't mind buying one on Black Friday; however Nintendo assumes we would have the power cord from the previous model to work on the new one, which a lot of us don't.

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When the price goes down I'll think about picking one up. For now, I have a device where I can play all the NES titles I want, and can add/delete as I want. There are certain aspects these games have that todays games can take a page from:

Fun Co op
Story telling
Simplistic, yet challenging game play
Excellent balance of risk/reward
OFFLINE game play

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I'll try the game out because it will be a nice change of pace, and something different. Best part? OFFLINE!

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I question how many units did we here in the US get? If they sold 261,000 to 265,000 that fast, I wonder how many were shipped here? And why do they have to buy their own power supply over there?

To sell a high number that fast means a lot of people really do favor a lot of older games over current gen. You can't beat simplistic, fun, challenging games with simple controls, simpler graphics, and co op on a good portion of the titles available. I still prefer to wa...

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I'm surprised they didn't list Amazon as a comparison between the three.

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During Xmas break I plan on playing, provided the game is at least playable then.

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I'm black, and I 100% support ethnic characters in all games - as long as the situation calls for said character to be a specific nationality for the story itself. Being diverse just to fill a quota isn't what I'm referring to; I'm talking a good setting/story with a legit, good reason for a specific make for character(s) is what I mean. Mass Effect is an excellent example of what I'm talking about.

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It's up for debate if Robocop vs Terminator was better on Genesis or SNES. I preferred it on Genesis.


IF they release a mini SNES, and follow the same "only allow X games with no room of expansion" I'll pass. I read the list, and there's a lot missing which helped define the system to be different than the Genesis. I still am a Sega fan at heart, but there were some SNES games I wish played on the Genesis.


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Another reason why companies need to have a higher stock of whatever they're shipping to prevent this. Between scalpers, or the idiots buying into something $500+ for a $60 item, it's up for debate which side is the dumb one(s).

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Streets of Rage
Eternal Champions
Sewer Shark
Ground Zero Texas
Altered Beast
Sonic 3 and Knuckles
Sonic CD
Time Gal

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My concern is when is it actual, legit complaints, or over glorified trolling? Sometimes I swear the complaining is trolling just to see how far the argument(s) can go.

As far as gender specific pokemon, or genderless pokemon, who cares? Play the game, not genders.

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After the 1.4 update I've started playing The Division again. I now get a sense of accomplishment instead of hours of grinding and have nothing to show for it. Before people start arguing time/effort/risk = rewards I come from roughly 6 years of Final Fantasy 11, and if you can endure that game, you can endure anything.

I do agree though, tech specs instead of actual game play does raise a big flag, especially if it's a major release.

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I'll save you a click. It's already information we know up until now. It's basically "play for yourself" and "I can't comment on that answer."

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My debt.

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