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Takes less effort to Google the Destiny codes, yet some people out there are either that stupid, and/or lazy to "pay" for something that's free.

I swear common sense died in 2001. #3.1
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I vote Vice City and San Andreas over both 4 and 5. #12
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What you just stated requires common sense and patience, something a lot of people lack.


Some of those issues you really can't fault Sony for. #4.1
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Depends on the game for me; some games I prefer digital and some I like a physical copy "just in case." #7.1
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You forgot a couple:

Mike Tyson
Akuma in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo #3
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I don't get why you have disagrees, on this site that was about 90% of the articles around that time frame followed with countless opinion pieces to spark the flame even more.


I agree 100%, not knowing what's in the bill does raise a giant concern. So many people are praising "Net Neutrality" yet aren't questioning what the bill actually is or what's in it. For all we know the government will regulate what... #4.2.1
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Lately I've been going to gamesradar.com, the fanboyism there is very, very minimal and you can actually have a conversation without your brain cells committing suicide. #1.2.1
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The majority today feel "entitled," and will nit pick to no end whenever something doesn't go the way they want it. It's one thing to find faults/issues with games, however to hate a game because "it runs at 900p instead of full 1080p" is a bit much. Never mind the story, artistic efforts, tight controls, and/or game play; if it doesn't have the "I/me" feel automatically it's a low score.

What really irritates me is how the majo... #3
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I've been gaming since I was very young (mid 80's), and with the author I'm still waiting on that "magical moment" and start on a rampage in the real world.

Now, when I do get upset, I'll load up a game, kill a lot of people, save (or not), turn the game off, and do something else. No actual person/being killed, and still get to do what I want with the fear of doing something illegal.

Like others say, it's not the medium that ma... #1.4
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I hope they have a playable demo at Evo this year for 5, I'm not too fond of 4 and miss Alpha 3. #2
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I'd add Muramasa Rebirth, I like that game a lot. #2
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I'm gonna remember that quote.

I also stopped playing Destiny, and unless they give me a reason to return I've moved on to greener pastures. #4.1.2
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Seems like they're grasping at straws at this point with the "weekly updates." I stopped playing right after the Dark Below with 0 intentions of going back for HoW even though I bought the Digital Guardian Edition. There's just way too many broken parts with the game, the majority that still play (I didn't say everyone so don't go assuming) are die hards with a limited selection of games.

I do visit the forums on occasion to hope Bungie does some... #2
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After playing Destiny for a few months "Destiny" and "Story" do not belong in the same sentence. #8
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Bungie logic:

"Let's fix VoG by releasing a new raid so very few will visit it again!"

months later

"Let's fix Crota's end by hyping the new raid then release it!"

I gave up on Destiny after the bs responses from DeeJ. There's only so many times the phrase "we hear you" can be believed. #5
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6. Have an actual, good story that doesn't end with 45 minutes of playtime. #4
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The list is about 75% of what I hated about 2014, especially the whole fiasco about AC Unity and how they wanted people to pay an additional $99+ on top of $60 for a broken mess just to offer a free game later.

The "always online" I can see as a tool to help with bugs/glitches and to verify people are paying for legit copies of games; however outside those reasons I don't see the point, especially if someone is on a limited internet connection. I'm not talk... #1.1
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I wonder if this is some countermeasure for people trading in older 3DS models.

I actually thought about buying the new 3DS (first one to purchase) but after hearing this I'll wait to see if they release one with a power cord in the future; if not they lost a sale. #1.4
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I'd vote 1986-2005 (yes I was around in that time frame, playing Arcade and NES as a start).


I remember spending months looking for a PS2 when it was first released, and ebay (before amazon started getting big) had them for at least $2000+. #1.2.1
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One of the rare articles Kotaku wrote that I actually read all the way through without being upset at the end.


I agree with a lot of what the author wrote, and some of the reasons he listed is part of why I stopped playing. I'll return when they actually fix whats wrong with the game, rather than just band aid and move on. #2
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