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Amazing what you can do with time and imagination. I'm surprised the N64 and Game Cube wasn't on the list.

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Back when the game first released? I was on the bandwagon. Now? I moved on to greener pastures with 0 intent on going back. I had people borderline bribe me into playing when Taken King released; now they play other games for the same reasons why I left back when Dark Below first released.

The game had potential, and because of the direction Bungie/Activision went with this game not only did they lose a customer (me) they also lost my respect as a gaming company.

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After reading the article I still say the biggest question is why pirate? Verify the system can play the game in question? Because someone is on a limited budget? Trolling purposes? The why to me is more important than just pirating games in general.

I've had friends pirate games on PC to verify their system could handle the games before spending $ on something that "might" work. Back of the box and what their system is capable of playing are two different ...

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I actually got the Plat on Fallout 4 today during the outage instead of playing Warframe during the Sortie missions.

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I watched the digital version since the nearest theater that could play 70mm was at least a 2+ hour drive from where I live. This is one movie I will buy when it releases because there's certain aspects this movie have that Hollywood lost over the years. Granted I there's a few movies of his I still need to watch, so far the few I did watch I enjoyed and can watch multiple times.

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It's the ATM Machine. ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine, and using ATM Machine is Automated Teller Machine Machine. It's one of those issues that bugs me (as well as others).

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(From the article)


"Virtuous Vigilante 15 Protect 30 ATM machines"


I'm sorry but a grammar mistake like that makes me already lose faith in the game. Yes it's a "maybe/what if" however I can't believe someone missed it. And yes I'm highly against poor grammar like this.

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I still vote the 90s as the golden age of gaming. Reading this article I had a memory that made me smile - the first time playing Street Fighter 2.

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*Loads up game on Insanity with no bugs or glitches*

Holy S-it!

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Can't both games be good in their own merit(s) and move on?

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The Division on PS4

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I'll try it out if it comes to PSN, I could use a good beat em up.

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SNES had some games I wish were on the Genesis, however my vote went to Genesis for fun factor. A lot of fighters might have LOOKED better on SNES, but PLAYED better on Sega. Prime example that comes to mind is Street Fighter 2. I was the "outcast" that had it on Genesis yet they would rather come play it on Sega because of the 6 button controller.

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I want the Nintendo from the 80s and 90s to come back. I'll reserve judgement on this new Nintendo "idea" until I at least see what makes this different.

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Amen. Especially every 5-10 min I'm back at the exact same settlement, with the exact same issue they need. I hope in the future they are either spread out, or at least provide different locations. A few of us turned those repeat quests into drinking games because they're almost that predictable.

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Both have their issues, and believe me there's times I've experienced some issues on Fallout which I had to take a break. Both companies I didn't go too hard on because it's their first time making games for this gen; and with CD Project I understand PlayStation 4 is the first time they actually made something for it. Cyberpunk 2077 I'll play when it releases because I am a fan of the dice and paper games, and again I do like their policies involving gaming as a whole. ...

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I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this; I voted Fallout 4. I honestly got bored with Witcher 3 after a while, and the game breaking bugs I've experienced (before the patches started to come out) left a bad taste in my mouth. I tried the game a second time once the patches released and still couldn't get into it after certain points (to prevent spoilers I'll say I was over halfway through the story mode both times).

I do agree with CD Project policie...

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You forgot Socom 2

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Street Fighter Alpha anthology
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
GTA Vice City and San Andreas
Socom 1, 2, and 3
Capcom Classics Collection
Capcom vs SNK 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2
World Heroes Anthology
Tekken 5
The Bouncer
Final Fantasy 12
Dead or Alive 2
MGS 2 and 3

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Did you complete the story? I was curious.

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