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I've lost all faith in humanity after reading the complaints regarding this game. I know someone who owns it, and I got bored (as well as a touch of motion sickness), but I'm not going to call the game for "false advertising."

So I guess now the "new thing" involves experiencing the exact same thing as someone else, otherwise it's automatically bad, false ads, and needs to be shut down. I guarantee if this was on other platforms, the amount...

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I'll try the game since it will be my first experience with this style of game (when Ico and Shadow of the Colossus was out I was playing other games), and willing to try new experiences. I enjoyed Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls was a nice change of pace from the typical games at the time.

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It really depends on the gamer on which one has total value. Since the article is going for $ amount yes PSN wins, if you're going for actual value to the customer, that's up for debate.

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If that's the case, so does movies, music, literature, and even college classes. I'm all for the movement(s), as long as it's there to promote a positive thing, and not just to pull the "me too" card.

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It has a headphone jack, I will NOT buy this because it means they still favor outdated technology. /s

If it does come to the states at a lower price, I'll pick it up. I could use a "Plan B" for music.

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To those crying about "quality of games available," do you actually know what hoops Xbox/PS has to go through to get free games monthly? Probably not.

Granted I'm not defending/praising PS+ or Live, I would like a clear, explanation from BOTH companies the process of being able to obtain free games monthly, so the majority can stop whining about not getting what they want. Personally, some of the "indie" titles I wouldn't pay for, and the fac...

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How many of these articles are going to appear? One, maybe two are ok, but with 4+ a week this gets old.

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Warframe is fun if you have the right people to play with. Personally I got bored with it because it's the same grind fest with minimal rewards. I'm also on the fence about uninstalling the game if they push a specific reward past day 400 (just in case I don't want to spoil it). I do log on for my daily, and to help others out, but to play 8+ hours a day like I used to, no. For a free to play game though it does have a lot of content for someone who's just starting - for a...

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I've been told by people who do not have Plus can still actively play ESO with no problems. I've read online people saying they can't play without plus. It's hard to say since I've had plus all the time (waited until the sales came around to purchase it) so I can't test the theory at the moment.

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If it plays anything like MvC 3 I'll pass; that game was a button mashers dream. "IF" it's confirmed I hope they provide some sort of way to play 1 and 2 again on current gen.

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Gearbox has a lot of making up to do for me to be a customer again - and that's a big if.

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I agree, the RPG scene is declining in quality, story telling, and character development. It's a sad moment when I rather replay earlier games because they have the aspects of a good game, and just because technology is getting better doesn't always mean the games are getting better either.

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Review scores should be the following:

Positive/Negative of the game(s)
Reviewed by fans of the series/genre
No numbers, let the public decide
Provide screenshots/videos of why they feel the way they do

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How about fulfilling demand first before deciding to make another classic remaster?

Game Boy/Color
Game Boy Advance

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I officially retired from Fallout 4 after the recent dlc Nuka World released. I tried to keep going but there just isn't anything after obtaining the plat (PS4 version), and completing all the dlc. I know some would argue mods but even those get old after a while.

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I hope the hell so. I like the atmosphere of the Dark Zone, but I can't stand griefers ruining the experience. Especially camping the entrances to pop people, then argue "it's part of the game. Git gud or git owt" (yes, someone actually sent that to me).

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Now to fix Dark Zone. At least provide a PvE option with lower rewards or a PvP with higher reward.

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I'm getting a "website is offline" message when I try to read the article. Someone have an alternate link?

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Why is this commercial a bad thing again? We have worse than this and no one says a word.

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I put it in my cart on amazon. Tomorrow depending on what other sales is available I'll pick it up with what other items I decide to get.

By the way if anyone is wondering, at time of posting the New 3DS that's $99 is a 3rd party only item on amazon, so in case anyone was wondering.

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