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It's one per page, don't give them the clicks.

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I blame bad parenting, the media for "glorifying" negative news over positive (talking about the negative for ratings instead of information), our US government for not ENFORCING what's already in place to prevent unnecessary violence, American school system for encouraging students to become drones instead of individuals (and lack of an actual education), and parts of American Society for arguing/debating over animal rights when we as humans don't even have all our rights....

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I hate both scalpers, and the companies who swear "Limited Edition" equally.

Scalpers like to argue supply/demand; and because the majority have "deep pockets" can buy and resell at a higher price.

Limited Edition instead should be more available through other channels outside just websites; especially for those with limited/no Internet connection.

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Silent Hill 2 with Pyramid Head.

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"It's the same as pornography. They have desensitized people to the value of human life, to the dignity of women, to the dignity of human decency. We're reaping what we've sown here."

I stopped reading the article after this part. I can't believe the ignorance of American Politicians at this day/age, and especially when it's been proven countless times video games and other media is not the cause, but other factors adults fail to address. Th...

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I'm more concerned about the direction gaming is going with the "always online" Internet phase, and the idea of having to "hope" what I want to play is still available at a later time.

But I do agree with your original comment; gaming is about experiences, and having a good time. I look at gaming back then, and gaming today, and sad to say but gaming back in the 80s-2005 was much better than it is now. I know I'll get trolled/downvoted but it...

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This thing called wife/girlfriend, is it a legendary Pokemon? Where do I find such legendary creatures?

Seriously though I'd assume Tetris, Mario Kart, and/or a fighting game would suffice.

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Metal Gear with Zombies? I'll pass. Took longer to download the demo over actually playing it.

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I'd like to try the game, but asking for $50~ for a game I can find elsewhere for $10~ (excluding one character) is a bit much. Also Reasons 1 and 2 can be lumped together under "Online" in general. I'd say my 3 reasons:

1. Overpriced for a game that adds nothing new
2. Online needs a big overhaul
3. Limited incentives to continue playing after beating story mode

And for those wondering, yes I did get a chance to p...

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I miss 1 and 2, make the series like those games again.

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Outside not buying games with a Season Pass (I did receive DB Fighter Z as a late bday present) at initial release, I now skip over games that don't have a beta/demo available. I want to know what I'm getting into before dumping $ into something I "might" like. Some companies will argue/debate it cuts sales, but if they release good products then it will help boost sales. And I'm referring to big name releases, not Indie titles.

On topic, aren't...

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Fighting game-wise I give it to the Saturn over PS1, especially with the 4 MB expansion. X-Men vs SF was legendary and near arcade perfect, as well as MSH vs SF. Guardian Heroes I rank up there with Streets of Rage for beat em ups.

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Granted the article does say more details are coming in the near future, here's what I want "if" they want my $ for this - an actual account where it shows what I purchased, downloaded, etc. and the ability to redownload said content if I was to buy a new console (like an upgraded model) down the line. Licensing can always be traded, which I'm fine with because I don't share accounts with anyone due to past experiences.

I hate the idea Nintendo allows...

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Your troll attempt failed. Try again.

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"What if Game Pass can become the idea that allows developers to just focus on creating the kind of games that they want because they know that the market is going to be there?" (From the article)

You can't be serious. The day gaming goes all digital, is the day I quit gaming for the future, and stick with the classics. Having a $10 a month pass does nothing for the customer, because the publisher can always pull away their game(s); then what? With a disc ...

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This is NOW becoming a topic of discussion? Where were they back last gen?


Ever since I stopped buying games with a Season/Expansion/Whatever Pass prior to release, I've not only saved $ in the long run, I also realized there is no reason to buy Day One knowing the game(s) will go on sale after the first couple of months. There should be NO reason to have a Season Pass prior to release; if you can't include all content at launch, I can wait. ...

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They need to release a 3DS that has a power cable with it. I bought the SNES 3DS and had to buy a power cable separately. Yes I knew before purchase I needed one, but the point is why sell a piece of hardware without all the parts needed at start?

As far as cosmetic options I do agree an option for something cosmetic related would be nice instead of spending another $200~ on something that does the exact same thing your current hardware already does. The only time I...

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One per page, I'll pass.

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I'm so glad I didn't buy into the hype. And with recent reports it seems Bungie didn't learn their lesson.

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