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Depends, because some games (Fallout New Vegas) can have more substance, and more fun factor as opposed to a game with virtually unlimited play time (Fallout 4). Fetch quests doesn't mean better game; but stories do.

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I get so sick of these 1 per page articles. Don't give them the clicks.

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I'd say at least have loot boxes to either cosmetic only, or have it where you're rewarded with something you have yet to own so you're guaranteed something different each time.

Lost Planet 2 comes to mind with a good way of handling loot boxes. I know people mention Uncharted 4 however I can't comment on a game I haven't played yet. Tekken 7 also does a good job providing items you don't own, and they're cosmetic.

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If Final Fantasy 11 did this I'd go back; as long as it was free to play and not $13 a month. I tried WoW multiple times and just couldn't get into the game.

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I never knew Vita was a failure to begin with. Just because Sony shifted focus doesn't mean it failed, especially with games still releasing for it.

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I know I'm going to get downvoted for this, and maybe ridiculed, but I buy a console for gaming first, and to play games. The extra features I honestly don't care about because most of the time I rarely use them, if at all. On the PS4 outside gaming all I use is YouTube, and maybe Twitch. I don't use the browser, or Hulu/Netflix (since I don't have them), or the other programs they have. The other features sound good on paper, and there may be people who do use them, but p...

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Gamers win.

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Please tell me this is satire...

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1. Power doesn't mean a thing without exclusives to show what the machine is capable of. Multiplats can only do so much with this "power," whereas PlayStation and Nintendo can show what their systems can do.

2. This can be up for debate. The biggest problem is motion sickness with a lot of gamers; and some will argue "there's medicine, no excuse," however what's the point of having all that power if you can't enjoy it due to a medical...

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The more I read about these kind of "Industry changes" the better my classic consoles look. It's getting to a point now where I'll spend more time on single player games, or games that the MT are cosmetic only and leave the rest alone to prove I don't support this kind of behavior.

Zelnick explained that "we aim to have recurrent consumer spending opportunities for every title that we put out at this company. It may not always be an online model,...

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It's 1 per page. Don't give the site clicks.

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My way of escaping this "dark zone" is to boot up a classic console, and play it. The SNES Mini I was able to modify it my way, and now if I get "burnout" I'll play something classic to remind myself how much better gaming was back then as opposed to now.

Lately I've been taking breaks to work on my gaming project, watching some YouTube videos for certain ideas, and college work. Gaming is more of a business anymore, not a hobby, not somethin...

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That's where the problem starts with a lot of these debates - too many people are comparing hardware that isn't released to the public yet. The root of the problem is way too many people (especially trolls and fanboys) take what's said out of context, and run with it adding fuel to the fire. I personally don't see any actual exclusives that show the power of the Xbox One X I can't get on the PS4 Pro as it is. Visuals only go so far; I want first party games that can at ...

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No games that fit my gamer needs, so no I'll pass. The Switch has my attention this holiday season though.

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I stopped taking the majority of the gaming community seriously when they swear that opinion = fact(s). So someone doesn't agree with your view(s) of said game - who cares? Bypass the trolling, and obvious non constructive feedback, it's another perspective of a game.

If he was to give it 10/10, the majority would say he was paid to give it a perfect score, or he did it just to keep face with the crowd. If it's below the average score, then it's click-b...

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A lot of it is trolling, not necessarily people who actually believe what they type. I highly doubt most of the people here take what they say 100%, and/or can say what they believe with a straight face.

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I want top notch games (preferring exclusives). If I want just raw power I can customize I'll game on PC.

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Says who? My first gaming project is single player first, with couch co op. Must be the "new thing" to question something that isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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The Division is one of those games where thinking with your pockets almost cost you a gam. Then a new person took over, and after listening to the community now the game is actually getting a lot better. No it's not A+ quality, but it's damn sure a lot better than initial release.

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Now that I know there's a Season Pass for this game, I'll wait until the game releases a full version. Skip day 1 for me.

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