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I know the author mentioned "their top 10" so I'm not questioning the opinion, however I'm surprised Xenogears wasn't mentioned.

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When CoD brings something NEW to the franchise instead of renaming older content passing it off as new then the majority will stop the hate. "If" they ever release the CoD4 remaster as a stand alone I'll buy it. It seems they pull the same tricks yearly - ground breaking trailer(s), show some of the highlights, then after a while people hate on buying into the hype of a reskinned game. I stopped because I seen this a mile away after CoD 4 (the ONLY version I like), and went t...

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Capcom vs SNK 3
Bushido Blade 3 (or a remaster/remake)
GTA 5 Expansion

I know those won't make it, but I'd be happy if they did :(

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I've read on the Bethesda forums there's a lot of people with this similar problem of Shipwrecker not showing up, nor his radio signal appearing at all. I've been on every part of the island, and even went off map a few areas, and the most I've came across was a Mire Queen that kept registering as "You can't go here," so I had to improvise the fight. Otherwise the signal won't appear at all, and nothing on the map still. On PC there's a console command...

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I found the quest through a random NPC talking to me about it. I talked to Longfellow which he mentioned the radio frequency. I've traveled the entire Island twice, hit every spot, even tried going off map just in case, and still can't pick up the Radio waves to get him. I'm not sure if anyone else ran into this bug or not, but just in case I figured I'd point it out.
I have successfully completed the main story,
*SPOILER* I have all 3 factions availabl...

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They should have done this a long time ago. There's no excuse for a company like Capcom to half deliver games, then "hope" the customers buy into season passes and 1/3 of games for that extra sale.

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Who said I was port begging? All I said was if it was available elsewhere, I never said I wanted it on a specific platform.

@ C_Ali88

No s-it.

Apparently this site is to the point you can't even make a positive notion about something without morons (or trolls) twisting words around to make themselves look better.

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If pokken tournament was available on other platforms I would have bought it. The idea alone is worth trying out; pokemon characters in a Tekken-style fighting game? I'm down.

At the same time Capcom needs to stop thinking with their pockets otherwise more fans will leave to greener pastures. I want the Capcom from the 90s to return (I know it's impossible now but still).

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Does a game like this really need a multiplayer? I'm not trying to troll but asking a legit question. I can see co-op missions with friends but a competitive multiplayer?

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If it was a standalone COMPLETE version by itself I'd buy it since it was the first time I actually played CoD and wanted to experience it one more time. However I refuse to pay the price for basically one game. If this takes off then there's going to be a new trend that won't go away for a long time.

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Are you on the PS4 version? After a recent incident with two people on my friends list I'm looking for new people to do the Incursion with.

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Here's what they NEED to fix, and this is coming from someone who spent at least 16+ days worth of play time on the PS4 version and currently have the Plat:

1. Make either a PvE Dark Zone, or allow toggle between PvP and PvE to prevent grief players. Now before people start arguing "that's the dark zone, get in/out" or "git gud" not anywhere did Ubisoft say the Dark Zone was a PvP area, just to watch your back; so that can be interpreted by any...

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More like "Make a chat party and get randomly booted out every 5-10 minutes" day. But yes it's also Uncharted day.

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If they don't add either a plan B for those who don't want to do the Dark Zone or have a PvE instance for the Dark Zone I'll even give up the game. I was hooked until the Dark Zone was getting to the point of grievers taking over just to argue "it's part of the game."

This last rotation of the M1A sniper riffle made it to where at certain times of the day you can't even go to the safe house without a team of people either trolling or rogues ...

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I'm on the PS4, and even I'm starting to get burned out fast until something new comes out. I'm getting sick of the behavior in the Dark Zone (Especially grief players), the bugs are starting to get worse (especially with certain missions not loading), and just recently I've hit audio issues with Power Plant challenging.

The Dark Zone is a big reason why I'm not logging on as much, and it's not the idea behind it - it's the players. I get so si...

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I stopped playing the series when MW2 was coming out because of the comment Bobby Kotick made about deleting content and releasing it as DLC. The few times I watched some friends play I'm glad I stopped; all I heard was kids trash talking, no new game-breaking mechanics that added to the game itself, and overpriced maps to rip the fans off.

Granted I probably described a big number of other games, however CoD 4 was brought me into the series, and thanks to Mr Kotick he...

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I'll buy the remaster if it's stand alone, but I will not buy a game I won't play for a remaster.

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Well thanks for replying. I'm going to be upset though if it's a potential reward from the Raid, I have yet to complete it once.

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I couldn't hear sound so I apologize in advanced if the answer is in the video, but how do you get those outfits?

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"Where's the First Party titles I like"

Fixed the title.

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