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I'll wait till a GotY version comes out. I'm no longer buying games with planned dlc day one, week, month, etc.

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Swap 5 for 1 and I'd agree with the list. Also I'm surprised Star Tropics wasn't listed (or mentioned), it was the American version of Zelda.

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I restricted myself to 4 full priced games for the year, and surprised at how much I saved instead of buying day one. Next year, unless there's a game screaming "buy me" it's another 4 full priced games for the year, and I'm also adding a new modifier - outside Tekken 7, and/or MMO games, any game that has a season pass, I'll wait until there's some GotY version.

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Final Fantasy 11
Borderlands 2
Fallout 3/NV

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And I will NOT be part of the estimated 4 million.

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Let's see how many SJW's and trolls will have a field day with this.


It reminds me of an older Square game called Secret of Evermore from SNES.

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I bought SF5 back when it first was available as a pre-order, and when it released I was able to download it just fine on my Batman ps4. I bought the Pro (through amazon), and ever since I'm not able to download the game at all. It stalls after about 3-4 gb and errors out. The story mode dlc downloads no problem, but the game itself can't. Of course through normal troubleshooting, Sony says it's an issue with Capcom, and to contact them. I sent a support ticket to Capcom, and...

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Hey Capcom, how about answering my email regarding my issue with not being able to download 5 on the Pro? Until you get this issue fixed, I officially boycott your games/services, and will only buy used so you get $0 from me. I submitted emails, trouble tickets, and have yet to hear from you. I sent an email to Bethesda regarding ESO, and within 12 hours got a response. Sony was quick to talk to me as well, but you guys still have yet to hear from me. I'm a highly upset customer, and...

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Title screams click-bait. I'm not even going to give it a click. Sales wise games always go up/down depending on the market(s), and with it being close to Xmas who's to say people are waiting to buy it around then?

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Minus the trolling, and it's basically 15 minutes of SJW fame. Out of the millions who are of the lifestyle, maybe a handful will grasp at straws for no apparent reason. I'm black, does that mean I should raise all kinds of BS if they question "Are you sure your character is black?"

Some of these people need to really stop whining and complaining about everything. The trolls and "sensitive" are only making it worse for their children; we'r...

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I'll buy one. Screw the Mini NES.

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The title screams click bait. All companies sit on tech for a while until the market is ready, it's nothing new. Just like I learned about 8K TVs being marketed within the next year in my marketing class.

Involving Gran Turismo, I do want to try this out to get prepared for 7. I still have GT HD on the PS3, and still amazed what was accomplished back in late 2006/early 2007.

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If that's true, that's one highly stupid move on Capcom. They're already skating on thin ice for me (since I can't access a game I paid for), and now putting endings behind paywalls? I'm actually concerned about Resident Evil 7 after hearing this.

Want to finish the game? Season Pass!
Want to get special outfits? Season Pass!
Want to know the backstory of Enemy A and B? Season Pass!
You don't have the Season Pass? We&...

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Translation: We're in talks of how many characters we should include in our year 1 and 2 season passes, as well as rushing the game out in time for Evo 2017.

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I'm surprised Mario Kart GP (Arcade version) wasn't listed. I'd still vote 64 as my all time favorite of the series.

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One technically is 3/3 if you count the special characters after your two main for the group. But yes, 1 is 2/2 otherwise, and 3/3 on 2 and 3.

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On the PS4 I've noticed Queue times during loading (which means people came back). I still refuse to go in the Dark Zone, until they fix it.

I will also say it's nice being able to get rewarded for playing, rather than grinding all day for "maybe" a piece of gear you don't want.

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Last time I checked, playing video games constitutes as a gamer. Whether it's 5 minutes or 5 hours, gamer is a gamer. It's the masses who want to categorize casual, hard core, etc.

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Is there a time frame when this will be available to everyone? I read in the article its a GameStop exclusive, but doesn't say if it's a permanent or temp.

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Before PT the last game I actually got the chills playing was Silent Hill 2. PT was definitely something I needed as a break from the recent game releases.

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