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I've actually restarted some of my older games, I'm sick of the way gaming is going today; and don't even get me started on the player base today as opposed to the 90s. #8.2.1
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For once a list that isn't biased, I actually enjoyed reading it. I also agree with the author, those alone would amplify the replay 100%. #2
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I agree 100%; I can't stand the thought of someone going afk (especially with chat being limited) just to waste time/space when someone else who wants to do the strike/raid can contribute. If you're lucky one of your friends can jump in (hopefully).

The dropping out thing I don't like either, however there were times a few of us was dropped due to connection issues. Fortunately the people I play with do cross chat so if it does occur we can wait till they come b... #5.2
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That is something I wondered myself; hunt down a specific target/boss, 25 pts, complete a Strike 25 pts. I'd be open to the idea of 50-150 per Strike depending on level:

Lower level (8-20) 25 pts
Level 20 - 50
Level 24 - 100
Level 28 - 150

Also set a limit on either a max per day or within a certain time so people can't just rank up in one day, balance it so they can at least feel rewarded.

I have seen somethi... #9.1
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From playing through the beta and final game (currently 27 Hunter) here's what I want fixed:

- Acknowledgement on the more serious posts on the forums

- Some sort of number/email to contact regarding connection issues

- More stable online experience

- More diverse bounties

- Gunsmith to actually be more than just a few exotic bounties

- More areas to explore

- Trading... #3
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Skinny girls look good in clothes, curvy girls look good naked.

I always wanted to try TERA however I'm on the fence because it seems like a decent game however looks like another one of those "play for about a month then move on" types. #1.2
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My only actual complaint with PSN on the 4 is waiting minutes for messages to appear and/or requests taking forever to show up. I know the system and my internet are working since we did tests at other locations with various games just in case. I already knew there would be issues with it being the first attempt at a paid service on a new generation, and didn't anticipate such a successful launch so quickly.

If it was deep into the gen, then I'd be concerned, at t... #1.2
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Once you level 2 onward you get items delivered to you which you can get decrypted. Before the patch it was "rumored" the higher your level the higher the chance of a legendary/exotic; however post patch it's hard to say what part it plays outside guaranteed items delivered once you level.

I still did it for the free items since no one is gonna turn down free gear even if it's garbage 99% of the time - it's still materials. #1.1.4
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I'm another one who doesn't do to well in PvP when it involves K/D however I do contribute a lot towards the objectives. What I propose, the top 3 should have a pool between Strange Coins, Shards/Energies, and bonus Exp. The bottom 3 should have a pool between rare/legendary gear, with the more effort you put in (if your stats to get better) you have a higher chance towards exotics. The legendary/rare equipment should also be the type to actually help people get better, not to be u... #4.1.7
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About time this patch came out, and I'm close to level 15 on the Cryptarch. #1.1
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How about patching other issues with the game instead of "fixing" an issue that apparently is keeping your player base to stay in the game? #9
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Finally something different for a change rather than the usual posting.

I'd have to vote my very first console ever - Game Boy back in Xmas of 89 when it first launched with Tetris and Mario Land.

Then NES a year later (which started to kill my social life) however thanks to Nintendo I was able to learn how to read, write, and count faster than normal.

Genesis was next in 93 with Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition, then Bday of 9... #5
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I only run in when I see a Legendary or for ammo. Lately at random I keep getting booted from the game, so to play it safe and "just in case" I'll run in and grab the Legendary drops that way if I do get removed I didn't lose my chance. #3.1
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I'm getting burned out on the gaming journalism, not the gaming industry. Over saturation of "Why X is better than Y," "Why X game sucks," and the daily bait articles to start massive controversy in the comments. #6
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Who would disagree with that? Unless it's a mistake. #7.1.1
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Agreed, my friends and I are having fun playing together, regardless of what the internet screams. #13.1
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I'm not targeting you specifically, however I get sick of people comparing Destiny and Borderlands. The only things they have in common is kill enemies for loot, both are multiplayer, and first person shooters. I guess the new standard is "if you have to kill enemies for loot, compare it to Borderlands."

I didn't buy the game on hype, I bought the game because it's an experience my friends and I can enjoy together and actually have fun wit... #2.1
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What I learned:

Person opinion still comes first, not what someone else "suggests." Just because 99% of the internet "likes/hates" something doesn't mean "join the hate/like train or you're not a gamer" followed with marks of trolling and/or people hating over nothing. I actually like Destiny for what it is; yes it can be better, yes there is plenty of potential to make the game better, yes there are some things even I wish were changed... #14
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"I'm just glad so many people were smart and waited for the reviews before rushing out and buying the next Bungie game." With that point you lost all credibility.

Reviews are opinions on someone elses experiences, not the "end all" to deciding buying/renting games. There's countless times I've read low review scores on games yet they ended up being good/decent games and I've seen "perfect scores" that ended up being absolute g... #13
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When Destiny was beta I spent at least 12+ hours a day on it, and tried to get all uncommon equipment. Now the game is released, and I don't feel the same hype as I did back in the beta. Bad game? No; could be better? Yes. I do agree with a lot of your points however some things I will voice a second opinion on:

Voice acting - Since I still have a ways to go in the game I'll hold opinion until after I complete the story. So far I have a positive response on the... #3
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