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The title reminds me of those click-bait articles on social media.

"Learn how this guy won the Lottery using one simple trick!"
"Learn how to pick up any woman by this simple rule"
"If you live in X State, you're in for a surprise"
"If your hand shakes, THIS is what it means"

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Exactly. I've been gaming since the 80s, and played my fair share of violent games. I remember when Mortal Kombat was "the thing" at the time; I didn't go and start fights, or shoot up anyone after playing Doom. I was also around when Columbine happened - and there was this big scare that something along the way may happen at my school. Not once did I condone in any violent acts purely due to something I watched/read/played. But I don't matter because I won't br...

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At the end of the day, whoever provides the biggest paycheck wins. If gaming companies "donate" money to do research, then games will remain as-is. Another group provides a bigger paycheck, don't be surprised to see some sort of change in the future.

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There's far more important matters at hand to discuss within our government instead of Video Games. Something else is going on behind the scenes if the media keeps bringing up this nonsense. And like everything else this will fall off the map and something else will come up.

Reminds me of the whole Ebola scare - everyone was all up in arms and screaming about it. Then about a month later something else appeared and was talked about.

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I'd rather not get involved with this and still own a physical copy of the games I buy. Biggest reason is games can rotate out (or be removed), and you're paying money per month to have the privilege instead of owning a copy of the game(s) and play whenever you want.

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It makes sense to have something talked about in 2019 around March since the PS3 and Vita is losing Plus free games. Could be to help soften the blow to those who still actively game on those consoles.

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I quit the first game when Dark Below released. I was so mad when it took longer to download the expansion than to actually play it. A mile away I saw all this coming, and glad I jumped before it was too late. All the hype, "betas," review embargoes, and marketing was further proof the game/series is trash at the end of the day.

Bungie lost me as a customer, and at this point have been written off from future games they develop. My final straw was the idea o...

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Don't forget books, magazines, comics, listen to music, and life in general.

It reminds me of PETA wanting to ban Pokemon because it encourages Animal cruelty, and was laughed out of court. Uneducated people need to be reminded the media as a whole is not to blame at all, and 99% of these "school shootings" can easily be fixed by teachers and parents. It's bullying, teachers who are only out for a paycheck, and parents who do nothing are the ones to be...

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It's one per page. Use caution.

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It's probably going to be like the PS3 where one was backwards compatible and the other wasn't.

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I agree 100%, and I'm an avid gamer. I hate how so many "stupid" gamers think it's ok to spend money on MT because it's the current trend, not realizing they're just making things worse for the future of gaming in general. MT is a big reason why I went back to classic gaming - unlockables through playing, and not paying for extras just because some gamers have deeper pockets than others (or who live at home with their parents).

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To a degree, yes. We're putting together a list of do's/don'ts at the moment.

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Probably ran the numbers, and realized a lot of the PS3 and Vita owners already own what they're offering, and not enough people are on those systems enough to warrant a continuation.

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Game play, story, and fun factor will always win over just eye candy. There's a problem when I have more fun with previous gen games instead of what's currently released. The project I'm a part of is addressing a lot of current complaints, negative trends, and other silly nonsense.

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When will uneducated people realize it's not video games, or any media for that matter.

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Surprised the song played when Gohan went SSJ2 during Cell isn't included.

That one song against the green bad guy.

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*Breaks down and starts crying*
Some fond memories of playing this with online enabled.

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It's one per page, don't give them the clicks.

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I blame bad parenting, the media for "glorifying" negative news over positive (talking about the negative for ratings instead of information), our US government for not ENFORCING what's already in place to prevent unnecessary violence, American school system for encouraging students to become drones instead of individuals (and lack of an actual education), and parts of American Society for arguing/debating over animal rights when we as humans don't even have all our rights....

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I hate both scalpers, and the companies who swear "Limited Edition" equally.

Scalpers like to argue supply/demand; and because the majority have "deep pockets" can buy and resell at a higher price.

Limited Edition instead should be more available through other channels outside just websites; especially for those with limited/no Internet connection.

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