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If Nintendo at least explained why it's being discontinued, then the majority wouldn't be as upset with Nintendo. I do get what you're saying, and it does make a lot of sense. At the same time, they just released a "No, we're done" and left it at that. Without reasoning behind this decision does make fans question and wonder what's going on.

What really bothers the majority, how they said the North American side o...

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AAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDD the winner is.....


Glad I didn't buy one, and after reading this I just lost a lot of respect for Nintendo.

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Good to hear. This is something I wanted for a long time, and glad to hear there's at least someone out there listening.

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A lot of it has to do with what a consumer buys with the console. Games, online services, extra peripherals, etc. where as back then it was console, maybe an extra controller, and a couple of games.

NES I bought with TMNT (first one), and forgot the other game. I lived on about 5-6 games total for the NES during it's run. I rented and borrowed the rest, and I was happy.

Sega Genesis I bought with 2 6 button controllers, Street Fighter 2, and a coup...

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Another reason why I don't want, or have kids.

Cloud saves after each play through?

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I've seen both played (roommate is borrowing both games) and Persona 5 strikes my interest way more than Mass Effect does. What started me to pay attention to Persona is him not playing anything else but the game, and plays for 8+ hours at a time. Mass Effect, after about an hour he puts it down and goes on another game. Alone that does say something when one game can be played for hours and the other for a few minutes before playing something else.

At the end of the...

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I have some pills I bought a while back that I use if I do start to get sick. If I enjoy the game(s) I'll take the pills until I get used to it and I'm good; If I don't like what I'm playing I move on and save the remaining pills for another game.

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I'll wait until the holiday season, this way there's more variety of games available. Not "they are coming," but actually available for purchase. So far my experience with the Switch is a mixed opinion, and to prevent sounding like a broken record I'll say I reserve all judgements until more games are available.

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I can debate this on both ends.

When I owned the NES back then, I could have just as much fun with only 4-5 games (and borrowing/renting the rest) and be set for a long time. Also consoles back then came with at least 1 game (depending on deals/specials up to 3 games with console purchase), along with 2 controllers, and I remember games costing $49-$59 for new releases. For the NES, at max I think $500~ was the absolute most spent on gaming.

Sega Gen...

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Cosmic Star Heroine has its patch now. Hopefully I don't see "placeholder" again when trying to talk to my team.

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I already own a device to play NES games with way less headache, and I can put whatever games I want to play - not what Nintendo feels I should play.

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I still have some older games, and after the recent trends with gaming, I'll stick to physical versions.

Dreamcast - Boot up, game loads.
Sega Saturn - Reset clock (with a new CMOS battery), game loads.
PlayStation 2 - Game loads after reading memory card(s).
Current gen - Online required to get updates. Patch downloads, game installs. Some time later, error occurs and have to restart game.

Plays older Dreamcast game - M...

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I read me 200% off this list.

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Damn :(

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Off the memory my first arcade game was the Players Choice 10 for Mario 3, and Altered Beast. Street Fighter 2, Tekken Tag Tournament, Marvel vs Capcom, and Final Fight is where I spent most of my money. I also remember going to Wal-Mart to play TMNT arcade (the first arcade game I did beat), Samurai Showdown 2, and Mortal Kombat 2.

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I'm happy and pissed at the same damn time. I bought the 99 Dream Match on DC (and this version on Steam about a year ago), and almost bought the PS2 version for $50+ off amazon. If it does release on the PS4, at least I can save $ and have two ways of making up new curse words in between matches.

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I wonder how different things would have turned out had it stayed first person the entire time.

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A lot of debates are Sega dropped out before Nintendo and Xbox had their consoles released, so that's why it's not considered part of the group back then. In Japan if I remember it was still going but here in the US it died Oct 30, 2000.

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Sega had the potential to at least be the 4th console in the race back in 2000, even with the PS2 launching. If I had the money, I'd bring Sega back to the console business to bring something new the other companies still over look to this day. So far I give Sega the following for being the first:

Successful 16 bit system (I know some will debate SNES but Sega did come out with it first)
Successful Color Handheld
First successful CD peripheral

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I keep reading about all the power the Scorpio has, yet I never see any games taking advantage of the power. Also the question comes up "What is the split between the system/OS and allowed for games." If there is ACTUAL, 100% confirmation (not rumors, or s/he said), please post it.

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