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This is exactly why I skipped purchasing the game at launch. I'll wait for some GotY edition with everything for a lower price.

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At E3 2013 Sony made it clear that night you can play offline, while MS was stating you have to have always online (Before the day one patch). And there's also the Don Mattrick quote, "Fortunately there's a device for those without connectivity called Xbox 360." Then continues, "well if you have 0 access to the Internet it is an offline device."

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Ok, thanks for replying. I'll try again later then.

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I actually agree with the author, and this is a big reason why I chose PlayStation over Xbox this generation. A lot of debate is "the majority have reliable, high speed Internet. LOL sucks to be you to depend on slower speeds" and other nonsense; when it reality, a big portion of the gaming community still relies on either limited access, or no Internet. It's easy to take for granted the high speed options, available patches, and extra content when ever you want, yet forget a...

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The USB port on the back of the PS4 pro no longer uses my Siberia 840 headset, but the front port works fine. The system recognizes it, but no sound comes out at all; while the front port(s) work with it. Can someone else verify if their headset works on the USB port in the back? This didn't happen until after the 5.0 update.

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Exactly. Pick up and play, and have fun.

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Because games back then were made by gamers, and people who want to play what they made. Games today make me sick with DLC, Season Passes, some sort of tacked-on multiplayer (or something requiring to be logged online), and my all time favorite - Patches.

I own the SNES classic, and I miss the days of being able to play for a bit, complete the game, and get a bigger sense of accomplishment than the (majority of) trash that's out today; requiring achievements/trophies...

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I stopped buying (fighting) games where DLC, Season Passes, and/or planned content is already discussed even before release. Tekken 7 (for Evo purposes) was my last purchase, and I do want Dragon Ball Fighter Z; however if there's talk of some sort of "extras" that cost money, I'll pass. I learned my lesson with Street Fighter 4 and 5 with "day one" purchasing.

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I'm burned out on Warframe, and it will take some new content (besides the open world addition) for me to come back full time outside just logging in for daily.

As far as updating the Xbox, sounds good.

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Sorry for the caps, but I'm happy as all hell regarding this game.

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Most of the hate is bandwagon, repeat information. Notice the majority just rinse/repeat what each other says rather than forming their own opinions. It's one thing to share the same idea(s), but most of it is just "following the leader."

I don't "hate" 15, but I was highly disappointed with its execution. I played both demo's of the game (Platinum, and the one with Type 0), and actually forced myself to play the game itself for long enoug...

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I tried watching one of PewDiePie's videos, and I honestly don't see the humor in any of his content. His market is towards manchildren and kids. I'd take down his videos as well if I was a publisher because he (PewDiePie) does promote inappropriate behavior, and reading between the lines basically says "act an idiot and get paid. Act like a human and be poor."

To be called out once, and lose sponsorship is a big detriment. To do it repeatedly mean...

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Hopefully. Or probably like they did with Shenmue 2 on Xbox; release a "movie" which shows the highlights of the first game to get people ready for the second.

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What's this thing called a girlfriend you speak of? The only dates I get, are updates.

Really though I had a bad experience with a non-gamer female friend (never dated, or did anything), and I will not make that mistake again. From personal experience; if they can't take the time to try and bond with you through your hobbies, and yet you can make time to learn what they like, move on.

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How about fixing the ability to use blueprints in the Collection Box? I hate how I have Legendary blueprints there to only find out later I can't do anything with them but level up.

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The root of the issue is the ones defending it aren't paying out of their own pockets. Let some of those "fans" pay $30+ per instance; they will sing a different tune then.

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Same here with being picky with new purchases. I remember having to be the first one to own a new game; now I only pick/choose what I know I will put some time into. I spend $60 for a good experience; not hype, or because a developer made it, or because the Internet says you have to.

In fact, some of my best experiences this year weren't $60 games, but indie titles.

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There are some games where no matter how slow/fast you play, it will be completed in an unrealistic time frame due to skill, time, etc. on the player.

I remember when MGS 5 Ground Zeroes was "the thing," and I completed the main mission in under 30 min, while others spent over 2+ hours just on the first part. It didn't change my opinion due to speed (or story), but how the game itself was.

I have my reasons for ...

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Translation: Game isn't as large as expected.

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How can something make a comeback if it never disappeared in the first place?

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