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Less talking, more showing. I have 0 interest until a gameplay video is released.

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@ theshred

I played KoF at Evo this year, and it's what SF5 should have been; giant roster, balanced game play, and an actual sense of accomplishment when you complete a match. Don't just judge the game based off the demo from the PSN store.

SF 5 only has recognition because of the name, not because it's a good fighter. If I had it my way I'd go back to Alpha 3, 3 3rd Strike, and Hyper SF2, leave 4 and 5 alone.

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Surprised Dragons Crown didn't make the list. I do like Unit 13 though.

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Lesbians, drugs, cheap combat, and an interesting story. Can't get better than this.

Flip the coin

Game breaking bugs (especially being stuck on ladders as you jump)
An unattainable trophy (Was told there's a patch coming to fix it)
Hacking glitches through the wall which requires a restart of the game entirely

Nice game though, just needs some fixes.

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I stopped playing around mid June when I was told what I purchased was "too early." I honestly don't even have the drive to play anymore.

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My question to Bethesda; what incentives would you give to those paying for the sub if the Gold Edition is a cheaper alternative in the long run? I know people will argue the perks of the sub, however outside pets and maybe a few upgrades there's really no reason to have it with this releasing soon.

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Gon from Tekken 3.

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I own DriveClub, and to this day I still don't see what the hype is around it. I bought the game when it was on sale with Plus (if I remember it was $20~ with season pass), and couldn't get into the game itself. I asked other fans of racing games how they felt, and we all agreed the game had potential but ultimately didn't live up to the name.

CoD I stopped after the first Modern Warfare because I already seen where the series was going. I did play some of t...

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Coming from the 90s Fight Scene, SF5 is a huge disappointment compared to what Capcom used to release. Some areas of the game I do agree is a bigger improvement from 4, however overall the game was botched from day one. I do actively have 5, I completed the new story mode, and I bought 2 of the 4 characters available. I look at the older Street Fighter games I own, and ask "what the hell happened?"

Over time the game "can" get better, and so far it do...

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Some honorable mentions:

The Division
Street Fighter 5
Too Human
Call of Duty

I'm sure the list is much bigger however this is off the top of the head.

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I remember when Capcom did say something about it (which is still a big why not in the original release); still doesn't excuse them from not including it day one. The ONLY saving grace is some of the story elements introduced which would make the public outraged because of certain characters involved that's not in the initial release.

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The story mode should have been in the game day one, not a patch after the community threatened to stop supporting Capcom. So far from what I've played in the story it isn't half bad, it does answer "some" questions between 4 and 3. I do like I can unlock the newer characters over paying $6 per character.

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The only "whining" is people asking for either an instanced PvP/PvE Dark Zone or a toggle option so griefing is minimal.

The bugs, exploits, glitches, and occasional "I didn't get my drop(s)" aren't what I'm referring to. I stopped playing because I don't get a sense of accomplishment; instead I feel frustrated and don't really care to continue playing. The daily intel missions are a step in the right direction, however Massive (Ubi...

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The Dark Zone is the reason I slowed down from daily to maybe twice a month. Second reason was a cosmetic pack I bought which was released "too early" as posted by a community manager when I didn't receive it for almost 2 weeks.

I started up ESO again, and haven't really looked back at The Division. I'll return when Massive and/or Ubisoft actually listens to the fan base. The new instance "The Underground" or whatever it's called sou...

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I know the author mentioned "their top 10" so I'm not questioning the opinion, however I'm surprised Xenogears wasn't mentioned.

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When CoD brings something NEW to the franchise instead of renaming older content passing it off as new then the majority will stop the hate. "If" they ever release the CoD4 remaster as a stand alone I'll buy it. It seems they pull the same tricks yearly - ground breaking trailer(s), show some of the highlights, then after a while people hate on buying into the hype of a reskinned game. I stopped because I seen this a mile away after CoD 4 (the ONLY version I like), and went t...

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Capcom vs SNK 3
Bushido Blade 3 (or a remaster/remake)
GTA 5 Expansion

I know those won't make it, but I'd be happy if they did :(

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I've read on the Bethesda forums there's a lot of people with this similar problem of Shipwrecker not showing up, nor his radio signal appearing at all. I've been on every part of the island, and even went off map a few areas, and the most I've came across was a Mire Queen that kept registering as "You can't go here," so I had to improvise the fight. Otherwise the signal won't appear at all, and nothing on the map still. On PC there's a console command...

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I found the quest through a random NPC talking to me about it. I talked to Longfellow which he mentioned the radio frequency. I've traveled the entire Island twice, hit every spot, even tried going off map just in case, and still can't pick up the Radio waves to get him. I'm not sure if anyone else ran into this bug or not, but just in case I figured I'd point it out.
I have successfully completed the main story,
*SPOILER* I have all 3 factions availabl...

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They should have done this a long time ago. There's no excuse for a company like Capcom to half deliver games, then "hope" the customers buy into season passes and 1/3 of games for that extra sale.

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