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It's hard to actually determine under performing from someone who's fatigued/tired; especially the ones who play all day, then play another off game (what some called 'casuals') then go back to continue playing in the tournament.

I don't mind the rule either way, however they would need someone who can actually tell the difference, and if needed delay a match (within a reasonable time) so both can play 100%; otherwise a lot of legit players are going to be... #1
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Jack and Rose from MGS 2; especially "You know what tomorrow is Jack?" Man I hated that so much. #9
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I'm actually getting tired of hearing about him; few months ago all I knew is he made Fez (a game I never was able to play) and within the week N4G has at least 4-5 articles per day involving him - stop it. We get it, he's pulling a publicity stunt for attention, and crying over the media; however we don't need to be reminded every 2 hours about the whole situation.

The way I see it, Fish should have kept quiet and more professional; and the other guy Beer shou... #4
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I want a Star Tropics remake, or a whole new game (with the way 2 ended they can make a 3). #1.3
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I never supported his games (I don't have Steam or a 360) and even "if" he decides to make new games I won't buy them. Guys like him are part of the reason gaming isn't like it used to be. #1.1
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I hate articles like this that has separate links; to see Fear Effect on a list however makes my eyes water - they were fun games (the fact you had lesbian action in 2 in some scenes made it easier than the scrambled channel back then).

I'm surprised Xenogears didn't make the list, along with a ton of other games. #4
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I was able to play KI at Evo 2013, and honestly I'd rather play the older games; biggest reason is the older games felt more like a fighter (because of the fierce competition back then with other fighting games) and now it feels more like something they threw together to get some of the older fans involved just to say "we have a fighter on Xbox, you must play it!"

Will I play it at someone elses house if they have it? Yes. Do I feel it's worth spending $... #1.2
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Don't EVEN get me started on PETA; I understand there's animal activists and yes I do believe animal cruelty is bad, however a video game is just that - a video game; and if they had it their way any game that has any animal in it would be banned, or "altered" so they'd shut up.


I remember seeing The Guy Game at Wal Mart in the before time; almost bought it until I got addicted to FF11. #1.1
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I agree Black, if nothing else it's a pity move to get people to stop picking on him and sometime later "Fez 2 is in production" or something along those lines. I didn't get too involved with anything related to him (since I never played Fez) and after this whole attitude Phil put on I refuse to support any of his projects. I refuse to support someone who "runs away" from their passion over the media (or "pretend" they're done just to get people to... #1.1.3
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I miss the days of playing a game to unlock extras, not purchase unlockables. #2.2
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I grow sick of the sales arguments myself; at first it was nice to see your favorite game/console first, however now the majority use it as a base of arguing like they have stock in these companies. #2.1
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If Capcom had this, they would have strict DRM, and charge DLC just to play offline co-op.

I already have this game on pre-order, at Evo 2013 I played this game multiple times and it reminded me of Guardian Heroes for Sega Saturn. #2.3
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I'm in the same boat with the people who stopped playing until the DLC at least comes out; you can only grind on the Ark fights so much before people move on. The medical side missions were fun, and I do like I can go back to do some of the episode fights, however even those get old over time.

The DLC gets delayed one more time I'm done with the game 100% and moving on to greener pastures. #1
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Not sure if someone else posted this, but custom soundtrack. The other options are already there. #1.9
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For those who can read, it's the EU PS+; for those who can't/didn't read it - "random argument between Live and PS+."


I live in the US, and I can say with 100% confidence as long as Sony continues to deliver I will support + the best I can because it's a very good investment for budget gamers like myself (college and other real life responsibilities) and over time offer a lot of games I almost purchased (there's a few I wish m... #5
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I'll add to the list:

Ninja Gaiden (NES)
Bionic Commando (NES)
Mega Man (NES)
Original Ghosts n' Goblins
Contra (NES) #7
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My biggest concern with Xbox is how exclusive the games really are? Patience brought me Mass Effect 1 to the PS3 (took forever though), and a few other "once exclusive 360" games; yes I owned a 360 twice (once in 2008 and again Xmas of 2010) and from a personal stand point there wasn't many games that interested me that PS3 already didn't have (or that kept my interest longer than a couple of hours).

With the whole "Dividing the fanbase" comment... #2
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I already have this game fully paid off; can't wait to play it. #2
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A lot of people are rumoring DR3 is going to PS4 after about a year with added content; not that it makes a difference in my opinion about the series as a whole but I wanted to throw that in.


I'm burned out of the whole zombie-style games, I want something different, and new. #1.5.3
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I remember playing this in the before time; now if only they HD Out of this world and Heart of the alien. #1
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