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If Capcom had this, they would have strict DRM, and charge DLC just to play offline co-op.

I already have this game on pre-order, at Evo 2013 I played this game multiple times and it reminded me of Guardian Heroes for Sega Saturn. #2.3
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I'm in the same boat with the people who stopped playing until the DLC at least comes out; you can only grind on the Ark fights so much before people move on. The medical side missions were fun, and I do like I can go back to do some of the episode fights, however even those get old over time.

The DLC gets delayed one more time I'm done with the game 100% and moving on to greener pastures. #1
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Not sure if someone else posted this, but custom soundtrack. The other options are already there. #1.9
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For those who can read, it's the EU PS+; for those who can't/didn't read it - "random argument between Live and PS+."


I live in the US, and I can say with 100% confidence as long as Sony continues to deliver I will support + the best I can because it's a very good investment for budget gamers like myself (college and other real life responsibilities) and over time offer a lot of games I almost purchased (there's a few I wish m... #5
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I'll add to the list:

Ninja Gaiden (NES)
Bionic Commando (NES)
Mega Man (NES)
Original Ghosts n' Goblins
Contra (NES) #7
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My biggest concern with Xbox is how exclusive the games really are? Patience brought me Mass Effect 1 to the PS3 (took forever though), and a few other "once exclusive 360" games; yes I owned a 360 twice (once in 2008 and again Xmas of 2010) and from a personal stand point there wasn't many games that interested me that PS3 already didn't have (or that kept my interest longer than a couple of hours).

With the whole "Dividing the fanbase" comment... #2
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I already have this game fully paid off; can't wait to play it. #2
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A lot of people are rumoring DR3 is going to PS4 after about a year with added content; not that it makes a difference in my opinion about the series as a whole but I wanted to throw that in.


I'm burned out of the whole zombie-style games, I want something different, and new. #1.5.3
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I remember playing this in the before time; now if only they HD Out of this world and Heart of the alien. #1
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In the article Bethesda themselves mentioned "Xbox and PS4 being high end pcs" so does this mean we can actually have games with minimal to low glitching at launch? Bethesda does make some good open world games however they really need to work more games and stop talking so much, building hype.

Also at the end the article, "We have something cool we're working on" doesn't spark me like it should; I'm gonna assume some new Fallout game or at le... #1.1.11
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I remember spending hours at Wal Mart playing this while my parents were shopping; I also remember the machine next to Street Fighter 2 and Art of Fighting.

I downloaded the Neo Geo release on PSN about a year ago (with SS1 and KOF 96), and the series is due for some type of HD remake and/or re-release. #2
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"But a Canadian woman who saw the post looked up Carter’s Austin address, determined that it was near an elementary school, and called the police. Carter was arrested one month later, and has been in jail ever since. He recently celebrated his 19th birthday behind bars.

Authorities charged him with making a terrorist threat. If convicted, he will face eight years in prison." (From the article)

Ok, first, explain how this is a "terrorist threat... #1.3
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Channel 3 or 4

Batteries in cartridges dying

Waiting on the next Nintendo Power for the 3 digit code from Star Tropics. #28
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I'd say PS2 era; Ninja Gaiden, Bionic Commando, Mega Man 1, and a ton of other NES games were harder than the arcade games themselves.

If anything I'd say NES is what brought difficulty modes, however I wouldn't say Arcade Mentality was lost during that time. #22.1
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Some games really don't need multiplayer/co op; and I'd put on record some games are ruined with some sort of online multiplayer/co op.

I miss when online was an option, however now it seems some unwritten law is now mandating online in 90% of games out today; when will devs realize not every game needs mp/online/co op? #7.1
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For UNIX to use 1 GB RAM in the OS means there's a lot "just in case" moments (maybe 768 MB for OS itself and the rest is just in case).

In short, for 1 GB is more than enough for the OS to run like it should, with extra to spare. #3.5
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After reading the article, I felt more brain cells committing suicide. "If" they promote Don Mattrick (as the article states they might, not a guarantee) not only will that further decide me not getting the Xbox, however I will personally start making memes involving Don, Phil, and Major Nelson just to prove how full retard MS has gotten with Xbox.

On the flip side, if someone lose their job and/or demoted down to nothing, then it's proof Xbox does want to at... #1.9
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Apparently you wasn't around during 2006-2010 when this site was 100% Xbox/360; anything relating to positive news on Sony was either voted down, knocked to the 3rd+ page, and/or even submitted as "Fake" news. The people on this site was even worse; now it's Sonys turn to at least redeem themselves and the majority are calling "foul."

Double standards at its finest.


Kojima wanting to... #21.4
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The problem with all digital, there's still places that have limited to no internet access, and Sony so far seems concerned about trying to reach a more broad crowd than just certain areas like MS. What I can see however is over time more digital in markets like here in North America, while some places in South American and Asia will have both disc and digital for developing countries. #3.1
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I almost had a heart attack when I saw something positive from Kotaku involving Sony, and it's not sarcastic either.


For me it depends the game; some games I prefer disc, and others digital if I know I'm going to keep it and have 0 intent on getting rid of it. Also with ps+ I can at least "hope" some games I want become available (free or discount) so I can plan ahead and pick games that will at least last longer than 1-2 days (I blow th... #2
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