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The indie scene has been more "vocal" and more recognized in the recent times (thanks to the internet), however they've been around since the NES days, and maybe even earlier.


I'm in the same boat; I've noticed playing a lot of older games (especially NES) and that's after purchasing a PS4. I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate, and someone will probably argue I don't even own one, but I'...

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I miss the risks devs took back then; making a lot of legendary games we still sometimes play. I also blame the "follow the leader" approach a lot of devs use today, especially with the over saturation of 1/3rd person shooters.

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At most I'd say have his internet restricted/monitored. There's people who say way worse online, rarely anything is done about it (or even heard of) yet someone makes empty threats and gets jail time. If the kid really wanted to do something he would have done it without actually advertising what he was going to do.

This is one reason why I'm so glad I don't get too involved with MMOs, or a lot of multiplayer games for that matter; you can't say anythi...

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When I played the online, I stuck to the private/invite only servers so there was no fear of cheaters. The more I read about the issues the online has the more I'm glad I left for other games.

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The Oregon Trail!

Really though I hope it plays as good as it looks.

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I'd flip s-it if Xenogears and Einhander was on mobile; yes some people would be able to play them "on the go" or "on their phone" however those games are best experiences on a console.

A Fear Effect HD would also be nice.

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I actually like 6 over 7, although I'd welcome a re-release of both games on pc/console.

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There is nothing wrong with playing something you are familiar with, especially if it's something you know you will enjoy. I do see where you're coming from because I'm somewhat of the same way with fighting games and older RPG's. I've met countless gamers who complain because they can't find those few games they can play without either getting bored or play for extended time frames.

For the author, if you feel you need to "play something differ...

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Fifteen I'm wanting to see, KH I was already in my 20s at the time it came out, and I wasn't really interested in playing a game that had Disney characters in it. I know there's a lot of people (most older probably) who will argue how great the games were, however I just didn't feel the need to play something like that, despite how fun a lot of people claim it is.

What I want the most is a Xenogears HD, and Einhander HD, if it ever happens.

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The new CEO I'm not gonna write off just yet - I want to see what he's doing before I pass judgement. If this was Wada, I'd have written them off already.

However this is my final straw with SE before I write them off.

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I'm gonna play Devils Advocate;

EA/Dice is actively trying to fix the game, and while no product is 100% customers need to stop thinking they're entitled to something because of a game that's bound to have some sort of issue(s). There's other games (some worse) which didn't have some sort of Law Suit (Fallout comes to mind) yet they get a free pass. I'm sure if people spend the 5 minutes to read the EULA at the end of a lot of manuals it will mention...

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Thats #2 on my list, #1 is breathing in the mic.


And this is why I don't play with just anyone online, especially with a mic.

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It's a shared acct, I'm assuming its a rotation between people so its a consistent play through. If I had the option I could have easily had a trophy level above 20 easy, however I play games I actually like, not play something just to boost a score.

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What's this girl thing you mention, and does this real world exist?


I feel you though, I'm on a current FPS burnout until something grabs my attention again; for now any FPS games I can't even watch.

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The crouch thing I agree with; the pirate thing that can be argued different ways. I will say 4 is a major upgrade from 3 though (passed on Revelations and Brotherhood).

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When will companies learn not every game needs to have a Co-op mode?

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This site says Aug, Capcom says June in time for Evo, which is it?

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I'd vote Street Fighter Alpha 3 in my top list, followed by 3 Third Strike. I tried 4, played Super and Arcade Edition, wasn't feeling it as I did the other versions.

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Digital legos, I'll have to try it out when it comes to PS4.

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Coming from a college student myself I can honestly say I sold my PS3 for a 4, and haven't looked back. Yes I had some games I wish made it to the 4, however the way I look at it I'm already set for next gen when the games start coming out. What I like best is I'm not as distracted on the 4 as I was on the 3, especially with all the stupid SPAM and Home invites. I can game with confidence, and for long time frames without something silly going on. Cross game chat is a nice add...

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