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I'd vote Street Fighter Alpha 3 in my top list, followed by 3 Third Strike. I tried 4, played Super and Arcade Edition, wasn't feeling it as I did the other versions.

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Digital legos, I'll have to try it out when it comes to PS4.

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Coming from a college student myself I can honestly say I sold my PS3 for a 4, and haven't looked back. Yes I had some games I wish made it to the 4, however the way I look at it I'm already set for next gen when the games start coming out. What I like best is I'm not as distracted on the 4 as I was on the 3, especially with all the stupid SPAM and Home invites. I can game with confidence, and for long time frames without something silly going on. Cross game chat is a nice add...

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If Nintendo wants to dominate again, bring back Nintendo from the 90s.

For the author,

Back in the 90s you would have a valid point, and even proof. Now? Not so much, especially with the whole "family friendly" approach. Playing it safe and having a target audience for kids is 2 completely different things; and personally I'd rather have the Nintendo where they released both types of games and let parents decide what their kids should play,...

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As long as there's something for those who are only able to play limited times I'll be fine with it. I'm not talking micro transactions, but something that at least makes people come back to play when they can, for however long they can without extensive grinding.

The one thing a lot of people forget is those who can only play maybe 1-2 hours at a time, sometimes per week; then fall way behind of someone who plays 18+ hours a night.

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One of the few games I wanted to play that would bring me back into the FPS genre, and now I have to wait. Good thing I have a PS4 so when the new game comes out I can start fresh.

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We need more articles like this on N4G to actually show there's other things to talk about than "My console is better than yours." Situations like this make me concerned because I want to enter the gaming industry, however I want people to remember me for the games I've made and for who I am as a developer; not because of my nationality or gender. If a woman wants to develop good games and they sell well, who cares just because of a different gender?


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This is one of those "no s-it" moments. Sony already stated multiple times F2P and subscription games do not need +; yet they still have to remind people multiple times the same info we already know.

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I'd like to add that Gran Turismo "can" actually make you a better driver in real life. No, I'm not part of the GT Academy (probably never will either), however I can say I learned to actually pay more attention, and drive more carefully. There's certain things GT can actually teach a person that real driving can't, no matter how often you get behind the wheel.

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This is one game I am amped about, next to H Hour.

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I'd buy it, if I had the money.

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I won't touch the online again until they actually do something that "wows" the majority outside "Heists" they keep hyping. Making your own online missions help, however, no one really talks about the pay from them. Not to abuse the fact of earning quick money, but to actually see if your efforts are paid in the right amount.

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To the author,

I've gamed around the same time frame you did as well, and while the internet did make certain games easier to judge, there was also magazines called Nintendo Power/Tips n Tricks (I know there's more however those stood out the most.) As far as the opinion thing that's subjective; you can say opinions are formed from videos, however one thing to keep in mind is not every game has a demo so sometimes yes we do have to watch a video to see if someth...

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For those who read the article -
In short, new project coming in the near future for consoles, no mention of GTA specifically, and I like how they explained why they don't do yearly releases of certain games.

For those who didn't read it - "OMG GTA 5 confirmed for PS$/XBone!!111!!! Can't wait to play it 1080/60 and a bigger multiplayer!!1111!!!"

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Really thought I'm at a current burnout of Military shooters. They can film, "be there," and "talk" to soldiers all they want; unless they are actively there in the middle of a conflict they will never know.

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Site says overpopular at the moment, check back later.

I'd like to at least play 1 and 2 to see how the series started.

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I'd say the Golden Gun in Goldeneye over the RC-P90. In FF7 I remember having Master Summon with W-Summon and the HP-MP swap which took Emerald down quick.

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The 2 on my list:

X Men arcade and Marvel vs Capcom 1. To this day I still play those every chance I get.

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The ONLY time I'd go Digital on a game if its something I know 100% I will keep forever, AND its cheaper than retail. On the PS3 I have some digital games, and guess what? I play them for hours on end with 0 thought of returning them. At the same time, there's a lot of games I'd prefer to own on disc; biggest reason is to let friends test a game before buying, and second just in case it does end up being garbage I can either return it or trade with a friend. Third reason is in...

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