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I'm part of that 4.2 million.

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Seeing some of those box art brings back so many memories.

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Disable pausing during the contest?

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Something like this would be welcomed as an article more than a user blog, a lot of what you mentioned is something a lot of older gamers brought up multiple times. Especially the pre order bonuses; now your lucky to pay at least $150+ for anything half decent, and whatever you do get isn't even worth keeping.

It's sad when companies cut corners with booklets, overpriced "extras," and DLC, then justify their decisions only to later complain because "...

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I've used Home off and on since open beta in 2009, and met some gamers on there I wouldn't have met otherwise. If they did add another Home-type experience I would give it a shot, however it's not on my "OMG I NEED RIGHT NOW" list; "if" they do come around to releasing something like that I'd be too busy playing other games anyways. Is it welcomed, yes; would I "demand" or "ask for it?" no.

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What we need is the old Capcom from the 90s; the Capcom that made sold fighters, decent RPGs, and Resident Evil was actually fun to play. Anymore the fanbase knows once they release a game it's only a matter of time before some "upgraded" version comes out with all the additions. Also I do not in one way feel sorry for Capcom, and I'm almost on a boycott with their games because of how stupid their decisions have been. The last Capcom title I bought was Street Fighter X T...

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I'd add MGS 5 GZ to the list, or at least an honorable mention.

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I'd vote 2 as the best of the series. I couldn't even finish SF, I had to force myself multiple times to keep playing until I couldn't play anymore. One on the PS2 I remember spending a lot of time on, 2 was really good, 3 was playable at least once through, and 4 I couldn't finish.

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How about resurrecting GOOD, complete games instead of cash-ins and cut content passed as DLC. I'll add to the list:

Bushido Blade
Rival Schools
Street Fighter Alpha

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Swap Sonc 2 for 3 and Knuckles, and add these to honorable mentions:

Beyond Oasis
Eternal Champions
Mortal Kombat
Out of this World

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I miss the days of no DLC; you bought a game, it was complete. You unlocked extra content through playing the game, not buying extras.

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@ frosty

The indie scene has been more "vocal" and more recognized in the recent times (thanks to the internet), however they've been around since the NES days, and maybe even earlier.


I'm in the same boat; I've noticed playing a lot of older games (especially NES) and that's after purchasing a PS4. I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate, and someone will probably argue I don't even own one, but I'...

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I miss the risks devs took back then; making a lot of legendary games we still sometimes play. I also blame the "follow the leader" approach a lot of devs use today, especially with the over saturation of 1/3rd person shooters.

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At most I'd say have his internet restricted/monitored. There's people who say way worse online, rarely anything is done about it (or even heard of) yet someone makes empty threats and gets jail time. If the kid really wanted to do something he would have done it without actually advertising what he was going to do.

This is one reason why I'm so glad I don't get too involved with MMOs, or a lot of multiplayer games for that matter; you can't say anythi...

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When I played the online, I stuck to the private/invite only servers so there was no fear of cheaters. The more I read about the issues the online has the more I'm glad I left for other games.

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The Oregon Trail!

Really though I hope it plays as good as it looks.

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I'd flip s-it if Xenogears and Einhander was on mobile; yes some people would be able to play them "on the go" or "on their phone" however those games are best experiences on a console.

A Fear Effect HD would also be nice.

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I actually like 6 over 7, although I'd welcome a re-release of both games on pc/console.

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There is nothing wrong with playing something you are familiar with, especially if it's something you know you will enjoy. I do see where you're coming from because I'm somewhat of the same way with fighting games and older RPG's. I've met countless gamers who complain because they can't find those few games they can play without either getting bored or play for extended time frames.

For the author, if you feel you need to "play something differ...

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Fifteen I'm wanting to see, KH I was already in my 20s at the time it came out, and I wasn't really interested in playing a game that had Disney characters in it. I know there's a lot of people (most older probably) who will argue how great the games were, however I just didn't feel the need to play something like that, despite how fun a lot of people claim it is.

What I want the most is a Xenogears HD, and Einhander HD, if it ever happens.

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