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I stopped shopping at GS when I noticed most of their "specials" required buying what I call "filler games" to make it like you're getting some special deal when in reality you're only spending more money. I also got sick of buying a "new" game opened, and them trying to justify why the game(s) had to be sold opened. In my final days shopping there, I requested an unopened game, and if they didn't have it I'd take my business elsewhere. The las...

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Ok thanks for clearing it up. Again I didn't see it in the article, but good to know.

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With the lack of HDMI I wonder if it's made specifically for their market? I read the article, and unless I missed something, I didn't see anything about a US release. I also wondered if the cart slot works, since it was mentioned it would be there but didn't see if it functions.

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No s-it people are more intrigued by newer hardware than an upgrade. Unless Nintendo does something anti-consumer with the Switch I'll try it since it's an entirely new concept for this generation. The idea is old (Sega Nomad from the late 90s) but it can work if they play their cards right.

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Of course some reviewers are only in it for the clicks. They want to shock you, deliver a quick punch and take the ad-revenue that comes with it. Unfortunately games journalism is a cesspool of mixed opinions and not all of them are unbias. There will always be an undercurrent from those who hold personal grudges or simply desire to be the “first” review onto the web. - from the article

This is the root of the problem. Give a score which will give the site traffic, and go ...

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Wow, I'm surprised David Hayter isn't on the list for Metal Gear Solid.
Edit - or the guy who voiced Legion in Mass Effect 2/3.

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This update should have been with the game at launch honestly. My only complaint is some of the bosses in the lower level areas are damn near impossible to solo, however 2+ people can take them easily. I took a break from Warframe to play ESO full time since it plays like it should with any MMO.

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Am I the only one who is waiting on this over FF15? For a small studio that's a lot of time and effort, something I'd support.

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My biggest complaint about the Mini NES revolves around not being able to play cartridges. There's a lot of other NES games I want to play (outside emulation) that I still own the cartridge for, and now I have to purchase either an overpriced NES or 3rd party hardware. The idea is nice, and I do plan on buying it when it's cheaper in price, but I'm not happy with the lack of playing off cartridges.

I do hope Sega makes one with Genesis, CD, and 32X. Then one ...

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The problem I see with casual gamers is they chase the "new thing" and don't stay with one game for long. The new Nintendo I'd try out since it's about time they start to allow for a more mature audience (Skyrim being a big step forward) which means we'll see more games towards various demographics over just family friendly games.

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I agreed with your comment until you brought up the PS brand at the end. Personally I'm going to give Nintendo a chance since it's something I've wanted for years - a working hybrid without too much to sacrifice. I can tell by the Skyrim video they learned their lesson about restricting mature-themed games on the console.

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My two biggest concerns is price, and battery life. With the video there were multiple instances of people playing between home and other locations, however since the controllers break from the screen and can be used as a stand alone I wonder how much battery life the unit as a portable have? I also wonder if there's options to replace the battery (or batteries) if over time they lose their charge like other electronics. The reason I ask is being in college at times I have down time an...

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I'm sold. Just the idea alone is enough for me to purchase one. Now that I've seen you can play either portable or at home just made it much better.

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"As for those who troll, insult and attack players in casual…you can be damn sure that’s the toxic side of the community." (From the article)

Couldn't have said it better myself. Toxic players is a big reason why I don't chat online much, it's hard to tell at times who's being stupid and being serious. Being older I ignore the obvious ones out for attention, and mute as needed.

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IF they're done right, no they aren't. It's the quick cash grabs where the industry suffers. Also there's a lot to factor in with remasters:

New technology which means the game(s) can be enjoyed as they should?
Bring new fans to said series?
Broaden the audience with a multi console release?
Removed content added to the remaster to get full experience?

There's a lot to keep in mind. While I agree sometimes...

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I'm going to say it's a whole different story that takes place in the same world. Maybe some characters return but it's in a different place. Wishful thinking is Vice City during the old west.

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I remember the first time I beat this game. Hard as hell. But interesting at the same time.

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I keep getting Error 53 when I try to read what the list is. Is there an alternate link?

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Instead of a numbering system, why not have a system where someone puts some positive/negative remarks, and let the public decide? I've seen some reviews where this was far more acceptable since instead of a number it's what the reviewer like/dislike, and let the reader come up with their own score. A 10 to one is a 4 to someone else.

The other problem is inconsistency in the numbering, as well as too broad of an interpretation of what is considered a Good/Bad g...

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About time. As I posted in another thread I can finally enjoy certain games without cramping my hands with Mouse K/B. I already have Dungeon Fighter Online through a Hori fight pad I use, and it's between light and day with certain parts of the game.

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