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My concern is when is it actual, legit complaints, or over glorified trolling? Sometimes I swear the complaining is trolling just to see how far the argument(s) can go.

As far as gender specific pokemon, or genderless pokemon, who cares? Play the game, not genders.

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After the 1.4 update I've started playing The Division again. I now get a sense of accomplishment instead of hours of grinding and have nothing to show for it. Before people start arguing time/effort/risk = rewards I come from roughly 6 years of Final Fantasy 11, and if you can endure that game, you can endure anything.

I do agree though, tech specs instead of actual game play does raise a big flag, especially if it's a major release.

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I'll save you a click. It's already information we know up until now. It's basically "play for yourself" and "I can't comment on that answer."

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My debt.

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Bittorrent. Sorry had to say it before someone else did.

I did see the WoW video though, it is funny to watch.

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This reminds me of the Nuka Cola Quantum from Jones Soda back last year. Scalpers seem to always get "first" then the ones who really want it, either has to pay a high price, or "hope" another shipment comes to get one with minimal headache.

I'm waiting until the price drops so I can own one for the nostalgia, but $60 is too high for something so limited in what you can/can't do with it.

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There's no excuse for Nintendo to release a limited run on this. They knew the demand was high, and had plenty to ship to retailers. I already know the argument they will us; "We didn't expect the demand to be this high." It's moves like this where people turn to "scalpling" - buying to resell at a higher price.

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They need to fix the random blue screens with ESO. It went from 3 hours, to 25 minutes, to not even loading in the game longer than 30 seconds. No other game does this, and it's getting highly frustrating. And knowing Bugthesta, "Try these methods to help fix the issue." No, fix your f-ing game. I haven't even tried Skyrim until they release a patch to help combat the crashes as well (fortunately I didn't run into any while playing).

If anyone els...

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Had he lived in the US, Fox News would have blown this up into a Freedom of speech/religion/expression argument which will spin the negativity to the team itself.

Situations like this I want to make 2 apps: Common Sense, and respect. Maybe then people will use them.

Regardless of who you love/hate, gamers need to respect other gamers. You can't compete in esports and be racist, that's the biggest stupid move which will end your career, hobby, a...

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6. Stop catering to kids
7. Add something NEW to the series, instead renaming older areas or ideas


If fans vote with their wallets and stop buying the same, rehashed garbage every year then the series will have no choice but to get better, or stop making the games all together.

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I can answer the second question almost blindfolded. Geography was one subject I paid attention to in school, and college.


My concern with the whole election, is why vote for one instead of the other? I could go all day with the absolute stupid reasons why, but the ultimate "wtf" was "I'm not listening to any woman that's not my mom or grandmother, end of story." You can insert the blank who these people were that made th...

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I'd welcome BC on the PS4. Those moments I need a break from current gen those older games can help. There's moments I don't want to play ESO, Warframe, The Division, or Fallout 4, or even KoF 14; I want Marvel vs Capcom, Hyper Street Fighter 2, Einhander, Dragons Crown, 3D Dot Game Heroes, and Final Fantasy 6.

I "can" live without BC, but I would welcome it 100%.

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You apparently missed the irony in my statement so I'll speak the "real" version:

People like the ones mentioned in the article I stay away from entirely. I do know some younger gamers who act like this, however when they hear the adults talk (and sometimes bust them down) they tend to act respectful. I could have sworn I put a tag at the end to show it was irony, but I must have forgot. But in all reality no I don't tolerate any negative behavior, and ...

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To the author:

I'm going to state my side of the debate. While you have some valid points regarding Steam, at the end of the day Steam, PSN, Live, Nintendo, etc. should have followed this practice from day one. I fully support 100% the practice of showing footage, and/or screenshots of completed game play and not betas, or concept art since it can be argued false advertising. Since they're updating their policies, I will start to buy more from them because now I&...

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I read the article, however It doesn't say if it's the 3DS XL model or not. I know it says new 3DS but I need to know so I can plan accordingly.

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I have to use an external to save the data, then when I put the SSD in the pro I'll have to reinstall anyways. If I was doing just a direct transfer I would just use my ethernet cable. Good news is I still have the 500 GB the Batman model came with, so I plug in, rewipe, and prepare it for storage.

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I know a guy on PSN who fits all 10 of these 200%. Especially his attitude towards a specific female we play ESO with; he always tries to downplay her saying "gaming is a guys only hobby. Women shouldn't play video games." I'm waiting on the day where he says non white/Asians shouldn't play so I can curse him out.

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I'm saving this guide. I have a 1 TB SSD in my ps4 now (Batman model), and when my Pro comes in I'm going to back everything to my external so I can start fresh without bogging down the Internet.

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The problem I have with the Mini, no way of adding or playing additional games for the NES. I can buy either an original NES, buy a 3rd party hardware, or mod an older console and add ROMS. At first the idea sounded good, but without being able to either play cartridges or expanding the library I'll pass until the price lowers. $30 I'd pick it up, for $60 I'll save my money.

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