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Although I agree with what you're saying, it's hard to delay a game with no release date.

Either the game is "complete" and waiting on a release date which he then decided to move on, or someone REALLY f-ed up and he decided to work somewhere else.

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Or invite them to an Italian place and have someone hide a handgun in the toilet.

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After playing PT I will buy this Silent Hill(s); because it's the first game that actually made me jump since Silent Hill 2. If it comes to Xbox or not it doesn't affect my decision unless some type of raw deal is made, which in this case I don't see that with this game.

I guess the "new thing" in the gaming industry now is "X game is coming out, is it timed exclusive or true exclusive?"

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I stated in another article about separate pages, and got massive hate, yet someone else does it and it's ok?

I had to quit Final Fantasy 11 because the game played me, I didn't play it. Once I left the game alone I started to slowly get back into the gaming industry without much trouble.

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All this headache could have been avoided if MS would have stated something along the lines of "Rise of the Tomb Raider coming out in 2015" and left it at that. Then later reveal it's a timed exclusive without all the headache and negative press followed by countless troll articles and "what if" conspiracy theories.

I was never a Tomb Raider fan so no I'm not jumping on the hate wagon for something I don't care about, nor will I take the sid...

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Nakoruru from Samurai Showdown and Cham Cham should at least make honorable mentions.

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Streets of Rage 2, I remember playing the game so much the cartridge wore out.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles was another setup I played to death.

Eternal Champions wasn't bad for what it was at the time.

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A lot of people are sour about the whole situation, and some would argue it's a pro Xbox comment. I didn't vote because I'm not a Tomb Raider fan at all, didn't care for the series back in the PS1 days and still don't care to play it today or tomorrow.

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I waited patiently for Mass Effect to come to the PS3, while some would argue "I wanted beyond the life of the game" I was still able to experience it. I did the same with Bioshock, and a few other games.

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First time since I was 19 (when Silent Hill 2 first came out) that I jumped and actually was like "Oh s-it, oh s-it, gotta do that again" vibe.

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My biggest concern is if this type of practice continues it's only going to get worse, and to the point where people will find another hobby or actually start some sort of "reboot" like the crash in 1983.

I don't approve of this kind of practice from ANY company, Sony, MS, or Nintendo, and at least back in the 90s it was more based on tech and resources rather than straight $.

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And I'm a part of the PS4 crowd.

Anyone need a partner in Destiny? Add me on PSN Nitrojin

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Phantom Breaker, need my beat em up fix on the Vita.

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I don't understand this move either; and this is coming from a NON fan of the series. I tried Tomb Raider when it was on the PS1 back in the day, and yes I did try the free plus overhead version, however no I did not play the reboot nor had any intention to. My reasons are not important, what is important is why MS and SE agree to this, and what it means for future game(s) of any genre and/or series.

I know a lot of Tomb Raider fans are probably upset, and some will p...

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@ memots

Funny as the comic is that's the base of journalism today; it's no longer "Man you gotta check this game out if you're a fan of the series" it's instead "this is what we hate about it."

I'm gonna save it for future reference to remind myself of how gamers went from a community of positive to a divided community of whining and nit picking.

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What irritates me the most about the gamer generation today as opposed to the 90s is the 90s kids (like me) actually PLAYED games and had fun with them. Also the arguments were more based on experiences rather than what was posted on the internet or from a magazine. Now the majority are either trolling, or posting what they read off the internet with 0 supporting facts.

I do agree with a lot of what you posted: Sales figures, closing of certain areas that have 0 do with ga...

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Some games do carry over progress (not many); the fact Bungie actually gave it some thought is a sign they wanted to however couldn't. I've played in different betas (console and PC) and depending on the situation some progress did carry over and some didn't. It's not based on "the intelligent" it's based on what the company thought was fair.

It doesn't change my opinion about the game, and no I'm not going to raise pitchforks and dem...

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I meant to put an easier way to see loot/drops because there were moments which you didn't see anything until it was too late. I know some brought up drops green and above would show up in your dbox however I never noticed anything sent to me and I know for sure some green drops were missed.

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I'm probably the majority but No Russian was the only mission I liked in MW2; and yes I did play the game through.

Before people ask no I'm not in any sort of legal trouble, don't do drugs, drink alcohol, have sex with random women, an active positive member in my community, and attending college for a second degree.

The Getaway was my first "shocker" since it was the first game I played that dropped the "f-" bomb ...

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At least now I know so I can move on; would have been nice to at least start with the Iron Banner cape I won and that Legendary Hand Cannon I obtained in a match.

At least now when you make a character it carries over to the later games.

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