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What's with the comparisons between Destiny and The Division? They're different games. If The Division ends up being all hype I'll leave it like I did Destiny.

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I preferred Final Fight and Streets of Rage 2. But I did enjoy what few rounds of Die Hard Arcade I was able to play.

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I'll add Street Fighter Alpha series. Most of the other games were already mentioned in earlier posts.

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I say 0 announcement unless at least 80% of all bugs/glitches/exploits/crashes are fixed for offline modes. If it means 4+ years per game so be it; at least we'll know a game is worth playing without extensive headaches.

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I agree with this piece 100%. I've been seeing a trend with a lot of gaming companies releasing garbage now and "patch later" which in turn hurts the confidence of the company over time. Problem is impatient fans will still buy day 1 because it's their favorite publisher or game series.

With the release date idea I like how Bethesda handled Fallout 4; nothing until it was complete enough to talk about, with a solid release date that wasn't delayed. ...

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I like that idea. Too bad the dudebros won't.

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My group and I decided to hunt NPCs only and extract when we know the player base is either low at the time or find extractions where no one is occupying.

What really irritates me is the ones who kill other players then complain because they had "nothing" on them. There's times where we had a couple of us with junk intentionally just so they take the bait while the rest of us get to extract the good items.

I have a feeling though if this idea...

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The idea behind Dark Zone isn't my problem, it's the trolling and the player base that makes it not worth the headache. A few of us decided it's best to avoid any player contact, and if needed we will sit and wait until extraction zones are safe enough for us to get what we need out.

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I agree with Cowbell. From personal experience the majority of the trolls in Dark Zones are either kids (17 and younger) or people who suck so bad at killing the AI all they can do is kill other players either during extraction or after some firefight. During the open beta I found an M1A that I had in the closed beta, and some a--hole killed me, took it, and then sent me a psn message saying "rekt" or something along those lines.

What we did instead was fight NP...

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I remember when pre ordering was to guarantee a copy of a game that was in high demand. Now it's used as a tool to gauge how many people are willing to buy a beta. After The Division I'm no longer pre ordering or even buying day one. I'll wait it out.

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I'm surprised as well. I was expecting maybe fights from characters who are planned on entering in the future to at least have an idea how the story mode should be. Hell I can play Alpha 3, or 3 and get far more from the story modes than this. Due to school I was only able to achieve 5 story completions so far which took less than 45 minutes.

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 is my all time favorite game next to the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament in 1999. If a game like that was to release today here's the breakdown:

15 characters at launch
5 per 3 months depending on "feedback" at $5.99
Extra modes as "asked by the fans"

I bought SF5 with the confidence Capcom would at least cater to the fighting community - WRONG! It's hard to take Capcom seriously aft...

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Final Fantasy 11 is proof cross platform can exist as long as companies are willing to work together. With that said, companies need to at least have some sort of neutral ground so gamers can play together and meet new friends with positive experiences. This segregation of online services needs to end.

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I'm actually more spoiled by 90's and early 00's gaming than today. Back then the majority of games released were complete (meaning no dlc/expansions), most had minimal to no bugs/glitches, and there was that sense of accomplishment when completing games.

Before people start having pitch forks I do like the online community I'm currently involved with. I also welcome patches as long as they fix broken areas of games. It gets old though when some companies r...

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I did notice the feature and it is nice, however there's no way to save the options as separate setups for different games. I wouldn't have mind as much however to reset the controls each game gets annoying over time. If there is a way to save for various games though I'd appreciate it. Even if it was a save for up to 2-3 games I'd be fine with it and just switch as needed.

Otherwise I see it as a plan B and will use it as needed.

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I'm going to check this game out, looks interesting. Reminds me of the good side-scrollers from the SNES/Genesis days.

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Although not listed in the article I hope there's an option to remap controls to personal tastes (at least on console(s)). I don't like how Rainbow Six doesn't have this option. I know some people will argue "controls are fine!" however I feel some of the buttons were mapped the way they were last minute.

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I wonder if there's application data tied to this. I'm also glad of a smaller file size so my Internet doesn't get tied up for too long.

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I was tired of being lied to about the game itself. I stopped when Dark Below released and haven't looked back since. With new games coming out Destiny is a bad memory.

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I agree. There's some games I play on normal for the story and game play, then go back on the harder levels (if I like the game) for the challenge. Some games I play once and put down towards something else. Other games I replay multiple times because the replay is that high.

I welcome difficulty settings as long as the game is created/intended for it. Some of these people who welcome hard games, try the original Ninja Gaiden on NES, or Super Mario Lost Levels.

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