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"The downside is that once the next episode airs all events relating to the previous episode will be gone. This has made many people very unhappy. But with most things, time will tell how this works and if players will be as angry as they are right now." (From the article)

How many shows from the dawn of tv didn't reference much from previous episodes, and yet "now" it's an issue? I swear the majority today will find ANYTHING to whine/bitch about... #1
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"Some argued that a longer console generation would be beneficial because once developers hit that graphical plateau, they would be able to concentrate on making better stories." (From the article)

Back in the 16-32 bit era of gaming, those consoles/companies would like to have a word with all the developers today. I mean seriously if people are THAT stupid to believe that, they'd believe anything. Games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, The Walking De... #2
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Oh it's Kotaku, must be another slow day for them. #15
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I'm surprised Tekken 3 didn't make the list; or Xenogears. I did contribute to GT 1 and 2 though :D #10
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No I'm not doing a copy/paste I read from another person/post, I'm talking from experience of currently owning a PS3, and some older gaming consoles dating back to the NES days. Everyone has the option to use their console as they see fit; my point is too many people focus so much on "non-gaming" aspects that they forgot what a gaming console's original intent - to play video games. Chatting I can see to a degree if your playing with someone online... #9.3.3
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I agree 100%; too many people get spoiled on features outside what consoles original intent was - gaming. Before there wasn't cross game chat, or custom soundtrack, or in some cases internet. Now all of the sudden most gamers (not everyone so don't twist it) whine and complain because there's certain features they feel they "need" instead of something they "want." As of right now my vote goes towards the PS4 because Sony decided core... #9.3
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I wish they made an alternate way to obtain bits outside using actual money; other than that I'm at least glad they do some sort of maintenance to keep the game stable. #3
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I contributed to Zelda, Tetris, Mario 1 and 3. I miss the old gaming days; also the lego look on some of the launch games brings back memories of trying to actually make them out of legos. I'm surprised Final Fantasy didn't make the list, about 90% of my elementary school had that game. #2
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I'm assuming to prepare for the PS4, and to slowly add Gaikai into the service rather than wait till the last minute. If you read the article it says you can still log in to play however you can't access the store or content. #3
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There's certain games I also "need my fix" for, however there's always alternatives; currently I found my Zelda fix, its called 3D Dot Game Heroes. Every game at least has an alternative out there; no not a direct copy, or some low budget game, but there is something out there that can still provide a fix without having to support practices we don't find helpful towards the gaming community. #7.1.4
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I agree with Godmars on this, first its Kotaku spreading rumors again, and second we as gamers need to address the issue that online DRM isn't a safe move for various reasons. If previous games/consoles had mandatory online requirements I wouldn't want to own them either; down the road I might want to play a game to remember the good times, or to speed run something, If the servers go down then it would be a drink coaster.

I miss the gaming era back in the 90's;... #7.2
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I'm surprised he put Streets of Rage 3 (series in brackets) instead of 2; there's certain things 2 had that I wish carried over to 3. Sonic 2 is another that made the list but not Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Super Street Fighter 2 on Genesis I felt was better than the SNES version; it's the only version to date with all 16 people to fight instead of just 12, and yes that even includes the arcade version. #8
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I'm waiting on an alternate way to obtain bits outside having to pay real money for them, and so far searching online a lot of players aren't receiving the bonus bits they are entitled to. Outside that I had to restart 1 mission, but I found a legendary (and got the trophy to prove it). #5
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I'm calling right now its some sort of "Fan response" to a what-if situation. I've never heard of such hype, and talk about someone not voicing a character in a game; I've heard of some voice actors who died, however not talked about at this magnitude. I wonder how different this would have been if Nolan North was to stop voicing Nathan Drake, or if someone else was to have voiced Cole from Gears of War.

Yes, if true someone else is voicing Big Boss he... #2.2
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I agree with you on the whole system thing; and yes there is times where you can go to one store, buy a game, open it, trade it to GS for double/triple the worth. I'm speaking more of a general sense, and from a personal standpoint there's better shops that offer both cash and a higher deal. One store here offers new releases $50 (if it's a $60 game) within 14 days of release date, which to some means they "rented" the game(s); and if you haven't used the DLC codes... #1.2.1
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Damn, thought it was the US version for $20, not their version. However, and I could be wrong, when did the Euro dollar start matching the US dollar? In the link it says 19.99 Euro's but I thought the Euro dollar was stronger than ours? I'm not trying to troll or anything I was just wondering. #2
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Honestly I don't think GS will go anywhere anytime soon, if anything they will be like a lot of other stores started doing - Retro gaming; Carry the latest greatest however sell vintage games and consoles that's probably collecting dust in some warehouse. I know a few gaming stores where I lived started this and made MORE money off a lot of collectable games dating back to the NES days, and some dating back to the Magnavox (sp) Odyssey days. #3.2
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Lately I've been shopping on amazon because there's a lot of deals that I find impossible to pass up - even when GS swears "you get extra 30% trade in credit towards X game" when on amazon it's that price WITHOUT having to trade in your games; that alone is a deal breaker. I agree with the poster below about selling new games opened - If they don't have an unopened copy I refuse to buy it, regardless of how much they try to swear on it being new. Anymore I'll g... #1.1.1
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I don't want to sound mean, and I do hate the thought of people potentially losing jobs; GS needs to hire more knowledgeable employees, and stop trying to force pre-orders every time I buy something. I understand there's a quota that needs to be met, however I don't need to reminded every damn time about new releases AFTER I specifically mention what I want and don't want.

Also they need to do something about this "bonus trade-in" that supposedly he... #1
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How about some Sega CD games get the retro treatment? I do miss the Genesis (personally I liked it better than SNES and yes I did own both) however they should at least list some Sega CD games to maybe add to PSN/Live down the road. So far I bought Streets of Rage 2, Sonic 1/2/CD, and Altered Beast, Comix Zone came free with +, and I got the platinum trophy in Sonic Genesis Collection.

I also vote for a Sonic 3 and Knuckles ROM for PSN/Live, that game I would play to deat... #4
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