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#1 is the reason why I wait to buy games now. I can't stand the mentality of the majority arguing in favor of releasing games today and fix tomorrow. Granted if a game shipped with a bug back then, that's it. However, I can say with 100% confidence rarely have I encountered a game breaking issue in an older game before the PS3/360 era. Even Final Fantasy 11 (I was on the PS2 and PC versions) they still felt like time and effort was put into verifying issues weren't going to ha...

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Tekken 3 is the first fighting game to pull me from Street Fighter (until I discovered SF Alpha 3), however Tag 1 Arcade is what made me realize Namco knew their fanbase over Capcom.

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I'd debate your Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike for my Street Fighter Alpha 3. Both legendary Street Fighter games. Tekken Tag 1 I'd say the Arcade version.

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I agree with the author regarding the World War 1 comment (kids don't know the event existed yet the game(s) involved are 16+ usually).

Here's one thought, make education-related games to help kids learn about certain events in history. I remember growing up on the Apple II computers in elementary school (Number Munchers, Word Munchers, and Oregon Trail), and as Macs were getting updated so was the games/educational software. There's ways to make education g...

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The problem I see these days is the ones who need to have their voice heard fall on deaf ears while the ones who need to stay quiet are the ones being heard the most.

Here's a big problem with todays gaming journalism:
"Why X console sucks" - 100k+ views, 50k+ responses, flame war for a week
"What X company can do to improve customer experiences" - 5k views, 40 responses
"Why X and Y gamers need to stick together and...

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I tried opening the site, it says it's an attack page. I'm using a Mac as well just in case anyone is wondering.

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Why still go to Gamestop? I'm not talking if someone is limited on options and GS is the only "go to" place but I'm talking more on if you have other places (with better deals) why waste your time?

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The trolling and blind fanboyism is the reason I stopped coming to the site on a daily basis. It went from the occasional back and forth, to people thinking they know how the industry works, to now stockholders of gaming companies. I'd rather relive the SNES vs Genesis days; at least then it was based around technology (both old and new) rather than rumors and speculation on the Internet.

As far as it goes for N4G, they need stricter guidelines to prevent blatant trol...

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If it wasn't for video games:

- My reading/writing wouldn't have been corrected at all
- My social status would still be "limited"
- I wouldn't have completed my AAS in College (Networking)
- I probably wouldn't even be alive today

The problem I see with gaming today, businessmen/women are taking over. It's no longer making a voice, its about who can get rich the quickest with the least amount of ...

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SJW - A troll with far too much time on their hands.


The people complaining about it being a "rape sim" or similar, have you ACTUALLY played the game? Or are you just going off what someone else says and adding nonsense? It's bad enough the game has a limited (if at all) any Western release; now there's those who will argue and debate it's a "rape sim" without even playing it. I'm assuming at most some probably w...

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After reading this post, I've concluded two things:

The majority here is feeding the troll, stop.

Posts like this is why I visited greener pastures.

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Too late Capcom. I've already moved on to greener pastures.

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The problem I've seen is too many companies want to rush their games out now and patch later. I miss the days of games being at least playable through with minimal issues at all. Main issue is too many idiots buying into hype, pre order bonuses, and peer pressure, which it's only going to get worse.

I'm waiting on the day where games are actually sold in parts, and to continue through the game you HAVE to buy into it. When I enter the industry it's comp...

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I stopped after what happened with The Division. I no longer pre oreder any game with a season pass, or "planned dlc" in the future. I'm patient enough to wait for either a game of the year, or for a sale.

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They forgot one - Reloading after firing one bullet. To this day I still do it.

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Less talking, more showing. I have 0 interest until a gameplay video is released.

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@ theshred

I played KoF at Evo this year, and it's what SF5 should have been; giant roster, balanced game play, and an actual sense of accomplishment when you complete a match. Don't just judge the game based off the demo from the PSN store.

SF 5 only has recognition because of the name, not because it's a good fighter. If I had it my way I'd go back to Alpha 3, 3 3rd Strike, and Hyper SF2, leave 4 and 5 alone.

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Surprised Dragons Crown didn't make the list. I do like Unit 13 though.

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Lesbians, drugs, cheap combat, and an interesting story. Can't get better than this.

Flip the coin

Game breaking bugs (especially being stuck on ladders as you jump)
An unattainable trophy (Was told there's a patch coming to fix it)
Hacking glitches through the wall which requires a restart of the game entirely

Nice game though, just needs some fixes.

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I stopped playing around mid June when I was told what I purchased was "too early." I honestly don't even have the drive to play anymore.

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