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Watching it on live stream reminded me of Wind Waker. Can't wait to play it.

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How about meeting demand for the console first before worrying about people hacking/modding the system?

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It's more on if a game like this was to succeed, then more could be made that's similar. Now, we'll never know since it's cancelled, and unless someone either picks it up, or makes a similar title, we'll never get a game of the same caliber.

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How many of these articles involving the Vita is going to get approved? We get it, some people hate the Vita, and we also understand people will keep reminding us they hate it. What I'm tired of, is Sony reports something positive, then we start the new year with the same, tired argument - Vita. I'd own another one if the memory cards weren't so expensive, and if there were games outside Unit 13 that fit my gamer needs that wasn't already available on the PSP. It's a g...

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I still vote 2 as the best of the series. I haven't finished 4 yet so I can't speak on it.

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I do agree the quality of free games have been underwhelming over time. Granted Sony did say it's up to the devs on what is available, I'd personally be in favor of a tier system to either curb costs, or to better see where the public is with a paid service.

Here's some ideas I have for plus:

Backwards compatibility with PSN 3 titles (not the streaming service, but the idea of redownloading purchased content to help cover licensing costs) ...

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Tranlsation - We want people to only buy/play CoD since the sales were lower than expected. So we're pulling all games off services until further notice.

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I stopped playing when The Dark Below first released because I already saw where the game was going, and I was right. I liked the Beta, but the full game was lacking. I know a lot of die hards will argue "it's a good game," well it is depending on what kind of player you are.

Bungie lost a customer with how short the game is, the lies, and how they let Activision call the shots at the end of the day.

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If you read between the lines regarding the whole issue with a gay character, those complaining/whining are giving the game publicity. Now the kids who need some sort of "alone time material" have an avenue for their 10-15 minutes. I wouldn't be surprised if the game sales go up because of this.

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It's the ones like "why X system is better than Y," those are the ones I'm referring to. Something like "Which service is for you?" followed with actual stats, those are fine because it uses numbers in a non biased way.

The ones I've seen lately are either anti-PS, anti-Nintendo, or anti-Xbox; which after a while gets old. I understand people have preferences, but respect others decisions in their console of choice.

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Here's an easy one:

Stop click bait articles
Stop "Top X" lists requiring clicks per topic
Verify sources
and the biggest - stop the dumb opinion pieces that start flame wars.

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And why do we care about his interest in Red Dead Redemption 2?

And yes I did read the article; he brings up a comparison between MGS 5 and GTA 5.

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Why is this even a topic? People today are more tolerant of what side a person plays on; it's the idiots who scream "why force X and Y on me?"

You know, one argument that can start is "the reason the game is still actively played, because they promote any form of sexual preference." Tell that to those playing "Dead games" where the homophobes hang out.

And to those wondering, I'm straight, but I accept everyone as...

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Can someone make a hentai out of this? I need something new to watch.


It's a story based off a game, people are allowed to love whoever they want.

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It's not a competition about liking one or the other, it's why is 7 regarded as "the pinnacle" of the series when there's other FF games that receive little to no recognition.

The other issue is a lot of people are on the bandwagon of 7; there's liking the game for it's merits, and there's liking the game just to either fit in, or because someone else likes it.

Again, it's not a hate on 7, and yes at one point I even ...

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Am I the only one who still prefers 6 over 7? Don't get me wrong, at the time I did like 7, but I don't get why 7 gets so much hype, praise, and talk when there's better FF games which received less recognition.

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It's getting to the point no matter what game gets a release, SOMEONE is going to scream some sort of sexism, racism, etc. just to get Internet fame. I'm writing the article off as "poor trolling" since this can't be taken seriously.

Final Fight, you rescue the Jessica, her father being the mayor of Metro City.
Legend of Zelda, some of the games require rescuing Zelda.
Sonic CD require rescuing Sally.
Countless other "s...

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I'm surprised someone voted The Division as #1 (not that it's a bad thing, it is addicting after 1.5). I'm still hoping they add an option for PvE and PvP Dark Zone.

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I don't get it either. Just shows $ comes first, then the majority argue "it's to pay for bandwidth, storage space, etc." when the rest knows better.

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I didn't click the article, because I know its 200% click bait. Can someone please confirm this is pure satire? I hope to hell this is satire.

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