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You forgot Socom 2 #48.1
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Street Fighter Alpha anthology
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
GTA Vice City and San Andreas
Socom 1, 2, and 3
Capcom Classics Collection
Capcom vs SNK 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2
World Heroes Anthology
Tekken 5
The Bouncer
Final Fantasy 12
Dead or Alive 2
MGS 2 and 3 #23
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Did you complete the story? I was curious. #1.1
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The author does bring up some valid points, and yes I do agree there were some moments we could have had some sort of tutorial on certain aspects to learn about the game for later. At the same time part of the Fallout experience I've encountered is learning/figuring out on your own. If other games can get away with limited tutorials, what makes Fallout different?

I personally like the intro, to prevent spoilers I'll say it fits from what I've experienced so far.... #9.1
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I have from multiple games that went from 30 to 60 fps. When I played Uncharted 2 from the PS3 I was able to play it no problem. I played the Uncharted 2 demo for the PS4 and within 5 minutes I had to stop because I started to feel sick bad. I wasn't the only one either who experienced this, and I'm not just referring to a few people I talk to either.

Now a game like Gran Turismo I can play for hours with no issues however Uncharted remast... #1.4.3
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If all games were 1080/60 most gamers would get some form of motion sickness, some feature(s) would be sacrificed, and/or less games would be released. I'm glad 30 fps is standard so the majority can at least enjoy their game of choice with minimal impact.

Now the option of setting fps would be welcoming, and over time that might come into practice. Halo 5 comes to mind with the "we have 60 but had to sacrifice split screen." #1.4
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The bigger question is, "The game OR community takes a step forward?"

I've learned from experience you can't have both unfortunately. #5
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I've talked with a few players of Destiny and they admitted a lot of the player base is getting thin despite the countless forum posts of people running the strikes and/or the new raid. From what I've been told the story has improved however there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. #1.1
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Valid points. With the release being about a month away more of these articles are going to appear which over time will then over saturate the site. #1
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I need to test it first to make sure I either don't get motion sickness or it's in limited amounts before I invest in one. Price is second issue however I don't want to buy something I can't enjoy. #10
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My concern involves having some back story for those new to the series or who were unable to play the first/second games due to console generation issues.

I didn't get to play much of 2 at the time since I didn't own the original XBOX for too long at the time and the first game I didn't get to play too much back then either. I know the arguments "2 on XBOX had a movie of the first game, no excuse" however the movie doesn't provide the same experienc... #18
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I will agree the game has updated from the first time I played it on the PS4 until now. I remember the convoluted map design, Mastery Rank missions had no trial mode, damage was a joke, and social aspects were limited. Now it's a completely different game and I enjoy it a lot. At time of writing I've invested time into playing because it's that fun.

As long as DE (Digital Extremes) continue to listen to the fanbase I will continue to support the game even thoug... #1
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When Warframe first released on PSN I didn't care for the game as much. When the Star chart 2.0 released (around the time for The Dark Below for Destiny) I was able to enjoy the game without the convoluted screens and being lost from knowing what planets/moons I still had to open.

My vote goes to Warframe however for slightly different reasons (biggest being DE listening to their fans). Also I like how DE keeps within communication with their player base consistently th... #10
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I quit Destiny back Dec of 2014 when TDB released and to this day still haven't looked back. Bungie lost me as a customer when I realized the game is cut up and released as "paid" expansions. I've spent less money on better experiences since (Warframe being a big one).

Did I enjoy Destiny? At the time yes. Will I return? No. Why? There's better experiences for less money and headache. #4
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I have a level 18 trophy level and still consider myself a hardcore gamer. Why? Because I play games, not scores. I use trophies as a "checklist" of what I completed in a game, not as a status of "OMG I'm top of the food chain!"

Outside bragging rights what is the prize for getting all those trophies? Nothing? Ok I'll continue to play at my own pace and for fun. #4.1
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I'm surprised Socom 2 or any Mario and/or Sonic game of any type made the list as well.

I want to know the age range of the voters, since the majority of the games listed were released after the late 90s. #1.5
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At Evo I didn't get to play it since the lines were too long so I didn't get to see much involving it.

I'm glad there's other phases planned, and hopefully an official word includes something offline related. #4.1.1
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5 Things about the SF5 beta:

1. Doesn't work/load
2. Error 200002
3. Wait an hour, still doesn't load
4. Error 200001
5. Doesn't load again

Seriously I'm glad at least it's being investigated now while it's still beta before the final release. I've read another beta phase but not sure when. #4
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After extensive time using both controllers, HORI pad is by far the best I've used in years for fighting pads. At Evo I was able to pick up a second HORI pad for $40 from the HORI booth so now I have 2 (one US and one JP) along with a new Arcade Stick that was cheaper there than from amazon.

The MK pad outside feeling cheap I noticed sometimes the moves didn't register and there was noticeable input lag. I see it more as a novelty item than something a gamer would u... #1
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I only played SF Ex a limited number of times so I can't really comment on how I felt about the game. I played a lot of Alpha 3 and 3 3rd Strike at the time until Hyper SF2 released on PS2 with SF3.

As far as fireball characters I wonder if they will implement some sort of meter to limit special moves across the board so players will have to coordinate based on what's available. #8.2.2
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