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Gaming went stagnant when companies started thinking with their pockets first. I hate how some of the fans actually argue in favor of DLC, expansions, and Season Passes for various reasons, instead of arguing in complete experiences. I'm glad the whole Season Pass phase is starting to die down, at the same time I'm concerned about the next thing coming out that will rip off customers even more.

As far as the whole reboot/remaster debate, I see it as an opportunity ...

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Now I can play it first hand there.

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I'll give an easy answer. Games back then were complete, fun experiences that didn't rely on DLC, or online multiplayer. Certain games I can play for hours on end and not get bored; for today's games I can't say the same unfortunately. A few experiences I can play for extended time frames but not as many as the older games.

Another reason? Pop in a game, done. Not wait for a patch, or hope the online community is still there, or even hope the online is ...

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I could use a new beat em up. I miss the days of Final Fight and Streets of Rage 2.

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Hard one to debate. Stupid people with too much money will spend it to get what they want; on the flip side scalpers will do whatever it takes to make extra money off the stupid.

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I read the article, and it actually praises this years E3 as being more diverse in gaming than the past. All the other comments regarding SJW and other nonsense is trolling, and should be treated as such. Don't believe me? Read the article. The title is clickbait, but the article itself isn't.

I do agree with the author, the diversity in gaming this year at E3 was much more welcome than the typical cut/paste copycat games we had in the past. Now, as far as whic...

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The bit involving a Children's Hospital, the Hospital has channels to get what they need within a reasonable parameter. But I do get what the author is trying to say at the same time. I'd rather limit what a customer can buy to make it fair for those who actually want one over buying a whole bunch just to resell them at a higher price.

What gets me the most, it's always Nintendo consoles that end up being short supplied every time. When the PS2 first launch...

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You would be surprised. I'd say what they could hype but I'd give them ideas, and that's the last thing they need at the moment.

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Situations like this is why I can't stand the human race sometimes. "Supply and demand!" and the other favorite "If I can get one, you can to. No excuse." Just the fact of selling a pre-order for $200+ means retailers better put a limit per customer, and/or Nintendo allowing people to also pre-order from them to have a base idea of how many to ship out initially. I'd also suggest pre-ordering at full price instead of just partial payment, to help those who actu...

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It's called Sega Genesis Flashback, I'm thinking of buying one when it releases.

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Five of the 8 games I never even heard about; the other 3 seemed overhyped from the beginning as it is.

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Sega currently offers more options to play classic games, and people still find something to complain about? You have the original games, the mini version coming soon with the ROMs AND cartridge support, plus mobile; and yet there's those few out there who will still find something to nit pick?

Just because the software released isn't 100% doesn't mean "that's it," just means there's room for improvement, and updates.

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After the whole fiasco with the NES Mini, I'm not going to waste my time until there's a surplus of consoles available. Everyone knows the scalpers will be the first to buy it, and resell it starting at $100+ and higher depending on demand. Honestly the Sega one is far more appealing because I can at least play cartridges on it, while this one doesn't look like it can read them at all.

I do want to at least give this one a chance since it does have about 90% ...

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If you want to pull higher numbers, here's a few things to do:

-Make quality of games like there was back in the 90s and early 2000s
-Couch co-op is a good idea, despite what trolls debate
-Stop with the DLC and Season Passes prior to initial release
-If a non-gamer argues/debates against gaming, ask questions to figure why they hate gaming, and remind them respectable adults respect other peoples hobbies
-Have actual, real gamers mak...

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With the recent article regarding no X-Men in the new Marvel vs Capcom, I can see why people would rather go to DBZ. There's enough characters for a good start, there's also room for expansion later down the road, and it's already looking to be considered for esports in the future. This game is bringing to the table what Marvel vs Capcom did in the past - a fun, fast paced fighting game.

I grew up playing 1 and 2 (own both on the PS3, and the DreamCast), and...

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I agree 100%. I hate the idea of basically paying twice to play online, and yet there's people defending this because "it helps maintain servers, etc." I do like that PSN doesn't have all games behind plus, and PS3 online is still an option for certain games that still have active communities.

I'd rather go back to free online, and paying should offer incentives to entice people to want it, not make it mandatory. If I had it my way, I'd provide ...

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To compare to what we get here in the US. I own a JP account, and there's a lot of variety of games they have we will never see in the States. If I was able to read Japanese I'd actually play a couple of them because they are fun and different than what's available here.

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I need to finish MGS 3, I got to the boss fight "The End" and had to stop due to real life (moved), and haven't been able to pick it up until recently. From what I did play it was good.

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A lot of the games released today don't have the "oh s-it" factor like they did back in the 90s and early 2000. Anymore the majority of games you already know what's going to happen, or what to expect within a short amount of time playing. I'm not talking about the ending at the beginning (or the "how we got here" because the journey is just as important) but ones where they have this big, interesting beginning, and about halfway through it's pretty obvio...

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How do you get down voted for something that makes sense?

Granted Fallout 4 was the first time I played a Fallout and it was 80ish hours before my first bug, but still I hate having to keep multiple back-ups for "just in case" when I can play other games with the confidence knowing I'm safe. Other games I usually back-up daily to the cloud, whereas Fallout I'm almost updating 50+ MB a day because of concerns. I still have the Mirelurk Queen quest that ...

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