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No games that fit my gamer needs, so no I'll pass. The Switch has my attention this holiday season though.

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I stopped taking the majority of the gaming community seriously when they swear that opinion = fact(s). So someone doesn't agree with your view(s) of said game - who cares? Bypass the trolling, and obvious non constructive feedback, it's another perspective of a game.

If he was to give it 10/10, the majority would say he was paid to give it a perfect score, or he did it just to keep face with the crowd. If it's below the average score, then it's click-b...

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A lot of it is trolling, not necessarily people who actually believe what they type. I highly doubt most of the people here take what they say 100%, and/or can say what they believe with a straight face.

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I want top notch games (preferring exclusives). If I want just raw power I can customize I'll game on PC.

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Says who? My first gaming project is single player first, with couch co op. Must be the "new thing" to question something that isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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The Division is one of those games where thinking with your pockets almost cost you a gam. Then a new person took over, and after listening to the community now the game is actually getting a lot better. No it's not A+ quality, but it's damn sure a lot better than initial release.

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Now that I know there's a Season Pass for this game, I'll wait until the game releases a full version. Skip day 1 for me.

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I stopped caring for review scores when the PS3/360 era started because that's also when the Internet decided to use scores as click bait for their site(s). I also hate how someone who hates RPGs is reviewing an RPG, and gives a low score based on unrealistic parameters.

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And this is a big reason why gaming has turned into a joke. Make quality products, and you can feed your families with the results; ripping off your customers with garbage add ons and "chances" only make your loyal customers seek greener pastures.

Because someone wants a bigger bonus for a lower than average quality product isn't my problem as a customer, I want a quality product to show support for hard work and for a good franchise. The fact someone want...

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"IF" this is true regarding single player, the day that happens is the day I stop moving forward with gaming and stick to the classics. I refuse to enter a console gen with multiplayer only; so a game can go at any time and we as gamers have nothing to show but a smaller bank account.

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At the moment Fortnite requires either an invite from someone who already has the Founders Pack, or to purchase the Founders Pack directly for the story mode. Free to play starts in 2018; so in theory no it's not free to play at the moment.

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I'd go as far as saying to refund everyone affected, to show the companies we mean business.

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It wouldn't be so bad if purchasing a loot box guaranteed something hard/impossible through normal game play, but to buy a "chance," after my experience with Fortnite I'll pass.

And before people start going on about me spending $ on Fortnite loot boxes, I'm speaking from experience, not what someone else says. I spent way more than expected and have little to show.

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Mario Kart 64

Sorry I had to

Wouldn't it be the best feeling in the world to buy what you want on your console of choice? Let that sink in...

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The problem is too many companies are looking at ways to save money while spending less, which is at the sacrifice of quality work. Loot boxes currently is the "go to" for quick $ instead of actually making an effort to keep the player base happy by offering other options.

I want a crash that will teach the greedy corporations a lesson, however keep the indie scene unaffected. I want bigger companies to be reminded of who got them to where they are today, and wh...

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This reminds me of those situations where someone watches an R rated movie, then complain because "they didn't know X and Y would happen" although it's printed on the back of the box.

Granted I don't have children, or immediate family who watch me play games, but I at least know what to play around my company at any given time. A friend of mine has a son who sometimes visits; and if there's a game I'm playing he feels is inappropriate, I tur...

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I'm still waiting on that one game MS needs to win me over as a customer; for now Nintendo has my attention with a few releases. I already own the PS4 Pro with a SSD installed (which is nice), and soon the Nintendo Switch since they now have a few games I want to try out.

MS can boast all they want about tech, but without sufficient first party support, it's just bells and whistles with 0 substance.

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Hopefully a mini classics version of their older systems, including the CDX.

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DLC itself isn't bad, it's when there's talk of expanding a single player game before initial release. At first I didn't mind because it was something that only happened with certain titles; however over time the majority of companies looked at it as a quick cash grab. I'm still a big supporter of making a game complete, and only release dlc/expansions as needed to help build on top of the game; not cut content and release it later. This is a big reason why gaming befor...

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I vote 2 as the best of the series; although I did like 4 for what it is.

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