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I remember Xenogears, at the time I had debates in school between this and Final Fantasy 7 which had the better story.

This was also back when Square(Soft) made legendary, good games.

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I want the 90s fight scene back. At least then there was this thing called "being different," which about 99% of the ideas then became staples for fighters released since then.

What I really want is a good beat em up.

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There's only so many times gamers save the princess (or damsel in distress), save the world/city/country/place of residence, the countless sports titles, working for someone only to fight them at the end, or win some tournament. I'm waiting on the Postal remaster because it's a break from the typical story, and instead it's pure satire.

I hate how so many companies today pull the "me to" attitude; something comes out that works, then the majority ac...

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There's some older games I could play today and not think twice about what's out now. What I hate is the list of games fans want, however, for various reasons will never get re-released (fighters come to mind).

It's not about "moving backwards" like someone mentioned above, it's about providing options. That's the one thing I do give PC credit for, emulators provide some sort of backwards compatibility. The debate of "the publishers get...

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I like 3/6 and 8. Eight had about 90% of what High Scool life was like outside the fantasy aspects. I'd play it again even after all this time.

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What I hate is the hypocrisy here of the US (and I'll keep it within the US for this part) - It's ok to be 18 and join the military to put your life on the line, but forbid being an escort or an exotic dancer at 18.


Is this even gaming news related because of something she did BEFORE joining Nintendo? I vote if she wasn't actively doing anything while working at Nintendo, who cares what her past was like as long as it wasn't something il...

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*puts on tin foil hat*

In before conspiracy theories.

Really though that is a bad sign if people are resigning from Bungie.

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Basically that's Easy, Normal, and Hard, just worded differently.


I say add difficulty because it can introduce people new to that genre of game to see if it's a series for them. Other people may not have the time/patience to play for long time frames, so a difficulty would help balance time/fun factor. I played Demon Souls and liked it for what it was. Would I welcome a difficulty option? Yes. Will I knock someone for making a game easier f...

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You're not the only one. I hope SEGA does some sort of HD remaster for it to gauge the audience to see if it should be brought back or not. I'd help fund it and even buy it.

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The current winner is the customer. We dictate who still stays in business by voting with our wallets.

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I'm going to catch a lot of flack for this, but I don't care either. A lot of people jumping for plats are the big reason gaming is on the decline. I remember when games didn't need achievements/trophies to be good, or have replay - it was called unlockables. Give me something to unlock that adds to the game, not some score that does nothing but show I spent the time/effort to get something someone else couldn't. I'm not saying I'm against the scoring system 100%,...

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Oh ok thanks for responding. I know someone mentioned doing something similar with certain Dark Zone enemies boosting their rank.

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How about fixing the NPCs that can sniper-shoot players almost halfway across the map?

The exploit for having more than four people on a mission is almost mandatory for the Russian Consulate mission with how fast them shotgunners appear. The Hornet and Hutch exploits I'm unfamiliar with. Can anyone explain specifically what they're talking about with them?

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I anti troll the Rogues at this point until the "Rush" dies down. I pick up nothing but blues and greens, and had some rogues actually complain so much because they killed me for nothing. The one time they didn't kill me I was able to extract a gold weapon because they assumed I had garbage.

Anymore I wait till late at night or early in the morning to go in the dark zone after the recent update.

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I miss Nintendo Power, it was one of the only magazines I'd buy at Wal-Mart at the time next to Tips and Tricks.

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There was another boss, Apollo I think was the name, that I wanted my revenge on for killing me back when I was 24-25. I'll never get to see him again. :(

I wonder if they will add Bullet King back in a challenge mission in the near future.

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Just means I'll stay out of the Dark Zone during peak times and go in when it's late/early in the morning.

I'm also surprised the patch notes doesn't mention customizing the controller. I know the argument "PS4 can do it through the system" however there's no way to save the settings so I have to reset between games which gets annoying after a while.

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I've had moments where I'd shoot an NPC and I became rogue (in the library across from the extraction in the first zone). I've also had idiots/trolls who would jump in the line of fire just to turn you rogue so they can "See" what you have, then bitch because you don't have any gold drops.

I do agree though they need some sort of better visual between players and NPCs in some instances. What I really want is some sort of toggle in the DZ so if all...

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"Now, it’s certainly unfair to compare an established, highly-patched game to one that just came out. The Division needs some time to catch up before that becomes a fair debate." (From the article)

Those two lines alone prove the debate needs to stop for now.

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I have a mental issue that prevents me from adapting as fast as other gamers. I'll try the Ginger though. I remember playing Borderlands Pre-sequel for a month almost and still had issues within a few minutes.

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