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One thing I will give Nintendo credit for, they're releasing a gaming console FIRST, the extras come later depending on demand. I know a lot of people argue "I want X and Y because I want options outside of gaming" however it's more to patch/fix/update through patches. So many people whine and complain because some patch releases which has little to no fixes towards the gaming aspect; more towards the extras.

I have personal reasons why I'm waiting o...

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I actually miss Demo CDs, they provided just enough to expect what's coming down the line. Now? If you want a chance into a bet/demo, pre-order. Back then? Buy the magazine, go to Pizza Hut, or borrow from a friend.

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I saw both Ghost Recon and The Division as both Tom Clancy stories, and both third person games; so there's the similarities. However, as someone mentioned they are two different games overall.

The Division focuses on a story regarding New York after a modified small pox virus releases, and there's limited options regarding completing missions, there's the Dark Zone (which I fell defeats the entire purpose of working together as the theme of the game suggests),...

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I actually had more fun exploring what was available than doing the missions. For once I actually felt a real world, not just a bunch of sprites running around GTA style. Repetitive missions is expected from games like this, the good news is there's multiple ways of approaching certain missions. Some I felt the options were limited (like the mission with the guy and girl bosses) however I still like I can at least get lost on the map just by driving/walking around.

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I'm going to spend a lot of time playing this game. Amazon prime provided a big discount for the Gold Edition which I was able to overlook my initial statement back at the beginning of the year (waiting to buy games with season passes), and I am impressed with the Beta.

I'm reserving judgement of bugs and glitches until after initial release - doesn't make sense to scream about bugs when it's not final representation of the game itself.


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How many are actual gamers, and how many are scalpers just to take advantage of the situation?

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I still vote Marvel vs Capcom 1 as my all time favorite of the series, then 2 for the roster. I also like Capcon vs SNK 1 and 2. I hope the original Capcom can get together a Capcom vs SNK 3.

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"If" PETA gets their way with this, it's only the first step towards many other bans/restrictions with other games regarding various content. To ask someone to get rid of something not real is grasping at straws; its fake characters for goodness sake. There's this magical thing called "not buying the product" if there's something you don't like.

I agree with the author on this - there's bigger issues going on involving animals, an...

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Twenty years later, I'm still trying to figure why 7 is the "pinnacle of the series?" Personally, I prefer 6 over 7, however, I know just because I questioned why 7 is better I'm going to get a lot of down votes and massive trolling. At the time yes I was part of the "7 is the greatest" bandwagon; then I played 8 (which I found better in some areas), then I was able to play 6, which I found certain parts much more structured than 7. Biggest being a more diverse ...

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I hate how some of the boss fights repeat themselves, especially with some of the bosses joining newer bosses for the "added challenge" which I call annoying. I made it to stage 10 on the floor with the Sumo Wrestlers but haven't been able to try again. When I have free time this weekend I'll try it again.

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Not a bad game for $7. Could it be better? Yes. Is it a flop/bad game? No.

I grew up on the older games, so playing this takes me through memory lane. There are a few balancing adjustments they need to make; biggest being some of the boss fights. Seems stages 5-8 I end up wasting credits/continues, when I can play 1-4, and 9 without dying.

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I just stay out of anything political, to prevent hatred from any side of the spectrum. I did vote, and when people ask I tell them "I voted, that's all you need to know." Regardless of who/what you voted for, someone is going to hate you, and someone is going to make you their new best friend.

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I want a release date for Postal Redux for PS4. Some sites claim Q4 2016, however March is considered the end of Q4 2016, so unless it's releasing at the last minute I want something showing it's still getting a release soon. If it's canceled let us know so I can move on.

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Good, I hope they go under. They have laughable quality in the majority of their products. The people working under them should relocate so they can find work under a different brand

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I'm in the same boat; I'd rather play the game than watch someone make silly comments, ruining the experience. The only streams I'll watch is game play of a new release game to see if it fits my gamer needs, or if I'm stuck somewhere and exhausted all other options.

Maybe the occasional speedrun to see if I can match it. Otherwise, I don't care for lets plays. I know people argue in favor of them, but it's not the same feeling of watching someone ...

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I went to the site and nothing was listed, so I didn't bother. I know some of the people are saying it's on their Twitter page, but all they ask for is #game and something else, not a site where they ask for email, name, and bday. Yet I get downvoted for asking a legit question to prevent phishing/scamming.

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The f- does it matter? Are people this hard up to find something to complain about to force a developer to change clothing because someone looks different in another outfit? Even if it's a bug (yes I did read the article), if it doesn't interfere with game play, or cause issues in the future, I wouldn't care. Blizzard could have easily had something like "while it's not a harmful bug, it could cause problems in the future" or something like that; which would make ...

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Sounds too good to be true. I checked the Sony site and didn't see anything listed about this. If anything is official from Sony or playstation post the link, otherwise this sounds fake.

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I've talked to someone around your age regarding their preferred gen of gaming, they like the community of today, but prefer the 80s-early 2000s due to simplistic controls and fun factor.

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No, still game all the time, just when I'm not busy with college. What I like about older games over whats out now:

Good stories
Positive memories
Years later I can still access them physically, and whenever I want
Bonding with friends

I can't say the same with today's games. Granted some can be argued the same points with todays gaming, but it just doesn't feel the same today as i...

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