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Star tropics #8
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Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 3/6
Killer Instinct
Mario RPG
Gradius 3
Secret of Mana
Clay Fighter 2
Donkey Kong Country 2
Final Fight 2
Super Punch Out #2
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Why should we care about what he does? I actually forgot he existed until this story reminded me of who he is. #1.3
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I wonder if it's one of those over fabricated news stories to build hype for the game. Another theory is the tunes could have some hidden message for people within a certain age to "hypnotize" someone into doing odd things; the pitches and sounds can code someones brain to do something proportional to the music (in this case sad music so they must commit suicide).

I watched a second video involving the Blue Pokemon cartridge and towards the end the brother call... #3.1.1
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Not that I'm calling the author out for nitpicking (because what's important to one person isn't to another) however some of the items on the list I'm glad isn't available right now; it means the PS4 is a gaming console first, and over time allow features the fans ask for.

I do agree though about the custom folder, less clutter. #2.2
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I had to watch that Lavendertown one, and the original music I can see hurting hears but not causing suicide. #3
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After reading your first comment I read the article, and glad I did to; it's a very well written piece that doesn't just say "Xbox is dying" without actual justification.

The author has some valid points, and if people actually take the time to read it instead of just the title and other comments they will see this is a well written, unbiased piece. #1.1.13
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I took part of the survey, I want to at least make my voice heard than just talk about what they need to do and not have any active way to participate. #14
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I got to see it live at Evo after the Grand Finals, his fatality was definitely something I missed from the series. #1.2
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Tomorrow I start Tekken Tag 2 at 10 am; I hope to make the top 8 at least to help pay for college. #1.2
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Says in the article before the end of the year, however wasn't specific on PC and PS4/Vita or just one platform. #3.2
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The game wasn't bad when it came to the idea of the game, and some parts of it; overall I felt the game could have done a lot better if there wasn't so much hype around it. The CtOS mini game between console and android was fun, and different, and I do agree with the author on some of the points raised especially involving character development.

What's worse, I had more fun playing outside the story than the actual story itself. #3
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The video alone should be included with the article. #1.1.4
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I'd say it depends on the game; if it's a story driven game (Mass Effect) an easy mode for some would put it Story > Game play, then play it on a harder difficulty for the challenge. Fighters can be argued either way for practice or have some sort of actual practice mode. Driving games (arcade or sim) could also be seen either way; to study tracks before attempting racing against people and/or the AI.

Me personally, I'd say it depends on the game, and how s... #5.2
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I've played video games since the 80s, and I don't smoke or drink, or sometimes even eat (using the bathroom is the most I'll do depending on the game). Getting that next level/mission complete is more important than "boy, I could smoke one right now..." Of course I take breaks to eat/drink or other real life responsibilities, however while I'm playing a game that comes first outside an emergency.

I also know some drinkers/smokers, and while I don&... #1.3
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Rival Schools that came out in 1998 was better than SF vs Tekken, and I do agree the DLC was a bit stupid especially with the whole gem setup. I remember buying the version with the Arcade Machine money bank, kept the arcade machine and sold the game the same day (couldn't return it but got $60 out of the $70 paid).

If it was Capcom from the 90s that game would have easily been legendary, or at least under some sort of new technology when it comes to fighting games. #5.2
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"It's not like wikipedia cites the sources at the bottom... oh wait."

At college as a test to prove how broken wiki is with citing sources a few students put some obvious wrong information on an article, and at the bottom had a link that looked legit; problem is so many people actually believed it being true to the point that someone actually took the time to look, and found out it was an actual test to see who was paying attention. Six months later it was fina... #2.2.2
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I'm waiting on Xenoblade X before I buy the Wii U, then I can buy the Zelda Windwaker version with Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade. #6.1
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Wikipedia is the LAST place I'd quote/use as a resource.

AAA is different between people; some argue budget, time, effort, and resources as "AAA property" yet someone can also argue that can be with any game/project. To me there is no such thing as AAA; there's good, quality games and there's "why was this made again?" It's all based on preference and what each individual would consider AAA regardless of how much the internet wants to arg... #2.2
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I already found some games to pass time until classes start in the fall: Skyrim, Dragons Crown, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Fallout New Vegas, and Tekken Tag 2. On the PS4 Mercenary Kings, Resogun, Infamous SS, and Strider. #5
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