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It depends on the situation; if it's an actual, legit bug or some sort of game-breaking issue then I can see it. What companies need to do is announce, provide progress updates, then when the came is close to completion then have a release window.

I don't hate delays, but I hate the overreaction of the fan base and conspiracy theories. The only time I hate delays is when you promise an exclusive deal, then "delay" to make it on a competitors console; don... #2
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Could do some sort of time jump like at the beginning when it was Raiden and Shao Khan; or have some story-related event which some of the characters return.

If they do introduce new characters I hope they make it tie into the story and not "just because" or fan service. #4.2
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No shit


Who couldn't tell it was a movie/teaser? #1.5
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My PSP still gets a lot of play even to this day; there's times I play the PSP more than the Vita. #1.1
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Same here, I rarely play online on the PS4 at the moment yet still subscribe for those free games. If they had the option I'd pick games and they can keep the online since I rarely ever use it, and the few games that I do play online don't require ps+. #1.2.2
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I miss the older Sonic from the 90's, the version I grew up with. #1.1
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I agree, people have the right to voice opinions as long as they are just that - opinions, not threats, or moronic trolling. I also agree it is odd that the PS3 and 4 games are getting switched, at the same time it could be something Sony knows or will talk about which will help shift more PS4 units.

I agree with the author 100% with what is written. I also agree with the Netflix analogy and how it's no different than there movie service.
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I know, the main problem is there's no actual standard of what content can actually adjust the rating accordingly. Movies are worse than games at this; I've seen some PG-13 movies with tits and R rated movies with 0 "questionable content."

In all reality though using it as a reference should be just that - to tell what's in the game; not to play parent or have sales people ask adults "is this game ok for them to play?" #5.1.1
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I agree with the author, there should be a difference between the two, mature-themed and mature-rated. The ESRB (which is flawed) doesn't have a set standard on what's considered a mature rated game; the mentality is "Oh it has this, this, and this, mature" instead of "who is the target audience, how will this pertain to them?" I have noticed over time however some games will have "Mature Themes" listed to show there's some sort of story and not jus... #5
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I've known people on limited income who play on phone/Android/Mac devices, or who are in homes which don't allow for console gaming or very limited gaming resources - those I don't count or factor in. I've met some people at my school who play on mobile devices as a second source however not as a main; and the ones who main mobile devices also play on consoles when they can (at a friends, sibling, etc).

Now if they choose to play on... #1.1.3
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Nice comment Miyamoto

For those who read the article - The graphs and "explaining" mobile/console/PC gamers is something that needs to stop; regardless of phone, console, PC, or even arcade you're still a gamer. My biggest complaint is when someone claims being a gamer yet they might touch a phone/console/PC for a whole 5 min, or watched someone play a game, or even read about a game, and act like they know more than the people who have played for years.
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Wishful thinking is an update that "opens" the PS4 to play all PS1 and 2 games to coincide with PS Now.

Outside that some sort of reboot I'm assuming with other people. #1.14
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I'm surprised these games didn't make it or at least mentioned:

Star Tropics
Tetris #1
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"I refuse to play a free to play game because the internet said so. HOW DARE them not charge people for games, and not requiring PS+ for this; I'm gonna write to Sony demanding they charge for this so I have something else to bitch/complain about. Then write another letter asking them why isn't the game free since it's obviously made by some 3rd rate developer."

Now for a non-satire response:

I'll play it, the worse that can happ... #1.2.1
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Here's my theories:

1. Free to play model in the works
2. (hopefully) merged servers with PC, PS4, and Xbox
3. Too many game breaking exploits
4. Player base dropped to quickly on PC

I remember Bethesda allowing PC players to transfer PC characters onto console, so that could be a sign of merging servers. Again it's just a thought and theory. #7
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I do

Seriously completing the storyline to me is enough, getting that 100% is only if I really like the game. #2.1
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I'm glad a lot of gaming companies are starting to at least go outside the comfort zone with characters and stories to actually make something different for a change. #1.1.8
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I owned a lot of those game on the list at some point; still own the original SMB 3 cartridge. #2
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I never was able to play the original Socom 2 online, only Confrontation and 4 (which I thought were ok for what they were). I just hope there's some sort of offline story mode for those of us who want to learn the game better (I read they talked of it and rumors mentioned dlc for story mode).

This is on my watch list for 2015, an actual tactical shooter is something I'd welcome for the PS4. #1.1.2
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My wishlist:

-FF15 getting a winter 2014 release
-(I know impossible but still) Killer Instinct being released on PlayStation
-Star Wars Battlefront HD (to coincide with the new Battlefront)
-GTA 5 released on next gen with the ability to transfer online character data
-Fallout 4 with a winter 2014 release
-PS Now with the ability to play disc based games using the cloud as a "verification" rather than just straight streaming... #5
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