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Now I can try Dead Space 3 #7
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I've noticed fighters work better with the DS3 controller, and I also have an arcade stick I'd like to work on the PS4 so I can play some fighters easily (when more start getting released). #3.3
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I've played games that both look and played good, those I'm not talking about. I'm talking the people who act like graphics make the game regardless of how bad it is. #12.1.1
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I bought ME2 on PS3 when it first came out in 2011, and it had all the characters there out the gate; the only DLC I remember was the Arrival. It may have been different on 360 however since I didn't own/play it I can only speak on the PS3 version.


The idea of Javik being DLC was the beginning of my issues with the game; the other parts of the game being omitted and later added as DLC was a bigger slap in the face. You mig... #4.4
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I agree with the author, just because a game "looks good" doesn't mean it is a good game. I get so tired of "Graphics" and "Resolution" talk; why can't people argue features, music, game play, etc. instead of digital eye candy?

I saw a comment above me mentioning PS1 graphics; well you know what? PS1 games are one of the reasons why I still game today. Not because they "look good" but they PLAY good, AND had good stories. I... #12
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I miss 8 bit music, and after reading the article I have some ideas I can put to 8 bit sounds. #1
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"@Virtussignum All followers are included in the game. No DLC followers." (From the article)

I'll finish the sentence

for now...

Bioware will have to really convince me they won't do what they did with ME, especially having Javik as DLC for that extra income. I almost wrote Bioware off after ME3 with how poor the game was (I'm sorry for those who swear by ME3 but I found it incomplete as opposed to 1 and 2). #4
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I'll still be on the PS3 even after it's gone, too many memories I can't just give up. Hell I still have my "working" fat PS2 for memory lane. #3
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Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 3/6
Mario RPG
Fallout 3

After reading the article it should be "top RPG's played this gen" #3
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Just goes to show people can't read AND comprehend, also don't know how to check the fine print. The fact Sony had to apologize for something that wasn't even the main focus just proves the majority of people can't read, or a bunch of trolls wanting to start something.

I read it as "if you have PS+ you will be able to play online with others," not "If you have PS+ you can play in the beta along with other people." #3.2
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Outside motion sickness I could care less if it runs 1080p or not; doesn't make a bad game better, just more pretty. All these articles lately about "graphics" and "1080p" makes me wonder sometimes...

I guess the new thing for journalism in 2014 is who can make the biggest joke piece, make it sound half serious, and see how many people argue it. #1.1.28
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What's this outside you speak of?


I live in Missouri and so far the PS3 and 4 have been online the whole time with no issues. It could change I know, however it's running fine here. #6.2.2
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I like 4K TVs for one reason; the current TVs out now are getting a lot cheaper in price which means I can actually afford a good gaming TV that's not too expensive. I actually tried playing games on a 4K tv (at a friends house) and honestly had a much better feel on a 1080p with 240 refresh rate; the whole 4K hype is for people who "act" like they see a difference when in reality it's just tech that is already out on older TVs if you take the time to look for them. #10.2
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You person, are the reason why I can't take graphic debates seriously. Just because someone prefers to watch TV over streaming services doesn't mean anything outside they have preferences. A much better question would be "What do you watch on TV that you can't watch on Netflix/Hulu?" #3.1.1
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"Resolution plays a huge role in the overall gameplay experience, and it's fast becoming a low-hanging ceiling that effectively limits the "next-generation" Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles." (From the article)

From gaming back in the 80s I can say it's the quality of games that is declining. A game can "look" pretty however if it doesn't have the story, game play, and originality to back it up all it will be is "flashy.&quo... #1.29
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I don't get all these people whining about what they want/don't want in a next gen console AFTER arguing they want a console to play games first and extras later. I swear some people you just can't win against.

The only feature I was surprised wasn't available out the gate was mp3 playback, however custom soundtrack is there with the Sony music service (which I don't care for). The X game chat is a nice addition however as I stated in the past... #1.2
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The problem I have with all these games coming in 2015 is then a lot of companies are gonna push to 2016 for the fear of over saturation; however they will argue "polish" and other PR statements.

Mass Effect is one game I want in the future, however if Fallout did get announced I'd pick it over ME in 2015. #1.5
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This is why I wait to pre-order for situations like this to NOT occur. I also pre-order from stores because if the price(s) did get adjusted I can at least talk to the store directly and see what can be done. #1.14
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With the way 1 ended it's kind of obvious Aiden might be mentioned but not the main character (not towards you but just in general).

I hope in the next one it covers another city with another character; I like the story however not the character Aiden. #8.2
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I never worked at a gaming store so I can't comment on how I'd feel after working at one. What I can say though, I don't hate gaming, I hate the idiots ruining it; which includes trolling, stupid articles, and punk developers who cry at the drop of a hat. #3.2
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