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@ memots

Funny as the comic is that's the base of journalism today; it's no longer "Man you gotta check this game out if you're a fan of the series" it's instead "this is what we hate about it."

I'm gonna save it for future reference to remind myself of how gamers went from a community of positive to a divided community of whining and nit picking. #2.1.2
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What irritates me the most about the gamer generation today as opposed to the 90s is the 90s kids (like me) actually PLAYED games and had fun with them. Also the arguments were more based on experiences rather than what was posted on the internet or from a magazine. Now the majority are either trolling, or posting what they read off the internet with 0 supporting facts.

I do agree with a lot of what you posted: Sales figures, closing of certain areas that have 0 do with ga... #2
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Some games do carry over progress (not many); the fact Bungie actually gave it some thought is a sign they wanted to however couldn't. I've played in different betas (console and PC) and depending on the situation some progress did carry over and some didn't. It's not based on "the intelligent" it's based on what the company thought was fair.

It doesn't change my opinion about the game, and no I'm not going to raise pitchforks and dem... #1.3.1
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I meant to put an easier way to see loot/drops because there were moments which you didn't see anything until it was too late. I know some brought up drops green and above would show up in your dbox however I never noticed anything sent to me and I know for sure some green drops were missed. #1.1.1
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I'm probably the majority but No Russian was the only mission I liked in MW2; and yes I did play the game through.

Before people ask no I'm not in any sort of legal trouble, don't do drugs, drink alcohol, have sex with random women, an active positive member in my community, and attending college for a second degree.

The Getaway was my first "shocker" since it was the first game I played that dropped the "f-" bomb... #3.2
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At least now I know so I can move on; would have been nice to at least start with the Iron Banner cape I won and that Legendary Hand Cannon I obtained in a match.

At least now when you make a character it carries over to the later games. #3
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I'd rather 30 fps so I can enjoy my game(s) without losing my lunch. Outside fighters and the occasional first person shooter 60 FPS is something I (and I'm sure a lot others) can't handle well. #21.1
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Not sure if you're trolling or you seriously believe that.....


I wouldn't put all the blame on Sony; I'd start with the PC crowd first since 90% of them brag about graphic cards costing more than a new console and how they can 'achieve what consoles can't do" yet play WoW, Crysis, or something off an emulator.

After reading the comments below they confirmed what... #17.2
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I know at E3 they mentioned some cartoon being free for plus members to watch (forgot the name) which is a start towards "other" options.

I have plus for gaming only however yes I am open to other avenues for moments I have college projects to work on and I need some sort of back ground noise outside gaming. What Sony could do is have a service like plus but for media, or offer an option to integrate media into plus for those who want more than just gaming and le... #3
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I was told there was some differences between the Alpha and Beta, however I wasn't in the Alpha so I can't speak on that behalf. I have also noticed some enemy animations were "restrictive" however still performed well for a game like this. I have noticed the PS3 and 4 enemy logic was different however; since I was able to cross use my character between the two systems I have noticed enemies were behaving different when in groups as opposed on the PS4 which they almost pla... #1
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Another article that lists on separate pages...

Stopped after the second page. #2
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I had to do a double take on the Killzone Shadowfail in the Best Buy ad.

Good deals all around though. #1.2
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I agree 100% Game play > Graphics; and I'll also add certain games at 60 fps induces motion sickness which I wouldn't be able to enjoy a lot of games. There's also some who mistake Art Style for graphics, which I prefer Art Style since it can actually add to the experience instead of just looking good.

So many people scream/complain about the new gen and how they want 1080/60 fps however a lot of companies do realize sometimes it can induce sickness... #15.1
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@ 3-4-5
I will say 5 is a much bigger improvement of 4, however ultimately I do agree as well. I still vote San Andreas and Vice City the top of the series. #1.1.2
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I miss the older gaming days.....

When I was older I was able to play it (at the time I couldn't find a copy) and it's actually fun. Better than Turtles in time? That's subjective; I like both games. They need to bring back the older beat em up games, and I'm hoping Sunset Riders gets a re-release on PSN/Live in the future. #3
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I know a WoW player who argues "active 10+ million and this is all sensational news." I swear sometimes he gets on my nerves with how he swears WoW is the "end all" and believes all games need to follow what they do.

People get bored with it; Release new expansion, play the story till you beat it, raids until someone get bored, move on to another game until next expansion. Some people get tired of the same rotation and find new experiences/gam... #5
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Sega Genesis 6 button for fighters

PlayStation Dual Shock 1/2 for about 99% of what I play

Arcade sticks for fighters #15
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One thing about FF3/6 over 7 is there's no "follow the leader" character the story is based around; it's based around a group of characters. A lot of people argue "well the game starts with Terra and Locke..." however you don't need them to complete the game. Each character has that one ability/perk that makes them essential towards the group and story, and at the end before Kefka they explain why they joined the group.

Kef... #16.1
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Square from the 90s? I'd preorder it. Square now? Hell no. I can see it:

(Chrono Trigger)
Game $14.99
Magus DLC $1.99
Endings 10-15 $3.99
Sound Test $2.99
Access more than 3 save slots $2.99
Original artwork showing SquareSoft $59.99

Game $14.99
Rico and Billy DLC $2.99 each, both for $3.99
Watch all Cut Scenes $5.99 per disc
Original graphics filter $5.99
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How about Adblock for real life?

If ads properly targeted the audience corresponding to the site/video itself the need for ad blocker(s) would be minimal. Like a lot of people mentioned it's stupid to watch a game video and some ad about weight loss appears; or a "how to" and some adult ad appears, extra credit if it appears while at work/school.

My ultimate hatred with ads is the loud ones that you can't mute without muting y... #1.3.1
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