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I only run in when I see a Legendary or for ammo. Lately at random I keep getting booted from the game, so to play it safe and "just in case" I'll run in and grab the Legendary drops that way if I do get removed I didn't lose my chance. #3.1
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I'm getting burned out on the gaming journalism, not the gaming industry. Over saturation of "Why X is better than Y," "Why X game sucks," and the daily bait articles to start massive controversy in the comments. #6
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Who would disagree with that? Unless it's a mistake. #7.1.1
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Agreed, my friends and I are having fun playing together, regardless of what the internet screams. #13.1
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I'm not targeting you specifically, however I get sick of people comparing Destiny and Borderlands. The only things they have in common is kill enemies for loot, both are multiplayer, and first person shooters. I guess the new standard is "if you have to kill enemies for loot, compare it to Borderlands."

I didn't buy the game on hype, I bought the game because it's an experience my friends and I can enjoy together and actually have fun wit... #2.1
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What I learned:

Person opinion still comes first, not what someone else "suggests." Just because 99% of the internet "likes/hates" something doesn't mean "join the hate/like train or you're not a gamer" followed with marks of trolling and/or people hating over nothing. I actually like Destiny for what it is; yes it can be better, yes there is plenty of potential to make the game better, yes there are some things even I wish were changed... #14
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"I'm just glad so many people were smart and waited for the reviews before rushing out and buying the next Bungie game." With that point you lost all credibility.

Reviews are opinions on someone elses experiences, not the "end all" to deciding buying/renting games. There's countless times I've read low review scores on games yet they ended up being good/decent games and I've seen "perfect scores" that ended up being absolute g... #13
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When Destiny was beta I spent at least 12+ hours a day on it, and tried to get all uncommon equipment. Now the game is released, and I don't feel the same hype as I did back in the beta. Bad game? No; could be better? Yes. I do agree with a lot of your points however some things I will voice a second opinion on:

Voice acting - Since I still have a ways to go in the game I'll hold opinion until after I complete the story. So far I have a positive response on the... #3
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My vote goes to Legion, however I did like Mordin for who he was. #1.2
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I'm part of the $500+ million crowd #1.1.9
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Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 Turbo Hyper Alpha EX edition

All costumes $6.99
8 new (re-skinned) characters $9.99
CPS1 and 2 soundtracks $$8.99
New modes $6.99

or buy the game new for $49.99 and beta the game for help with rebalancing!

Seriously I hope it's a new game (franchise) and not something they "think" we will like. #1.5
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Let PETA complain all they want (don't give in to them of course); can't turn down free publicity and advertising.

On a more serious note, who cares if "digital" animals die? There's actual, real animals that need help, why not help them and not complain about something that has 0 effect on actual animals. I don't get people who are all up for "animal rights" when we as humans still have yet to get all our rights. #1.3
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Your issue is something I wouldn't worry about, I can see it frustrating to buy a game only to have it free or discounted. There's moments I finally had the $ to buy something and then that month/soon it goes free, that's irritating. Those issues I can relate to, and no I don't condone or talk down to someone voicing hate about it. I've actually added to those from a "I've been there" perspective because I have; now I wait to buy games just in case.
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"you people are cool with a vague positive comment, but will chastise a vague negative comment."

I don't normally attack negative blogs/forum posts because 90% of it is either trolling or constant whining over nothing important. If someone has some legit reasoning for their hate for the month (not saying you just in general) I'll typically add an input that either agrees or disagrees without trying to flame or start an argument/debate. #6.1.1
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Good write, nice to see someone looking at the positive side of Plus/Live rather than the typical "OMG it sucks" with little to no reason why outside "just because we can."

No I won't complain about the current setup because I will be too busy on Destiny and college work; doesn't make sense to "hate" on something that won't matter over time. #6
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Day 1 for me, now for King of Fighters 98 and/or Samurai Showdown 2. #2
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One was for sexual favors, the other I'm not too clear on. #3.1.2
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In short, some of the writers were given "services" to give fixed scores on reviews. #3.1
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What I miss the absolute most in gaming back then - unlockables. Not "spend $ to get this." No, you actually had to play/learn the game to actually get something accomplished. I understand there's options to help those who are limited on time/friends to help, however to just have people "buy" their way through a game is a slap in the face for those of us who spend hours playing. #4.3.3
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Reminds me of a quote I read a while back,
"There's a difference between straight A's and knowledge."

My respect for Miamoto went up because even he sees casuals as a problem when it comes to certain games. I like how he also states a lot of the "casuals" look at things from the "give me" perspective instead of "working for it." I do miss a good challenge that was also fun from the older days; now it's m... #3.1.3
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