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The root of the problem is the majority who complain will still buy the next CoD because of their friends, or because of the MW Remaster and are too impatient to wait a few months before it's a stand alone purchase. After Destiny I refuse to buy anything Activision has their hands on, even if it's a game like CoD MW (Which I like a lot).

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1. Hori Fighting commander (PS4 version)
2. Sega Genesis 6 button
3. PS1/2 Dual Shock
4. Original NES
5. Sega Saturn pad

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I agree 100%, especially with the less educated being more racial. If they spent more time and effort to be more positive than trying to be an idiot, they would have more positive moments.

The ones I really question, "I'm all alone. No one loves me. I'm hated. etc." yet spend so much time online being an idiot. Go figure though.

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Being black I can say I've experienced both sides of the whole racism garbage.

I've had gamers respect me because it's one more person to play certain games with, and since I actually have knowledge through experience. I have my differences in games and consoles, but we are all gamers with the same goal in common - sticking together.

I've also had certain groups of people call me derogatory names because "non white or Japanese peop...

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Now I can finally play this game.

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Good news for those who use mods, bad for those who want to wear a Batman outfit while fighting Serana's dad.

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I actually like Wasteland 2. I hope the name gets bigger than Fallout so Bethesda can actually get off their high horse and make something as open as Wasteland 2 is. Wasteland actually has consequences for certain behaviors, not like Fallout where factions are the only real factors. Wasteland 2 actually makes you think on certain topics, and you have to live with whatever decision was decided.

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"You can also download mods to consoles once they are published online.(sorry Ps4 fans only Xbox One)"

This is the only line I needed to see from the article. Instead of "for now" or something along those lines they say plain as day "only on Xbox." Not to throw the conspiracy theory but this is a sign of something going on we don't know about. Notice I didn't say "Microsoft bought exclusive rights" or "Sony won't ...

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I will say this is much more constructive than some of the previous posts you've been a part of.

Coming from someone who is currently in college to enter the gaming industry AND from someone who gamed back in the 90s (not born in the 90s, RAISED in the 90s) there's a few things I have realized I should point out. I am under a semi NDA so I have to be careful of what I say just in case.

1. "Your business degrees do not matter to the userba...

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Really depends on what the remaster offers the original version didn't have. If it's just to look pretty I'll pass, but if its improvements, added content, and reasonably priced I'll give it a shot.

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I'm surprised Blast Corp from the N64 days didn't make the list. Star Tropics I wouldn't mind playing again either. I wonder how they are doing the code for the robot you encounter towards the end of the game when it releases for the mini.

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I'd argue #1 and 2, since 3 is what brought me to the series, but Tag is where I really had fun in the arcades. Tekken is also the first game where I pushed Street Fighter to the sides; something Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat almost did.

For the article, Tag was on PS2 as one of the launch titles, with an HD release on the PS3, and Namco made Tekken last I remember.

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I'm a fan of Wasteland 2, and I do want to see some of the new directions with 3. I wonder if there's any crossover from 2 to 3, like what happened with certain people you recruited over the game.

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It's the new thing apparently. No multiplayer = bad game according to the masses. I want a fluid, good single player experience FIRST, and if it means multiplayer is sacrificed then so be it. I feel a lot of games would work better if they were single player and left the multiplayer out.

With that said, I do want to see how multiplayer would work with a game like this first before passing judgement.

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The problem is the majority will build high hopes, positive anticipation, then the game releases, and the first argument is "they were paid to say the game is good" because of something that didn't deliver according to them.

Every release there's a lot of negative press regarding mechanical errors, Season Passes for "full experiences," unfulfilled promises, removed features that "might" make the cut later, and/or other nit picking issu...

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I know I'm going to get a lot of downplay for this, but when a game gets a lot of hype it's an indicator there's a lot of flaws with other aspects of the game that needs to be addressed first. It seems the more hyped a game is, the more fans are going to be disappointed on release date. I'll wait until I can play the game before deciding it's a potential purchase in 2017. It "looks fun" but doesn't mean it will be a good game, no matter how many people pra...

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I had one idea for my animation class, and the teacher was surprised I was able to pull off (a quote from a well known poem from a high profile fighting game). Did I sell it? No. It was for educational purposes to show it is possible to mix different mediums and still provide good content. I do agree though at the end of the day there's a thin line between fan made projects and blatant copying of original work(s). I'd suggest if someone does want to promote their ideas, make sure...

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With how much I HATE the Dark Zone, I still have patience with The Division until Ubisoft gives me a reason not to play it anymore. The idea of the world difficulty, world bosses returning (hopefully the respawn timers are lowered), not having to visit Dark Zone for "Best loot" anymore, I'll try what they add. Also I like the idea of holding off future dlc until they get the base game fixed, which proves Ubisoft is at least willing to meet the fans halfway.

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The majority of comments here are defending Bethesda over Sony for this when we still have yet to hear the other side of things. At first I jumped on the "hate wagon" but I'm waiting to hear both sides before having an opinion. Reason being is so many "trolls" (yes I said trolls) are jumping on this situation as a way to spread propaganda against one or the other instead of adding constructive reasons.

While some would argue "it's Sony/Bet...

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The bigger problem I see is some of the creativity ends up going to waste because the original owner "Didn't come up with the idea." If there's talented fans who put in the work, time, resources, and effort to make something good, hire them instead of seeking legal action. If they aren't asking for profit but rather recognition, I don't see the problem with hiring someone. At the end of the day most of these companies are basically saying "your creative mind ...

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