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The fact it shows Sega CD looks promising. If it can do DreamCast and Saturn I'll pre-order one in a heartbeat. Both of mine are starting to show age and in dire need of something as a "plan b."

I did see a JP Neo Geo game, but my question is, is it region free or will it require some sort of special hardware for open region? I ask because I own 2 legit, JP titles on the Sega Saturn (X-Men vs Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter).

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The story part can be debated, and I'm on the side of feeling accomplishment. Some like the idea the characters/NPCs go on with their daily lives because it adds realism in some aspects; while some would say to at least acknowledge the main character as ending the conflict of the story itself. One thing I hope they do change is post story, the NPCs react according to your decisions throughout the story. We're at the point now in technology where this can happen. Then again it'...

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Makes sense. Either way hopefully this helps slow down the scalpers so more customers who want one can actually have a chance.

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"So something that was FREE in tekken 3 as an unlockable is now Paid dlc."

Tekken 3 had Ball mode which unlocked Gon, and Force which unlocked Dr Bosconovich. Tekken Tag is the bowling one. But your point still stands either way.

"Let's lose the entitlement."

It's not about entitlement, it's about what was free as opposed to trying to make a quick dollar off your loyal fans. Capcom (Scamcom) can get aw...

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About time.

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Now to only bring that rule to the US. I'm glad at least somewhere they're listening to those who are/were screwed by scalpers. One per customer seems fair so more people can at least have a chance at owning one.

Watch, now the scalpers will troll to the death to get people against this so they can sell at a higher price.

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"But the thing is, not every game needs a good story."

I stopped reading after that line. Outside sports titles, ALL games need some sort of story, otherwise the game is just mindless wandering for no apparent reason. Even multiplayer shooter based games have some reason why you're battling the other team; sport, or mission, or something else. I get some of the players just want to jump in and shoot each other, but without a reason why, what's the point...

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"If you want to think of all DLC as content that was stripped from the main game, fine, but clearly that isn't the case every time."

It is the case when every time they announce Season Pass and/or Expansions before initial release. When a non-mmo game is already told there's expansions for it, there's the proof already the game is getting some of its content cut just to have those extra sales later. There's also the mo...

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6. So scalpers can jump up the price to claim "New, never before released game!" /s

I remember Star Fox 64 having someone named Katt that Falco knew, not sure if she's the Krystal or Fay from this version or not.

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Gaming went stagnant when companies started thinking with their pockets first. I hate how some of the fans actually argue in favor of DLC, expansions, and Season Passes for various reasons, instead of arguing in complete experiences. I'm glad the whole Season Pass phase is starting to die down, at the same time I'm concerned about the next thing coming out that will rip off customers even more.

As far as the whole reboot/remaster debate, I see it as an opportunity ...

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Now I can play it first hand there.

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I'll give an easy answer. Games back then were complete, fun experiences that didn't rely on DLC, or online multiplayer. Certain games I can play for hours on end and not get bored; for today's games I can't say the same unfortunately. A few experiences I can play for extended time frames but not as many as the older games.

Another reason? Pop in a game, done. Not wait for a patch, or hope the online community is still there, or even hope the online is ...

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I could use a new beat em up. I miss the days of Final Fight and Streets of Rage 2.

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Hard one to debate. Stupid people with too much money will spend it to get what they want; on the flip side scalpers will do whatever it takes to make extra money off the stupid.

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I read the article, and it actually praises this years E3 as being more diverse in gaming than the past. All the other comments regarding SJW and other nonsense is trolling, and should be treated as such. Don't believe me? Read the article. The title is clickbait, but the article itself isn't.

I do agree with the author, the diversity in gaming this year at E3 was much more welcome than the typical cut/paste copycat games we had in the past. Now, as far as whic...

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The bit involving a Children's Hospital, the Hospital has channels to get what they need within a reasonable parameter. But I do get what the author is trying to say at the same time. I'd rather limit what a customer can buy to make it fair for those who actually want one over buying a whole bunch just to resell them at a higher price.

What gets me the most, it's always Nintendo consoles that end up being short supplied every time. When the PS2 first launch...

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You would be surprised. I'd say what they could hype but I'd give them ideas, and that's the last thing they need at the moment.

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Situations like this is why I can't stand the human race sometimes. "Supply and demand!" and the other favorite "If I can get one, you can to. No excuse." Just the fact of selling a pre-order for $200+ means retailers better put a limit per customer, and/or Nintendo allowing people to also pre-order from them to have a base idea of how many to ship out initially. I'd also suggest pre-ordering at full price instead of just partial payment, to help those who actu...

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It's called Sega Genesis Flashback, I'm thinking of buying one when it releases.

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Five of the 8 games I never even heard about; the other 3 seemed overhyped from the beginning as it is.

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