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This is proof with the right dedication, you can accomplish almost anything you want to.

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I don't mind used sales at all, I just don't like paying more than what the game is worth and the sellers argue supply/demand, or something else to justify their price. I'll never forget when people tried charging $60+ for Chrono Trigger on the SNES, and that's just cartridge on Ebay. The game sold a lot, yet people still tried to charge high for it because "it's a good game no one wanted to sell" which is a hard argument, but still...

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The little bit I did play wasn't bad; could be better. Definitely not a 0 game, but not a 10 either. After this semester I plan on playing it again.

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It makes sense, however it still doesn't excuse Nintendo for cancelling without stating why, which is why I'll never buy from them again. I will not tolerate a company (regardless of who) just to drop a product without stating why, especially when the wrong crowd (scalpers) bought them up just to resell them at a higher price. All Nintendo had to do was release a why, and while it will sting, at least it will help understand their decision.

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I never said I defend piracy, I'm saying if people ask why pirates act the way they do it will cut down problems. All you did was twist what I said around, which is why you're considered as a joke on the site in general. I've looked at your previous posts, and all you do is troll others and twist what people say to fit your agenda. Name a specific time where I said piracy is OK and to do it?; you can't.

My original comment still stands; if companies want ...

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So you're the one I was warned about who is bad at trolling. You speak this hate towards pirates yet never actually gave a full, logical reason why, just what you heard from the media. Stay off Fox News for a while and open your eyes. I know people who work in the industry, and they say piracy is NOT the problem. But according to you it is just because you say it is.

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"if you can't afford the hobby then do something else. "

I can't take you seriously after reading that sentence.

"the companies that release the game dont owe anyone anything. if you dont want the game then dont play it. if you cant afford the game then dont steal it. is it really that hard to grasp? "

They owe us an experience to give us a reason to continue support them for future games. As...

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Used games were still bought at one point, just resold by people/stores. They can also help build a fan base for future sequels and/or other projects from the company. There's a lot of games I started off as used, and bought new releases when I can afford it. One of the earlier games I did this with was Alunda for the PS1. I started being a fan of Working Designs games since.

My issue with used games is how some are resold at a higher price, and argued due to limite...

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I own better SF games at a cheaper price than this trash of a remaster. Even if it does come to PSN (and I say IF again) I'll still pass unless it's reasonably priced. Argue "it's not a port" all you want, but it seems Capcom is out of ideas for their star franchise, so add features that are in other SF games.

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I prefer physical, unless it's a game I know 100% I'm going to keep for a long, long time. I also hate how digital costs about the same as physical with no incentive, outside maybe a background (yea, right), or something else no one cares about. If digital was cheaper I'd be more inclined to buy into it.

On a side note, I'm reading the chart, and according to N4G The Division is "trash" yet is #8 of 20 on the top selling games of 2016.

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Looks interesting. When it goes on sale (or discount) I'll try it.

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At the end of the day, whatever you're comfortable with is what matters. I know too many wanna-be fighting game fans argue arcade stick, yet never actually explained why they felt that way. Growing up I had both arcade and console pads, and both have their ups/downs depending on the game(s) played. Some games I have learned work better on one than the other, and I'm fortunate enough to own both options, so I can decide on my own which works best for me.

If you...

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I get so tired of people scream piracy is the reason a lot of games and devs are losing jobs. Piracy has 0 to do with it - it's the corporations themselves that's the problem. I have an animation teacher who worked in the industry at a local company, and even he made it clear piracy didn't kill off a lot of studios, it was greed. Piracy is one of the easiest scapegoats, and the majority will argue/debate piracy is the reason when it actually isn't. /Rant


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They shouldn't exist in the first place. Expansions should add to the game AFTER a good experience; not cut, resold, and marketed as something it isn't.

Downvote all you want, but I refuse to purchase any game that has a Season Pass before a game releases. I'll wait until some GotY Version (or variant) releases so I get the full experience at a discounted price.

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I agree 100%. I hate the idea Nintendo stopped making the Mini without at least a legit reason. The idea of SNES Mini sounds good on paper, but at the end of the day I'll pass because:

A - Scalpers will have a field day with this one
B - Higher price than the NES Mini which won't be worth it
C - Games Nintendo wants you to have, not what the fan base asks for
D - No way to play cartridges, or add to your library without some sort of modi...

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Situations like this is why I don't bother with Kickstarter. Say one thing, do another. Sounds like another company who had a game release Sept of 2014 who pulled a similar situation.

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Try to troll harder. You fail

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I say graphics don't matter in 2017. I have more fun playing older games for the fun factor and feel of accomplishment, whereas games today lost that touch with promoting false hype. Visuals to match the game, yes I agree should be important to actually know what's going on, but to just flat out say graphics matter, no they don't.

Lately I've booted up my Dreamcast, Saturn, and PS2 to play games. I've gotten burned out on cur...

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Just teach your kids balance, and let them make their own decisions as they get older. Parents aren't always going to be there to tell them about balance, so teach them at an early age so when they get older they know better. Limiting or banning someone from a hobby just makes them find ways to still get what they want through other means. Also, expose them to the educational side as well so they know there's options. Too many people go off what the media says, or a few bad exampl...

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