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I miss games like this #1
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I vote for Sega to buy the Xbox brand as a "final chance" in the console business outside the DreamCast. At least then we will see a lot of changes towards gamers and not just garbage business practices. #1.1.18
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I wonder how it would fare in the US since I plan on being a developer once I graduate college (as an independent studio). Staying with a company making at least $50K+ a year is a really good start, and also looks good because they aren't staying "just because."


Now that Wada is gone from SE (Since I noticed it was at the bottom of the list) I wonder if that 2.3 years is going to increase, while Capcom at 8.8 will decrease. #3
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That's why lately I've been staying mute on this site. I can't stand when I get blasted for an actual response AFTER reading the article, and a whole lot of morons who read the title and first paragraph and go just off that.


I'll try the game, reminds me of a mix between Fallen Earth, Fallout, Resident Evil (older versions), and Dead Rising. F2P don't bother me if done correctly, and so far it seems the people here are actually goin... #3.2
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A competitor for Fallout? A PS4 version of Fallen Earth? #1.15
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Surprised Sunset Riders didn't make the list or at least an Honorable Mention #6
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Ok so I'm not the only one who noticed the stutter as well, I didn't find it as annoying as being booted at the start of the boss fight. #3.1.1
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My issue is so far post patch I've had the game crash on me 3 times on the boss battle at the end of Recruit level; I can't successfully advance until I can either join someone elses game or just keep replaying the same missions until it's fixed.

The game being hard is the last thing on my mind, but its very frustrating that I can't even advance because every time the boss appears the game crashes. I sent a report to Sony as well (the auto system they have... #3
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Final Fantasy 3
Chrono Trigger
Killer Instinct
Donkey Kong Country 2
Super Punch Out

I still boot those up when I need a trip down memory lane #3
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I agree 100% (and also voted), MS could have spent a whole 2 minutes of their time to send a mass email reminding companies of some sale/price adjustment to prevent situations like this.

Seems like common sense isn't so common anymore; should be a super power at this point. I understand Blow being frustrated, however to go on social media to vent just means you're not as professional and makes it harder to renew contracts. Also means he didn't actually read the... #1.8.1
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I swear "if" they ever made a GOOD Fallout MMO whatever social life I had would be gone completely.

A fighting MMO would also be welcomed, as well as Xenogears. #1
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Sorry, meant to say Big Boss, just caught the mistake #1.5.1
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I wonder if David Hayter was voicing Snake would the review score be any different?

Regardless of how much people argue it's a "demo" I will judge with my own experiences. #1.5
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So I'm not the only one who experienced this then; I had it occur with Resogun and Zen Pinball. Saves were there however the games vanished, and I know I didn't delete them. Good news is at least someone else is reporting this so it can at least be investigated. #1.6
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After reading the article I'm so glad I don't base my opinions on just review scores. I prefer some type of video and/or demo/renting first. There's so many games I wouldn't have experienced if review scores was my big factor. #3
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As I pointed out in another article, the ultimate troll attempt from Kojima:

Kiefer talks, clears his throat, then David Hayter takes over. #1.3
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I agree, Square needs to either hire some of their older talent back, or at least hire people that know how to actually make good games. Now that the new CEO took over I'm at least giving them one last chance to at least deliver. #1.1
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I remember when I first beat Street Fighter 2 in the arcades (with Ryu), back then that was an achievement in itself. If I had the option I'd revive the arcade scene since there's games, and experiences that only the arcade can bring, not a home console no matter how hard devs try to mimic it.

As far as Nintendo dropping out I seriously doubt it, especially since Nintendo is part of the reason gaming still exists today. At most they may go to the handheld market for... #8.2.1
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What I miss the most is good games all together; each system brought something to the field which somewhat set the standard for future generations.

It says something about current gen (until better games come out) when I visit what I played back in the before time over what's currently available today. #8.1.1
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"Every system has their pros and cons, but the Nintendo consoles are the ones that create true memories." (from the article.)

Really?! I'd vote the arcade scene and PlayStation 1 as much better memories than N64 or even the SNES. While N64 did have some good memories of Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, and Star Fox 64; the arcade scene brought me to multiplayer outside my home, and PlayStation 1 was the system that brought a more mature theme to gaming while I was g... #8
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