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I know the feeling. Purchase it Monday, Friday Nintendo is like "We decided to discontinue the Switch because we feel like it." After this stunt I boycotted Nintendo until they give a reason why the Mini is discontinued.

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We need more articles like this on N4G, problem is some sites need those clicks, and will do whatever it takes to make sure they get hits. This article is basically putting the common sense factor in what is posted/read online, and to question everything before looking stupid in an argument/debate.

I'd like to add the root of the problem is trolling, and the masses falling for it. The other problem is too many people use wiki as the "end all" source for info...

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This is kind of a "no s-it" article. Budget and tech proficiency is the two biggest factors in knowing what to buy, and/or use on the router firmware. DD-WRT and Tomato should have a version for those who are new to flashing the hardware users can get some experience with them. I plan on upgrading the router in the house soon anyways due to a roommate actually getting with the times on his computer.

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I remember buying Zone of the Enders to play MGS 2 demo. Outside Raiden I like 2 for what it is.

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The article only states they're waiting on Nintendo to give the OK to release it, which is why it wasn't a launch title, and uses a Twitter quote as the headline. The story could have easily been at max 4-5 sentences. This is borderline click-bait.

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I want a good experience, and as long as the character fits the story, not something they added just to fit into a category. The last good vampire game I played was Castlevania SotN.

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You and me both. So many fighting games back then that would dominate the online scene now if they were available.

Capcom vs SNK 1/2
X-Men vs Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
Marvel vs Capcom 1/2
SVC Chaos
Darkstalkers 1-3
Tekken 1-4 and Tag
Bushido Blade 1/2
Battle Arena Toshinden 1-3
Hyper Street Fighter 2 (not to be confused with Street Fighter...

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Don't let Fox News hear you ask that question, they will pull a number. /s

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Socom was another one I forgot about, but only because at the time I was playing Final Fantasy 11, and by the time I was able to play Socom 2 it was past its prime.

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Can we just say gamer and move on? If a person wants to categorize themselves let them, not someone else. I'm black, yet I don't say Black Gamer, I just say gamer and move on. Or I play video games, no reason to categorize myself unless it's for a study.

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I forgot about the game, glad I remembered now.

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I'd say redo New Vegas with Fallout 4 Tech, and lets see how it fares to 4. Just because a game sells well doesn't mean it's a success. Too many factors in why it sold so well, however the two biggest ones:

Last Fallout game was in 2010 (excluding dlc, just base game)
At the time of release, limited competition

I bought 4 in hopes they actually fixed some of the issues from the previous games, and I was highly disappointed in the en...

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I have a list of "hopes:"

Legend of Dragoon
Rival Schools
Metal Gear Solid
Dragon's Dogma
Dragon's Crown
3D Dot Game Heroes
Capcom vs SNK 1/2
Jet Set Radio Future
Tekken 1-Tag 1
Bushido Blade 1/2

Article mentions possible Shenmue 1/2 to catch people up in the series, which is also possible.

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I have this "high tech" you scream of making mandatory, and guess what? I've been playing my classic consoles MORE than this gen. Why? Games back then were made by gamers, more fun, more sense of accomplishment without trophies/achievements, and don't require much to run to get a full experience. Why do you feel the need of 1080/60? Name a situation where 1080/60 was the deciding factor of a game you played? And before you ask, no I'm not a ...

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I won't give this site clicks for putting one game per page. At least 2+, and most of the paragraphs were fluff.

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I still want to see some games to actually show what the Scorpio can do before I even think about it. All the horse power in the world doesn't mean squat if you have nothing to show for it.

And before some idiot says "did you even read the article, they said it takes a couple of years, etc." yes I did, and I can say with full confidence there's been hardware upgrades in the past where the power was showcased out the gate; so unless MS is holding somethin...

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This is proof with the right dedication, you can accomplish almost anything you want to.

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I don't mind used sales at all, I just don't like paying more than what the game is worth and the sellers argue supply/demand, or something else to justify their price. I'll never forget when people tried charging $60+ for Chrono Trigger on the SNES, and that's just cartridge on Ebay. The game sold a lot, yet people still tried to charge high for it because "it's a good game no one wanted to sell" which is a hard argument, but still...

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The little bit I did play wasn't bad; could be better. Definitely not a 0 game, but not a 10 either. After this semester I plan on playing it again.

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