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It's only flamebait if you take it as such. This is proof even after E3, MS is still struggling to expand it's player base while Nintendo and Sony are growing. The handful of exclusives on the Xbox One are also available on PC, except for maybe a couple. There's no point in buying something you can get the same experience elsewhere; in some cases cheaper, and/or better quality. At this point the majority of fans realized MS is 90% fluff, hype, and empty promises; I'm not sa...

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I like 8 for how close it is to resemble what High School is like, and how there's a "safe zone" if you don't like random battles when trying to save.

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"American products hardly ever sell in Japan"

2015 Top USA Retailer =, which accounted for a whopping 78% of all purchases shipped to Japan.

source -

"One that hasn't been mentioned yet is AFLAC -- you know, the pseudo-health insuror that features the quacking duck in t...

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I have yet to hit $40K+ a year, and yet someone can just spend the $ like that for a "chance" to look like a character? I can think of better gaming reasons to spend $40K over an appearance.

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This is another reason why I slowed down pre-ordering games after the start of this gen. Granted it was an error on Best Buy, and they are resolving it; the amount of people defending Best Buy proves there are some die hard fans who need proper education. The ONLY saving grace Destiny 2 has this time is it didn't do what the first game did - promote the beta first acting like you "had" to get the pre-order to only be told later everyone can join, followed by some BS story from...

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From a business perspective, a lot of companies still run XP for various reasons; so why upgrade when XP does everything they need without the need of upgrading and spending/wasting money?

Another reason is certain 3rd world countries are still running XP/Vista because it's what their society can afford outside running Linux.

If the numbers are low on the playerbase running XP/Vista then yes it makes sense. If it's a high number and MS is demandi...

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After reading the article I'm tempted to download the Nintendo app just to see how bad it really is. I do believe the author, at the same time I can provide feedback to Nintendo regarding why I use other services for my chatting needs outside their poor service. If Nintendo had "beta" after their app I can understand the frustrations and concerns; but since this is their "full service" this is unacceptable.

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I agree with Chrono Trigger being my all time favorite; it's the RPG where I started playing the genre on a regular basis as I gotten older. The fact CT to this day is still held in high regard is proof the 90's had some games you can't make today with that kind of impact on the industry.

I haven't tried Persona 5 because of Evo (which I made quarterfinals), and the back catalog of games I still need to go through before starting something new.

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I'm in dire need of a good beat em up on the PS4. I'll give this one a try; the worse that can happen is I don't like it.

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Depends on the game, and the difficulty. Fallout 4 on Survival mode doesn't allow for it, but the other lower levels does.

The biggest reason why I like fast traveling - if real life calls, I can warp back, and save/quit. As far as the how often it should be used; is open to debate.

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Depends. If it does what's called "input read" then yes I agree it should be reduced to learn the game first before jumping into the hardest difficulty for bragging rights and/or achievements/trophies. If it's difficult without the input read then no, keep it as-it and the player(s) will have to learn how to play.

Downside is there's a line between learning the game and just beating a match.

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The fact it shows Sega CD looks promising. If it can do DreamCast and Saturn I'll pre-order one in a heartbeat. Both of mine are starting to show age and in dire need of something as a "plan b."

I did see a JP Neo Geo game, but my question is, is it region free or will it require some sort of special hardware for open region? I ask because I own 2 legit, JP titles on the Sega Saturn (X-Men vs Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter).

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The story part can be debated, and I'm on the side of feeling accomplishment. Some like the idea the characters/NPCs go on with their daily lives because it adds realism in some aspects; while some would say to at least acknowledge the main character as ending the conflict of the story itself. One thing I hope they do change is post story, the NPCs react according to your decisions throughout the story. We're at the point now in technology where this can happen. Then again it'...

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Makes sense. Either way hopefully this helps slow down the scalpers so more customers who want one can actually have a chance.

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"So something that was FREE in tekken 3 as an unlockable is now Paid dlc."

Tekken 3 had Ball mode which unlocked Gon, and Force which unlocked Dr Bosconovich. Tekken Tag is the bowling one. But your point still stands either way.

"Let's lose the entitlement."

It's not about entitlement, it's about what was free as opposed to trying to make a quick dollar off your loyal fans. Capcom (Scamcom) can get aw...

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About time.

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Now to only bring that rule to the US. I'm glad at least somewhere they're listening to those who are/were screwed by scalpers. One per customer seems fair so more people can at least have a chance at owning one.

Watch, now the scalpers will troll to the death to get people against this so they can sell at a higher price.

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"But the thing is, not every game needs a good story."

I stopped reading after that line. Outside sports titles, ALL games need some sort of story, otherwise the game is just mindless wandering for no apparent reason. Even multiplayer shooter based games have some reason why you're battling the other team; sport, or mission, or something else. I get some of the players just want to jump in and shoot each other, but without a reason why, what's the point...

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"If you want to think of all DLC as content that was stripped from the main game, fine, but clearly that isn't the case every time."

It is the case when every time they announce Season Pass and/or Expansions before initial release. When a non-mmo game is already told there's expansions for it, there's the proof already the game is getting some of its content cut just to have those extra sales later. There's also the mo...

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6. So scalpers can jump up the price to claim "New, never before released game!" /s

I remember Star Fox 64 having someone named Katt that Falco knew, not sure if she's the Krystal or Fay from this version or not.

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