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People have been doing this for years, even before the online scene got big. If anything it shows the player, IDDQD or whatever the name, is either testing new builds, or sucks bad at the upper competitive scene so he trolls the lower crowd to feel better.

As far as banning no, because players can argue "natural talent" and/or hard work, but at least with scores that high he should be put into another bracket. Anytime a player has to dumb down to lower levels ...

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It's basically GTA for the East, over here in the West not so much. From what I've seen I want to try the game out but I have to limit my spending this year. When there's a sale going on I'll give it a shot then.

I don't get why there's an open world game, and someone has to compare with either GTA, Fallout, and/or Skyrim. Just because they are known games don't mean they are "the end all" to genres of certain games.

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I'm going to be upset if it's timed exclusive. I don't have a ps3 at the moment.

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If the movies add to the experience, they should at least provide them with the game itself.

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I actually like 8, but I do see where you're coming from with the holes in the narration. I remember the card game alone I'd spend hours on, almost as much as the main story itself because it was that fun (at least to me at the time). Nine I did play, and beat. Ten at the time was known as "voice acting in cut scenes" followed by all this hype regarding "you can now hear them talk!" which didn't appeal to me because at the time I was still playing Metal Gea...

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Am I the only one who is disappointed by 15? I do actively own it, and every time I want to play it, I find reasons to not want to play it (if that makes sense). I just can't see what I waited 10+ years for, and I'm not impressed at all with the game itself. There are positive technical standpoints, the story isn't too bad from what I've experienced, but I just can't get into the game at all. I almost feel like I wasted my money on something I shouldn't have. <...

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The N64 I remember had more games at launch than just Mario and Pilotwings 64. I remember Waverace 64 and Killer Instinct Gold, and something else. When I got mine for Xmas I had Mario 64, Killer Instinct Gold, and Waverace 64. Around my bday (a month later) Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and during the summer Mario Kart 64.

Why wasn't the Sega Saturn listed? Didn't they release the console before 3rd party games were even ready?

Also, I don't go ...

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I guarantee scalpers are 80% of the initial pre-order sales. They figure "the NES mini is still a hot item, why not the Switch?"

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The idea of using a smartphone to chat with people is definitely something I question. As a company, you have to assume not everyone has a smartphone (I do know people who refuse to purchase one for personal reasons, others are having a hard time affording a decent one); second, unless there's a "use me" feature for the app no one will use it; third, it's not uncommon for people to already use a 3rd party app for communication in case a game/service goes down.

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I can wait. So far only 2 games fit what I'm looking for, and I need more games before I decide to go day one for it.

As far as their Mini, I found a raspberry pi machine that costs somewhat the same price, but has way more support for gaming, so the Mini lost a sale.

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I miss the older reviews where fans of a series reviewed the games in their own category. A fighting game fan reviewed only fighting games, since there's certain aspects only fighting game fans would know about. This "mixed review" trash is part of the problem.

Fanboys/girls are the other part of the problem. "X game has a frame where the colors don't match. 5/10."

Trolling, or high/low scores for site hits.

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I agree with Neondir on this. I'd rather play a game my way, and have my own adventure(s) rather than playing a game the developers formed by applying scores each time something happens.

I see trophies/achievements as a checklist to see what has been accomplished. With that said, I've played games before this whole "Scoring list" was implemented, and honestly I prefer the older days where unlockables were far more rewarding than some "ding" or ...

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My biggest concern, if this does go in Nintendo's favor, I can see MS and Sony following suit in the future.

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"IF" they have a PS4 release this is one version I'd buy. I'm still a fan of the games before 4.

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Of course it wont; the only ones currently buying it are scalpers, die hards, and the few fans with optimism - in that order.

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I'm waiting on a sale on the system first, or wait till around Xmas before picking one up. By then some games besides Zelda will fit my gamer needs.

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Surprised Street Fighter Alpha 3 didn't make the list.

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Reading the comments on the forum in the story, I'd say the majority at least have constructive debates.

I'm already on the fence about getting their online service because I honestly don't care to play online outside Mario Kart, and maybe Splatoon.. I have a PS4 for fighters so that part is already covered.

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Not disagreeing with your statement, at the same time the OPTION for couch co op is still not a bad thing like I stated in my above statement. Companies can still have their online, but to have people play together in the same room is not a bad thing.

Certain genres of games (fighting being the biggest) will always have local co op (outside EVO but for obvious reasons), and online only is suicide. If gamers actually stood up against this, ...

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If you're referring to just Xbox with the Single Player games, your argument can be up for debate regarding multiplayer, and why they don't bank on just Single Player games. If you're referring to Single Player games in general, there's countless games without multiplayer that surpassed multiplayer games.

What MS should do, provide more couch co op with the option to go online. They still fail to realize not everyone wants to play online, and sometimes h...

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