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Can someone please explain the "it supports VR" reasoning? Does that mean that any title that supports VR will lose features and graphics quality? So users who play the game without VR will get shafted. The devs couldn't enable features if not using with VR?

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Who's boycotting? He's just saying that they need to improve the gfx/sound.

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Weird... when DC fans were compairing DC to Forza 6, [email protected] and sim/physics was not a valid excuse. But that's all I keep reading when comparing DC with GT Sport.

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It was being defended like crazy. I loved how the defense about lack of content was that content would come out eventually. Like that's a good thing.

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I believe PS2 is already being emulated.

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thekhurg, so is the game running perfectly on the PS4?

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Will they be the same camera and move accessories that you can buy now?

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Well considering that its only an online game right now then atleast that part should be working.

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LOL.. Sorry but that makes no sense. All those editions were complete.

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But even the old arcade had the player vs CPU mode. You would just be interrupted when someone challenged you.:)

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Sorry, but how much was KI?

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Did you say the same thing with Killzone?

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I will say that while watching my son play it on the XB1, I was amazed at the graphics. I'm even more amazed at the extra little details on the PC version.

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Why do Sony fans love to use GT sales vs Forza even though Forza has better ratings? Then when a MS exclusive sells better then they point out ratings.

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I guess they didn't get any PS4 games for xmas to play with.

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I think its different. For PS4 to play PS2 games you have to buy any game you want to play.

For the XB1 you have the option of buying 360 games if you don't already own the game.

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I don't think the same. With Sony you have to buy PS2 games you want to play on your PS4, regardless if you owned the game.

With the XB1, there will be x360 games available for sale if you don't own it already. Gold gives you free digital x360 games that works on XB1 BC and does not require a disc.

Hope that made sense.

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Desperation? How?

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So you're saying that Sony is no better then since they decided to do the same thing.

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