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Indie GOTY so far for me. #2.1
Worth playing again. #2
While not game of the year material, it is still fun. #2
GTA V time #1
Their PR team could use some lessons in that area. #3.1
Awesome for them. US needs this as well. #2.1
The lunks are to a Sony owned site and are the same ones the PS4 uses. #2.4
Little over 5gb download. #1
If you like a good story, it's the best one to date. Learning the gameplay is intuitive and simple, so it would be a great intro to the franchise. Don't expect the story from the previous titles to match this one though. #1.1.1
Really enjoying the exo suit. #1
Much better than last year #3
Sneaky equals fun. #2
I like the game I just wish they would have polished it for next gen and left the tutorials in #3.1
Sounds better than I thought it would be. #1
Pretty good sale #1
Probably not a GOTY candidate #2.2
Great game for taking a break from Destiny #1
Very informative. Thanks #1
Looking good #2
Saw a commercial for this game over the weekend while watching The Strain. Looks scary as hell. #1
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