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I never mentioned anything about the remake playing differently from the original. And, again, as I mentioned in the review, if you've played the original and know what you're in for, then it plays exactly the same and you'll love the remake - Tozai Games have piled on a lot of great added content.

But just because it plays the same as it did back in the day doesn't automatically excuse it from criticism, especially since it's being released for a new aud...

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But there's a fundamental difference between a game that's intentionally challenging in a rewarding way and one in which the challenge stems from poor design which feels fundamentally broken. The incredibly awkward jump mechanics in Spelunker and the unnecessary deaths that arise from doing almost anything feel like a perfect fit for the latter category.

I love a challenge, even a punishing one; Super Meat Boy and Demon's Souls count among my favourite games of th...

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I was expecting a cheap, lazy cash-in movie game, but it's actually amazing fun. Like I said in the review, it's nothing revolutionary, but it's a surprisingly great little God of War clone with a creative and incredibly fun combat system.

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