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"Live and let Live"



Thankyou Sony :)
Ironically, what was once the ugly duckling (early in PS1 life) will become the swan (PS Now) PS4 etc. #1
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The Battlefield pic is a game glitch, it affected all formats and it was fixed in the last update.
Also.... GPU error? on APU? Okay..... thats new. #53
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Not sure if I should be :) or :(

:) ... because maybe they can pull it off and make it brilliant...

:( its hard to make a game like Battlefield...

Dont let me down, guys. #2
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lol MS, EVEN 3 MIL is fud. #50
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At this point, if you trust MS. You are a fool. And things like this is why I say guys like MrCTeam are payed guys to manipulate consumers. #11
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So... would the article be updated when they let the cat out the bag?
Honestly.. wont be excited if its a tired franchise like Halo game...
Give me a revived old IP... like... G-Police :D then Im in! :) #131
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... Not trying to be that guy...
But, how could they not gave offsite backups of No Mans Sky? ...
and.. I question if it was ever real...
I mean, surely a big publisher will pick it up and pay for it to be real now. But whats the chances the flood messes up the star of the VGX awards? I mean, it was the best thing about the show and for its procedural generation, hype hype hype hype. #14
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I hope the game looks/plays better than the trailer they released way back when. I remember Danny Bilson (when THQ was publishing this) rave about how great this game is..... and he raved about U Draw on PS3 and 360 and it sank THQ.. so.. #18
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WAR.. it never changes!
Sony has the D-Day plan drawn up, they'll storm the beaches of Normany next year. In 7 years time they'd enter Berlin. And Xbone and MS will hide in their bunkers with a cyanide pill and a gun to end it all.
The final push for control of Berlin will be easier than the whole war. Why? Like Hitler had his child soldiers be last in line to defend him like the coward roach he was, MS will have fanboys and shills be the final defence before Sony w... #6
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Mmm. Yeah, my intelligence is saying the same thing. Gamers win. MS and soccer moms/ fanboys lose. #9
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The Kayle = Xboner till the end..
Game = awesome ! :) #13
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Fucking hackers. Fuck you all! #3
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“They have failed to see what the market wants,” he remarked. *DING DING DING DING DING*
we have a winner!
Its true. I have a Wii U and PS4 (After deciding to NOT go the MS route this gen) and I have to say...the tablet... has to go. They need to re-launch the Wii U. Same hardware but ditch the tablet. Let the 3DS be the second screen if needed. #54
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lol Timlot. I hate to be "that guy". But, I have to be. Console optimisation. You see the games that crap 7800 GPU in the PS3 put out? #14
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Someone buy AmigaMan a drink!
Was reading your comment, FIRST ONE TO MAKE SENSE.
First two guys are in for a long gen if they think MS is going to even keep up. My opinion? After 4 years, PS4 will be stretching its legs. Xbox One will be holding us up. More so because as PC adopts DDR4 ram next year and beyond, the DDR3 ram looks more and more archaic as we progress into the gen. #17
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Xbox (original) = Power brick problem
Xbox360= RROD
Xbone=Everything we've seen this week,

MS, you knew you had these problems, just like you knew the 360s DVD drive lacked the bumpers and cracked discs and the RROD issue was bound to happen, yet rather than fix them and release Xbone in 2014, you shift these units to your loving fans to keep up with Sonys launch.

Yes, you have the money to fix them and send them back to the customer... #29
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Fake :(

But... never say never.
Adam Boyes said Shenmue is one of their most requested games, that their going after it! #10
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At E3 it ran on a 680GTX. Why do people even believe that bastard liar Dan Greenawald these days? Xbone dev kit my ass! Now, you're seeing little difference. Lets get this straight, what you're seeing now is typical bait n' switch by MS. Theyve done it so many times in the last 8 years.
Truth is Forza from a graphical perspective is full of GT type standard cars ported to Forza 5. From Forza 4--->Forza 5. #14
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PS4 = semi-custom components.
Xbone= off the shelf, little modification.

Tsk tsk, Ms. You're going to hit the graphics wall in 3 years. By that time, my sexy PS4 will be stretching her fine legs. Lots of Xboned fans are going to get tempted by them and jump the Bone ship wanting something just like PS4. #10
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