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What the!... Whaaaa?!!! Jaw on the floor! Please find a way to put whatever that was in your next game! That chracter raises so many questions as to what their next game could be. Killzone was their first real franchise, they've been reiterating on their first concept for generations.. Now they're experienced and free to do what they want, cant wait to see what this next game is. Character design is very important, and theyve nailed it. #16

I've been begging for that, for the last 5 years off and on. While a MMO would be my dream, I understand that, that may be asking for too much. While Mario Kart and Smash is prompting Wiiu purchase considerations, no one comes to my house, and my hose games are more party games than anything, so I m might just wait to see if my friend gets them. But an open world Pokémon would make me reach into my pockets, an MMO would make me open up m bank account and... #4.2.3
ive been saying sony
Should do ar/vr headsets for over a year now, especially since they do so much with ar already and brought that type gameplay to the public in the first place, but they brought us vr instead. I do believe that sonys vr will make ar unnecessary from a gaming standpoint seeing how it detects real world peripheral s and puts them in game. #14
I was just thinking about this yesterday
Game stops whole business model is based off this, and they are doing well(at one time dominated with it). But because there's no such thing as used digital games, it should be a points based system, where customers can get up to 40% of the money they've spent on a game depending how old it is. This way gamers don't get turned off from digital purchases (like I did) due to regret of purchase of a game they did not enjoy. This would be a great venture for Sony, I only say this beca... #18
Sometimes I see gender. It depends on how out of place the character seems. The girl from heavenly sword was a good fit, but the new Lara Croft felt out of place in a highly violent videogame. Then again so did the guy from farcry 3 and sometimes the great Nathan Drake does aswell.

Honestly I also see race, if the character isn't awesome like kratos, I feel like it was a wasted oppurtunity, and if he's too stereotypical(and not in a funny way). It just seems corny. #5.1
Looks good, need details and to see games in action. #20
No need for comp, PC crowd theirs, console players get theirs. #1.2
Xbox destroys yet another great PlayStation franchise, is this a part of their strategy or something??? Well! Goodbye Metal Gear, It was great while it lasted, on PlayStation that is. #13
Im not the type to over hype things, but that fourth video looked monstrous. Whatevever power that was, is awesome, I'll be playing this game for a while running around that city destroying stuff, I hope they have DLC, because, there's really not much out there gameplay wise like this besides... maybe saints row 4? #17
I dont know why you think Billion dollar businesses care about Holidays, much less Presidents Day, I've seen Trailers released on July 4th. #10.2.1
Quite obviously... #10.1.1
I dont get it...

Today is Presidents day in the U.S. Why not release the videos on a day we have nothing else to do, but surf the internet, its not the weekend so we're not going out, or to church etc.

Just because Tuesday is the day set for videogame releases and console updates they think its the best time for marketing. Why not center your marketing around a theme or event, I mean why do you think people advertise during the superbowl? Tomorrow, people w... #10
No one would hammer Microsoft for Infamous SS, The Order, Everquest Next, Planetside 2 Driveclub, Deep Down, Uncharsted 4 & possibly No Mans Sky. But you are right, Titanfall is a great looking game, and Microsofts delivery is much better than Sony's because most of Sony's games are far out, with no real release date while Microsofts seem right around the corner, but I think the article is solely taking about the hardware.
(Back to what I was originally saying)the same th... #1.1.15
I guess what Sony's trying to say is...
You wasted your money buying a PS4. #18
Looks a lot more modern
I'm really liking it, doesnt look to much like the same old, same old, which would of made it a good game regardless, but some really good additions. #8
That is the type of feature, I can get into. #6
That would be another killer for XboxOne,
While PS4 still barely has anything to show, just speculatory insinuations. "We've got some good stuff, Wooh!" Where? #12
This exactly the style I was hoping for, an AR/VR headset with the camera in the front. #12
Looking good
... #7
I know they are a small studio
and I love narrative games, but I wonder if they are thinking of expanding the game a lil bit more into some sort of Multiplayer, maybe a Mini Massive Multiplayer Online... you know, a mMMO?... Maybe after your finished you could join with another studio, maybe Sony Santa Monica, or Maybe some guys over at Valve(if offered) help make the development a little faster. I'm so glad these guys are getting some really good recognition, I bought the Joe Danger games, so I'm hoping they bring... #3
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