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See you then! The beta literary ended right when I started figuring out whats so good about the game. There were somethings i wasn't so impressed by, but it was understandable, seeing as it is a mMMO(mini Massive Multiplayer Online), and it‘s not easy to accomplish in that genre. #1.2
Don't listen to them, keep demanding better from Nintendo, I'm personally waiting for a Pokemon MMO. As soon as that's announced, ill throw my wallet at Nintendo. Until then, their fans should be doing exactly what you are. Think about it, they were in full support of the wii, and waited until this gen to complain about it, and theyll do the same next gen.

Do u see anything from this bundle that you want? I don't, its a scheme to get u to buy Mario Kart, for 1... #1.6
At first, i was a little annoyed by this game because of all the bullets you have to sink into an enemy, but then I recognized, this is an MMO, lvl is the difference, and that kinda makes things awesome.

The game could use a cover system, either like Killzones or Battlefields, that jumping out of cover feels archaic at this point, doesn't feel tactical or soldier like, just kiddie, the jump and float mechanics are cool though #1.2.2

The dangerous thing about open world games, is the openness. meaning if you have a huge space and nothing interesting to do for large chunks of it, AND the game gives u either no, or no clear direction on what to do, youll be walking around staring at the sky, hoping you see a dragon to come and kill you.

The reason I was picking flowers is because during those large chunks, the only activity I could find to do besides killing the same wildl... #4.1.2
I understand the narrative and it‘s cheesy, im talking more cheesy than Halo cheesy.

I am starting to come around on this game, I particularly like that they allow you to carry multiple guns on a mission, not just 2, so gameplay is more diverse. Other than that, ill hold off judgement, until the full game. #1.2
LMAO! Nintendo has been getting away with murder, when it comes to Pokemon. They should of made a real console RPG years ago, and should be making an MMO now, highway robbery smh.

But SKYRIM! That is the most BORING, MUNDANE, TEDIOUS game I've ever played. Come on, walking around picking flowers?! I rather play Tamagachi... #4.1
I dont think you know what youre talking about, Lair was highly anticipated from it‘s first trailer, the game looked epic, before it launched and was epic after launch, just a poor control scheme. Factor 5 was working on the concept of that game before PS3 360 was even a whisper. YouTube cant explain everything about a game, I watched those e3's.

Crimson dragon wasalmost completely on rails, so scalebound has a good opportunity, to get ground and air r... #1.3.2
What did they just do to my favorite video game character? Lol! #1.1.2
Yeah, it does seem reqlly interesting to have Dragon fighting along side you. Maybe they can accomplish what Lair failed to accomplish initially. #1.3
@Incredible Mulk
Yeah, there's thing in American english communication called sarcasm(dont worry, I struggle to grasp it‘s actual usefulness, myself ). You see sarcasm is a form of passive aggression, a facade put up to express the futility of the communicators opposing view. Funny thing, >aint it<(that last one was for your amusement, take that one with you, enjoy it for the rest of the day.;) #1.2.5
Team Litt
EXACTLY! Thank you! That's why I thank goodness, we now have Drive club. I mean GT was reaching 300 premiums, close to the max any other racer, and was literally a racer you could play for the rest of your life, it didnt have enough good graphics. I played countless hours of GT, it had some of the best controls, but once i saw Forza 5, and its whopping 14 tracks, i sold my PS3. I had to decide... Everything i want from a racer or new shinier cars, SOLD! I picked shiny. ;) #1.2.4
Soooooo, great content equates to great game, so Gran Turismo is the greatest racing franchise of all time...Thank You! Its about time somebody admitted it. #3.10
Open world meaning what? Skyrim was garbage, so was twilight princess, so i have to understand why open world is such a key phrase for people. So open world._ meaning i get to cheat and cut across tracks, or meaning alternative shortcut routes, which we've seen in racers since the dawn of time?... #2.2
Really, dont see the big deal about this game #3.1
Driveclub will be the greatest racing game of all time.
It has to be. When a great game like Gran Turismo comes out, with ten times the amount of content then any other racer, Nascar, offroad, sport, kart racing, over 1000 cars, fun side modes, weather, night racing, and an amazing feature like vision gt, which could trump most racers by itself. And xbox fans and journalists ridicule it for not having enough graphically enhanced cars, and funny sounding motors..Well that means that n... #1.2
A couple days ago, I said "I wish Sony would buy pokemon so we could get the Pokemon game we deserved for more than a decade now, and today I see this. #17
First off WTF does that mean? Second, who hates sunset overdrive? Ive only heard positive or indifference. I swear, you people just pull stuff out of you arses, and throw it in the air, with no regard for where it lands. #9.1
I wonder if theyve changed their game since Microsoft stole their idea with project spark. From that video, it doesn't seem so #10
Neither is MAG and Destiny, but to get the MMO shooter/ slash space tech shooter experience, Destiny is the closest on PS4 #6.2.1
BRILLIANT! A boxing/MMA title with move controls, full body tracking for ring positioning #12.1
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