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You see, now if this isn't a Pokemon MMO or atleasr MPRPG, then Nintendo will be held responsible for the backlash thatensues coming from me and all the other people who have been hoping for that for the atleast a decade,because they stirred the flame including the word shocking, along with associating the Nintendo brand with it. I'm almost sure its not cause, I know Nintendont spend alot of money on their franchises and/or consoles, just be ready Nintendo. #8
Nintendo please, Home console Pokémon MMO... I know they don't spend much money on their franchises, but it's time. #14
Nintendo please, Home console Pokémon MMO... #13
If someone can create a Polemon inspired game in LBP 3 I'd be grateful. #4
Why are people playimg with my emotions?.. For a minute, I thought this was real. Back to smh at Nintendo, highway robbery those handheld versions... #1.2
Guilty Gear in the background wooh!I like what they're doing with this game,diversity in this game is interesting, I hope it has purpose(i.E. Some enemies require certain types of attacks maybe blunt instruments break their armor, sharp weapons leave open bleeding wounds) #5
Yes when you FINALLY reach your destination, tons to do. Before that, just walking around picking flowers for potions you'll use maybe once, and hoping a dragon shows up, to kill you. #5.2.1
The trailer looked amazing, with the under water exploration and survival, but the concept and design scares me. A game the size of Europe, sounds remarkable, but I dont want another Skyrim situation with a huge game, and nothingness for miles upon miles, as far as interesting gameplay. I mean, what is the purpose of the game? luckily there's Multiplayer. With that said definitely my game of the show, thus far. #5
There were some really good looking indies at this Gamescom. This Ori and the forest, Rime, Inside, space engineer, I guess Wild is indie, No? It looks like the smaller games are catching up to the bigger, games or exceeding them.This game goes from a an archaic era to a futuristic, just through building, very interesting. #8
Someone put heavenly sword on PS NOW, it needs all the help it can get, with that library. #15
I dont get it.. What is the big deal? Its Tomb Raider.. Did people really like the last one that much?! It was a good game, but Geez, the way people are reacting youd think Mario went exclusive to Xbox lol. It hasn't been exclusive to PlayStation in like 15 years, and the nostalgic connection to PlayStation should have been gone a long time ago. If Microsoft thinks Its worth that much, good, maybe that extra money will keep a long standing franchise afloat a little longer. Even I didn'... #1.2
I hope it evolves to the point where you can watch from Live from Playstion" drop items from your inventory, and gain a share their rewards when beat the lvl boss, I think I heard them mention it before, or maybe it was me. #1.2
If that was the case that would be disrespectful, I'm talking 4-500 premium PS4 level cars, and they can round it out with up-resed PS3/PS2 cars of course. Leave it at a good 1000-1200 cars, then through in "vision GT" for the DLC. #3.1.2
A PS4 version would of been prime after the Hardline delay, but no one expected that. #2
Why? Just so reviewers can't mention it? How bout this, if you rather use a smaller portion, of cars and tracks, dont use them, or get Driveclub. I'll take all that good to great content for my 60 dollars please. I dont need everyone nickel and dimeing me with DLC before I get a complete game thanks. Car sound yes, but I'll take 1000 cars over 500 cars any day. #3.1

Well ...Let's settle this argument the same way I settle every argument, with evidence. Because even though this society allows us to hide behind our own ignorance under the guise of bilateral democracy, it is apparent to the intellectually trained, that we practice the motions of a monarchical, unilateral cult.

First let me provide evidence that the American Dream is a facade. The Pew research study "entitled" (I used the quotes t... #1.1.4
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Kinda iffy on The Order, definitely think, im getting it, the story, and setting seems amazing, but the gameplay could do more, even if its QTE, just do something creative with it. #10
The Next one should have a fully fleshed out MP, it may be asking alot, but idescribed it along time ago, when MP was first rumored for this game, i dont remember the details too clearly, but something like destiny/division, with other facions and infected. #12
Yeah NBA STREET featuring Allen Iverson, as the end boss and unlockable character. For the price of getting Iverson vs the fan fare for featuring him, and putting him on the cover as a throwback, it would be a steal, people love Iverson, next to Jordan, the most inluencial basketball player in the last 20 years, they even discussed this on ESPN. If done right, I know people who are non-sports gamers, who'll purchase it. This would be a "great move", no pun intended. #3.1
Dont rich people always make us look stupid... That's why I demand great service for my dollar, I haven't touched PS NOW, they literally thought they would get impulse buys, how insulting to our intelligence. Just look at the horrible line up of games, it's like 2006 all over again, what happened to Mass Effect, Saints Row 4, Rage, Batman, Infamous, MVC2, Folklore, Lair. #1.1
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