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Sony shouldn't give up on the system. The hardware is the huge advantage Vita has over 3DS and it is such a waste.

Sony can still provide games on the system. #7
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My favorite part was when everybody thought they were finished and then they dropped the bombshell they have Devil's Third. #3
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I am thinking this would have turned out badly as well. 2K would definitely have copped out with resources making a tactics style game. Ken Levine overseeing it wouldn't mean the game turned out well.

I understand he is trying to think of a different market but I think a third person shooter would have been better than this.

Given the style and how western developers treat handhelds I think it is for the best if Sony just fund a Bioshock 2 port as opposed... #9
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Ahh I see. Yes it is a good comparison. But times have changed since then. I am actually wondering if anybody bought it before the "mistake" was addressed. #5.3.2
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You seem to imply you are fine with forking out for something you have been getting free for years.

The fact demos have been free the entire time since they went mainstream through XBL and PSN should make it unacceptable to pay a cent for it.

Obviously putting a demo on servers costs money but it also helps with marketing.

If they start charging for demos they may as well start charging for individual modes as well. Would you be fine then? #5.3
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Its a very peculiar mistake. If the number was $2.79 I would be more inclined to believe it but $4.99 is too well rounded.

This was definitely intentional. #1.4
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I thought a demo was to try before you buy. #10
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"Different consumers come in. They've got different expectations. And we can either ignore them or embrace them, and at EA, we've chosen to embrace them."

Do you really think you are fooling anyone? This has nothing to do with a "change" in consumers. This is about your "need" to control everything a consumer does.

I know I can never speak for everyone, but my personal beef is not to do with younger or older people gettin... #10
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In other words their tactics for cash grabbing failed on those systems so they backed away. What do EA expect to happen when they put out the same Fifa game on Vita?

People who own these systems know what they are capable of and you don't use the potential. Same with Mass Effect 3 on Wii U. If you give nothing expect nothing. #7
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Really? Nintendo were truly the only ones who wanted to support the game?

Many of these publishers are going to regret turning down From, Platinum and Valhalla. More and more its like the manufacturers are having to support big independent studios in Japan.

On the plus side, the manufacturers get potentially great IPs and the games being developed exclusively means they will be the best they can taking advantage of the hardware they make them for and not cutt... #3
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Well said. Microsoft were the kings of CG footage at that E3.

Sony was just a tad less surprising. #8.1.1
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Nintendo had all the bases covered in the best way of the three. They gave every Nintendo fan what they want to see (or hear in the case of Starfox) and threw the bombshell of a big second party exclusive when everybody thought the surprises were over.

Nintendo were the only ones of the three that had true bomb shells there. #9
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The system is still doing better than XBO is. People here shouldn't forget that.

For the game itself, the fact nobody else picked it up means they felt it was going to "bomb" anyway. Hopefully Nintendo don't just let this die and build on it though as it has potential. They need games like this to stand out. #2.1.1
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I actually can't believe nobody else was interested in this. I would have thought publishers would love to have Itagaki in their barn.

You can criticize him for his style but Ninja Gaiden and DOA have gone down the pan since he left so his overseeing was obviously very influential to what made those series compelling. #2
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Microsoft and Sony are in direct competition so they are the ones who have to make people turn to them. Potential PS4 and XBO owners are turning at Sony and MS and wanting a reason to buy an XBO over a PS4 or a PS4 over an XBO. Nintendo's job is justifying Wii U on it's own ground and they are doing that.

Also going off the reaction, Devil's Third has the same kind of reaction that Bayonetta 2 got, just not on the same scale. So yeah there was a game which made PS... #11.4
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Itagaki thinks so too. #4
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@ rdgneoz3

Whoa I never knew the budget was that crazy. I know Microsoft admitted they were offered it several months ago but turned it down.

Its like Nintendo is turning into the Japanese merchant picking up big JP releases that the big publishers couldn't care less about. #7.1.2
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Nintendo invested in their own new IP last year.

Wonderful 101, despite being developed by Platinum, is owned by Nintendo. #10.1.1
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Perhaps Nintendo were the only ones interested? #7.1
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No. Nintendo had by far the best surprises of the show. I think they won. #2.1.1
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