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Use your eyes and your head. A handheld running ID tech 5 and Unreal 4 jumping off a system which couldn't run Unreal 3 is a huge technical accomplishment. Jumping from a system which can run unreal 3 to a system which runs unreal 4 isn't as big.

Or are you going to claim the jump from PS2 - PS3 was the same jump as PS3 - PS4? Because I have news for you. A system which had HD capabilities, a Blu-Ray player with dual layered discs which can store full HD games wi...

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Completely agree. The problem *might* be that Microsoft being an American corporation share EA's mentality that service based games should be the only ones in existence. Whatever makes them believe that they can keep deluding themselves.

360 had the library variety it did because they had games for all types of players. Want single player? Banjo and Fable. Want party games? Lips and Scene it! Now they have completely omitted both.


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They blame market trends and money but the truth is they only want to push online for control purposes. You have more dictation over online restrictions.

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Switch is more impressive than PS4 when it came out. Check the jump from 3DS to Switch and compare it to the jump of PS3 to PS4.

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Its just blind fanboys on this website. They sugar coat or defend anything Sony do. I look at L.A. Noire and DOOM and think to myself "Vita certainly couldn't do these but I wonder what Vita was really capable of".

Wii U certainly gets a lot of hate but Nintendo actually did hold up their end of the bargain with it. They stood by it until the last day and showed what it was truly capable of. They proved Bob Summerwill's comments abou...

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I don't think they should honestly. People here defend whatever they do but you know what. Virtually no one will jump on a Sony handheld after Vita. Sony lied. Plain and simple.

EVERYTHING goes on Gravity Rush 2. That SHOULD have been on Vita. Not saying it shouldn't have been on PS4 but it should have definitely been on Vita. The franchise they sold people on bought a Vita for that game and if they think I or anybody else is going to eat up a handheld by the...

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A lot of Vita's problems fall back to Monster Hunter. How big the franchise is outside Japan is the worst form of hyperbole I've ever seen but it is definitely a big one in Japan. When 3DS had the current games locked and Vita got nothing out of the deal they pretty much lost.

It still found a market with niche visual novels and whatnot but Vita would have done a lot better if Sony had aided Capcom in localising Portable 3.

Had Monster Hunter 4...

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Apparently Sega funded Bayonetta 2 all they could before they threw a temper tantrum because Platinum burned through the cash. Depends if the story is true though. Personally I am inclined to believe it didn't meet Sega's expectations.

If it is Platinum or Sega to blame is up for you to decide.

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I agree publishers have the right to be cautious but one gets tired of people immediately throwing the generalisation that Nintendo fans don't buy third party games even though plenty of cases prove this wrong. Obviously not every company is going to be present but I'm sure a lot are going to at least chance it.

Even AAA companies are treating Switch better than they treated Vita because they know if their games have an audience on handhelds they'll find it thr...

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WRONG! Third parties not being successful was only ever true for their consoles. Their handhelds have never had this problem. Check every Nintendo handheld ever and it's core support is always the best on the dedicated handheld market. That is why 3DS is a better system than Vita.

Its time to accept Switch is after the handheld market and is the 3DS successor. As a result it is going to get the major JRPG and Indie backing 3DS did while also getting the niche Japan...

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Xenosaga? If this is true this is probably one of the Namco Switch exclusives. IF its exclusive to Switch that is Nintendo's retaliation for Sony blocking Monster Hunter and Mana on Switch.

See guys this is why people say nobody wins in bid wars. PS4 owners got Monster Hunter and Mana but seem to have lost Xenosaga in the process.

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Activision's stock crashed as well though. I don't think that is getting away with it.

Take Two and Activision both had stock crashes due to the backlash. EA just got hit harder.

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Final Fantasy was going downhill and downhill. Its just a brand name now. I disagree that it is like Final Fantasy because they are both different experiences but if anybody states that current FF games are better then Xenoblade they either have poor taste in JRPGs or just haven't played enough to know what real JRPGs are.

Hint: not FFXIII Trilogy, FFXIV or FFXV.

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And Sony only make home consoles now. Why are you trying to pretend Vita didn't exist? It existed. It was released this generation. Explain yourself.

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The end part actually implies they are looking to "twist" the law here. If they've prosecuted for selling virtual goods before its more likely to lead to something.

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Personally I only expected to them to ban games "encouraging" the practice here. The fact they prosecuted somebody before is phenomenal news.

If they deem it to meet gambling terms it sounds like they are in serious serious mud. KARMA!

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You can't go above the law Karl. The link between loot boxes and gambling has been opened. Accept it. You lost. Go against the law and you'll be showing who the truly arrogant ones are. Yourselves.

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EA is completely full of it. Just because people are playing online doesn't mean they don't like single player.

The only reason people are playing online is because you forced them to and you blooming know it EA. Just stop.

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From a technological standpoint and market reaction everything about Switch screams its evolving into the handheld direction. If handhelds were going to get the major backing of companies outside Japan for games like GTA V it would have happened with Vita.

People will dog me for this but I speak a truth when I say = its been factually proven you don't need Rockstar to have a successful handheld. The amount that are going to give ifs and buts with this when Gameboy. DS...

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It will. When one leads the others follow. I've told you guys for quite some time that people need to stand against software laws as we can get them altered. It isn't a case of "entitled gamers". People need to stop that line and wake up. These multi-million dollar corporations are truthfully the entitled ones.

We call them out from our computers and they claim to monitor our feedback but they've never listened. Now they'll listen and they...

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