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Microsoft's gearing towards shooters and struggle to connect to the Japanese market was bound to hurt them eventually. Japan have moved towards handhelds and PS4 and that is where the companies will go because of it.

I honestly don't see Xbox getting the type of Japanese support 360 got ever again.

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Concepts and marketing are very difficult. Most of the time it isn't who has done it before but who does it well. Sega for example did a lot of concepts that were either flawed in execution or too early for the market to accept them.

This is why Switch is repeating the success of previous Nintendo systems but Wii U didn't.

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Why do people keep ignoring this? It happens with Retro Studios as well.

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OMG I miss Xenogears. It would be more difficult because Namco own that franchise but Nintendo own the developer. Maybe they can come to an agreement? Hopefully.

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The name will cause branding confusion. I use the blogs and forums all the time and even I am struggling to understand this thing.

Why? Because while they clearly market it as a member of the family the price point, specs and features all seem to imply it is an entirely new system. And yes I am aware it is intended to be a member of the family but their marketing implies otherwise.

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Didn't they say MVC3 would have a "robust story"? It was something like that.

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I'm saying it isn't a reliable market. Yes the games sell but the people buying don't stick around enough to keep you in business. This whole thing about mobiles is a myth that gained credence. The market for mobile games is a fad market, if that makes sense. It isn't a market where dedicated players are buying games all the time on a frequent basis and thus not worth the stock these analysts and investors have constantly put in it.

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No. The problem is smart phones are not gaming devices under any game developer's IPs. Not EA's. Not Konami's. Not Capcom's. Not Sony's. Not Microsoft's. Not Nintendo's.

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Hopefully this proves Iwata was right. He was never convinced by smart phone gaming.

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Actually there is a backlash. Pre-orders for Ubisoft's games are lower then they were last time.

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Before that remake Rare was working on their own version for 360 without permission. Guess how it ended.

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This was actually leaked years ago by somebody called Oddjaw2 but given how things turned out I can't see his explanation being the reason behind it's cancellation. There were debates back then as to if it should genuinely happen as the game is very dated now.

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Proof Nintendo own the Wonderful 101. Not that Reggie and the trademark didn't already confirm this.

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That is all I can think it is for. I can't really see them going all out with it.

A trade in program would be a great idea.

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For some reason I think they are doing this because of VR. If there are exclusive games that will be a giant middle finger to everybody who bought a PS4.

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And Kingdom Hearts is going to be next. Microsoft have lost Japan.

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Unfortunately we have little influence on it. Consumers accept what they accept.

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Its easy to see where Nintendo were coming from. They needed games which have mature stamps on their library. People can dismiss that but yes, every manufacturer needs a broad portfolio. They likely had faith Itagaki knew what he was doing and put a lot of faith in him to deliver.

Instead him and his team made all the blunders pretty much every other Japanese developer makes only up to 1000. This game has the same "locations" concept as NG3 combined with bad one...

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Is this what the Mother 3 joke from E3 meant?

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Yes I read it. Care to prove that the amount of Playstation and Xbox fans are significantly higher than the amount of Wii U owners who would buy GTA V?

They wouldn't. A few complainers like Rubin and Pachter do not anywhere near equate to the masses. Pretty much every Nintendo fan out there knows and accepts you have to buy Nintendo systems to play their games (which are currently far better quality then anything EA have on PS4 or XBO).

Nintendo style gam...

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