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The weakest system is the one that has tended to sell the best. History has proven power lovers are just vocal internet posters and don't represent the views of the mass market.

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I read it to the end. No wonder the website is called Game Spew. The author has one thing on this website and ends it by saying it lives.

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Here is a solution just off the top of my head = cut the budgets of the games.

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Except Wii U was still an option on the market even with PS4 and X1 being the "hardcore" machines. Sony might have wanted it but backed out at the last minute.

Nintendo being competition could have put them off or they could have kept 360 or PS3. There is more than just "we'd have been forced on it". Wii U was a threat to DRM and EA knew it which is why they opted to kill it.

360, PS3 and Wii U still stood in the way of blockin...

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The problem with this strategy is people don't know what your going to stick with and when you'll drop their version of the system. I can't see this model flying long term because consoles are a different breed to those who buy smart phones.

I wish people would stop using Apple as a standard for everybody else's behaviour.

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PS4 Pro sold well enough to prove your theory wrong. There is a market for upgrades under the same name but it gets confusing to consumers as evidenced with Wii U (which many will forever believe was just a tablet controller).

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I really wish Sony would have given Vita a proper chance. They could have made more money, people playing mobiles aren't the same people who were going to buy Vita. You would think considering how long they've been here they'd know this.

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Safer but not better. The best thing for a company to do is broaden their scope because the only people that benefit from a company focusing on a single system are fanboys. Sony could have made more money on Vita if they just stuck to their guns and Switch proves it.

They fell for the lie that smart phones are viable for gaming and practically handed the market for console quality games to Switch. Dark Souls would have been incredible on Vita.

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Its having marketing. Every time R* delay the game people have it on their minds.

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I find it pretty hard to believe a website which previously had leaks dead on and has a $1000 pay wall would publish the information as a late April fools. Sony's first party studios at least must know something. Rumours wouldn't be popping up to the extent they are if only 2 people knew about plans.

This year was always going to be off the table but I wouldn't be surprised if it releases next year. Last gen created the illusion that console generations last ...

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If the guy in Nintendo Official Magazine who asked his mum to get him Project Rub protested at that what would she say to this?

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Cliffy B reminds me of Vince Zampella. Both think they are great because they released shooters which took off when they haven't reached their targets since.

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Be honest with yourself, you know exactly what happened. If it didn't happen he wouldn't have said it in the first place.

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I smell backpedalling.

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There isn't anything to feel betrayed about. They are still releasing games on PS4 so unless they stop its good. I think its just unusual to hear fallings out from Sony's camp. We've heard this is common with Nintendo and Microsoft but very rarely happens with Sony.

If NISA feels this way then there may be others as well.

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It almost sounds like a conspiracy. NISA see Vita slowing and offer Nintendo their games practically knowing Vita owners have nowhere else to go in exchange for Nintendo supporting their sales and advertising.

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Holy...... WHOA! I always thought they pushed their games to Switch because its like the closest alternative to Vita. Didn't think they were falling out with Sony.

Can't he get in trouble for leaking this?

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If you take a look at pretty much every E3 they did after 360 came out until Kinect comes along you'll see they pulled out their charts. They always pointed out that COD, Halo, Gears etc outsold everything.

JRPGs might not sell as well on Xbox but is that a good enough reason for MS to not do one when Sony and Nintendo are somehow able to create so many that don't sell? If your competition can release things like The Last Guardian or Wonderful 101 you should be wil...

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Its just a tactic to make it look like the others are getting "last year's news". Truthfully they don't work because people started catching on to Microsoft's tactics. The reason they sell less is the hype has passed the game by. Look at the amount of money Microsoft threw at Rockstar just to delay the GTA DLC. Do you consider it worth it?

They paid an inflated price just to create the illusion that the DLC wouldn't exist without them when they...

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Their exclusives are the main problem. Their EA mentality is destroying their system and they seem oblivious to it. Sure sales may matter for your company but you need to understand that some games are required to get sales over time as more people come in. Its their desire to focus on the big sellers that has hurt them.

The thing is gamers don't care about sales. They want a variety of games. Aaron Greenberg touted Halo 3 as selling more than 6 PS3 exclusives but ...

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