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Provided they give me a compelling reason to use them I will. Can you battle just one of your Amiibos on screen or can you have each one fill a spot? If they take up all three match spaces these can put up better fights than plain CPU opponents. In that case it would be worth training them. #5
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I'm surprised by the popularity of these things looking at the pre-orders.

At least it indicates it won't be a throw away add-on like the DK bongos were. I'm curious to see where they go with these things. #2
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@ Concertoine

You are only counting half the facts. Don't think that Sony don't want Nintendo's type of success on handhelds because you are wrong. Sony is not on top of everything. It is only PS4 which is a success. The Vita has pretty much been given up on. Something I feel is a huge mistake because of the potential of that system not being realized.

Honestly 3DS might not be meeting the expectations of the big wigs but for all the nay-saying it... #1.1.7
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Microsoft will have nothing to say about it unless Greenberg changes his mind. #5
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People keep saying this and it hasn't happened yet. It isn't a future I'm being part of. #19
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Retro you better be making Starfox! #6
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Mr Pumblechook

I think he is paid. XBO has been getting outsold by every other major system on the market yet he has not acknowledged how badly they are doing. #1.1.5
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If Japanese companies focus on handhelds and PS4 exclusively the overseas fanbases of those types of games will buy the systems.

Once Microsoft lose Japanese companies they will find it extremely hard to bring them back again. #8.2
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They didn't even release Injustice with it and delayed a Lego game.

Lets not bend the truth here media. WB hardly had faith in XBO to begin with. #3
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Indies have never liked Microsoft. Nothing new here. #4
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Just another studio for them to mismanage. See Rare and Bungie (the latter admitting to separating from Microsoft because of their control). #6
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Yeah. Its just that it has been tried with PSP Go. XBO. And will no doubt be tried again.

Going off the sales of those ventures I am not seeing it being inevitable. It is only inevitable if people agree to it and there has been no sign of that for big budget games.

Smaller games from indies and on smart phones sure but PSP Go and XBO failed. As long as competition exists this future will never happen. #10.1.1
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Pachter is the one who said it and we know his track record.

Honestly I am starting to believe these conspiracy theories that companies might be paying him to make these predictions.

To all the people above saying it will happen, XBO and PSP Go beg to differ. You guys think people are so desperate for video games that they will do anything a company tells them to but I beg to differ. You guys seriously underestimate people's willpower.

EA... #10
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It will happen one day (probably 1 year later) but the game has damaged any chance it had of being a commercial success.

By the time it does reach PS4 most will have moved on. I hope Square Enix know they made the wrong move trying to build this new direction for the series. #11
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Why are they even thinking about it? Every other company cannot wait to localize 3DS games. Did Bravely Default seriously not meet their expectations after they highlighted it as a big seller?

I want to facepalm right now. #11
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As far as I'm concerned this console has the most to look forward to. #7
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Take a look at the sales that happened. Even after a mammoth price drop Wii U was still outselling it with Mario Kart 8 hype down (as somebody already pointed out).

Both Nintendo and Microsoft have different problems with getting their consoles to sell more. Right now it definitely looks like Nintendo is doing a better job with their problems. Which is why I believe they will have better sales. #3.1.1
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I think Nintendo's strong names will have more people buy Wii U than the amount of people willing to forgive Microsoft and buy Xbox One. #3
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Poor sales of Ryse and Crytek suddenly hate Microsoft. I wonder what they will say if Ryse 2 fails to pick up a publisher due to poor sales of the original. They won't be so mad at Microsoft then will they? #1.7
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Anyone with a brain knows what to expect if Nintendo stop doing their own systems to make their games. Look at EA and Capcom for reference. #14
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