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EA reached that in 2012. As soon as one tactic fails to maximise their cash reserves they try something else rather than going back to normal.

These past few years gaming companies like EA and MS have been throwing this notion that single player games are dead and constant spending on games is the way forward but honestly I don't think consumers are that gullible.

Games as a service will tank.

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Cartridges are a lot less expensive than they were during the N64 era. Most 16GB Switch cartridges cost the same as an average 360/PS3 game when they launched. Cartridges are also a lot more flexible because they don't have a certain amount of space you have to fit the game to (DVD 360 discs).

The only games that load slower are games running on modern engines like ID Tech 6 and Unreal Engine 4. FighterZ most notably kills it for ...

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Its another case of conflict of interests. To niche companies Sony are giving them the cold shoulder and treating them as second class citizens while Nintendo is offering to distribute and market their games for physical releases.

It resembles the vendetta corporations held against Nintendo during SNES and the companies looking for an escape route they are willing to take. In this case handhelds are where the biggest market is in Japan but with Vita leaving they are picki...

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WSJ made it sound like Nintendo don't even know what its going to turn out like yet.

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Actually the truth is global law systems. Some countries have different laws and America is one of them. Because they've changed communication regulations through portable devices since the 2000s Nintendo had to come up with an alternative method and this is what they came up with.

If Sony or Microsoft did a handheld you'd see a similar terrible feature because its a compromise issue. Nintendo do traditional voice chat and they are breaking the law. Thats the is...

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I'll cut in here because he is lying. Its US laws involving the FCC which have changed regulations on communication over portable devices over the years.

Its the law.

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In theory this would fix 3 major issues with the Switch. I'm thinking its a cheaper more portable option for younger people (and great for me because Switch is far too big) while also carrying some kind of custom Tegra chip to combat the incoming piracy problem Switch looks set to face.

Thing Switch fanboys don't realise is the Switch is perceived extremely expensive for a handheld. Its a great price for a console quality handheld but not a price the casuals are w...

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It isn't dead. As long as there is a sizeable market its worth pursuing and 3DS and Switch prove there are still people that want PROPER games and not mobile shovelware.

BTW Miitomo got shut down and Pokemon Go and Mario Run are losing their player bases by the day. It seems to me its actually mobile gaming that is dying.

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They just never gave people a reason to buy it. Its entirely Sony's fault. A one year map of exclusives isn't trying to support a system because all Sony's own Vita games started development before it came out. Nintendo at least took responsibility for Wii U and left it with their biggest Zelda ever, Sony bailed at the first sign of trouble.

I honestly see Switch as karma because Nintendo stuck to their guns on the concept while Sony walked away from it.

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What the actual????? Just how restrictive is this? If they are having us buy DLC but not letting us use it without the paid online that is BS!

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The money EA employees get is conned out of people.

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Doesn't sound evil at all. EA are paying the press to push a lie that consumers are the ones acting entitled when it is them acting entitled and greedy.

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There are actually people who complain at the size of Switch but fanboys who blindly praise the system as if it can do no wrong refuse to acknowledge this as a hindrance.

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The reason I rant about this so often is because it ticks me off that Sony had a high suspicion there was a market for AAA games on the go but failed to capitalise on it. I'm honestly not sure if they used mobile gaming as an excuse or bought into the lie themselves. When will people learn that mobile gaming is garbage?

Vita had more potential than PS4 but Sony never gave people a chance to see it. Vita was EVERYTHING PSP could have been and everything the Switch has...

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The generalisation that MS makes games for an American audience is absolutely true. Their management have an American mind frame similar to EA, as a result they publish half baked games designed to make money fast rather than focus on the quality and watch sales grow over time.

If they saw the end goal about how games sell in the long run rather than how games sell short term Scalebound would have made it to market.

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Vita had more potential then PS4. When it came out there wasn't a HD handheld with dual controls. It was a new and innovative machine while PS4 has just been an improvement over PS3 with not much changed besides companies finding more ways to nickle and dime people.

If Sony had only made people see how great Vita was and supported it properly with AAA games like they promised to things would have been very different today.

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Its not that simple. Once you have an image engraved in your brand and you have a target market set for who you cater to its extremely hard to break that image, especially when you take a certain route with your income focus. It seems like its changed because Nintendo stuck to their guns that there is a market for every type of game on the go and not just JRPGs or niche Japanese or Indie games. Since they've successfully shown shooter players there is an advan...

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At this rate I'm convinced EA just don't want to put games on Switch because of some pride issue. The majority of third parties seem to be throwing ports on there and saying they are doing fine but what are they doing?

I suppose they think they'll look like fools begging Nintendo to take them back.

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We'll see. Even COD is not invincible and following Battle Royale gives consumers the impression they've fallen behind or the series has grown stale.

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Was there really a need for this? The reason I hate that they sell part of the game is because I won't be able to play the full game years after the download vanishes.

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